Camping Sex Party

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Lisa had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. Growing up she never had a problem with getting naked, whether it be skinny dipping at the lake, or going topless out by her pool. She was very proud of her body, and saw no reason to hide it.

A few of her girlfriends wanted to go camping, they figured they might be able to meet some cute guys. Lisa was in, if there was a chance she might meet some cute guys, that sounded good to her.

So Lisa and her friends, Donna, Gail, and Pam grabbed their gear, tossed it in the back of Gail’s Jeep and headed up to the Mountains.

They got a nice early start, they didn’t want to be setting up their tent in the dark. They arrived at the campground and they started flirting with the guy working the front desk.

They found out his name was Ted, and that he actually owned the campground along with his two brothers.

Ted set them up with campsite number 32, it was more secluded, he thought the girls might enjoy their privacy.

Ted asked if they needed any help setting up their tent, they really didn’t, but they decided it might be fun to play helpless.

Ted told them he had to stay at the desk, but that he would call his brothers to help them set up their campsite. He gave them a map and pointed out where their site was located.

The girls climbed in the Jeep and were off.

Ted grabbed the phone, his brothers were not going to believe this. Mark answer, hey little brother, what’s up.

I need you and Jack to head over to site
2, you can thank me later.

By the time Mark and Jack arrived, the girls had already pulled out all their gear and spread it out on the ground.

Mark and Jack took one look at the four hot babes and smiled.

The girls greeted the two brothers and played along, we have a tent but how the hell do you put this thing together?

The brothers got to work on the tent, while checking out the girls at the same time.

The girls decide to have some fun, they took off their tops, revealing their bikini tops. The brothers eyes popped out of their heads.

They spread out a large blanket and laid down to get some sun. Once the blanket was spread out they removed their shorts, now they were only in bikinis.

The brothers couldn’t believe what was happening, Mark whispered to his brother to slow down, no need to rush getting this tent up.

The girls knew what was going on, and decided to see how far they could take this. Gail grabbed the sun tan lotion and rubbed it all over slowly. Lisa asked Gail if she would rub some on her back for her. She laid canlı bahis down and pulled the string to her bikini top. Gail started rubbing the lotion on Lisa’s back. Lisa could feel the eyes of the brothers watching.

The tent was up, and now there were two more tents that had been erected. The brothers cocks were pointing straight up at the show they were watching.

Lisa rolled over and looked right at the two brothers, her bare tits jiggling as she turned.

Girls, I think we should reward these gentlemen for helping us. Lisa raised her finger and curled it towards herself, motioning for the brothers to come over.

Mark being the oldest, walked straight up to Lisa, she was kneeling now and her mouth was level with the tent of his pants.

Lisa reached up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles along with his boxers. She stuck out her tongue and licked the pre cum that was hanging on the tip of his cock. Lisa wrapped her lips around his cock head and suck him deeply inside.

Jack had been surrounded by the other 3 girls, they started stripping his clothes off and had him naked in a second.

Gail told him to lay down on the blanket, she pulled the strings on her bikini and he watched as the tiny polka dot bikini fell to the ground.

Gail was tall Redhead, with big boobs,38D, with the pinkest nipples and a round ass, and a little patch of red fuzz for a bush.

She stood above Jack and lowered her pussy right onto his waiting lips.

Jack couldn’t see what was happening, but he felt two pairs of hands touching him. Suddenly he could feel two tongues taking turns working on his hard shaft.

Meanwhile Lisa had Mark on the edge, she was such a good cocksucker, she prided herself on her talents with her mouth and tongue. She loved to give head, almost as much as getting fucked.

Mark knew he was about to unload, Lisa knew all too well, she increased her speed and grabbed Marks ass and pulled his cock deep into her throat just as he started cummming. Marks knees almost buckled, she was sucking his cock dry. Lisa swallowed every drop just as Mark sank to his knees.

Ted’s replacement showed up at 5, none to soon, he hadn’t heard back from his brothers, so he bet he knew they were having all the fun. He walked to the campsite and as he got closer he could hear the unmistakable sounds of wild outdoor sex.

Ted always enjoyed watching other people having sex, it always had turned him on.

Ted looked thru the bushes and sure enough, his brothers were getting the screwing of their lifetimes.

Mark was now eating Lisa’s soaking bahis siteleri wet cunt. Ted looked at Lisa’s body, she was the girl he was most attracted to.

Lisa is 5’2″,Brunette, perky little tits with very erect nipples, just made for sucking, and a cute little tight ass.

