Camping with Grandad

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I loved staying at my Grandad’s house. I used to stay there every weekend when I was a little girl, but as I grew older I saw him less. We had planned a camping trip to catch up and I was so excited! He always made me feel happy and loved, and this weekend it would just be me and him, like the old days. He picked me up from my house on the Friday morning.

“My goodness Phoebe, you’ve grown so much since I last saw you!” Grandad exclaimed as I got into his truck.

“Well I am nearly 19 now Grandad. I’m not the little girl you use to bounce on your knee anymore!” I laughed.

“No, you’re most definitely not. Shall we get going then?”

“Yes! I’m so excited to get there!”

We started driving. It was a 2 hour long drive, and we filled the time by singing songs and reminiscing on old times. I honestly missed spending time with him so much, and was so happy to be near him again.

“So, tell me Phoebe, what have I missed? Is there a special boy in your life?” Grandad asked me curiously.

“No Grandad! I don’t waste my time with immature boys. I have more important things on my mind!” This was a lie. I loved getting fucked by different boys, but I couldn’t let Grandad know that. He looked at me suspiciously and I laughed it off. I often wondered if he had a lady in his life. My Grandma died 5 years ago, and I’ve never seen him with another woman.

We finally arrived at the camp site. It wasn’t how I remembered it at all. Back in the day, there were so many families that visited here, however now it was empty. There were very few tents set up. Me and Grandad picked a spot and parked. He put his hand on my knee.

“I’m so glad to be spending this time with you, Phoebe.”

“Me too Grandad.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment. Something felt different between us this time. It didn’t feel like when I was a kid, but I couldn’t quite figure out why.

We got out of the car and begun unpacking. I hated setting up the tents, so I sat in the truck while Grandad did it all. He was much better than I was.

“Phoebe while I finish this, go and get some wood will ya? We need to make a fire, it’s going to be cold tonight.” Grandad instructed.

“Ok Grandad, I won’t be long then.”

I walked off into the woods, picking up the best logs I could find for the fire. As I walked deeper into the trees, I saw a couple lying on the ground. The closer I got, the clearer it became that they were having sex. I could hear the grunting and the pounding of their bodies against each other. I suddenly felt my pussy burning and becoming wet. I wanted to watch, but knew that was wrong, so I turned back with the logs that I had and made my way back, still unable to shake the erotic image of the couple out of my mind. When I couldn’t take my arousal anymore, I dropped the logs and leaned my back against a tree. I stuck my hand down my trousers and into my panties, casino oyna and being slowly rubbing my pussy. I loved touching my clit even more than I loved fingering myself. The sensation was much more intense. I knew I could be caught any minute but didn’t care, I just needed to touch myself. I wished I had someone there to touch me, to make love to me like that couple were doing. I rubbed faster and harder, and was nearing my orgasm when I heard a noise. I turned and there was a fox heading towards me. They had always scared me since I was little, so I grabbed the logs and ran back to camp, disappointed by my anti-climatic moment. When I got back to camp, the tent was all set up and the bags were gone from the car. I guessed that Grandad had taken everything inside, so I dropped the logs on the grass and crawled through the entrance. As I lifted my head up, I was greeted by a huge shock. There was my Grandad, holding my underwear with his cock out. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Phoebe! This isn’t what it looks like. I just.. Erm…”

“Grandad what are you doing? That’s my underwear.” I said, very confused and he quickly zipped up his trousers.

“I’m sorry honey. I’m an old lonely man, and I still get urges. It was silly of me but that is the first time I’ve seen a young lady’s underwear in a very long time. I’m so sorry, please you must forgive me. I don’t want this to ruin our trip.” He pleaded with me. I suddenly felt very sorry for him, and gave him a hug.

“It’s ok Grandad. I love you.”

The rest of the day went ok. We didn’t even mention what had happened. We cooked dinner on the fire and had schmores, sang campfire songs and talked a lot about everything. When it got late, Grandad suggested that we go to sleep. I agreed, since I was so tired. We both crawled into the cramped tent and I changed into my night dress. Grandad removed his shirt and trousers and slept in his vest and boxers. This would usually be an awkward situation, but I felt so close to my Grandad that I didn’t really mind. My last thoughts before I fell asleep were of the couple in the woods, and how I came so close to my orgasm earlier on. Before I knew it I was dreaming.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I was awoken by a familiar noise. I opened my eyes to see Grandad’s sleeping bag going up and down around his groin area. I couldn’t believe he was masterbating while I was in the tent. I lay still, so he would think I was asleep. What I didn’t expect was to suddenly feel my sleeping bag being slowly peeled off of me. I became extremely nervous, but did not show any signs of my being awake. I felt Grandad come closer to me, and began to smell the musty aroma of his exposed genitals. Funnily enough, it was actually arousing me. Then it happened. I felt Grandad’s hand slip over my breast and gently fondle them. He pulled my night dress down and began softly licking my nipples. It became canlı casino increasingly difficult for me to keep pretending I was asleep, especially as he made his way down my stomach with his hand until he reached my pussy. He stuck his hand underneath my night dress and ran a finger down my slit through my panties. I let out an accidental moan and my eyes opened.

