Carrie at the Streetlight Club Ch. 02

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When I arrived at the Streetlight for my first evening’s work, there was another girl in the changing room already.

She was tall and slim, with full red lips and dark eyes, and her skin was deep brown, black, together with nearly black nipples it gave her the look of a perfect statue. She was wearing a gold thong and was trying to adjust her suspender belt so that her sparkly gold fishnets were perfectly lined up on long slender legs. She looked like a goddess.

‘Hi,’ I said, ‘I’m Carrie.’

She slipped her feet into elegant gold stilettos, and threw back her beautiful black hair. ‘Hello there,’ she said. ‘I’m Jasmine. First night, hey?’

‘Yes,’ my voice came out as a slightly nervous whisper. ‘Slightly nervous.’

‘You’ll soon get the hang of it. Pleased to meet you Carrie. As you see, I’m dressed for work. What do you think?’

I swallowed. I looked at her flat stomach, her perfect buttocks, the reflection in the mirror or full round breasts with those perfect nearly black nipples.

‘You look wonderful,’ I said. ‘Your nipples are just… well…’

She sighed. ‘I know,’ she said. ‘They need oiling.’

‘I’m sorry?’

‘My teats, honey. They need oiling. I find they get a little dry. Damn, would you do them for me? My nails are still drying.’

‘I – er, okay,’ I said. I felt a slow burning excitement and tried to suppress it. ‘What do I use?’

‘Coconut oil, honey. It has to be edible. Nigel is almost certain to get his fat mouth round them when he sees me, he’s a real tit and teat man. But you’ll see. Here.’ She passed me a bottle.

As our hands touched there was almost an electric shock. As she came close, casino oyna I could smell her perfume. A kind of musky rose. I could feel her warmth. And I was near enough to touch those beautiful, tasty, luscious breasts.

I swallowed and squeezed a little of the coconut oil onto my hands. ‘How oily do you want them?’

She smiled, revealing perfect white teeth. ‘As oily as you want to get them, my sister… ‘

He breath disturbed the hairs on the top of my head as I set to work. Carefully, as if she was a goddess and I was a worshipper, I put the flats of my oily hands onto her two fat, luscious nipples. The firm teats pushed into my palms. She drew in her breath, and I shuddered, I couldn’t hide it.

Neither could she. ‘Oh that’s nice, baby. Rub it into my teats…,’ her voice was like honey. I was weak at the knees.

An urge came upon me to put my mouth where my hands were, but I had never done such a thing before so instead I moved my palms in circular motions, feeling the now erect teat rubbing against them. As I rubbed the palms kind of dragged on her teats, pulling them a little, bending them. I love it when men do that to me. So I new what it would do to her. It would stoke the kind of fire in her pussy that I had building in mine.

‘Oh yeahhh,’ she whispered on an exhaled breath, ‘that’s very nice…’

‘You want more? Would you like me to squeeze your lovely fat teats?’

‘Oh yeah… squeeze my teats honey. Be a bit… rough… use your fingers on me. That’s right – fingers and thumbs – lovely. Oh yeah… tweak my teats – oh I like that… that’s so good…’

And I started to pull gently on her ripe dark teats. And as canlı casino I pulled and tweaked and squeezed they became fatter and longer and she put her head back and laughed, ‘Oh yeah that’s good. Work my tits… I love that…’

‘You really like it that…?’ I pulled and twisted ‘and like that?’ I yanked and tugged.

‘Oh yeah… that’s right baby, come on now, pretend you really want them, that’s it honey, get a little cruel, I like oil all over my tits…’

And now my hands were on her properly. She moaned slightly and I began to massage her beautiful tits, squeezing and pulling on her fat black teats as I worshipped those gorgeous boobs with my hands. And as I rubbed and tweaked and coaxed and played I could see she was starting to cum, and as I worked her and enjoyed her and played her as the shuddering started to take her and she arched her back.

I knew what I wanted. As she leaned she spread her legs and, keeping one finger and thumb tight around her fat left teat I pushed my fingers into her, yanking on her teat as I thrust into the warm tight muscular wetness of her beautiful shaved pussy.

‘Ahhh fuck…’she moaned, letting me into her ripe cunt.

And now she was contracting on my fingers, gripping them in jerking spasms with her horny vulva as my thumb found her clit, and I tugged on her lovely teat and whispered, ‘is that what you wanted…?’ and she shuddered and moaned, and riding my fingers like my bitch she climaxed right there in front of me, on my fingers, on my thumb, and I felt the warm swelling of her pussy, the lush wetness of her juices, the fat loveliness of her beautiful clit and I laughed as she came.

She was kaçak casino gasping as the spasms took her and as I filled her and used her and worked her and played her, one hand still on that gorgeous teat, the other fucking her as deep as I could go, deep and rough into her wet tunnel wondering if perhaps this was the beginning of something more. And she drew me to her, put her lips on mine, and sank her tongue deep in my mouth, feasting on me as her climax shut down and she came to a close.

We jumped apart when the door opened.

A man. Paunchy, a bit stale looking, a moustache, dark hair, a definite leer about him. He looked straight through me.

‘Jasmine, my office’, he said.

Jasmine gave me a beautiful look from beneath hooded eyelids. I could see the flush of her orgasm under her skin. ‘I’m cumming Nigel… but no handcuffs. I’m not in the mood…’ and as he left the room she added. ‘Thanks honey, I needed that…allow me to return the favour some time,’ and she was gone.

I was left alone in the changing room.

Slowly I undressed, and looked at myself in the mirror. Pale skin, rosy pink nipples with surprisingly fat teats. I had a curved waist, a flat stomach and a naked pussy where once my golden fuzz had been. Because it was now gone I could see my labia. I put my hand on my vulva and my clitoris was exposed, fat, ready. It swelled at my touch and I could have pleasured it then and there, but there would be too much to enjoy tonight. Why would I play with my own clit when there was Emily. And the possibility of people like you, the reader, visiting the club and pushing their fingers hopefully into my G string.

I drew my long, thick golden hair down over my body. If I wanted to I could use it to conceal my tits, like Lady Godiva. I wondered if, perhaps tonight, Emily would let me work her as Jasmine had. I wondered how the night would play.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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