By Betrayal

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My name is Dan and I have always considered myself a hot-blooded heterosexual. My girlfriend (Amanda) would attest, as we are both very sexual and adventurous with one another. However this is a tale of a particular night in which my cock revealed its’ true nature.

It started with a ski cabin, a “Jacuzzi” and our friends (Ray and Stephanie). We were on vacation in Colorado and had finished up a fine powder day on the slopes. We are close with this couple – we have vacationed before and skinny-dipped before but nothing much more. We had opened a bottle of wine and decided our sore muscles were in need of some relaxation.

Someone thought it would be fun if we all got naked and ran out on the deck into the snowy night and jumped in the Jacuzzi. We began to shed clothes. I looked over at my girlfriend and smiled as her sweet body was bent over, butt thrust out, hands daintily rolling down her panties over her ankles.

She is a strawberry blonde with short bobbed hair and a matching trim little pussy. Her grapefruit shaped breasts strike a perfect balance with her tone body. She gets more than her fair share of double-takes. I caught Ray doing just that and he smiled back at me, so I took the opportunity to glance at Stephanie.

Stephanie is Japanese with proud perky tits and a beautiful athletic body. Her long silky jet black hair was swaying on her back and looked as if it was trying to stroke her taught little ass – I decided to sprint to the “Jacuzzi” as my cock was starting to rise.

I jumped in first followed by the girls then Ray. Ray is a Road Biker, Mountain Biker, and Skier. He is trim and fit much like myself; both of us are built more on the wiry side. The wine flowed and the conversation turned to sex and in the past this is where it usually stopped. But on this night momentum began to build with a certain act – Stephanie was giggling (it was obvious she was stroking Ray underwater by her shoulder movement) and wondered out loud how Ray was going to get out of the hot tub without revealing his massive hard-on.

Amanda laughed and said, “Dan too.” Ray smirked, shrugged and thrust his hips out of the water to reveal his hard cock. We all looked – his cock is a little larger than mine – probably 7 inches compared to my 6.5 inches. Not to be outdone I stood up to showcase mine. The girls were giggling and whistling.

Ray blurted out, “Nice, but what I would really like to see is the girls stand up and kiss.” They stood up and moved toward each other, erect nipples within inches of touching – at the last minute they coyly sat down obviously toying with us. Ray and I proceeded to do what men do – we begged.

Finally, Amanda said, “I can’t speak for Stephanie, but I would be willing to kiss her and go down on her if you boys put on the same show.” I was surprised, I knew she fantasized about same sex but not male-on-male.

Before anyone else could react I guffawed and said, “No way, if I have to give Ray head I will go limp and not even be into a sex show after that.”

Now Stephanie spoke up (apparently my words were an affront and a challenge to her), “You are so full of it, I saw you look at his cock! You would be rock hard. In fact I challenge you to suck his cock casino oyna and not get turned on.”

I shot back, “No way would I be and now way would I do it.”

Now for the betrayal, Amanda said, “Let’s make a wager – if you go down on Ray and not get a hard-on not only will Stephanie and I put on a girl-girl show for you, but once we are done you can do whatever you want with the both of us – are you with me Stephanie?”

Stephanie nodded, “Oh yeah.”

I thought about this and it occurred to me that Ray had not said a peep – I said in a questioning tone, “Ray would never let that happen?”

He spoke up, “Yeah I would this is all very entertaining as long as I get to watch.” Now I was seriously considering this – all I had to do was take his cock in my mouth and lose my erection – but even thinking through the actions at this point was not lessening my hard on.

But I would get both girls – my ultimate fantasy. I am kinky and just to make sure I was getting what I bargained for or even drive Stephanie off I said, “Just so you know I like a good ass licking and both of you will be swallowing.”

She countered, “You boys are all the same.” I gave a sideways glance to Ray and he was still smiling.

I asked, “What happens if I don’t lose my erection?”

Amanda spoke, “Then Stephanie and I get our way with you.”

This did not sound half bad – seems I win either way. “OK.” I said. Wicked smiles all around and Ray sat up on the side of the hot tub, his engorged dick pointing at me.

Stephanie said, “Nope, not here – we can’t see your cock in all the bubbles. Let’s take this inside on the couch near the fire. I want to see everything.”

A giddy parade of naked girls and guys with me in deep thought about backing out proceeded to the couch. Ray sat on the couch and both girls sat on either side looking at me intently. He opened his legs, scooted to the edge of the couch and said, “Suck me,” laughed unapologetically, “you made your own bed.”

I kneeled on the floor in front of him and looked at his cock it appeared huge now; I looked at Amanda she was watching every move I made and caressing herself; I looked at Stephanie she was kneeling on the couch hunched over close to Ray’s cock for a good view one hand on Ray’s leg and one sneaked up by her pussy. This was not helping. I looked back at Ray’s cock, cocked my head forward, opened my mouth and stalled – Stephanie grabbed his cock and tilted it right into my mouth.

It was silky, soft and smooth. Instinct took over and I knew what to do, I began to suck, bob my head, and twirl my tongue. I thought about how I liked it and began to really get into it – grabbed his shaft and jerked with my hand while my mouth came down on every stroke. Ray began to thrust his hips and moan. I was proud that I was having this effect on him so I took his cock out of my mouth and proceeded to lick his balls while I continued to jerk his shaft. I looked up while tonguing his balls and saw the wide eyes of Amanda and Stephanie staring down at me and realized what they realized. I instantly stopped and turned beet red.

The girls both said, “That was so hot, don’t be ashamed it was such a turn on.”

Ray reassured me, “That canlı casino was really hot, I got in to it.”

I conceded, “Wow, that made me really horny.” and looked down at my harder than ever cock that was now flowing pre cum. I meekly said, “Now what?”

