Cassie Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Casper wandered up his driveway, a bit of a wobble in his step and a goofy smile on his face. It was late, way past his curfew. He paused as he approached the front door and looked down at himself. He’d snuck out of the house wearing a t-shirt and a set of jeans and then gotten changed at the party. He was currently sporting a cute goth look with eyeliner, a mesh top, ripped leggings and black boots. He’d intended to change back before he got home, he didn’t need his Mom’s prissy, condescending critique of his fashion choices. He was home now, though, and he realized that he must have forgotten his street clothes in his friend’s car. He paused for a moment, wondering if he should stop and go searching for them, or if he should just risk his Mom seeing him in this outfit.

Casper gently placed his hand on the doorknob and twisted it, opening the door as silently as he could. There was a light on, but his Mom had probably just left it on for him, she wasn’t necessarily waiting to ambush—

She was there, sitting in a living room chair like a gargoyle with her hands folded in her lap. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“Tsh.. later than… should be.” he slurred, still rather tipsy.

“And… what the fuck are you wearing? Why are you crossdressing??” Her voice went up an octave and her hands balled into fists.

“I’m not! This is just… It’s…! You wouldn’t understand.” he tried to explain to her, but she was too angry and he was too tipsy.

“I understand perfectly. You’re a goddamn pervert, just… Just like Her!” Even as she said it, the two of them froze, the weight of her words squeezing them both.

“Like who, Mom?” Casper asked softly.

“You know.” His Mom, Cassandra, replied with ice in her voice.

“Yeah, I do. You won’t ever talk to me about her but I know,” Casper muttered bitterly. She’d meant Evelynn, his other Mother. The two had split up when he was young, and Cassandra refused to talk about her save for small outbursts like this.

Casper slammed the door to his room, exhausted, frustrated, and still pretty drunk. The two of them had fought for over an hour, and he was tired. Not just tired tonight, but tired of fighting with her in general. She’d always been difficult, but the second he’d started expressing an interest in being anything other than a musclebound macho guy, she’s started really escalating on him. He’d wanted to drop out of hockey to make more time for theatre and choir, and she’d lost her mind. One of his friends had come out to him as trans, and she’d mysteriously found a new job across the city that made it almost impossible to see him anymore. He’d come to terms with his bisexuality a little while ago, and he was absolutely dreading that conversation with her, if it ever came to it. She’d said… he was just like her, like Evelynn. His Mom’s definition of a pervert was definitely one that she played fast and loose. Maybe Evelynn was just… cool? Maybe she’d be accepting? Cassandra had seemingly sworn off any sort of homosexuality, even though she hadn’t said it, but maybe Evelynn hadn’t?

The thought stuck in his head so poignantly that he remembered it in the morning when he woke up. He went to his computer, and started to search. He combed through court records until he found Cassandra’s name change. She’d changed her surname from Davis-Wu back to just ‘Wu’ seventeen years ago when he’d been two. He then jumped onto social media, searching for Evelynn Davis and… just like that, he found her, his other Mother. She lived in Vancouver. There was a border between them, but geographically, she was closer to him than any other major city. It was only a few hours by bus. He opened up a Direct Message, typed ‘Hi, I think I’m your Son, Casper?’ into it, and stared at the screen, frozen. He squeezed his eyes shut, looked away, and hit enter on his keyboard, sending the message. He stared at the screen, at the sent message for a little while, feeling some anxiety bubbling up. This was stupid, he shouldn’t have—

Casper Wu (09:42 AM): Hi, I think I’m your Son, Casper?

Evelynn Davis (09:45 AM): Oh my Gods, Yes!! Does Cassandra know you’re messaging me?

Casper Wu (9:48 AM): No. I’ve been having a lot of problems with her lately…

Evelynn Davis (9:55 AM): Oh Honey, you’re preaching to the choir on that one. Honestly, I’ve wanted to reach out and talk to you for years but there’s already enough bad blood between Cassandra and me, and I didn’t even know if you’d want to hear from me.

Casper Wu (10:01 AM): She never talks about you. We had a fight and she called me a pervert ‘just like you’ last night and I dunno I’m getting so sick of fighting with her. Seemed like a good excuse to see if I could find you.

Evelynn Davis (10:10 AM): Tell you what, I’m going to extend an open invitation to you to come stay with me. (Temporary or long-term) You’re 19 now, you can make your casino oyna own decisions.

