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Chloe was a very different experience. While she took several classes with me and was my major advisee as well, Chloe and I knew from the day we met that we were going to fuck while she was in school. How do I know this, you might ask? The answer is, she basically told me so. She came to my office the first day of class to have me sign a slip transferring her from a colleague’s section of Intro into mine. Totally routine, usually due to a time conflict with the other section. So I was just making idle conversation.

“Are you settling in okay? Did you go to First-Year Orientation?” I didn’t really care about the answer.

“It’s been a bit hectic, but this is my last stop for registration. Once you sign this my schedule will be set.”

“Good. It takes some First-Years the whole two-week drop/add period to get things straight. You are ahead of the curve.” Chloe seemed pleased to learn this.

“I spent a lot of time after I was admitted checking out the faculty on the school web page. I knew what I was looking for.”

“If only more students took the time to do that. What made you drop Professor Wheeler’s section and switch into mine? He is really good in the classroom.”

“Well, I stopped in to meet him during orientation, and he is much older than his picture on the website would suggest. That’s not what I was looking for.”

This was not as odd as it sounds. A lot of students chose classes based at least in part on the instructor’s looks. Professor Lopez in Spanish is an accomplished teacher and scholar, but I think that the entire basketball team’s interest in Spanish was generated more by her beautiful tits than a burning desire to learn Spanish. Her habit of teaching in a one-piece leotard with a jacket on top was a real selling point. But I digress…

“But he is great in class! What is it that’s missing?” I asked, walking right into a pie in the face.

“Let’s say I need a professor who is good in the classroom, but also great during office hours. In case I need some private tutoring.”

My jaw must have dropped. Chloe was certainly not the first student I fucked, but she was certainly the most forward. When she delivered this last line, she bit her lip as she smiled slyly. She swears now that she didn’t, but I believe she spread her legs slowly by two or three inches. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye.

“Well, I have to leave for class,” she said nonchalantly. She gathered up her things as I stood to say goodbye. She definitely checked out my package as she sat up again. She was not disappointed. The thought of fucking Chloe had already given me a weapons-grade boner. She smiled a bit. She came around the desk, arms extended.

“I’m sorry Professor, I’m a hugger. Come ‘ere!” With that she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips, but just a peck. But she very deliberately thrust her thigh between my legs and rubbed my cock with it. I almost came right then.

“Oh yeah, you are exactly who I am looking for!” she said, not even trying to hide the sexual connotation. She picked up her pack, but dropped her phone in the process. An accident I’m sure. She bent at the waist to retrieve it, causing her already short knit dress to climb up her thighs, stopping just short of revealing her fine ass. I instantly became obsessed with answering the question of whether she wore underwear.

“Bye Professor! See you in class!” she said as she breezed out my door.

I made sure the door was locked and immediately pulled out my cock and jacked off into an empty Starbucks cup.

But, I reminded myself as I herded my spent dick back into my underwear, don’t get ahead of yourself. Most likely, coming onto a professor like that the first day is probably just a ploy to get a good grade or special treatment. No way she switched into my class because she found me more fuckable. So, I was always careful not to jump at the first flirtation, because that is generally all it was. More than a few professors lost their jobs because their students thought it would be a good idea to suck their professor’s cock, only to change their mind leaving his office with a mouthful of his jizz. What started as a consensual blowjob for extra credit turned into a sexual harassment complaint.

More about Chloe. Her face was not the most gorgeous you have ever seen, but she had an amazing body, and she knew it. Her straight, light brown hair streamed down her back to the top of her ass. She never wore explicitly revealing clothing, but what she wore always clung tightly to her shapely body. She never went anywhere without showing off the cleavage of her D-cup breasts. Every male on campus imagined burying his face in that valley. What caught my attention most, and what I had to be sly about ogling, was Chloe’s ass. Beautifully shaped, tight and muscular, her tight-fitting dresses always made me fantasize about playing with that fine ass. One of the most beautiful bums I have ever seen.

