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New Day

Days from the nearest road, in the dark green forest, on the shore of a small clear lake the three awoke in their tent early in the morning. She was sprawled between the two men, hands and feet cast across them.

As she slowly awoke both men dared not stir, pretending to sleep so as to not lose her early favor.

Her waking hands simultaneously fluttered over their morning erections, which silently became the real thing. The brown-haired one reciprocated by caressing her left nipple, while the tall one brushed and cupped her pubic hair. Suddenly she grabbed both by the shaft and squeezed, laughing. She quickly zipped open the tent, and tumbled out toward the lake. Both men watched her round cheeks sway as she strode into the lake and dived in.


The two men fixed breakfast nude even at the risk of spilling hot water on their bare skin.

The tall one could see that his slightly older and shorter rival was fit. The two had carried heavy packs through the mountains for three days before arriving at this idyllic spot. She had teased them into pushing faster and than they had originally planned, but neither had gained significant advantage. After a good nights sleep they were both rested.

She ate their offered meal of oatmeal, tea, and M&Ms while air-drying. They hadn’t seen another person on the trail for days, so it was unlikely they’d be surprised by a stranger.

She bent carelessly to add another stick to the campfire, and the men observed the slight fuzz of hair behind her vagina. And how the labia parted slightly as she leaned over.

The brown-haired one took his breakfast to a large flat rock off the small beach, and the small fish nibbled at his body. One even gulped the tiny bead of precum that dripped from his penis.


As the sun rose higher, she took turns lotioning the men with sunblock although she took none herself for her darker skin. Joking about protecting the best parts, she took special care to coat their genitals, and lotioned perhaps deeper into their buttocks than canlı bahis the sun was likely to penetrate.

The three swam out to a tiny island and they climbed to the top and sat under a large fir tree. She straddled the tall one’s freckled and outstretched leg, telling a childhood story about a camping trip with girl scouts. Moving her whole body expressively she sang some ditty from those days. He suddenly realized she was rubbing herself on his leg like a dog, and leaving a wet spot just above his knee. When she got up he furtively tasted it. He lay back to look at the sky to calm himself, but then she was even more aggressive.

She straddled his face and pulled the labia open with her left idex and middle fingers. With her right she cradled the top of his head and drew him in. He smelled her and tongued the flesh. Her ams were goose-bumped and her nippled hardened. With his left hand he cupped her breast and with the right opened her wider. Her clitoris was firm and he sucked it. Her canal was wet and he licked deeply. As she thrust her hips forward, he tasted the wrinked anus and wet the tiny hairs there. No other woman had been so direct about what she wanted, and he evidently liked it.

When she sat down he couldn’t really breathe but was able to reach his tongue deep inside. Then she shifted and sat on the ground above his head. He flipped over and continued his work kissing the inner thighs and licking the clit and lips. She watched the muscles of his buttocks clench and unclench. His calves tightened as his toes dug in. His lats flexed when he pulled her hips closer.

When the brown haired one came back around the island and saw them, he first seemed hesitant, but his penis grew and he compulsively brushed the head with his fingers. She saw him staring and the motion of his fingers–she closed her eyes and her whole body tensed and then suddenly relaxed.

Beckoning the brown one over she pulled his knee down until the red cap touched her face and she could see the large vein bulging along the shaft. Holding it with her left hand, bahis siteleri she rubbed the head against her face and tongue.

She left the tall one gasping on the ground, his own hardened penis uncomfortably pressed against hard rock, moss and tree roots.

On her knees, she gave the brown one treatment from porn video: one finger slid up his anus, the index and thumb of other hand slid up and down the shaft, her mouth took the rest in, saliva flowing freely. She went at him hard, but was still surprised how easily she made him gasp. She tasted the precum and abrupted stopped the hard attack, switching to soft sucklings at the enlarged head.

Regaining her feet, she left both men for the lake, swimming through the cold water.

They later hiked a pine straw covered trail up to the top of the closest hill peak. She went nude except for socks and her hiking boot, so the men did the same. At the top, open to the views from miles around, they all three shouted out loud to see the birds below take off and laugh at their own boldness.


At dinner they wore clothes against the mosquitoes, but her top was only a thin white t-shirt which clung to her breasts and revealed the dark aureoles underneath. She chatted loudly, admitting to no “inside voice”. She touched the men when she talked, and they both sat oriented to her like a compass pointing north. The brown-haired one went quiet, and his rival gained confidence, telling them college stories about a dry hump party in his dorm, and another about a nudist that went to class in a towel.

She touched his leg at all the funny lines.


She of course stripped for bed and fell against them roughly when she swung at the mosquitoes inside the small tent’s netting.

They hung up flashlights to play cards by. She declared that each trick won would get a “favor” from the losers, and each game won would get “special favors”. The tall one joked that fresh food would be special enough.

The men lost each trick to her at first, and she collected lip kisses each time. bahis şirketleri Then she couldn’t keep the lead, and the brown-haired man won the next with a trump. She dutifully planted her kiss, but the tall one jokily instead blew an air kiss to the other man.

The brown-haired man lead with the highest trump card, and it was clear suddenly that he was actually trying to win. The tall one hesitated and said he’d never kissed a man for real and could he just shake the winner’s hand. No, she answered, but didn’t object when he kissed the back of the other man’s hand like he was royalty.

Brown-hair said little but won all the remaining trumps and the game. She chattered on about the cards, but suddenly he just grabbed her hips on both sides from behind and pulled him on to his lap. He rubbed his penis in the gap between her thin thighs. Grunting he entered her and pounded her upright ass until her face was buried in the pile of sleeping bags and spare clothes.

Suddenly she pulled away with a cross look on her face, which softened, and then she laughingly said that was special.

Turning away from him, she enveloped the tall one with kisses and full body hug. He was lonely, she said. Her kisses were affectionate, and the contact of her body eventually obtained the desired results. She worked his penis between her legs as he remained on his back.

The brown-haired one maneuvered around in the small tent until from behind he could see her vagina engulf the other’s penis. Then he pressed himself on her back and entered her from behind with the same gesture as before. For the first time, she made noises of pleasure, and lay still as both men thrust into her in waves as one. At first, the underside of their penises rubbed together, but slight curves in their shafts caused each to slide to the left.

The man on top had the advantage, and as she began to buck wildly he took control with deep pushes, spreading her cheeks widely and bouncing her upper body against the other man’s.

She yelped, and rolled her eyes. Brown hair clenched his teeth and came hard in the next four thrusts.

When finally he pulled out, the warm liquid dripped from her on to the tall one’s legs and sleeping bag.

They were all asleep with 15 minutes from the effort of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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