“Phoebe, you’re awake.”

“Grandad what are you doing?” I asked nervously and I stared at his hand cupping my mound.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this baby. Now we’re all alone and it’s the perfect opportunity. I’m going to make love to you and you’re going to love it, I promise,” Grandad told me. I stared at him, shocked at his assertiveness. He then ripped my night dress off of me and slipped out of his boxers and vest. I lay there in just my panties with my naked Grandfather standing over me. He then lowered his body on top of me and began to passionately kiss me. I could feel his growing penis touch my inner thigh. It felt amazing, but this was so wrong.

“Grandad, stop, we can’t be doing this!” I yelled. He put his hand over my mouth and reached his other down to my pussy. He stuck it down my panties and touched my clit. It felt so good, I could have cummed all over his hand right there, but we had plenty of time for that. He then lowered himself down until his head was at my downstairs region. I bent my knees and spread my legs, and he pulled my panties off. He stared at my pussy for a moment, then put his face to it.

“Wait Grandad, not that! Please!” But it was too late. I felt his tongue touch my clit and I moaned in ecstasy. He flicked it with the tip and spat all over my pussy. I pushed his head into me and he sucked and licked it even harder. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My Grandad was sucking my pussy and I was enjoying it! It was so wrong, but I loved it. I loved how his tongue felt as it played with my clit, and I love how the bristles of his beard tickled against my pussy.

Suddenly, I felt a familiar sensation and knew that was I was close to orgasm. I bucked my hips into his face and felt my climax overwhelm me, as I clamped my thighs around his head. It was heaven. The thought of my juices all over his face and in his mouth aroused me even more. I released him and lay there, panting.

“Well, did you enjoy that Phoebe?”

“Yes Grandad,” I said, still out of breath. “It was amazing.”

Now that my orgasm and the pleasure had subsided, I immediately felt regret. What the hell did I just do? I wanted to go home so badly, but somehow I don’t think Grandad would agree to that.

“Now it’s my turn baby,” he said as he put his limp cock to my lips.

“Grandad I really don’t think that’s a good idea. This is so wrong and we should stop right now!”

“Oh so you’re being selfish are you? I just made you cum, now it’s your turn to pleasure me. Suck it, Phoebe. kaçak casino Just suck it.”

He began rubbing his penis over my lips, trying to part them. I didn’t know what to do, so with a groan I opened my mouth and let his cock inside. It felt so weird, but the more I got into it, the more I enjoyed it. I licked the head and sucked it hard. The more I sucked, the stiffer he got. I then deep throated him and let him fuck my throat. His moaning and grunting made me get horny again, and I began sucking his whole shaft so quickly I thought he was going to cum right there and then.

“That’s good baby, keep going!” He exclaimed.

I continued to suck him off a bit longer, then he pushed me down on my back.

“Now I’m going to fuck you Phoebe.”

I became scared again. We didn’t have a condom, and I wasn’t on the pill.

“But Grandad, say if I get pregnant?”

“I’ll pull out baby I promise. You’ll love this.”

He positioned himself in between my legs and I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my slit. He wiggled it around my clit, then brought it down to my entrance. It began poking it’s way in, and it felt so good. I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore, so I pushed on Grandad’s ass so that his cock would drive into me. He started pumping in and out and I screamed in ecstasy. I felt his cock in my belly, he was so deep. He began rubbing my clit as he fucked me. I was so close to orgasm again, it felt amazing. As my moans got louder, I think he sensed this, so he pulled out and told me to sit on his face. He lay on his back and I climbed on top, rubbing my clit on his nose while he licked my hole. Within seconds I came all over his face and he licked up my juices. My pussy was throbbing so bad now, but I was determined to make Grandad come. I positioned my soaking hole over his cock, and sat down on it. I started riding him so fast, and he bucked his hips up into me simultaneously. He started getting faster and faster.

“Grandad, remember to pull out.”

“I- I- I can’t!” He yelled as his hot load shot into my womb.

When his orgasm subsided, I rolled off of him in complete shock. I had enjoyed the sex very much, but was now worried about getting pregnant.

“I’m sorry baby, it just felt so good. I couldn’t pull out, I had to fill you with my cum.”

“It’s ok Grandad…” But it wasn’t ok. I had just fucked my Grandad!

After that, we both went to sleep straight away, without even uttering a word about what happened. And the next morning was the same. Nothing. Just normal conversation. We drove home and the car ride was extremely awkward. I felt dirty and disgusting, but each time a flashback from the night before crept into my mind, my loins burned.

When we finally reached home, he parked outside my house and waited for me to open the door before he grabbed my hand.

“Not a word about what happened to anyone, Phoebe. Got it? If you do, I will punish you young lady,” he said, with a disturbing grin on his face. This scared me, but turned me on in a way too.

I can’t wait to see him again, I feel closer to him than ever now.

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