While Chloe maximized the value of her ample assets, she was to the entire world very straight laced. She got a boyfriend her sophomore year, and seemed very devoted to him from what I had seen. Jake was a nice kid, good student, not bad looking. But I always thought that in dating Chloe, Jake was punching very much above his weight. He was pretty scrawny, not like one of the ripped student athletes who worked out every day. I gave Jake credit for being comfortable who he was, and maybe that helped him reel in Chloe. There is no accounting for taste, I guess. I assumed maybe he had a 10” dick and that was the attraction.

Anyway, I quickly relegated my thoughts of Chloe to the fantasy zone, where I imagined encounters that just would never happen. Once Jake came along, Chloe and I were even more strictly business than before. I complimented her clothing more often than I should have, I guess. My compliments were met with that bright smile, but truthfully I was out of line. Nevertheless, I think sometimes she put an extra wiggle in her walk when she knew I was watching.

She was wearing one of those clingy knit dresses when she came to my office one day for an appointment. She was obviously very mad, even furious when she arrived, something I’d never seen her display. I didn’t know it at the time, but Chloe was about to teach me that angry sex is the hottest, especially if she is angry at someone else.

“Chloe, is everything okay?” I asked, “You look so upset.”

“I am so pissed right now I could just scream,” she said, trying to use her rage to keep from crying.

“What happened?”

“Well, Professor, it is my boyfriend Jake. You’ve met him.”

“Yes a couple of times,” I said, “Thought he seemed like a good chap.”

“Yeah you thought wrong, and so did I. He is a lying little weasel,” she spat out, barely containing herself.

“It’s probably just a misunderstanding,” I tried to reassure her, “You two seem good together.”

“Not anymore!” she almost shouted. “Look Professor, I know I came on to you that first day, but I think that you are the only adult around that I can talk to about this. I could use your advice.”

“Advice about what? Jake?”

“Relationships. Sex. Stuff like that.

“Well, if I had known that Chloe, I would have started talking about sex with you long ago,” I said, trying unsuccessfully to lighten the mood. Actually, I thought to myself, I would love to hear about your personal life. It could only enhance my already vivid fantasies.

“No, I’m fine,” I said, “Tell me anything you are comfortable with. I’ve heard a lot in my time here.” This was not strictly true. Students didn’t talk much about their personal lives with me as I’d gotten older. But alright, I really wanted to hear anything that Chloe would tell me about her personal dealings.

“Jake and I have been together for about six months. We are super-compatible, both like the same things, think the same way. Sexually, I have a lot more experience than he did, and it is kind of hot to show him things that he’s never done before. It’s too bad he has a tiny, thin pencil dick,” she mused. So much for the monster cock theory I thought. “But he’s game for whatever I want to do with him, and he is so cute when I let him do things to me he’d seen in a porn video. He never imagined girls in the real world actually enjoyed that stuff.”

“Like what?” I interjected totally inappropriately.

“Anal,” she answered quickly without thinking it through. “He loves my ass.” Get in line, kid, I thought to myself. “Truthfully, his lack of size means I hardly feel a thing. But he loves sliding toys up my ass. I was trying to convince him to try fisting.” Chloe suddenly blushed bright red. “Sorry. That was much more information than you needed.”

“No problem. To each her own.” I managed to mutter, trying discreetly to adjust my hardening cock in my pants.

“We were doing great, tiny dick and all. He gave me all I needed. He told me how happy he was that I was the first girl he’d been with. Her anger flashed again, “I was the only girl he’d been with.”

“Uh-oh,” I said.

“I stayed in his room last night but we didn’t, what do you say, ‘get it on.’”

“Yeah that’s what the cool kids called it in my day,” I agreed.