Amanda spoke up, “You lost and now you’re ours,” she also added, “I think your going to like this.”

Stephanie jumped at the opportunity. Stephanie blurted, “Sorry Amanda but my pussy is aching and I have dreamed about this.” as she deftly sat in Rays lap as if he was a chair. She put a foot on either side of Ray’s thigh, raised herself up and guided Ray’s cock into her glistening wet pussy. I hadn’t moved and her spread pussy stuffed with Rays’ cock was inches from my face.

Lust filled me and though I didn’t need it Stephanie gave me directions in a desperate gasp, “Lick me till I cum.” My mouth went straight to her clit. As I sucked and licked her I could feel Rays’ shaft and balls rubbing up and down against my chin.

Amanda kneeled beside me and intermittingly caressed my back, feathered my asshole and stroked my cock all the while never taking her eyes off me licking Stephanie’s and Ray’s fuck. Ray’s cock would pop out and I would eagerly swallow it, give the tip a few licks and stuff it back into Stephanie’s waiting pussy.

I was trying to get my mouth and tongue everywhere at once – on her clit, on Ray’s pistoning shaft and on his balls when Stephanie cried out with a shriek followed by moans. I focused on her clit and Ray hammered harder – she moaned and shuttered. Ray then cried out he was cumming. I stopped and watched as his pulsing cock revealed itself with every down thrust: gobs of cum dripping down his shaft and every up thrust squeezing it out of her pussy. I was turned-on. I wanted to cum, I wanted to eat his cum. I licked it off his balls, his shaft, and around her pussy. He slipped his cock out of her and thrust it in my mouth. He burst a few more times in my mouth as I eagerly sucked and swallowed. Tangy and salty; I liked it.

He was dry; I looked at Stephanie’s pussy. Her jet black pussy hair was now matted and sticky covered with her own juices, her pussy lips were red and puffy and her hole was gaping open with cum trickling down it. I put my mouth to her freshly fucked pussy, easily slipped my tongue up her and sucked the rest of Ray’s cum out of her.

She shuttered, rolled off Ray and said, “That was better than my dreams.” Ray was ecstatic and could not stop talking about how good it felt.

Amanda looked at me and said, “You are such a slut, you turn me on.” Her fingers were sliding up her pussy. My cock was raging. I needed to cum bad.

Amanda ran to the bedroom and reappeared with a few extra long ski socks and something else I couldn’t make out in her hand. She said she wanted to tie me up. That was new; I usually tied her up. And sweet Amanda sternly told me to lie down on my back in front of the fireplace where there was a sheepskin. She tied each of my wrists to each corresponding shin so I laid flat on my back with my legs cocked and spread out. My cock and ass were wildly exposed and Stephanie and Ray looked curiously on as they lounged on the couch.

Amanda looked at her handiwork kaçak casino and smiled. She then stood over and slowly squatted down on my face with my mouth on her pussy and my nose touching her butt hole. I began to lick and she began to forcibly grind. She was rocking back forth and alternating her pussy and asshole on my mouth and I tried as hard as I could to shove my tongue up as far each of them as I could. She then layed over me into an easy sixty-nine and began to suck my cock. Finally, as she sucked she played with my exposed butt hole – it felt cold and slippery and I realized she was lubing me up.

As she finger fucked my butt (she knows I like this) she took my cock out of her mouth and said in her fantasy she fucks me with a dildo while in the 69 position. She asked Ray if he would be her dildo.

Ray blinked and looked at Stephanie for guidance. Stephanie nodded and said, “I have got to see you fuck him in the ass.”

Ray was already hard from the show and sauntered over kneeled between my legs and began to press the head of his cock on my butt hole. I tensed up, Amanda began spreading my legs farther and massaging my inner thighs – all the while cooing, “relax”.

I think I would have gotten up and stopped things if I weren’t constrained. As it was I was curious about how it would feel, but mostly fearful. The pain was intense and piercing and just when I thought my butt was going to rip and I was ready to yell stop, my anus relaxed and Ray’s cock slid slowly forward. I felt full, satisfied. It felt good. I went back to licking Amanda’s pussy and enjoyed the rhythmic bucking of Ray’s pelvis into my ass. There were a few jolts of pain, but the pleasure was well worth it.

Amanda was transfixed she had forgotten to continue sucking. She lied on top of me and watched closely as Rays’ cock started to thrust harder and faster. Then Stephanie made an appearance at my head where I was busily tongue fucking Amanda.

Stephanie asked, “Can I have a taste?” I just nodded. Stephanie pursed her pretty red lips and kissed Amanda’s pussy, she then parted her lips, thrust her tongue out and began to lick and suck fervently. Her face was pressing forward into Amanda’s pussy and now it was my turn to be transfixed.

It was all too much: Rays cock banging at my butt hole, Stephanie eating my girlfriend out right over me. My cock twitched and pulsed in the open air and I was cumming. Each pulse of cum was met by electrifying pain and pleasure as my ass contracted uncontrollably. Cum splattered Amanda on her chest and neck – she came to her senses gasped in surprise and quickly put her mouth over my cock sucking down what was left. It was amazing, I came without any physical stimulation on my cock – it was a first.

Ray moaned, my butt hole was spasming and the alternating contractions brought Ray to climax. He erratically pumped my ass a few more times shooting his cum deep in my ass and then slowly pulled out. Amanda finally realized who was licking her, reached behind her and pulled Stephanie’s face farther into her pussy for a body shuddering climax.

Ray thoughtfully untied me. I reached down to my ass to make sure it was whole, it was wide open but still in tact. I brought my fingers away drenched in Ray’s cum – it was lewd. We were spent – no one moved. We all lied naked and weary beside each other as the fire’s warmth gave sweet comfort. I wondered what the hell we were going to do tomorrow night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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