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Sara stretched her petite body in its full, yet not very impressive, length. She yawned.

– What time is it? she said.

Her four college buddies; red-haired, Irish Duncan, blond Jason, black bodybuilder Ricky, and dark-haired poet Alan; all checked their wrist watches.

– 10.05 pm, said Jason.

– Wanna take a break? said Duncan.

– I wanna call it a night! said Ricky. I’m too tired to concentrate.

– We still have one more chapter to read, said Jason. The exam’s on Thursday.

– Let’s take care of that tomorrow, said Sara. I’m too tired to know what I’m reading!

– Dito, said Alan.

– OK, OK, said Jason. Tomorrow. Same time?

– Sure, said Ricky, and all 5 of them got up and put their jackets on.

– Hey, Sara! said Duncan, as they left the library. Do you want us to walk you home?

– Nah, said Sara. It’s only 10 minutes walk from here.

– I think you would be safer that way, said Ricky. Last week, a girl got raped walking home from a campus party.

Sara bit her lip and frowned.

-OK, she said. Thanks, guys!

The air was cold, and their feet made crisping noises as they walked over the frosty grass. Sara shuddered in her thin jacket. She had a habit of choosing fashion over practical clothes.

– Are you cold, Sara? said Ricky.

– Uh-huh! said Sara.

– Come here, girl, I’ll keep you warm! said Ricky, and put his arm around her shoulders. There. Feeling warmer?

– A little, Sara giggled.

– Hey, quit hogging! said Duncan, and put his arm around Sara’s waist.

– What about us? said Alan and Jason in chorus.

Sara giggled.

– No fighting, boys! she said. There’s enough of me for all of you, just get in line!

Jokingly, Alan got behind her, sneaking his arms in between Ricky and Duncan and wrapped them around Sara’s chest, while Jason got in front of her, holding on to her head, walking backwards. Giggling, the group waddled their way to Sara’s apartment complex.

– OK, this is ridiculous, but all this laughing and the cold, fresh air has made me wide awake, said Sara.

– Oh, so you wanna do some more studying? Jason grinned.

– No! said Sara. But it was really sweet of you guys to walk me home. I’d like to make it up to you. Do you wanna come up for a cup of tea or something?

– Or something! said Ricky.

– Yeah, I’d like a beer, said Duncan.

The five of them got in and walked upstairs to Sara’s tiny apartment, giggling and hushing each other up, which consisted of nothing more than a bathroom and a bedroom, of which the latter also served as a living room and a kitchen, wit a fridge and a portable cooking plate in a corner.

The guys got comfortable on Sara’s bed while she got a six-pack out of the fridge. One can was missing.

– One for us each, boys, and then I’m all out! said Sara, and tossed them each a can.

The guys protested as she sat down at the only chair in the room, in front of her desk.

– Why the distance, Sara? said Ricky.

– There’s always room for you! said Duncan, and they moved over to make room for her.

Sara giggled as she sat down between Alan and Ricky. They drank their beer, talked and laughed. Sara laid down on her back, with her head in Alan’s lap and her feet in Ricky’s.

– Comfortable? said Duncan. casino siteleri Or does her highness need a pillow?

– A foot rub? asked Ricky.

– Oh, yeah! said Sara. I’ve been on my feet all day!

Ricky took off her shoes and socks and massaged her feet.

– Mmmm… said Sara. That’s nice.

Alan stroke her hair, and Duncan reached over to kneed her calves and thighs.

– Aaaah… Sara sighed. A full body massage!

– What’s left for me? said Jason. Oh, I know!

He grabbed Sara’s tits.

– Hey! said Sara, and looked up at him. What do you think you’re doing?

– What, don’t you like this? said Jason innocently, and squeezed her breasts.

The truth was, Sara thought, that she DID like it. She enjoyed having 8 hands gently touching, stroking, rubbing, squeezing and massaging her entire body. She liked being the centre of attention. The beer and the massage was making her relaxed, and the whole situation, of having 4 nice-looking guys touching her, was kind of naughty… Sara realized that she was getting horny, and the beer was giving her a feeling of freedom from responsibility. She looked at Jason, and her eyes started to glitter mischievously.