Ted looked over at his other brother Jack, who definitely had his hands full.

Gail was sitting on his face and he was licking her red bush and she was loving it, the other two girls were taking turns sucking his cock.

Ted was enjoying the show, but felt he had to help out Jack by taking at least one of those horny little bitches off his hands.

Ted walked up behind the girls, removing his clothes as he got closer, once he arrived at the blanket he got down on his knees behind Pam and grabbed her by her hips.

Pam was surprised but happy to see Ted had finally been able to join his brothers for some fun and games.

Ted brought his hard cock up to Pam’s wet pussy and started fucking her doggy-style. He rammed his cock all the way in deep. Pam felt his wonderful cock filling her up, he must have had about 10 inches.

Jack felt Donna mounting his cock, she was so fucking tight. Donna was the smallest of the girls, only 4’11”, jet black hair, she couldn’t have been more than 90lbs., nice tits,34C, with a nice ass too.

Donna lifted herself up and down Jacks big cock, and she fingered her clit while she was riding his cock, oh god how good it felt.

Gail was now cumming, Jack’s tongue had done wonderful things to her pussy, she would have to have him eat her out again before this weekend was over.

Gail climbed off of Jacks face and just sat and watched all that was going on around her. Mark had Lisa’s legs spread wide and was licking her pussy good. Donna was riding Jack’s cock, she was moving up and down on his cock so fast she was like a blur. Then she looked over at Pam, Ted had arrived and was fucking her doggy-style, and she could see his cock had to be the biggest of the 3 brothers.

Gail had rested long enough, she was wet watching all the fucking and sucking, she wanted to get back in on the fun.

Gail moved over by Mark and Lisa, she laid down between Marks legs and slipped between his legs until his cock was hanging above her lips. Her tongues snaked out of her mouth and she started licking his pole.

Lisa was close to cumming, Mark jabbed two fingers inside her cunt and that sent her over the top. She was dripping her cunt juices were flowing and Mark kept on licking.

Mark sat up and pulled Gail’s mouth off his cock, he rolled her bahis şirketleri over and grabbed an ankle in each hand and spread her legs as wide as he could and shoved his hard cock in her drenched cunt.

Lisa went over next to Jack and Donna, she could tell by the sounds they were both making that they were about to cum. Donna was first, her juices were pouring out of her. When she saw Lisa she knew what Lisa wanted, Donna raised her cunt off of jacks cock and watched as Lisa engulfed his entire erection, still coated in Donna’s juices. Jack’s cock started spurting his load deep into Lisa’s throat.

As soon as Lisa had finished sucking Jack’s cock dry, she moved over to Ted and Pam.

Ted had seen what Lisa had done to Jack, but he had other ideas.

Ted pulled his cock out of Pam and grabbed Lisa and turned her around, she was surprised when she felt him pull her buttchecks apart.

Ted guided his 10 inch cock right up to her puckered asshole, and gave a giant shove. His cock was well lubed from Pam’s dripping snatch, and slid inside easy.

He didn’t know how long he could last fucking her tight ass, he rammed his big cock in and out repeatedly.

Donna and Pam looked things over, Gail was getting the banging of her life, and Lisa was getting her as fucked good and hard.

Pam told Donna she still hadn’t cum yet, so they decide to do each other. The two girls got down into a 69 position and started to pleasure each other.

Lisa’s ass was so tight, Ted couldn’t hold off any longer and started cumming deep inside her ass.

It was Gail’s turn to cum now, she was getting fucked royally by Mark’s hard cock. Every time he rammed his cock in deep she could feel his cock throbbing, pulsing, until he too was shooting his load deep inside her cunt.

Lisa, Gail, and the 3 brothers gathered around Donna and Pam and watched as the two girls sixty-nined. They were really going at each others pussies, licking away, sucking on one and others clits.

Pam was the first to cum, she squirted her juices out and Donna did her best to lick every drop.

Pam got Donna off next and the others all applauded.

They all had been fucking and sucking for so long, they were getting weak from lack of food. The guys told them to get cleaned up and that they would come back and cook them steaks.

The girls went and showered and washed the dripping cum out of their pussy and Lisa’s ass. They got dressed and returned to the campsite.

The guys had started a fire and had already started cooking the steaks. Everybody ate and drank and had a great time.

The girls were all getting sleepy, it had been a long drive up to the Mountain, and then all the fucking, they needed to get some sleep.

The guys didn’t mind, they knew that the girls would be here all weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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