“But he couldn’t get it up at all. Said he was tired and stressed. He went right to sleep. I had to stay up and take care of things myself. This morning I got up and went to my 9:00. He stayed in bed,” she continued. “Turned out my 9:00 was cancelled, so I went back to his room to either nap or fuck—sorry—until my next class. But when I opened the door, HE is lying on his dorm bed, stark naked, and SHE was on her knees next to the bed giving him head.”

“Who was?” I asked, amazed that Jake could interest two women with his scrawny body and small cock.

“Courtney something. She’s a tall skinny girl. Runs cross country, I think.”

“I may know who you mean.”

Chloe’s anger welled up again and tears came to her eyes. “I mean I walk in, he looks at me totally unsurprised, and she doesn’t even take his dick out of her mouth. She is so fucking skinny, no curves, no tits, skinny ass boy haircut. I thought for a second he was getting blown by some 12 year old boy. Or a lesbian.”

I unsuccessfully tried to stifle a laugh.

“I mean, I can have just about any boy on this campus!” She protested.

“Absolutely. casino siteleri Yes you could.” I agreed. And this professor I thought to myself.

“Not only does Pencil Dick cheat on me, he does it with this skinny chick who looks like a preteen trans boy. I show him everything—how to eat pussy, anal, face-sitting, facials, swallowing—everything. And then he goes and does it with her!” She started crying again. “I wonder if she laughed when she first saw his little dick. I did,” she said to the air.

I didn’t even try to stifle a laugh this time. “Chloe, you’re awful,” I joked. “You know that’s the one thing every man is sensitive about.”

“Not my high school boyfriend,” she blurted out. “Freddie was immense. Biggest white cock I have ever seen,” she said into the distance, remembering Freddie’s member, I surmised. Oh, this girl must have stories I want to hear, I thought. But not today.

“What did you do?”

“I yelled at them, pulled her head off his cock by her butch haircut, then slapped him across the face when he started to talk. I didn’t want to hear it.” The tears were flowing freely now. “Then I left. I was too humiliated to stay. How could he do that to me?”

“I have a theory,” I offered, “But I doubt it will make you feel any better. Jake is a really nice person from what I can see, but he is kind of gangly and awkward. Not the guy who is going to turn every girl’s head.”

“That’s for sure,” Chloe muttered, “But I don’t see—“

“Let me finish. Jake spent his youth feeling inadequate around girls, watching the jocks and the cool kids go out with the hot girls. Then Chloe comes along, with your magnificent…assets—sorry.”

Chloe giggled at my slip up, and even blushed a little.

“And suddenly Jake is the man! Not only do you give him his first sexual experience, it sounds like you showed him one of the best he could ever hope for. You made him a porn star in his mind, fulfilled his every fantasy. Even fulfilled fantasies he didn’t know he had. So now he’s feeling good about himself. All the jocks envy him for a change. Maybe he was horny when you left for class. He runs into Courtney in the hall. Maybe she is horny too. Maybe she comes on to him. Courtney would love to be able to say she did hot Chloe’s boyfriend.”

“That skinny, flat bitch. She’s probably texted pictures of her sucking his dick to all her girlfriends already. Hope she used a zoom so they could see his dick…” Chloe’s sense of humor was coming back as she was calming down.

“So not a lot of thought went into this on Jake’s part. A girl is coming on to him. He isn’t used to that. It’s a blowjob. It’s quick. No one has to know. He didn’t do this to hurt you.”

“But I am hurt. I am humiliated. Everyone is going to know.”

“I am not trying to tell you what to do with Jake,” I said. “I am just trying to answer your question.”

“Thanks. I guess that—“ Chloe’s phone started buzzing. “Text message. Maybe he is trying to apolo—that bitch! That idiot!”


“Just as I thought, Courtney is sending pictures around.” She turned her phone around. A selfie in the mirror. A grinning Jake is standing while the head of his cock is on Courtney’s protruding tongue. It is kind of small, I thought.

“Still think he didn’t mean to hurt me?” Chloe demanded. “What did he think was going to happen?

