Building Perfection

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Authors note: This story contains women growing to completely unrealistic proportions, along with a futa. If you don’t like anything like that, then this story isn’t for you. If you do like that sort of thing, I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment at the end. Thanks!

So if you had asked me what my life was going to be like when I was young, I probably would have told you something along the lines of a Barbie’s Dream House life style fantasy. Something where I made a lot of money and had slept with one person my whole life and was generally happy. Well, that’s not what happened.

I started puberty late. Painfully late. I was almost sixteen by the time my body started to develop, and I was so thankful when it did. Well, for a second anyway. Six months after my beautiful little A cup boobs showed up, I started to hate them. The little, almost unnoticeable hip flare remained just that. I hadn’t even gotten much taller, now barely five feet tall. My high school dating life was suffering mightily as a result, as none of the women I found attractive would give me the time of day. “Little Brie” was my nickname, although my full name was Brianne.

My parents died when I was young. I don’t really remember them, and my grandparents don’t talk about them anymore. Anyway, my grandparents took me in, as I was the only grandchild. They passed in their sleep, together, halfway through senior year of high school, and I inherited everything in their house. They were extremely wealthy, so I had more money than I knew what to do with. Well, at first.

Right after graduation I turned 18, and I started doing research on anything that could help me improve my body. After a month or so of searching, I found this product that stimulated growth and mimicked puberty. It was still experimental, but it was pretty cheap. Oh yeah, one more thing. I am a woman, but I don’t have a pussy. I have a cock, but it’s only about three inches long hard, and my balls are too small to matter. As such, I decided that I should buy the man and woman version of the growth compound, so that everything would grow, cover all the bases.

So after waiting about a week for the medicine to come in, it finally arrived. The instructions on both bottles said to inject the solution once a week. Well it was Sunday, so here goes nothing. I filled two syringes with each growth hormone, shot up, and went about my daily life.

The first week I didn’t really see much of a change. I felt quite a big change though, both in my appetite and my energy level. I started eating four to five times a day, and bought a home gym on a whim after driving by a local gym and feeling a mighty need to work out.

The next week, starting on Sunday, I starting a rigorous workout regimen. I originally had planned to just some light toning of my muscles, but two hours into an intense leg workout I realized that lifting heavy was what my body needed. So I just lifted all morning, ate a gigantic lunch, lifted all afternoon, ate and even bigger dinner, lifted all evening, had another dinner, then went to sleep. I repeated this every day for two weeks, ordering more gym equipment as I realized how many exercises I could do if I had more equipment. By the end of the first two weeks most of my basement and living room were dominated by weights and machines, and I had started moving into the kitchen as well. Because I lived alone, I was naked all the time, so I hadn’t really been paying attention to my growth. Holy shit, the growth.

I measured my height first and was ecstatic to see that I now stood 5′ 3″ tall. But that was just the precursor to amazing growth. My muscles had exploded. My biceps were now 10″ around, I had the beginnings of a two pack showing. My shoulders were broader too, about 18″. My chest was a respectable 30 inches. My quads were a great 18″ around and my calves matched my biceps at 10 inches. My tits had exploded to D cups, and my cock was the star of the show now at 5.5″ long when hard, with balls the size of grapes.

I knew this is what I wanted, what I needed. I loved where my body was going, and growing. The only thought going through my head was that I needed more. I bought the best protein I could and drank as many shakes as was not completely unsafe. One other thing I had noticed was that my libido had started to increase. I had kind of enjoyed masturbating, but it wasn’t really my thing. I could only do it if I was in the mood, and I wasn’t very often. However, since the hormones had kicked in, my desire to rub one out was getting stronger, becoming almost a daily event.

So with renewed joy and desire, the second half of my first month on the hormones began. I had reread the labels on the hormones and they said the I could start taking a double dose after two weeks on the medicine, if faster results were desired. Um, of fucking course. The faster I grow the better. So I started shooting double the dose that first Sunday, and started my insanely intense workout regimen again. Throughout those two weeks my energy casino oyna seemed limitless. I lifted heavier and heavier. My cock was begging for attention more and more, eventually just staying erect so I could fondle myself at any opportunity. My ejaculations were becoming more forceful and more voluminous, which isn’t something I though I would be excited about, but I definitely was. At the end of the two weeks though, my own jerking wasn’t enough to satisfy anymore. I was jerking off any chance I could, but I just wasn’t satisfied. I told myself I would come up with a solution soon, but it was measuring day, and that came first.