Casper Wu (10:12 AM): Live with you? IDK that seems like the nuclear option, doesn’t it?

Evelynn Davis (10:14 AM): LOL! I just meant for a week or so, silly. Maybe if Cassandra realizes that you have some agency of your own, it’ll make her cool down a bit.

Evelynn Davis (10:16 AM): Honey, I’ve got to go to work now. I’d love to keep in touch even if you don’t ever find your way out here to see me. Best of luck with Cassie <3 Casper Wu (10:16 AM): Thanks. I’ll think about it. *** A week later, Casper stepped off the greyhound carrying his suitcase, looking around the bus terminal for a woman he’d never met. He spotted her fairly quickly, she was a tall woman, easily towering over Casper or Cassandra who were both only about five foot five even without the two-inch heels she was currently wearing. She had thick, dark hair that would have been down to her shoulders but it was currently done up in a ponytail and paired with long, side swept bangs. She wore a simple white dress with a V that revealed a decent amount of the flesh on her prominent breasts. She had dark green nail polish on and was carrying a cute handbag. She spotted him too, and waved energetically, walking over to him with a spring in her step. “Casperrrr!” Evelynn squealed, happily. She grabbed him in a crushing hug and energetically lifted him clear off the ground. His face got buried in her cleavage and he blushed profusely as he tried to squirm free of her grasp. Evelynn proved to not only be quite a bit taller than him but quite strong too, and she squeezed him breathless with the hug. “Gosh, I wasn’t sure that I’d ever see you again, you got so cute on me!” Evelynn planted him back down on his feet and leaned down to plant several kisses on his forehead, cheeks, and lips. It was bizarre to him to have her being so affectionate with him, his other Mother had always been so stoic. Getting even the most brief, chaste hugs out of Cassandra had been a chore. “H-Hey,” he mumbled, smiling a little, her affection and enthusiasm proving to be infectious. Evelynn squealed happily and smiled at him with her hands on his shoulders. “It’s like a dream. You’re… wow! You must be so tired from the bus ride, come on I’ll take you to my place.” She quickly snatched Casper’s bag from him before he could protest and led him out into the parking lot, humming happily to herself as she went. She had a spring in her step and a bubbly energy about her that Casper couldn’t take his eyes off of. The contrast between Evelynn and Cassandra felt like something that belonged in a theatre performance, and it boggled his mind that the two women could ever have been a couple at all, let alone one that had had him. Eve took him to what he thought looked like a very nice car (Not that he knew anything about cars, really.) He did know enough to recognize that it was much newer than anything Cassandra had ever owned. She threw his bag into the trunk and moved quickly, opening the door for him. He couldn’t help but giggle at her enthusiasm, and got in. “So how was the trip?” she asked, settling in next to him in the driver’s seat and starting the car up. “Bit long, but it was alright. They searched me for drugs at the border, the racist pricks.” “Yeah, no kidding,” Evelynn sighed and shook her head. “Did you end up telling Cassandra you were coming?” she asked. Her voice had a bit of an exploratory probing to it, like the words were caustic and dangerous to handle. “No. I tried to, but, she’s just… She’s so hard to talk to, and it only gets harder. I ended up packing a bag and my passport while she was at work, using the ticket you sent me and just… coming.” He laughed nervously, hoping Evelynn wouldn’t be mad that he’d snuck away from Cassandra like this. Evelynn put a hand on his shoulder. She was still driving so the glance she shot him was passing, but somehow it had a lot of weight to it. “Something happen recently?” “I came home, and I was wearing… I wasn’t even really crossdressing. I went to a party, I had on a fishnet top and…” he trailed off. They were at a stoplight, and Evelynn was staring at him, wide eyed like a puppy. “I bet you’re ADORABLE.” she gushed. “The girls must be all over you!” Casper cleared his throat, squirming uncomfortably. He felt like he was reasonably popular with girls, but not… just with girls. Evelyn glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Not the girls?” she asked carefully, as if feeling out the sentence. “I mean” he said, feeling a knot of unease deep in the pit of his stomach, “maybe not just the girls?” Even as he said it, he could hardly believe it. He’d been struggling to hide this from Cassandra for almost a year and now he’d blurted it out in five minutes with Evelynn. He flinched at Evelynn’s squeal of delight. “Oh I bet you break so many hearts. You clearly take after me!” canlı casino There was a note of pride in her voice at the claim.