“Chloe, I’m sorry.”

“Oh, I am going to make him so sorry. Hope he likes flat skinny sex because he is not getting in my pants again. I’ll show him!”

I got up from my chair and went to comfort Chloe with a fatherly hug. She stood, we wrapped our arms around each other and she put her head on my chest.

“I am so going to show them. I am not going to sit back and feel sorry for myself and mourn over HIM. I am going to send him pictures of things he will never see again, places he will never go.”

“Chloe, he didn’t think through what he was doing. Don’t you make the same mistake.”

“Yeah it’s perfect. It hasn’t even been an hour. I am going to get fucked by a real cock and send him pictures to show him I don’t need his little dick.” She shifted her leg so that her thigh again rubbed against my crotch. My erection was obvious. She looked up at me and smiled. “And I think we have a winner.”

“Now Chloe, just wait a—“ She pulled my head toward her and thrust her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply. I returned the kiss as her hand slid down and began rubbing my cock and balls though my pants. I tried to protest again.

“Professor, I wanted to fuck this cock since my first day here. No one is thinking anything through today. Don’t you be the first. I need to do this and you appear to want it. Lay down on the floor.”

“Chloe, I…”

“Really, just shut up and lie down. Please?”

Against my better judgment, I obey and lie down on the floor. Chloe stands over me, straddling my head. As she pulls her form-fitting dress up over her hips, my question from last year as to whether she wears underwear is answered—she doesn’t.

“Stick out your tongue,” she commands as she picks up her phone and drops to her knees over my face. She reaches down and spreads her pussy lips, showing me her perfect pink pussy and rather large clit. “Think Jake is going to miss this?”

“Definitely,” I murmur as she lowers her wet pussy onto my waiting tongue. “Ummm…” I moan as my tongue slides inside her. She tastes so good. Chloe alternates between riding my face and grinding into it. I thrust with my tongue, searching for her g-spot.

“Oh, God…that’s it…” she whispers as she grinds into my face so hard that I can’t breathe. I open my eyes to find that Chloe has thrown her dress aside and is completely naked as she rides my head. “Uh..uh…oh my…!” Chloe moans as her first orgasm takes over her body. She lifts off my face slightly and I can breathe again. I slide my tongue out of her wet cunt and put it on her protruding clit. I want to suck it until she cums again. I put my hands on her hips to hold her in place, wrap my lips around her clit and suck it into my mouth. I bite it gently so she can’t pull away. Then I start having my way with it with my tongue—quick butterfly licks, long strokes across it, running my tongue all around it as Chloe squirms above me.

“Oh, Jesus…oh God…oh Jesus…oh God…” she repeats, louder each time. “You’re… going…to…make…me…ccccuuummm!” she cries, probably too loudly. When the waves of pleasure subside, she starts to lift up from my face. I keep hold of her hips. I am not done with this pussy. All while she was sitting on my face, my eyes were looking up the crack of her ass, that ass I had been dreaming about for months. Her sweet pink asshole was just inches from my face. As I pulled on her hips to put her pussy in my mouth again, I positioned a finger so that it slid smoothly into her tight asshole as she sat back on my face.

“Oh!” Chloe exclaimed as my finger entered her ass. “I didn’t expect that, Professor!”

“Mmmph” is all I could mutter with her pussy completely covering my face. I replied by inserting a second finger and pushing two fingers all the way inside her ass. If she was into fisting, my two fingers were going to be nothing.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and bit a little harder, sucked a little rougher. Chloe moved her hips to ride my fingers as I watched my two fingers fuck her asshole. Then Chloe’s cell phone appeared around her back, clicking away as she smothered my face. I would worry about those pictures later. I withdrew from her ass momentarily to reposition my hand, and then slid three fingers into that amazing ass.