My god. My fucking body responded so well to the extra hormones. After a month of growth, I looked like a physique bodybuilder. I was 5′ 6″ tall, which wasn’t super impressive, but the growth had been focused elsewhere. My biceps were a solid 15 inches around, and I had a six pack, even if it wasn’t as clearly defined. My shoulders we broad and rounded, 22 inches across. My chest was 37 inches around. My quads were 25 inches (almost the same as my waist!) and my calves still matched my biceps at 15 inches. My tits were massive, full, gravity defying GG cups. My cock though was a monster: nine inches long and just a big around when it was hard, with balls the size of kiwis.

I loved my body, but the needs my body had were starting to kick in. I needed to fuck someone, and soon. I was definitely a lesbian and had been interested in women for years, but I wasn’t get good at meeting people. I decided to hope on an app to find a hook-up, and in about half an hour I found someone who was willing to come over. She wasn’t very pretty or interesting, but I just needed a way to get my dick wet. She was about my size as far as height, but my massive muscles dwarfed her frame.

“Holy shit!” she said as she stood in my doorway, mouth agape. “You said you were big in your profile, but I wasn’t expecting this.”

“There’s a lot more than just my muscles that are big. Do you want to come in and find out?”

She nodded and cautiously walked into my house.

* * *

I woke up on Monday morning to find that my first sexual conquest had left, and left me with a huge hard on. How rude of her to leave me like this. Oh well. I needed more, and I was going to get some. But first a day of working out. Over the next two weeks I had a woman over, gradually increasing to two, then three, then four at a time by the end of the two weeks. Word of my skills and epic cock had spread like wildfire, and my insatiable need meant that fucking four women into a coma on a nightly basis had become a normal and necessary part of my life. After two weeks of nightly one night stands/orgys, my tally had risen from one to 40 women I had plowed with my glorious cock. And seeing as it was Sunday again, it was measurements time.

Nothing too impressive this time around. Well, except for my height. At an even, and impressive, 6 feet, it was definitely my height that took over this week. I loved being so tall, it was wonderful. My muscles didn’t slack though, they just spent a lot of time keeping up with my expanding frame. My biceps were an impressive 17 inches, and my shoulders were a nice 28 inches of rounded broadness. My chest measured 42 inches under the bust, for any of you wondering. My quads had jumped up to 31 inches and were now as big around as my waspish waist, and my calves still matched my biceps. My tits had only jumped a little bit to an H cup, but they still looks awesome and full. My balls were the size of grapefruits, and my cock was now an impressive foot long and foot around, and was diamond hard almost 24/7.

That afternoon I was doing some heavy squats, loving every moment of the intense burn in my legs. I was doing deep squats, taking my time on the last set, savoring every moment. As I was reveling in my strength, size, and growth, going down for my last rep, I felt something building. Something I didn’t expect. As I pushed myself up, fighting through the fatigue, I felt my orgasm building. I locked my knees and released the weight, and an enormous load. I howled in pleasure as my cock shot rope after thick rope of my cum in front of me. It felt amazing. When the orgasm subsided, I decided that lifting would be my release. No more women, no more senseless fucking. I would lift until I came, and then keep lifting.

Throughout the next two weeks I followed my new pattern of lifting and cumming, and it was wonderful. Sure, my house was getting covered in cum, but I was starting to need less and less sleep as I worked out. Plus, the fact that I wasn’t wasting time trying to get women over to my house meant that I had some free time to clean at the end of the day. Whatever time was left was spent lifting. I was eating almost 8000 calories per day and my entire house, except for my bedroom and bathroom, was filled with weights and machines. It was a wonderland of sweaty, glistening, growing muscle. And my muscle had fucking surged.

