Chelsea Disaster Pt. 03

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*Author’s note: all characters depicted in sexual situations are age 18 or older*

Thanks to Lisa’s size suppressors, Chelsea was able to make it to Thursday without any serious incidents, even if it took every last pill and quite a few cold showers. Lisa visited every day to tidy up and help Chelsea with some guided meditation (more importantly, she also brought real food). Chelsea woke up on Thursday morning feeling better than she had in months.

Lisa was having a tougher time. Off her meds, the blonde hyper’s natural libido reasserted itself quickly. It became harder and harder for her to spend time in Chelsea’s musk-saturated apartment before starting to leak precum like a faucet. Her natural cock size was slowly returning as well. Every day she showed up at Chelsea’s door (they’d both had enough of the fire escape for a while) the bulge of Lisa’s schlong snaked a little further down her leg, until finally on Thursday morning Chelsea opened to door to see Lisa wearing a pair (trio?) of three-legged yoga pants designed for hypers.

“I haven’t had to wear these in years.” Lisa smiled nervously and tugged a little at the fabric around her crotch with her free hand. In her other hand, she carried a cluster of shopping bags. “You should see the looks people gave me on the way over!”

“I can imagine.” Color rushed to Chelsea’s cheeks as she looked down at the three foot long flaccid appendage. Lisa cleared her throat to bring Chelasea back to reality and the blushing hyper ushered Lisa inside, glancing quickly up and down the hall to make sure the landlord wasn’t skulking around.


Chelsea lifted her bare foot. A thick rope of glistening translucent slime joined the arch of her foot to a puddle on the floor. She twisted around and saw that the puddle was actually a trail leading up the hallway to the kitchen/living room.

“You doing okay, Lisa?” asked Chelsea, following the trail to its source, which was Lisa’s throbbing, leg-length member.

“Huh?” Lisa snapped out of staring off into space. “Oh! Yeah! I’m great! Doing great!”

“It’s just you’re…” Chelsea gestured to the steady flow of glistening precum pouring from the tip of Lisa’s cock.

“Oh! Gosh!” Lisa blushed a deep red. “I’m so sorry! I emptied my balls before coming over here but it’s just the musk in this place…”

Lisa took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the spunk-saturated air. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the edge of the table. Her cock twitched, its angle rising slightly as it inched out the bottom of its sleeve. Lisa’s balls churned audibly with cum and stretched the backpack-sized elastic pouch that kept them under control for the time being. There was a wet sploort as a surge of precum erupted from the tip of her cock.

“Thanks again for letting me use your meds,” said Chelsea. “I know it must be hard for you.”

“No, no, you need them more!” Lisa waved her hands in denial. The motion caused her mammoth cock to wobble back and forth.

“Is this your full size?” asked Chelsea.

“This?” Lisa looked down at her semihard cock, which was now nearly four feet long, its ham-sized glans bobbing a few inches from the floor. “No, last time this was my full size I was in middle school. At my full flaccid size it drags on the ground. That’s why I started on the suppressors; less trouble than wearing a sling.”

“W-what’s your full erect size?” asked Chelsea, swallowing. Her sweatpants suddenly felt tight.

Lisa noticed the growing bulge in Chelsea’s pants and cleared her throat.

“I uhm… I think we should talk about something else,” said Lisa.

“Right… good idea!” Chelsea looked around the room to see if there was anything else to talk about.

“Hungry?” Lisa started to unpack Tupperware containers from one of the shopping bags and arrange them on the kitchen table.

“Starving!” Chelsea smiled, just as happy for the change of subject as she was to eat.

They dug in eagerly, Chelsea stuffing her face with abandon. She polished off container after container off food.

“Holy shit, Chelsea, that was two weeks’ worth of leftovers!” laughed Lisa.

Chelsea, looked at Lisa through the clear bottom of the Tupperware she was licking.

“Sorry.” She blushed.

“Don’t be. I know what it’s like living with a hyper metabolism,” said Lisa. “I bet as a category three, yours is even higher than mine.”

“A lot higher,” acknowledged Chelsea, sticking her fork into the last green bean on Lisa’s plate.

“When’s your job interview?” asked Lisa.

“Job interview?” asked Chelsea. She’d momentarily forgotten the cover story she’d told Lisa about the mysterious job offer she’d accepted.

“You told me you had a job interview today,” said Lisa.

“Oh, right… uh… it’s at two thirty,” said Chelsea, adjusting her glasses.

“Do you still need a ride?” asked Lisa.

“I can take the bus,” protested Chelsea.

Yeah, and then walk for four and a half miles… though Chelsea to herself.

“No way, I casino oyna insist on giving you a ride!” said Lisa.

“Don’t you have work?” asked Chelsea.

