Changing Room Quickie

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A quick tale of a memorable afternoon with my girlfriend. Could be under True, Quickies, or Exhibitionist. It still gets me revved up just thinking about it, so I thought I’d share.


Our day started off like a normal Sunday on a weekend away. The morning sun came in through a crack in the hotel’s drapes and found us as we ended Saturday night: nude and tangled together. Isabelle woke me up nuzzling against my neck. Before we went out for the day, we rolled about the bed in the way only two lovers can on a Sunday morning. You know the kind of love-making. Languid, easy, unhurried. Exploring the skin you have memorized like it’s new territory. Satisfying in its own right, but the kind that usually leads to another romp later in the day…that’s none of those things.

Sunday’s agenda was a trip to the local outlets, picking up some things for our new apartment, gifts for friends, and a little splurging on ourselves. We dressed comfortably for the day, Isabelle in jeans, a green tank top and flip flops, I chose a floral purple dress, snug around the waist, long and loose to my mid calf, with a halter top. I opted to skip a bra, as I often do. My favorite gladiator sandals capped it off.

Our day went on normally. Shopping, flirting, joking around. Our innuendo got more and more overt, and our casual touches took on a more…significant air. I could tell in her eyes, she was getting impatient. They took on the telltale dark, smoky look they get when she’s in the mood. As I was looking at some dishes, Isabelle came up behind me, held me around the waist and whispered in my ear, “Sarah…let’s go have a little fun in a dressing room.” Damn her, she’s good. She knows exactly how to appeal to my wild side. I pressed myself back against casino oyna her, feeling the electricity course through my body at the thought, and nodded breathlessly.

We nearly sprinted into the nearest clothing store, and each grabbed an armful of jeans to “try on.” After a hurried look around the store, we found the fitting rooms and went to an empty one in the middle of the hallway. I hadn’t even heard the door click shut when Isabelle pounced.

She pushed me against the side of the stall and crushed my lips with hers like we hadn’t been able to kiss in months. Her hands held my hips tight to hers as I caressed her face and neck with mine. Isabelle slid her hands up my back to the clasp of my halter and unfastened it, wiggling just far enough away to allow the strips of cloth to fall between us. A gasp escaped me as her thumbs strummed over my nipples, already hard from the naughty thrill. Not to be outdone, I reached for Belles’ belt buckle and unfastened her jeans as she slid off her sandals. Our kiss broke again, long enough for Isabelle to wriggle her out of her pants and find my pierced right nipple, that I love to have sucked, with her moist lips.

My silence finally broke as Isabelle gently bit my nipple. I couldn’t fight back the low, throaty rumble of a groan. To distract myself from the pleasure I started massaging her breasts through her shirt. We both grew frustrated with the layers of cloth and I hurriedly yanked her tank top and bra up over her soft, full boobs. My hands were rewarded for the adventure with her stiff, sensitive nipples. Isabelle basked in the sensations briefly, then turned things up another gear. She dropped to her knees in front of me, hiked the skirt of my dress up around my hips, looped a finger in each canlı casino side of my thong, took the middle of the band in her teeth and quickly worked it down my legs, tossing it aside. I fought back another groan as her hot breath danced on my already hot pussy.

Teasingly, she kissed the smooth, bare skin just above my clit and stood up, wriggling her own panties down and off as she did. She pressed her thigh between mine and up against my wet pussy, wedging me tight between her body and the wall, inviting my own leg up to her dripping slit. As we situated, she grabbed my leg at the bottom of my butt and started grinding herself into my thigh. God she was wet…and so was I. Our hips quickly found the rhythm we each needed, slow, hard thrusts, sinking deep onto one another at the end. I needed this, badly. I humped her leg as we each ground our clits against the other’s thigh. Her free hand found my waiting nipple, and gave it an electric tweak. I kissed her as hard as I knew how, to try to keep myself silent, but I knew I was losing ground.

Our orgasms spiraled into one another like satellites on a collision course. As she got closer to cumming, I felt her thigh grow tenser and tenser, giving me even more of the firm, delicious pressure on my button. From her thrusts, and the way she kissed me and pinched my nipple I knew she was approaching the brink. My own climax wasn’t far behind. I felt her temperature rise, her breaths get ragged, and the fine, thin layer of sweat appear on her skin. Her thrusts grew ragged, and she jerked her hips side to side, giving her the exact touch I knew set over the edge. Our kiss broke and her mouth hung open limply as her body tensed like a spring and shuddered violently.

A few ragged breaths later, kaçak casino Isabelle’s body relaxed as the main quake of her orgasm subsided. Fortunately for me, nothing is as sexy as seeing and feeling her cum. My own dam broke as I fucked her thigh with several short, fast strokes which set me off. Unfortunately for us, I don’t possess her ability to have silent orgasms. The harder I fought back the moans of pleasure, the harder they fought to come out. I buried my face in the curve of Isabelle’s neck as I moaned as quietly as I could..which wasn’t very quietly.

The early ripples of my climax gave way to the full, body-wracking crests, and I had to stifle myself. I bit into Isabelle’s shoulder as my legs tensed up, my hips bucked wildly, and my abdomen spasmed and twitched. She strummed my nipples in such a delicious way, I knew she was enjoying watching me struggle to “keep quiet.” I couldn’t take it, I had to let it out. A long, low, throaty, passionate groan rumbled out from me as my orgasm crested. My core rippled and spasmed and twitched as Isabelle’s shoulder muffled my pleas of “yes, yes, god fuck yes, more.” My moans petered out with my wild hip thrashes, until I hung limply in Belles’ arms. She kissed me delicately as I came back to Earth.

My eyes fluttered open as I took a few heavy breaths, my legs firming up beneath me. I kissed Isabelle back and gently pushed her away, sizing up our situation. Clothes strewn about, no idea if we were overheard or not, I started rearranging my dress as I noticed a faint glimmer in Isabelle’s eye as she refastened her bra and settled her shirt back in place. As I reach for my thong, she grabbed my wrist to stop me as she picked up her jeans.

“Leave ’em. That was too much fun to be just our little secret.” And that’s how we left that changing room. Completely commando, tousled hair, sex flush, Isabelle with a very unsubtle bite mark, hand in hand back to our hotel for a little more fun before check out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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