I hadn’t gotten much taller. I was 6′ 3″ though, canlı casino which is still quite respectable. My muscles, though, had exploded. My biceps were a massive 22″ and pulsing with power. My shoulders were 34″ broad, my shoulders rounded and strong. My chest was 54″ around, my back rippling with muscles and my pecs putting most women’s tiny breasts to shame. My quads were massive, 40″ each, a good four inches larger than my waist, and just oozing strength. My calves were the same as my biceps still. My tits were bigger too, KK cups, full and heavy. My cock though was the real star of the show, growing to a massive foot and a half long and around. It was mighty and beautiful, and the amount that I could cum was seriously amazing. It wasn’t surprising, because my balls were the size of cantaloupes.

I was massive and loving it. I just wanted to keep growing and growing, and there was nothing stopping me from getting as huge as I wanted. That night I got a surprise though. I was in my dinning room doing bicep curls (100 pound dumbbells by the way) when I heard my front door open. “Hello? Brianne, you’ve been ignoring me all summer. I know it wasn’t the senior year you wanted, but we are still friends.”

Shit. I forgot Beckah had a key to my house. She had been texting me off and on since we graduated and I had mostly ignored her or blown her off. “Hey Becky, I’m ok. I’m in the kitchen.”

“Ok. Uh, why does your house look like you’re trying to turn it into a gym? Seriously, trying to wind my way through all this is super diffi…” Her final words trailed off as she rounded the corner and saw me confidently facing her, completely naked. “Holy fuck. What? What did you do?”

I had forgotten how beautiful she was. I should explain that even though Beckah and I were just friends, I had had a huge crush on her for years. She was smart and funny, had a winning smile, and a twisted sense of humor. She was also pretty kinky, and could turn anything into a sexual comment. And finally, she was fucking beautiful.

Any time somebody uses the word “sexy,” Becky’s body is what I picture. I got a sprinkle of puberty, but she got at least three helpings of it. She was quite tall, 6′ 5″ when not in heels, but she loved heels, so she was still a good bit taller than me as we stood there. She had broad shoulders and a firm and flat stomach. She had a natural muscle tone that she kept through working out. Her tits were huge, a JJ cup, and they were always full, firm, and perky. Her legs were long and toned, and her whole body was always lightly bronzed with a perfect tan. Her claim to fame though, was her ass. My god did she have an ass. She would have a perfect hourglass shape, except her ass is way bigger than her tits. We measured it once for fun around the widest part (well fun for her, I had a raging hard on) and it 68 inches around. 68 inches of hips and ass! God she was fucking gorgeous.

“I forgot you had a key. I think you can kind of see why I was ignoring you though. I didn’t really know what to say, or how to explain.”

“Um…yeah. So what happened?” She was trying to be nice, but I could tell she was confused.

“Puberty skipped me, you know that. Shit, I think you got my helping of puberty too, who knows. I was tired of waiting, so I took matters into my own hands and did what I needed to do. The hormones I’m along started working and I started growing. I needed an outlet for the energy, so I started lifting. I loved the immediate muscle size. I love the current feeling of burn and growth. I just want to get huge, find my limit, if I even have one. I fucking love my strength. I never knew it but this…this is what I wanted.”

I paused to see her reaction. So far she just seemed to be considering what I said and the things around her. “OK,” she said hesitantly, “I think I get it. I’ve just never seen anyone your size before. You’re fucking massive. But I still feel like I have to ask about…um, yeah that.” She slowly pointed at the cock and balls hanging heavy between my legs.

“I’ve always had it, it was just small and easy to hide while we were in school. I never brought it up because I didn’t think anyone would date me if they knew that I was a futa.”

“Uh huh. Um, I’m going to take a walk for a second. I will be right back.” And she turned and ran out of my house faster than I’ve ever seen her move before.

“Well that sucks.” I said as the door shut. I stood in the silence for a minute as I waited to hear her car start. When it did I just went back to lifting, figuring I would bury my sadness at losing a friend under enormous amounts of heavy metal. About five minutes later I decided to do some posing, so I went over to the mirror in the dining room and blasted some music, going through a standard posing routine.

My whole body was pumped to the max during my routine, looking fantastically huge and strong. Just as I hit an intimidating crab pose, the music stopped. I whipped around to see who was in my house, and Beckah stood there, eyes wide. “So…how big is your kaçak casino cock?”

She was shivering with nervousness. As I was standing there in shock though, I noticed something that put me right back in control: running down her long leg, right below the hem of her very short skirt, was a shiny line of pussy juice.