“Oh!…Ah!..Un-huh…that’s it…” as Chloe appeared to be videoing the whole thing. I held her clit tighter with my teeth, abusing it with my tongue harder and harder as my fingers slid deeper into her ass. She sat down hard on my face, reaching back with her free hand to grab my hair and jam my face deeper into her cunt. Her clit was entirely in my mouth now, and I stroked it purposefully with my tongue. My fingers were deep in her ass. She was pulling my hair harder now, whispering “Give it…give it…” She gave my hair a hard pull as she came on my face again. “Ahhhhhh!…Yes…Yes!” Her hip movements slowed as her body relaxed. She lifted off my face, allowing me to breathe. I slid my fingers out of her ass. Chloe rolled off of my face and sat on the floor next to me, legs straight, leaning on her hands. Her face was flushed.

“My legs are just rubber, I can’t sit there anymore.” I lifted myself onto my elbows, getting my first look at her firm, large breasts. I didn’t see a bra anywhere. Amazing. I imagined fucking those tits and cumming on her chest and neck. I snapped back to the present. “I think I got some good shots, I’ll look at them later,” she said.

“Chloe, I can’t have any pictures showing my face floating around. I’ll get fired for sure.”

“We’ll look at them when we’re done. You’re right, you can’t be in any.”

“And no pictures that show my office.”

“Right. You know we’re not done, right? Your pants aren’t even off yet. I need to show him everything he is missing.”

“I’m a little foggy, but I’ll try.” I would do more than try, as I felt my cock trying to bust from my pants.”

Chloe looked at me with a devilish grin, “Do you eat ass?”

“Uh…” Of course I eat ass, I thought. I have dreamt about eating that ass for months, but I remained silent, taken aback by the frankness of her question.

“Never mind. Doesn’t matter.” Chloe said, rising to her feet. “You are going to eat ass today,” she said, looking down at me with the same devilish grin. “And I am going to photograph it!” With that she stood slowly, giving my cock plenty of opportunity to harden as she slowly modeled her body for me. She went to my desk, roughly pushed aside some books and papers, and climbed onto it. She was on her knees and elbows, beautiful ass in the air, delicious looking pink asshole. I think I actually saw her asshole gape a bit as she looked back at me with an inviting smile. This girl knew what she was doing.

No way I was going to rush this, this was just too good. I ran my nose and face along the crack of her ass, just taking it all in. Then I licked the length of her crack, my tongue just barely touching that forbidden skin. Chloe sighed with anticipation. I spread her ass, licked canlı casino my lips and kissed her tight asshole. Chloe sucked in a breath sharply. With my lips still on her asshole, I slid out the tip of my tongue, just barely touching that puckered skin. Chloe gasped softly.

“You’re nasty,” she breathed. “How long are you going to make me wait?” I bit her ass cheek hard. “Ow! That’s going to leave teeth marks!”

“That’s why I did it. Your penance for being impatient.” I bent over farther and slid my tongue into her wet pussy. Good Lord that girl tasted good. She ground her pussy into my face, getting my face wet with her juices. I licked my way back up to her asshole, taking in the taste and smell of pure, nasty sex. The tip of my tongue traced a circle around the edge of her puckered hole.

“Mmmm…yes…” Chloe whispered. Her hips bucked as I dragged my wet tongue roughly across her asshole. “Again…,” she whispered. I licked her again, and could sense her asshole relaxing a bit as I did. I took turns rimming her asshole and licking it. Chloe’s hips started gyrating gently as she ground her ass into my face. “Yes please…give it…” she said to no one in particular. I spread her ass wider and pushed against her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She pushed back, but I could feel her asshole tighten reflexively. That her body didn’t want me in her ass made me want it more. I pushed again, wiggling my tongue against her hole, trying to coax it open. Chloe moaned. “Keep doing that….”

Slowly I could feel her ass begin to relax, and I could taste her ass as the very tip of my tongue began to relax her tight hole. After taking three fingers in the ass with no problem, I was amazed how tight she was. Whatever workout Chloe was doing, it was toning all the right muscles.