– I didn’t say I didn’t like it, she said. But it’s not nice of you to turn a girl on if you’re not going to do anymore than that!

Jason grinned.

– What would you like me to do then? he said.

– What do you have in mind? Sara replied quickly.

Jason stroke with just the palms of his hands over Sara’s nipples, which hardened and pointed out through her hooded sweatshirt. The other guys looked at Jason and Sara, surprised at this new kind of game, and eager to see what was going to happen next.

– Do you like this? said Jason.

– Yes, said Sara.

Jason bent over and sucked on one of Sara’s nipples through her clothes.

– Do you like this? he said.

– Yes! said Sara, and closed her eyes.

Duncan kissed her pussy through her pants.

– Do you like this? he said.

– Yes, said Sara, and arched her hips up to him.

Alan bent down and kissed her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him down. Ricky and Duncan unbuttoned her jeans and pulled off both them and her panties. They caressed her slim legs and moved them apart. Duncan got down between them and moved her pussy lips apart. Ricky opened his trousers and took out a fat, dark brown cock, and jerked off while watching Duncan lick Sara’s pussy with long strokes. She moaned into Alan’s mouth. Jason pulled off her sweatshirt, and Sara helped him to unhook her bra.

Jason and Alan sucked and licked on her nipples, Duncan nibbled on her clit, and Ricky went around the bed and kneeled in front of Sara’s head.

– Come here, he said. Give it a kiss!

Sara kissed the head of his long snake, took it in her hand and jerked it off slowly. She licked the head as if it had been an ice-cream.

– Suck on it! said Ricky.

Sara stretched out her mouth as much as she could to get Ricky’s fat cock in. She moved her head up and down.

– Hey, I want some of that, too! said Jason, and got undressed in the blink of an eye.

Sara sat up and let Jason and Ricky take turns getting to put their dicks into her mouth. Duncan and Alan undressed. Alan made Sara stand on her hands and knees, canlı casino he got behind her, and spread her rounded ass-cheeks. He stuck his tongue against the brownish star-shape and licked its rim.

– That tickles! Sara giggled.

– In a good way? said Alan.

Duncan reached for the wallet in his pants and pulled out two condoms. He put one on and threw the other on the bed. He grabbed Sara’s arm.

– Come here, Sara! he said. I want some more of your sweet pussy!

– You do, do you? said Sara, and straddled him.

Duncan grunted when his dick sank to the bottom of her pussy.

– Fuck! he said. What a great pussy!

– I like your mouth! said Jason, positioning himself so that Sara could continue sucking him.

She did her best, but she was too distracted to the lovely friction from sliding up and down on Duncan’s pole to put her soul into the sucking; Jason just had to fuck her mouth himself. She felt Alan continue his teasing of her ass, and she reached out for Ricky, found him, and jerked him off.

– Mmmm… said Jason. You’ve got such a great mouth. And you’re sucking my dick like you’re gonna swallow it!

Sara deepthroated him, and Jason let out a cry.

– Oh, shit! he said. I’m coming already! Watch out!

He quickly pulled out, and his sperm shot over Sara’s face.

– Oh, sorry! he said. I’ll get you a towel!

He went to the bathroom, brought back a towel, and wiped Sara’s face clean.

– Can we roll over? said Duncan.

– Sure, said Sara, and they switched places.

Duncan put his dick back inside and pushed harder now.

– Yes! said Sara. Ooooh..!

– Do you like it? said Alan, and rolled Duncan’s second condom over his dick.

– It’s so gooooooood! Sara moaned. Oh, please, don’t stop, I’m so close to coming!

– Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get there! said Duncan, and kept pounding.

Alan jerked off impatiently. Ricky got a condom out of his jeans and prepared himself. Jason sat in the chair, watching Sara and Duncan on the bed.

– Oooh, oooh, here I come! cried Sara, and her face contorted from the spasms.

– Oh, my GOD! shouted Duncan, pumping harder.

They came simultaneously. Duncan had to summon all the remains of strength he had to roll off of her and make room for Ricky, naked and rubbered up.

– That’s one great pussy! said Duncan.

– I want it doggy style, said Ricky. Can you turn around, baby?

