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I suppose being ninety one has its compensations. They are few, but they are there. First up must be that I am too old to die young, far too old! Second is…. Well that’s an altogether harder question. My wife left me some years ago, not because she wanted to she, in the euphemism of today, passed away. Actually she just died, as shall we all sooner or later and I hate euphemisms.

Gradually I became less able to look after myself so I am now in this home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely place, the food’s good, the company, them’s is compos, is good but it’s not like our little home. We had three kids, all grown now with families of their own, then we did the down size thing and had a lovely little bungalow on the south side of town. The views were great, the garden easy to manage but our bodies started to let us down.

So when she died, no she didn’t pass on, she bloody died, I tried to cope and managed for a few years then I came here. So what am I whinging about? Not the comfort, that’s great, not the heating, no problem there, not the freedom, I can come and go as I like. I hope I shan’t shock you when I say, the thing I miss most is the sex.

I know what your thinking. Sex at ninety one? Well let me ask you, when you had your first sexual encounter did you think your parents still did it? No? Wrong they did. Did you think your grandparents still did it?. No? Well wrong again. Why do people always assume that sex only happens in their decade any just possibly In the next but definitely not in twenty years time? If you are sixty, I bet you didn’t expect to have a sex life now when you were in your twenties!

OK so sex changes with age, we weren’t fucking, no euphemisms here, not making love or getting it on, we both liked to talk about fucking, well we weren’t fucking like rabbits, of course not, but we often went for a “rest” in the afternoon, took all our clothes off and held each other close. Sometimes we just dozed, sometimes it was far sexier and we would stroke each-other intimately until we were satisfied and fell asleep. I know you don’t want to think about it but old people like sex too. So what I was missing, more than anything, was the closeness to another human being.

This is where it gets whacky! This bit is not for the faint hearted! I decided that the “til death do us part” bit had been fulfilled and I really missed the close human contact. So what did I do? I started to google. I googled “sex and the elderly” and was that a revelation?

There were sites covering all aspects and one area in particular attracted my attention, “service providers”. That is how I found Amanda. Amanda is a wonderful girl, I call her a girl because, at fifty eight, she is younger than my daughter. Amanda takes care of my needs.. In her own words, Amanda is a prostitute. No, she doesn’t call herself an escort or a masseuse, she’s not a gentleman’s companion or a care giver, no euphemisms again, she calls herself a prostitute.

That conjures up so many negative images that I just have to tell you more. She is a very sophisticated, lovely, caring woman who sells her time and best of all, she just loves sex. We are friends, we laugh and joke and so much more and she is rewarded for her time. There are no tight corsets, fish net stockings, casino oyna embarrassed fumblings under the sheets or seedy overtones, we get on like very old friends.

Anyway, most human interaction is prostitution when you think about it. My employer wanted something from me, I sold it to him and, for as long as he paid, I kept providing. If he’d stopped paying, I would have stopped providing. Sounds like a perfect description of prostitution to me. Anyway she is proud of what she does and she does it very well indeed so prostitute it is, get over it.

Amanda is a wonderful girl. Nowadays she usually comes to my home about twice a month to see me. She is my “niece” because the home could never admit that we oldies have desires. So my “niece” visits about twice a month. We take tea in the lounge with friends, we chat about this that and not very much but all the while I know that very soon we shall be naked together in the same bed. I know, a ninety one year old and fifty eight year old naked in bed together! Outrageous or what? Why? Why do you young folk have a monopoly? After all if we hadn’t done it you wouldn’t even be here, so grow up!

I have decided to reveal more about my relationship with Amanda than is really necessary because you all need to understand that old people need affection too. Brace yourselves. Amanda usually finds some pretext as to why we need to go to my room.. Family photographs or something.

When we get there she usually undresses me slowly, very slowly. She strokes my skin and makes me feel good. Then she removes her clothes, again very slowly. For those of you having trouble getting excited about a fifty eight year old mother of three taking her clothes off just think of the age difference! As long as it’s even legal, imagine the scenario with someone thirty three years your junior!

When she is naked she gets on the bed beside me. We usually start with a massage and, as long as I don’t fall asleep, we cuddle up afterwards. Sometimes I massage her but I’m not very good at it. She usually makes me lie on my front and starts with my shoulders and back then moves to my ankles and legs. It’s the anticipation that is so exciting, I know what’s coming. She works on my thighs and my bum.

The first time I felt her fingers on my anus I was slightly shocked but the pleasure was exquisite as she rolled her forefinger round the hole and then just pressed it gently inside. This is the bit where my massage gets really exciting. I am asked to roll over and after my chest she will massage my cock and balls. This is really wonderful because, actually you don’t need to know why, just try going without sexual contact for a couple of years and you’ll know why.

So what? In your eyes all we have here is a middle aged lady masturbating an old man. Well it gets better! If I start to stiffen, and sometimes even if I don’t, she slides down my thighs and takes me in her mouth. I hardly ever come in her mouth, but it feels great as she rolls my cock around with her tongue the sensations are terrific. If I get hard, well not hard as in really hard but more of a slight stiffening, she looks straight up into my eyes with a mischievous grin. It’s just so very naughty, her generous tits resting on my balls and the suction on my cock. canlı casino

It was at this stage once that there was a rat tat tat on the door and it swung open. Why do they knock and then not bother to wait for a reply? Anyway picture the scene. The young carer strides into the room with the rustle of skirt on stockings, to see “Old Pete”, ‘cos that’s what they call me, lying on his back with a naked girl, well when you are ninety one a fifty eight year old is a girl, lying on top of him with his cock in her mouth.

