Caught in School Ch. 3

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I got to sleep that night, and I knew I’d probably be able to do it again, since it was so easy the first time. That day we were going to go swimming in the indoor pool. As you can tell, my cousins were very wealthy. Mom was wearing her usual small blue bikini, and once again, her nipples stuck out like mad. I pulled up the little revealing white trunks she had gotten me. Before now, I hadn’t really cared for another pair, since mom and I had swam naked lately.

Aunt Hanna was wearing a skin-tight 1 piece. Her nipples were even more obvious than my own mother’s. This trait was very herreditary; because looking from cousin to cousin, each one had big protruding nipples. And aunt Hanna’s friend, Gretta, was a shade of Latin, and had short dark brown hair. It wasn’t quite down to her shoulder, and was put up into a ponytail. She had smaller, semi droopy C breasts, a normal, semi saggy ass, and a flat, yet un-muscled stomach. Her nipples were not protruding, but she looked pretty hot in her 2-piece tan colored bikini anyways. She hadn’t even been in the water yet.

Connie was wearing a yellow and green bikini, and her bottoms were thong, revealing her tight little ass. Cynthia’s breasts were only contained at a small area around the nipple by the tiny red suit she was wearing, and like Cynthia, her butt was very visible from the tiny thong bottom. You might guess that Karen’s suit was similar, but Karen apparently forgot her suit at home. She was wearing a tight tank top, and some tiny sport shorts as a bottom. Her nipples were visible through the cotton, color and size because she was already wet.

This was nice. This was very, very nice. As it had when I went swimming with mom, my erection became largely visible soon after I got wet. Aunt Hannah left, to go heat up the sauna. I was left with my 3 hot cousins, and my sexy lover mom who was sun bathing and chatting with Gretta. Some of Gretta’s dark brown pubic hair was poking out the sides of her suit. I noticed a similar effect befalling Aunt Hannah.

It seemed that my cousins were brushing ‘accidentally’ against Little Peter every chance they got, but Little Peter and I didn’t mind in the slightest, in fact, Little Peter seemed to enjoy it excessively. We went through this trend a few more times, until I “had to go to the bathroom.” After I was done taking care of myself, I went back. Turns out they had all gone to the sauna.

When I got there, there were no seats left, and everyone was sitting on someone’s lap, except Gretta and my mother. Gretta politely stood up, and let me take her seat. But luckily, my loyal mother wouldn’t dream of making her stand. I had the privilege of having a 30-year-old woman sit with my cock positioned between her asscheeks. She obviously became more attractive to me after that moment. She tried to be inconspicuous about it, but she was definitely pushing up and down on my rod. I obliged her by pushing back, humping into her ass, inconspicuous to anyone who was watching, but obvious to her.

She casino siteleri became less inconspicuous, and my mother noticed. She winked at me, letting me know she had. She asked my aunt, whose lap was a seat to Connie, if she’d like to go get some drinks. This suggestion was tempting enough to make everyone leave. Except Gretta, and me that is. As soon as everyone was gone, she got off of me and I yanked down her bikini bottoms. She turned around and yanked down mine.

She bent over and put her hands on the seat across from me, presenting herself. I shoved my dick deep inside her, and began pumping. She pushed back hard, loving every second. Her pussy was very tight for an older woman, and she was going to make me climax sooner than expected. Her cries of ecstasy weren’t helping to prolong my ejaculation. Soon I erupted, pulling out and letting loose onto her back. She then jumped in the water to clean herself off. When she ascended the steps out of the water, low and behold, her nipples were hard and poking out, begging to be freed.

When we got inside, my aunt, who had just started making burgers for lunch turned to us, “Wow, you two look tired, you really shouldn’t stay in the sauna that long, you could overheat or dehydrate.” I couldn’t help cracking a smile. I may have dehydrated, but Gretta surely didn’t.

But I wondered… If they all have super hard nipples, which are big and obvious to all, then how can they not notice each other? I looked around, and realized I was wrong. No, not wrong about them all having hard nipples, wrong about them not noticing. I noticed many glances from one woman towards another’s chest. Damn, this replenished my arousal.

After lunch, everyone spreaded out and were going to go about daily activities. But, everyone had to change into their own clothes, first. We all changed in our bedrooms, which meant I got to change with Cynthia, Karen, and Connie. Karen decided she would just wear what she had for the rest of the day. Connie untied the back of her bikini and her perky B tits let out a sigh of relief. Oh God were they nice. Cynthia untied her own, dropping out one juicy pair of tits. I can tell you, I had an extreme urge to suck those big puffy nipples.

Then, It was the moment of truth. I dropped my own trunks and my extremely hard erection popped out like a happy puppy. I took my time pulling on my boxers, hoping this little show might get me closer to those perky tits and those luscious nipples. They then began to reveal their naked asses and… Oh God… glisteningly soaked pussies. I could actually see a drop of precipitation come out of Cynthia’s. Cynthia had a nice trim, so that all her pubic hair was behind the bikini, and Connie was completely shaven.

Cynthia took a look at her pubic region and said, “Wow, completely shaven huh? Do the guys like that better, you think?”

Connie replied with sexy rolling eyes, “I don’t know, but we got one in the room, lets ask him, shall we?”