“I called in sick.” Lisa grinned.

“You can call in sick from telework?” Chelsea mused.

Lisa shrugged.

“I told them I was having a hyper episode,” she said. “Let them fire me. I’ll sue them for discrimination.”

Lisa laughed and patted her yard-long member. Chelsea snorted.

“So what are you wearing to the interview?” asked Lisa.

“Uhhh….” Chelsea looked down at her stained T-shirt and threadbare sweatpants. In all honesty she hadn’t given even a single thought to what she would wear to her job.

“I thought so.” Lisa pursed her lips thoughtfully.

“I-I’ll grab something clean out of my closet,” said Chelsea.

“Yeah… I’ve seen your closet. Everything in there is either stained with cum, or reeks of cum,” said Lisa.

“So what am I supposed to do? That smell is impossible to get out!” whined Chelsea.

“Well…” Lisa reached down into one of the shopping bags she’d brought.

“I have some options,” she said, lifting out a stack of folded clothes.

“You’re kidding! Oh no!” Chelsea buried her furiously blushing face in her hands. She was smiling so hard her cheeks hurt. “Lisa you’re being way too nice to me! I couldn’t possibly wear your clothes. I don’t know if I’d even fit!”

“I thought of that,” said Lisa. “That’s why I borrowed these clothes from my sister. She’s about your size… apart from the dick obviously.”

“Oh, Lisa!” Chelsea’s face felt red hot.

Lisa was back to rummaging.

“I brought a few different bras to try on and—oh!” Lisa came up holding fistfuls of makeup and hair care products. “Makeover!”

“Oh no!” Chelsea laughed with embarrassment.

“And…” Lisa rummaged in the bag again. “This!”

She came up holding a professional-grade hair buzzer, the big kind that needed to be plugged in.

“What’s that for?” Chelsea looked at the buzzer with horror. “You’re not thinking of shaving my head are you? Because I did it for swim team in college and it was not a good look for me.”

“Not for your head, dummy,” Lisa giggled.


“For that jungle you’re growing in your pants.” Lisa pointed down at Chelsea’s crotch.

“Whaaa?” Chelsea blushed anew. “It’s not that bad!”

“Not that bad? It’s poking up over the top of your pants!” Lisa laughed.

Chelsea looked down. She did indeed have a mini afro bristling out over the top of her waistband. Now that she thought of it, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d shaved her bush. Before she’d become a shut in, even.

Lisa was already unfolding a large, plastic tarp.

“Do you want to do this here or in the bathroom?” she asked.

“No way! I’m just going to a job interview, why would I need to shave my bush?” objected Chelsea, momentarily forgetting that she wasn’t actually going to a job interview and that shaving her bush was probably a good idea.

Lisa raised an eyebrow and wiggled the clippers side to side like a tempting treat.

Chelsea heaved a heavy sigh and surrendered.

They did it in the kitchen. The bathroom was too cramped and smelly.

Chelsea stripped off her sweatpants with a floomp of musky pubes that stuck out in all directions like a tangled black hedge. The dark, curly hairs completely obscured the first foot and a half of Chelsea’s yard-long, thigh-thick shaft in an impenetrable briar. The coverage continued around to engulf her mammoth scrotum, making it appear twice as large as it actually was.

“Holy shit.” Lisa was practically in tears. “It’s even bigger than I remember.”

“It’s not that bad!” cried Chelsea, hiding her face again.

“Not that bad?” Lisa plunged her arm into the bush, sinking elbow-deep into the black jungle.

“Look at this!” she cried. “Look at it! It’s eating my entire arm! Ahhhhgh!” She stuck out her tongue and pantomimed being eaten alive.

Chelsea swatted playfully at the top of Lisa’s head.

An hour later both of them were ankle-deep in a nest of curly pubes.

“Are you almost done down there?” Chelsea’s arms trembled with the effort of holding up her weighty cock.

Lisa was laying on her back like an auto mechanic, shaving the underside of Chelsea’s balls.

“Come on, where’s that hyper strength?” teased Lisa.

“I’m usually lifting with my legs,” grumbled Chelsea.

Theoretically, a hyper’s strength scaled with the size of their endowments. This allowed them a limited mobility even at the largest sizes (as long as their feet could touch the ground) and also prevented them from being crushed under the weight of their own bodies. At her largest size, Chelsea would have been invulnerable to just about anything short of a nuclear blast.

In practice, however, unless a hyper were also hyper-muscled, half a year of total laziness and poor diet had the same negative effects as on anybody else.

Lisa’s clippers continued to buzz under Chelsea’s canlı casino balls.

“Just about done—oops!”

Chelsea yelped and jumped a little as Lisa’s clippers nipped one of the wrinkles of her sack for the tenth time that morning.