Sara quickly obeyed, and pouted her ass out to Ricky, offering it to him. Ricky’s dick wasn’t as long as Duncan’s but it was much bigger in girth. Ricky took it slow and eased it in, inch by inch.

– Aaah… said Sara. It’s so big!

– Do I hurt you? said Ricky.

– No, come on! said Sara. Give it to me!

Ricky pushed it all the way in, and gave her a good, slow poke. Alan kissed Sara and played with her swaying breasts, teased her nipples.

– Come on! said Sara. I want it harder!

– What do you want harder? teased Ricky.

– What you’re doing, said Sara.

– What am I doing? said Ricky.

– Fucking me! said Sara.

– And what do you want me to do? said Ricky, keeping his slow pace.

– I want you to fuck me harder! said Sara.

– Where? said Ricky.

– In my pussy! said Sara, rocking back and forth, trying to push kaçak casino back against Ricky’s dick.

– With what? said Ricky.

– Your cock! Sara shouted.

– I love it when you talk dirty! said Ricky. Say it now, all of it! What do you want?

– I want you to fuck my cunt with your fat cock! Sara growled. Fuck me HARD!

– That’s a good girl! said Ricky, and shoved his dick into her violently.

He increased the speed and the force with what he pushed into Sara’s wet, soft pussy. She whined and moaned, then screamed out loud when she had her second orgasm. Her pussy clutched around Ricky’s dick, trapping it inside a wet, warm prison.

– Fuck! said Ricky. Her whole pussy cramps up when she comes! She’s milking everything out of me!

The sucking of Sara’s cramping pussy muscles send him over the edge. He grasped for breath as he emptied his heavy testicles into her, glad that he had found that condom in his pocket. With an orgasm like this, he’d have fathered triplets for sure!

– Oh, my god, Sara sighed. Soooooo good!

– Move over! said Alan.

He was shivering with anticipation. Ricky laid down next to Sara, against the wall. He kissed her forehead.

– You were great! he said. Amazing!

When Alan put his cock into her cunt, Sara couldn’t feel very much; her pussy had been stretched out by Ricky. Alan pulled out, and then Sara felt the head of his dick against her asshole. She stiffened up.

– Sara, don’t you want it? Alan asked.

– I’ve never had anal sex before! said Sara. I’m afraid it’s gonna hurt.

– I’ll be gentle, promised Alan. Please? Open up and let me in, Sara! Your ass is si hot and sexy, I want to fuck it, so much!

– OK, I’ll try, said Sara. But be careful!

She relaxed her ass as much as she could. Jason and Duncan were both jerking off, as they and Ricky watched Alan slowly pushing his slim dick into Sara’s ass. She whimpered out of pain.

– Relax and let me in, said Alan in a soothing voice.

– I’m trying! said Sara. It hurts!

– Play with yourself! said Ricky. Enjoy it!

Sara put a hand on her clit and rubbed the tiny nub in circular motions, as Alan got the last two inches inside of her ass.

– Are you OK? he asked.

– Yeah, said Sara. How does it feel, Alan?

– Your ass feels tight, said Alan. It’s not as soft and wet as your cunt, but it’s really, really tight!

He fucked her slowly, groaning for each push.

– It feels strange, said Sara, smiling. Not painful, just… strange.

– You’ll get used to it, said Ricky.

Alan had been holding out the longest of the 4; now he could feel that it was going to be a very short act. He fucked Sara’s ass faster, groaning, he couldn’t think, couldn’t hear, couldn’t speak… The only thing that existed right then was his cock fucking Sara in the ass, fucking his friend in her asshole!

When he came, he pulled out, pulled the condom off, and sprayed his hot cum over Sara’s big globes. In the corner of his eye, he could see Jason coming, and Duncan let Sara take his load in her mouth.

– Whow! said Ricky.

Sara got the towel and discretely got rid of Duncan’s sperm.

All 5 curled up on the bed, Sara stretched out in the middle, and all 4 guys around her, stroking her hair, caressing her, kissing her.

– That was great, said Alan.

– Fantastic, said Ricky.

– Wonderful! said Sara.

– Wanna do it again next weekend? asked Jason. When the exam’s over?

Sara smiled.

– Definitely, she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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