Now my face was buried in her ass as we both pushed for my tongue to go deeper inside her. I could hear Chloe moaning, along with the occasional click of her cell phone camera. Now her ass began to relax quickly. About an inch of my tongue was up her fine, shapely ass and my nose was deep in her crack. Her hips started to gyrate more as I was tongue fucking her ass.

“Oh God that’s nasty!” she whispered as she ground her ass onto my tongue. I held her hips as I quickly slid my tongue in and out of her ass. “Mmmm…you have eaten ass before…” as she grabbed my hair and held my head as she pushed her ass farther onto my tongue. “Oh…Uh…Uh…Uh…just…like…that…” I felt her ass tighten around my tongue as Chloe’s body convulsed with another orgasm. “Brrr…ah! Oh God, Oh God!!” It took over a minute for the shuddering from that orgasm to stop.

I don’t think Chloe expected how long or how enthusiastically I would eat her ass. She was still grinding and I was still thrusting my warm wet tongue in and out of her gorgeous asshole. She was breathing heavily and moaning “Ohhhh…ohhhhh,…ohhhh!” I slid a finger into her dripping wet pussy and began stroking her G-spot. This was more than her nervous system could take. Chloe came about three or four times in a row, separated by only a second or two. “Jesus! Jesus! Holy fucking Jesus!” she cried as her body could not stop trembling with the series of orgasms. “How the fuck do you do that?”

“Experience has its merits my dear I said, reluctantly withdrawing from her asshole. That worked for you?”

“Fuck ya! I can’t feel my legs I came so hard. That was amazing!”

“I thought so too. Just amazing.”

After a couple minutes when the fog of orgasm faded, Chloe slid off my desk and got on her knees on the floor in front of me. Wordlessly, she opened my belt, unfastened my pants, and slid my zipper down with a look on her face that was not that different from a young girl opening her presents on Christmas. She pulled down my underwear with a snap and my freed hard cock bounced in front of her face. She smiled.

“Oooooh Professor! I had no idea! I love it!” She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and licked the head like she was keeping an ice cream cone from dripping.

“Oh you flatter me. It’s not like your friend—what was his name, Frankie?

“Freddie. And no its not but I stopped seeing Freddie because he was just too big. Not only was he hard to suck, but every girl wanted to fuck him and so he set out to fuck every girl. Not the foundation of a lasting relationship. He’s a dick. Your cock is perfect. Not so big that you are an asshole, but big enough to do some damage!”

She continued to play with the head of my cock with her tongue. She ate a bit of precum. It was all I could do not to coat her face with cum right then and there.

“Oh! Oh! I know what I want to do! I want to send him a porn shot—you know, one of those pictures where he lays his huge cock across her face? I want to do a shot like that. It will drive him insane!”

“I’m flattered, but my cock is not going to get close to the top of your head. Might not be the best shot if you are trying to make him jealous.”

“This cock is much bigger than his. Hell, I’ve had ChapSticks bigger than his dick!”

She threw her head back, and I laid my cock across her cute face. I was pleasantly surprised that I made it from her chin to her eyes—better than I thought. As a bonus for the photo, there was a wad of cum on the tip of my cock. Chloe smiled for the camera and took a selfie while she was wearing my cock. That was hotter than I imagined. After she took a few shots, she slid her tongue along my balls and up the shaft, finishing the journey by eating that wad of cum. She was lucky she didn’t get a facial right then, as my balls were screaming for release.

“Love appetizers,” she smiled, licking her lips invitingly. “But I want you in my ass. That will be what he will miss the most.” With that, Chloe pushed the chair out of the way, and put her elbows on the floor. “Take my phone and take some pictures of my ass. Maybe one with your cock laying in the crack.” This girl has a future in porn photography, I thought to myself. I followed instructions and took the photos. I am going to want copies of these, for sure.