“Watch it down there!” chided Chelsea.

“Just don’t drop that thing, you’ll crack my ribcage!” came Lisa’s muffled voice. At that moment a pubic hair fell in her mouth.”Pthhh pthhh!”

“Serves you right,” said Chelsea.

“Whatever, lift your nuts up, would ya? I wanna get your pussy,” said Lisa.

Chelsea grunted and gathered her sack up into her arms, holding the whole bundle up to her chest like a laundry basket, exposing a pair of hugely swollen labia. It looked like she was smuggling half a basketball under her nuts.

“Wow! I didn’t know you had a hyper pussy, too!” exclaimed Lisa.

“Yeah it doesn’t really see daylight much on account of my stupid monster cock,” said Chelsea.

“Look at this clit! Holy God!” Lisa exclaimed. “You know your clit is the size of a regular dude’s dick? Shit, it’s like, pornstar big!”

Chelsea squealed as she felt a sudden tug on her clitoris. A shudder of pleasure ran up her entire body and she felt the heat rise in her belly.


About a gallon of pussy juice gushed out onto Lisa’s face, coating her entire head and torso in slime.

“Aggrgrgrllll!” Lisa gargled, coughing and sputtering.

Chelsea dropped her cock and balls in surprise, landing directly on Lisa’s taut stomach and knocking the wind out of her. “Oof!”

“What the hell!” Chelsea stumbled backwards, dragging her cock over Lisa’s face.

Lisa staggered to her feet, spitting and spluttering. She looked like her whole upper half had been tarred and feathered with pubes.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” giggled Lisa, wiping the slime from her eyes.

“What did you think would happen?” Chelsea crossed her arms angrily. “Are you trying to set me off?”

“Sorry, sorry!” Lisa begged.

Chelsea’s cock was growing at a visible rate, rising off the floor as it swelled with girth. Her balls gurgled audibly as cum production skyrocketed, stretching her sack taut as it expanded between her legs. Rivers of pussy juice ran down between Chelsea’s legs onto the floor in a rapidly spreading puddle. Chelsea shuddered.

“Just breathe! Do the exercises like we practiced!” Lisa rushed over to stroke Chelsea’s back.

“It’s just, I haven’t been touched down there in a long time, ah!” Chelsea moaned. There was a slimy sound as Chelsea’s pussy expanded between her legs. Her clit, which had been the size of a large bratwurst before, bloated up exponentially to the size of a baseball bat. The fat, pink shaft of Chelsea’s second member pressed hard into the underside of her balls, causing them to rise.

The stimulation of Chelsea’s nuts only got her cock and balls more excited, and they both started to grow as well. The kitchen was rapidly getting too small for Chelsea’s cock.

“The window, the window!” urged Lisa. “Hurry!”

Lisa helped Chelsea swing her behemoth member around and point it towards the window. She felt a dampness in her socks and realized that the flow from Chelsea’s pussy had increased from a river to a waterfall. Pungent cunt honey flowed over her ankles, rapidly spreading to cover the entire floor.

Chelsea’s pussy was no so engorged she had to waddle, her legs splayed out comically as her female sex pushed her thighs apart like an inflating raft.

The sight and smell of Chelsea’s swelling pussy was too much for Lisa’s self-control. Her own cock was rapidly approaching rock-hard, jutting out in front of her like a battering ram, fully six feet long and thicker than her trim waist.

“Chelsea?” moaned Lisa.

“What?” grunted Chelsea, struggling to align her cockhead with a window that was rapidly becoming too small for her monster glans.

“I think I’m having a relapse,” Lisa’s voice rose to the edge of panic.

“R-ride it out,” suggested Chelsea. “Oof!”

There was a creak of wood and cracking plaster as Chelsea managed to jam the beachball-sized head of her cock through the frame.

Chelsea’s ballsack had grown to the size of a beanbag chair. She stepped over it so that she could straddle her swelling shaft like a horse. The movement shoved her pussy back behind her so that the bloated clam of her labia puffed out behind her, big as a sleeping bag. The shaft of her clit was now nearly as large as Lisa’s cock. It hugged the curve of Chelsea’s ballsack and disappeared beneath. All this time, the flow of pussy juice had continued to intensify. The sound of natural lubricant gushing from Chelsea’s pussy was a low roar, and the entire apartment was now ankle-deep in slick, cloying slime the texture of watery glue.

In the apartment below, a new dark spot spread across the already heavily-stained ceiling as fragrant cunt honey started to run down the walls in rivers and the beams groaned.

The new potion also put Chelsea’s fat, round ass on full kaçak casino display. Chelsea’s but wasn’t exactly fit, but it was big. Lisa found her mouth watering just looking at it. Her fat cock started to drool even more than before.