I looked nervous at first, I’m canlı casino sure, but I controlled myself, played it cool. But I did think it through, I wanted to be honest, yet not offend either of them. Now that I thought about it, I liked them both. So I phrased my answer as, “honestly, not only do I like trimmed and clean shaven, but hairy pussies can be sexy too. I guess they glorify in their own positions, but right here, both of you naked in front of me, I’d have to stay neutral.” To tell the truth, I was leaning towards clean-shaven, but I can bend the truth a little.

We finished getting dressed without incident, and went wherever we were going. I was wearing a baggy pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and it seemed that all the women had packed for inside clothes were sundresses. I’m not sure about the rest of them, but Connie and Cynthia weren’t wearing underwear. Based on the fact that I could still see all of their nipples, I’m guessing they followed the same trend, though I couldn’t guess about the whereabouts of their panties. Most of the sundresses were long, all the way down to the ankles, but Aunt Hannah’s was mini, and the curves of her ass pulled it up even more. She, I could tell because I stared every time she bent the slightest bit over, was also not wearing panties.

Her pussy was also juicy, and the lips seemed almost as tight as the lips on Gretta. I can’t believe that Gretta and Hannah haven’t been continually banged into looseness, but I prefer tightness anyways. I sat down and watched TV with Hannah, Gretta, and Karen. As Hannah was flipping through the channels they got on their ‘Hollywood Hotel Satellite TV’ she landed on the 20 or so channel series that was completely devoted to porn. One of them was just starting. “Eh, nothing else is on, anyways,” said aunt Hannah. Damn I loved this family.

“Seduction Delivered” cheesy title, but I still wanted to watch.

It started out with a pizza delivery boy wearing ridiculously tight jeans and no shirt under his work shirt. He had long hair and a hat on backwards. He brought up the pizza, and rang the doorbell. Answering it was a foxy redhead, mildly resembling my mother, but with big fake breasts. She was wearing a tiny black lacy nightie, and her nipples and pubic strip were clearly visible. Her pussy hair was arranged the same way as Cynthia’s. I wasn’t really paying attention to the dialogue, it was really pretty boring, but it ended basically, by her inviting him inside and sucking his dick. Eventually, he stuck his cock in her.

By this time, Hannah was grinding her crotch into the arm of the couch, and Karen had her hand down her shorts. Gretta was trying to not look to obvious, and was digging her foot into her crotch. I looked helpless, my cock booming in my pants, begging to be touched. I looked helplessly at aunt Hannah. She saw my pain, thank God.

She stood up, faced us all, and made an announcement; “I can see we’re all in pain, especially Peter, since we would all be able to tell what he was doing. kaçak casino I declare we can all freely masturbate, without any criticism or disgust from anyone else!” Disgust? Criticism? Aw, screw it, I’m not going to object to something like that! She was probably talking about herself anyways.

She went around and locked both doors that went into the room. (It was cool that they had locks on both sides of every door in the house.) She then lifted her short sundress all the way over herself, revealing the huge tits I had longed to see. They were huge, obviously sagged a bit since they were real, and to emphasize that even more, one seemed the slightest bit bigger than the other. It wasn?t very noticeable, not a cup size or anything. They were just a little shaped differently, just how most real boobs are.

I also remembered that she was completely unshaven. Her pubic hair was cut a little shorter in some places, it seemed, but she definitely hadn’t had a ‘haircut’ in a while. Gretta, somewhat hesitantly, followed suit, revealing her average body, and tight, lately penetrated vagina. He hadn’t noticed before, since he fucked her from behind, but her pubes were even longer and plentiful than Hannah’s.

Karen proceeded to pull down her own shorts, revealing pubic hair, trimmed just like the woman in the movie’s and Cynthia’s, and then pulled off her top giving me a good look at the shape, and size of the breasts. They were mostly how they had seemed through the wet tank, though, so it didn?t seem like as much of a new experience.

I pulled my own pants and boxers down to my ankles, setting Willy free. And damn could that thing jump. It seemed as if it were even bigger than it usually was. Hannah?s enormous jugs probably induced that. Then we all put our hands were they belonged and turned our attention back to the TV screen.

Now it was showing the pizza guy leaving, pants still down, with a big smile on his face. The camera went over and through the hot chick’s window, where it showed her with a hand between her legs, talking on the telephone. She was ordering from a ‘soul food’ restaurant or so it seemed. It went straight to the next scene where a black man in a suit and slacks pulled up in a black sports car. He got out, holding some unrealistic doggie bag. When he pulled up, the woman in her robe pulled the same act she pulled with the pizza guy. Eventually, she had his dwarfingly big black cock halfway down her throat. She sucked with the same skill, technique, and finesse that my own mother sucked with. Soon he was getting her face and hair sticky with his jism. Next think I knew, she was mounting his glistening spire. The first breast-jiggling scream she let out was enough to make me cum myself. I came all over my own stomach and hand. I noticed that the women were watching me more than the TV. That was a relief; I thought the big black cock might make my own look small.

I finished up coming again, and soon after, the other three members of my porno-watching group finished themselves off also. By the time the porno was over, it was time for Hannah to start dinner. We were having steak, and she was going to need time to make it.

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