I smiled. “You like this?”

“Oh god yes.”

“Good. Because I think you’re hot as fuck.” I moved in and pulled her down to kiss me. We frenched for a good minute before I broke away. “And to answer your question, it’s a foot and a half long.”

“Oh fuck!” She shuddered in orgasm. I had made her cum with just the thought of my cock! Fuck yeah.

“Damn Becky! That was hot as fuck.” She was trying to catch her breath. “Do you care about this outfit?” She looked up at me, slightly confused, but shook her head no. “Good.” I reached up and gripped her shirt between her tits and shredded it off of her, then ripped her skirt in half and threw both destroyed garments aside. I was honestly surprised how easy that was, but given my size I really shouldn’t have been.

“Brianne, holy shit. Seriously, you’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I have no idea if I’m going to be able to take that monster cock, but you better fucking try to shove all of that in me”

“You just want to jump straight into this?” I asked. Her forwardness was something I did not expect.

“I’ve been looking for a cock like that my whole life. Why did you think I only dated the guys on basketball teams?”

“I assumed it was because they were tall.” I said with a laugh.

She chuckled at my joke. “No, it’s because they had bigger dicks. But yours…yours is a fucking masterpiece.” She gave a quick look around and spotted a bench near by. She walked over to it and laid down on her back. “Get over here and put your cock in me. I need it. Right now.”

I sauntered over in front of her, shocked but elated by this whole turn of events. This women, who I had lusted after for so many years, who I watched go from small like me to the body of a goddess, was now eagerly awaiting, if not flat out begging for, my cock. As I stood in front of her, I took one last look over her body, from her beautiful face, to her perky tits, to her flat waist, her wide hips and monstrously huge ass, her long, tan legs ending in feet still encased in 6″ stilettoes. I guided my foot and a half cock straight to her actually dripping pussy, and without too much hesitation, rammed it about half way into her.

“Oh my god!” she yelled through gritted teeth. “Fuck that thing is thick.” She may have been into guys with big dicks, and she may have been a few inches taller than me, but I could definitely tell her pussy wasn’t prepared for the thickness of my cock. It was tight as fuck, but it felt so good. “Please go a little slow so you don’t tear me in half. I may be soaking wet, but you’re bigger than anything I could have ever imagined.”

“Whatever you need babe. Whatever you need. Just let me know when you start feeling comfortable, ok?” I really didn’t want to hurt her. I mostly just wanted to see her squirting all over the place.

“I will. Just five me a few good, slow strokes and I should be ok.”

So I did just that. I pulled slowly out, until just the tip of my fist sized cock head was in her, then slowly pushed myself back in. I watched her face closely, making sure it was more pleasure than pain, and stopping if it shifted too much into pain to allow her time to adjust. After a minute or two though, she had definitely relaxed, and I was able to pick up the pace. I had decided to wait until she had stretched out to start going for depth, but I wanted to see her cum first. I started a quick stroke in an out, Becky writhing in pleasure underneath me. I was rewarded promptly though with an intense and powerful squirting orgasm that sprayed off of my rock hard abs and coated my cock in girl juice.

“So, are you ready for the rest of my cock?”

Panting, she responded with “How much is left?”

I couldn’t leave her waiting on an answer, so I pushed in as far as I could. I made it well over a foot in, but there were still about three inches left outside her tight but fantastically deep pussy. She immediately squirted again, even harder this time, covering my abs in juice as it started dripping between us and down onto the floor. “Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! That’s a big fucking cock!” I paused to watch her reaction. “What are you doing? Shove the rest of that glorious tool into me. I already feel more filled than ever, but I want more. Give me all of that cock!”

She was kneading her own tits to get even more pleasure, while I was grabbing handfuls of her amazing ass at a time, but her outburst had inspired me. I pulled all the way out, making sure I was still lined up. Then I thrust my hips forward as hard as I could, and felt myself bottom out and bury to the hilt. It was an amazing experience. I had never had my entire cock inside somebody at this size, and that much velvety softness around my tool just felt wonderful. Becky, on the other hand, was in the throws of a full thirty second squirt fest. It was a seriously impressive about of juice, creating a puddle at my feet. God it was hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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