“You aren’t upset?” he asked, taken aback by the strength of her approval.

Evelynn laughed. “Oh please! Honey, it’s 20XX. Only boomers are straight anymore. I married your mother, do you really think I’d be upset that my son is bi?

Casper thought he heard a faint note of bitterness at the mention of his mother. He had sometimes thought it was strange that Cassandra had been married to a woman and then pivoted so strongly in such a prudish direction. If anything, it made sense that Evelynn wouldn’t have done exactly the same. She might be able to relate to him more than Cassandra else possibly could. “I haven’t really told Mom, I don’t think she’d take it well.”

“Really?? I knew Cassandra had turned into a stick in the mud but to think that our son would be afraid to come out to her? Well, it’s settled! I’m going to show you I’m the cool Mom. We are going shopping for you this week. Anything you want.”

“Evelynn, you don’t—”

“For one thing, young man, I am your Mother, call me Mom. For another, I want to take you shopping and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

“I… I can’t. Cassandra is Mom. You’re…” He paused.

“That’s fine. I can be Momma. Mother? Mam? Ma? Mommy?” She shot him another look, smirked, and nodded. “Yep, that’s the one. Mommy.”

Casper laughed. “No, that’s…”

“Settled? Darn right it’s settled,” she laughed back at him, and completely shut down his attempts to argue the point. He didn’t actually call her Mommy, rather he just avoided calling her anything at all as best he could. Her house was out in the suburbs, and it took them about an hour of driving to get there. They mostly chatted about him, his interests, his life. He’d seen from her profile on social media that she was an author, but not gotten much else out of it. Her actual house was… surprising to him. He’d thought Vancouver was a big, urban area, but somehow she managed to drive him to a relatively rural road without leaving the city. It was dense with trees, like a conservation area, and she drove him up a winding road to reach her house. It wasn’t the only house in the area, but it was pretty quiet and secluded just the same.

“No place like home, eh?” Evelynn asked. “I’ve got a room you can stay in. You wanna order a pizza for tonight?”

“Sure,” he agreed, looking around the house. It wasn’t a mansion, but it was probably four times the size of the little house that he lived in with Cassandra in Portland. Evelynn gave him directions to the room, and he carried his bag there. He clicked on the light, and paused in the doorway for a moment. The room before him was the pinkest, frilliest, most stuffed-animal filled room he’d ever seen. It looked like something out of a movie.

He chuckled a little, it was actually kind of refreshing. Cassandra had freaked out over him expressing himself in even the least non-traditional way, and here Evelynn was giving him a pink bed to sleep in. The room had several dressers, a big closet, and a nice desk with a computer on it. He dumped his bag on the bed and wandered back off to find Evelynn.

“What’s with the room Mo—” He paused as he entered the living room/Kitchen and saw Evelynn with her phone in hand. She looked at him, and grinned.

“Say it, or the pizza doesn’t get ordered,” she said with a low, teasing, almost flirty voice and a playful smirk. The two of them stared at one another for a few seconds, Evelynn’s eyebrow slowly arching higher and higher.

“Mommy, what’s the story with that room?” he relented, laughing a little at his Mommy’s absurdity.

“Oh, I had an exchange student in there last year. I kind of spoiled her, she was such a darling. It’s not a problem, is it? I never got around to donating away her things.” She dialled, and raised a finger to stymie his response as she spoke to the pizza place.

“No, it’s fine, it’s just for the week. I’ll just move the stuffed animals around. Can I use that computer, though?” he asked once she was done ordering.

“Oh, of course you can. It should be able to connect to my Wi-fi but the password is on the router if not.” She settled down on the couch and patted the cushion next to her. He came over and settled in next to her. She crept a little closer to her and put her arm around his shoulders. “Gosh. You look so much like her, you know? People ever tell you that?”

“Dunno… Mom doesn’t really… get out much, anymore. Can I ask… What happened between the two of you?” Evelynn’s arm engulfed him and he found himself being drawn into her. His head pressed into the side of her left breast and he tried not to pay too much attention to it.

“Do you know what I do, baby?” she asked.

“Umm, you’re an author?” he replied.