She froze with a look of utter disbelief on her face and was quite unable to move. I couldn’t help it, it was so outrageous so I burst out laughing, Amanda, let my cock slip from her delightfully moist mouth and followed suit. At my age erections don’t last long and with both of us laughing like naughty school kids, it shrank away quickly. We chortled and chortled until the carer finally gathered her senses and left. We just lay there laughing for ages.

“Did you see the look on her face? Bet she never imagined that I still enjoy sex let alone you”.

“Priceless, I wonder what we’ll talk about when she baths me next! It could be interesting when she has to dry between my legs! I might even get a little stif!”.

We were unable to continue with the sex but we laughed and chatted cuddling naked together on the bed until it was time for Amanda to leave. I think it is probably the funniest thing that I ever remember. Poor young girl, what should I do? Apologise? Ignore it? I decided that either of those would only make matters worse and the next time I saw her I just gave her a conspiratorial wink. She went scarlet but tried to smile, bless her.

Anyway, there I am, on my back, getting a delicious oral sex from this incredibly horny lady. After a while she will rise from her work and straddle my hips, she keeps her bush neatly trimmed and manages to place her vaginal lips either side of my cock and sitting bolt upright grinds her pelvis onto mine. If the position is just right I can tell that the pressure on her clit is giving her pleasure and with her hands clasped behind her head her magnificent tits jut out inviting my attention so I stroke and massage her nipples.

She likes her nipples treated quite roughly, so I play with them while she rubs herself against me. This is probably the best bit for me as sometimes her breathing get quicker and shallower, her face tightens and with a little gasp she shudders and I know she has come, then she makes sure I do too. After, she collapses on top of me and we laugh, well it’s so bloody absurd but such enormous fun.

More chit chat, more cuddles, more laughs. She dresses slowly levering her magnificent breasts into the cups of her bra with care and a naughty glint in her eye. On one occasion she parted with, “You randy old bugger, you made me come. You bloody well made me come you scoundrel! See you in a couple of weeks so be good and don’t be getting up to any mischief!”

So where is the seedy side? Where is the “Hello sailor, wanna buy a nice girl a drink?” There is none. We are just two consenting adults doing what consenting adults do best. I can hear you thinking, “but what about the money, how much was it”. Well I’ll tell you some of it. Cash doesn’t come into it, anyway kaçak casino where am I going to get a suitable quantity of cash in a care home? Thank goodness for the internet. I do a bank transfer! How much, well wouldn’t you like to know? We never discussed it, I just make a suitable transfer based on how I feel at the time! Weird! Yes but it works. Anyway I have to end now as Amanda has just arrived and is waiting in the lounge for her cup of tea and I’ve just popped a viagra!!

A couple of weeks later.

I hardly know where to start, there has been a development. My daughter, Lucy, visited yesterday. This is not necessarily good news as Lucy hardly ever visits, even though she only lives twenty minutes away. Anyway Lucy and I take tea in the lounge, exchange the usual pleasantries and I can tell something is up.

“Dad can we have a chat?”

“Of course dear what about?”

“Can we discuss this in your room please?”

Now I am getting suspicious. The staff, particularly the matron figure, have been treating me a little strangely since the ‘bursting in on Amanda and me’ afternoon. You also need to know that Lucy is seriously straight laced, the Victorians may have invented it but Lucy has converted it to an art form and sadly she is not a little pompous with it.

Now I love her dearly, and fully appreciate that the book club with its glass of fine sauvignon blanc with the other ladies who lunch is more important than visiting Dad. This is not sour grapes, they have lives to lead, but what is she doing here on book club night? We went to my room and sat in the easy chairs, “OK Lucy, what is so private that we had to come up here?”

“Well, dad, it’s a little delicate”. Now I know what’s coming but I am in no mood to let her off the hook. “Fine,” I say. Prompting here to continue, “Well, Mrs Braithwaite says you have a regular visitor”. Pause for effect. “Yes dear, I have many. I know I am very lucky with visitors”. Ball now back in her court. I know she is starting to feel uncomfortable but winding Lucy up is such fun.

“I am told that there is a lady who comes to your room.”

“Ah yes you must mean Amanda”.

“Well the staff don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“Appropriate? Why ever not? We enjoy each other’s company, so we come up here.” I can tell she is getting really uncomfortable now but she has kids of her own and the wife and I used to joke that she must have done it at least twice!

“Well, I am told that a member of staff found you inappropriately dressed.”

Oh this is just too much fun.

“Ah I do recall the occasion, yes a member of staff did walk in and we weren’t inappropriately dressed at all, we were both stark naked.”


“As I recall, she interrupted a rather special moment, but if they knock and enter without waiting for an invitation then they have to accept what they find. It just happened that Amanda was in the middle of giving me some very fine head.”

“Dad!” The look of horror on her reddening face was priceless. I didn’t dare say blow job for fear of giving her a seizure.

“So there was nothing inappropriate about it, both starkers ‘cos we were having sex.”

“But Dad! You are ninety one.”

“And you are somewhat younger and it really is none of your business who I have sex with. We are consenting adults, having fun and besides, she really is very good you know, very accomplished. She could probably give you a few pointers to brighten Hugh’s evening!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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