“Sorry, I don’t have any lube. Is that okay?”

Chloe giggled at me, “Come on Professor, don’t let it go to your head. You’re not that big!” She turned and smiled showing she was just joking.

“You sure know how to kill a guy’s boner.”

“Doesn’t look like it from here,” she said, eyeing me stroking my cock in preparation. “Fuck my pussy first to get it wet.”

“Such an invitation!” I joked. But I wasn’t going to let her change her mind. I moved closer and slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips, massaging her clit along the way.

“Ooooh, do that for a minute,” Chloe purred, grinding her hips on my cock. I rubbed my cock across and around her clit. She was getting my cock wetter by the second. “Un-huh. Keep doing that. Feels so good.” I was thinking what a loss it was to mankind that this hot girl was being wasted on tiny Jake.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for me,” I murmured. Her hips ground quicker in response. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock from me. She rubbed it against her clit like a vibrator. I grabbed her hot, shapely hips and held my cock in her wet slit.

“Picture…take a picture…,” Chloe said breathlessly. I picked up her phone and took a few shots blindly. Hopefully something will come out. “Ah…ya…Ah Ah,” Chloe said just as I felt her whole body convulse with the waves of an orgasm.

Without taking her hand from my cock, she positioned me in front of her cunt and thrust her hips, taking me deep inside her pussy.

“Whoa!” we said in unison, followed by laughter. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had a normal sized cock,” Chloe said through her laughter.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve had tight young pussy,” I said, gasping more than laughing. Her pussy was warm, wet, tight and muscular. She squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles as she moved back and forth, taking her pussy off my cock, then slamming it back on hard. “Go easy!” I pleaded. “You’re going to make me cum right here!” Her thrusting motions slowed but didn’t stop as I tried to regain my composure. I couldn’t remember the last time I had experienced such a soft, tight pussy. Maybe never.

“We can’t have that!” she said, sliding off my cock. “You have to cum in my bum.” I grabbed her hips and pushed back inside her for a few more warm, beautiful strokes. But I reluctantly withdrew, because I had dreamed too long about giving it to Chloe in the bum and I didn’t want to spoil it now.

I got Chloe to her feet and bent her over the desk. With her long legs, her ass was at the perfect height for my cock. I stroked my cock a couple times, but there was no way it could get any harder. I put the head of my cock against her little pink asshole and pushed gently. Her asshole opened just enough to let the tip of my cock inside. I pushed against her anus to force the head all the way in. This girl was obviously experienced at bum fucking.

As I grabbed her hips, she pushed against me and took my cock in her ass until my balls slapped against her wet pussy.

“Chloe, oh my God!, I blurted. I had never entered an ass so hard and so fast. It was amazing.

Chloe looked behind her, smiling. “Pretty good, huh?” I couldn’t argue as her hips started moving, sliding her shapely ass the length of my cock. She handed me her phone. “Maybe video your cock in my ass. That will show him.” I was dubious as to whether this enterprise would have any effect on Jake except to let him claim Chloe was a slut. But, she was giving me one of the most amazing fucks of my life. I was beyond letting caution get in my way.

Chloe knew how to ass fuck. She could squeeze me or relax with her anal muscles, basically stroking my cock with her asshole. I knew I wasn’t going to last long against such an amazing ass. I took a handful of her long silky hair and pulled hard as I slammed my cock into her ass. I got a couple pictures with my free hand of the hair pull.

“Uhhhhh…,” Chloe grunted as my cock filled her ass repeatedly. Her head was flung back as I pulled harder on her hair. She had slipped a hand between her legs and was alternately playing with her clit and pulling on my balls. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Ohhhhh….shit….Jesus….Chloe,” the words just spilled out as my cock pulsed thick cum into her ass. She squeezed my cock harder kaçak casino with her ass, and pulled hard on my balls. If she was trying to milk my cock for every drop of cum, she was succeeding like a pro. After seven or eight hard pulses, my cock was well and truly spent, and was rapidly deflating. I bent over and put my arms around Chloe, failing to resist the urge to feel her magnificent breasts, now with rock hard nipples.