“Yup. A lot of what I write is very naughty, though. A little while after you were born, Cassie just sort of… assumed that I’d stop? She kaçak casino came across my latest manuscript and sort of… went off on me. Started screaming about setting a wholesome example for you. Honestly, I was totally blindsided by it all, I had no intention of changing what I was writing, and I never thought we’d raise you as some sheltered kid who didn’t know what sex was. The fighting got really bad and she just… took you and left. Went back to America.”

“She… she was allowed to do that?” Casper asked, a little stunned. He’d expected some bad blood between his two parents, but something like this was kind of shocking.

Evelynn sighed, sounding genuinely sorrowful for the first time. “I didn’t have any excess capital to commit to a lawyer at the time, and, honestly, I expected Cassandra to play fair. She didn’t. Cassandra’s brother took the case and totally blindsided me. They found a sympathetic judge that totally ate up their argument about my writing being inappropriate. She got full custody almost before I realized what was happening.” She looked away from Casper, a pained expression on her face.

They were quiet for a few moments, and then Casper leaned in and gave her a hug. The conversation diverted from there and he went on about the things he was doing, the choir he’d stealthily joined, the school he was applying to, things like that. The pizza took a while to arrive, and when it did, the two of them settled down on the couch to watch a movie on Evelynn’s rather large television. Before he even knew what was happening, he melted into Evelynn’s softness and warmth and drifted into a doze.

He dreamed that he was kissing someone. He wasn’t sure who, it was more of a vague sense of another person. They felt so nice, so warm, and it was so amazing to be kissing them. He moaned softly, gyrating his hips, a mysterious friction against his cock making sparks run through his body. His tummy contracted, twitching, and he whimpered as his hips bucked. He felt sooooo good, and a warmth spread throughout his body starting at his crotch. He gasped, and as he noticed something oppressive and wrong on his face. He felt a tiny surge of panic as his breath didn’t quite come as it should.

He gasped, twitching in panic, surging awake. His face was pressed firmly into Evelynn’s armpit and he’d gotten a mouthful of her dress as he’d tried to breathe in. There was a bit of a lingering taste of sweat and Evelynn laughed at him as he sputtered a bit.

“Oops?” she asked. “Twisted wrong in your sleep, huh?” She raised her hand to her mouth and licked the webbing between her thumb and forefinger.

“Y-Yeah,” he murmured, wiping a bit of the drool off his face. He noticed a moment later, that his cock felt wet, and in horror, he looked down to see the big wet stain in his pants. The dirty dream had made him cum in his pants right next to Evelynn. He had a moment of terrified embarrassment as he squeezed his thighs together, positive that Evelynn had noticed and was going to be furious with him for being such a pervert.

“I think it’s time for you to get some proper sleep, young man. I won’t be around much tomorrow but you can have the run of the house. I’ll have more time for you after that, okay?” Casper blinked in confusion as Evelynn spoke. Had she… not noticed? She musn’t have. There was no way Evelynn was nice enough to just pretend she hadn’t noticed, she’d teased him about everything else.

“Yeah. Thanks, E— Err, Mommy.” Evelynn beamed happily as he called her Mommy and kissed him on the top of the head. He squirmed a little, hoping to get his back turned to her as soon as possible to conceal the wet spot. As quickly as he could, he bid her goodnight and got swept up in another energetic goodnight kiss before he returned to his new room. As he crawled under the fluffy bedsheets, relief flooded him that he hadn’t made a complete fool of himself, and he drifted off to sleep feeling strangely accepted for the first time in a long while.


The next morning, after getting dressed, Casper booted the computer up, and sat back waiting for it to load. It snapped to life fairly quickly, dumping him onto the desktop. He was a little surprised, he’d been expecting some old dinosaur of a computer for the spare room, but it actually seemed like it ran better than what he had at home. He opened up the web browser to watch some videos for a little, and instinctively hit the shortcut to bring up browser history so that he could pick up where he’d left off. Of course, it wasn’t there, and he chuckled to himself as he realized his error, going to close the tab. And then… he saw the browsing history.

He knew it was porn at the first glance, that much was obvious. It just took him a few seconds to realize the common theme. He stared at the… extensive list for a few seconds, somewhat overcome with morbid curiosity and somewhat overcome with just regular curiosity. He wondered if it was the exchange student’s porn history, or if it was Evelynn’s. He ended up closing the web browser, getting away from the computer and wandering through the house to think a little.

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