“Chelsea,” moaned Lisa.

“Yeah?” moaned Chelsea.

“I need to fuck!” cried Lisa.

“Me too!” Chelsea rocked her body back and forth up her throbbing shaft.

A moment later, Lisa jammed her six-foot cock deep into Chelsea’s starving pussy.

Chelsea took her to the hilt and pulled her in deeper so that Lisa found herself nearly enveloped by Chelsea’s labia.

“Deeper!” cried Chelsea, ecstatically.

“Eeep!” squeaked Lisa as Chelsea’s pussy pulled her in further. She gasped for air as Chelsea’s vaginal muscles contracted again with a suction power that could have lifted a city bus.

“I can feel you inside me!” moaned Chelsea.

“Mmmf mmff!” Lisa cried, struggling with all her might as she was sucked deeper into Chelsea’s voracious snatch.

“Yes!” Chelsea wriggled with pleasure, splayed out across the top of her cock as she hugged the mammoth shaft.

Lisa’s body was now completely enveloped by Chelsea’s pussy. She fought for her very life, but her struggles only served to excite Chelsea’s neglected orifice further.

“Oh yes! Just like that! Just like that!” Chelsea moaned with delight. Her balls swelled again and the windowframe cracked loudly with the force of her expanding cock.

Just as Lisa was on the verge of losing consciousness, Chelsea came.

GAGOOOOOOSH! Lisa was expelled from Chelsea’s quivering cunt in an explosion of clear honey.

Lisa sailed across the room and slammed into the back wall.

She gasped for air, the oxygen deprivation propelling her suddenly to the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her cock blasted out a fat rope of cum that struck the ceiling and punched a hole right through the plaster. She came like a firehose then, howling with unimaginable pleasure as she coated the walls and ceiling with spunk.

At the same time, Chelsea’s gargantuan balls tightened up between her legs and she blasted a geyser of spunk against the building opposite. The force of her ejaculation was enough to cause recoil. She was pushed back until the flaring ridge of her mushroom head caught on the windowframe and stopped her.


Chelsea and Lisa screamed at the top of their lungs as the mingling cum and pussy juice rose higher.

Chelsea awoke to a pounding at the door.

“Just break the door down!” yelled Chelsea’s landlord.

There were other voices in the hallway, too, and the sound of police radios.

“Shit,” Chelsea staggered to her feet and sloshed through the calf-deep water to Lisa, who was still zonked out in the corner, a steady river of cum still drooling from the tip of her semihard cock.

“Lisa, we gotta go.” Chelsea shook the petit blonde back into lucidity.

“Oh God, oh no!” Lisa clapped a hand to her mouth as she surveyed the damage. “I have to call my sponsor!”

There was a shuddering THUD that shook the whole room. The police were battering down the door.

“No time for that, we gotta bounce!” Chelsea grabbed Lisa by the arm and tugged her toward the fire escape.

The alley was completely flooded in Chelsea’s hot baby batter. Mingled with the cum, tens of thousands of sperm the size of hard-boiled eggs swam excitedly through the muck in large schools. A few that had been thrown clear of the spunk flopped like fish, or wriggled in place, stuck to the far wall by Chelsea’s viscous spunk.

“I can’t go in that stuff, I’d get pregnant in two seconds!” cried Lisa when she looked down into the bubbling, writhing soup of girlchowder. Judging by the way the dumpster was nearly submerged, Chelsea estimated the cum was about five feet deep at its deepest point.

On either end of the alley, sirens wailed as first responders struggled to contain the flood of semen pouring out of the alley onto the street. A woman who’d been caught in the deluge was being loaded onto a gurney. Her belly bulged with squirming shapes, stuffed so full of Chelsea’s hyper-sperm that she looked like she was pregnant with triplets.

Chelsea looked around desperately. Even if they managed to cross the steamy swamp below, they’d still be walking right into a line of cops.

Lisa’s eyes filled with tears as she surveyed the hopeless situation.

Chelsea suddenly had an idea. She tugged Lisa’s arm.

“We can’t go down, so we go up.” She pointed to the fire escape stairs extending upwards. Two floors up, there was an open window. “Come on!”

The two hypers jogged up the steps as quickly as their comically swinging genitals would allow them. Below, they heard the final crash as the door finally caved in, followed by cries of disgust and dismay as thousands of gallons of mingled spunk and pussy juice deluged the hall.

The owner of the apartment above appeared to have left for work. Chelsea and Lisa tiptoed in as quietly as they could, wincing every time their soaking wet tennis shoes squelched on the carpet.

“Oooh, I feel so bad, we are ruining this carpet,” Lisa whispered plaintively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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