Standing up, I had one final debauchery I wanted to inflict on her. Still holding her hair with one hand, I forced her to her knees and held my rapidly deflating cock in front of her face. Chloe willingly took my flaccid cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the shaft of my cock, finishing by sucking my balls into her mouth.

“I love the taste of my ass mixed with cum. I don’t know why.” She licked the remnants of my load from the head of my cock, kissed the tip of it. She stood and pulled a chair closer to the desk and sat down. Almost immediately I could see a wet spot spreading on the chair as my seed leaked from her ass. Noticing my gaze, she bent one leg and propped her foot on the chair, leaving the other on the floor. Giving me a perfect view of her asshole and the creampie it was creating.

“Thanks,” I said, collapsing into my desk chair, mesmerized by the stream trickling from her ass. That’s about all I could take, I thought.

“Sorry about the chair,” she said matter of factly. She reached for her cell phone. “Let’s see what we got here.” Totally naked, showing me her pussy and her ass, letting me watch a widening puddle form under ass, she began to go through the photos. “Yes, yes, no, yes, oh my yes, ouch…” she narrated as she brushed through the photos. “We got some good ones. Serves ChapStick right. I can crop some of them so you can’t be seen. Wanna see?”

“Sure,” I said, every part of my being totally spent and satisfied. “I need to make sure.” I thought she would hand me the phone, but instead she came over and sat down in my lap, totally naked, kissing me when she got settled. Now cum was gushing from her ass, running down my thigh. Chloe seemed not to notice.

“Nice shot of my ass. Another. Another—my favorite so far. Delete, keep, delete.” I tried to pay attention, but I wasn’t seeing straight. “I have to figure out which to send him.” She stood, bent over and cleaned my thigh with her tongue. Amazingly, my cock stirred. I didn’t think there was anything left at all. Chloe bent over the desk in front of my, reached back and spread her ass. Cum was oozing out of her tightening hole, and running down her leg.

“Fancy a taste of creampie?” she asked innocently. To be honest, I am not all that big on eating my own (or anybody else’s) cum. But the opportunity to put my tongue in Chloe’s just fucked ass was too good to pass up. She bent over the desk, exposing her oozing ass, and I slid my tongue deep into that relaxed asshole, while my fingers fondled her clit. Chloe started fucking my face with her ass, breathing harder with each stroke until her body released with a whispered “Oh, yesssss…” I cleaned up her ass a bit more before Chloe returned to the chair that I would never look at the same again. “That was a nice ending,” she said to no one in particular as she returned to editing the pictures on her phone.

Scanning through the pictures, Chloe smiled, “You know, your cock looks much bigger in pictures. That’s perfect for tormenting Jake.”

“Yes, well, appearances can be deceiving. But everyone likes looking larger than life.”

Chloe’s smile disappeared, to be replaced with a slight frown. “You know, I missed a shot I really wanted. I needed you to cum on my tits. Jake loves to do that as much as anything. He needs to know he can be replaced.”

“After that fuck, I can’t believe we left anything out! That was beyond unbelievable.”

Chloe laughed at the thought. She was again sitting naked, one foot up on the chair, with the wet spot still growing. “Yeah, we did do more things than I anticipated. But that shot would really get to him. Do you think you could—“

“Seriously? Do you see what is coming out of your bum? Do you see the state of my dick? Do you believe there is anything left?”

She laughed. “I know. But don’t you think it would be fun to try?”

“I didn’t know you were majoring in magic, but if you want to try…” Trying to take control of the situation, I stood and walked over to where Chloe was seated. I took a handful of that long silky hair and wrapped it around my cock and started stroking it slowly.

“Mmmm, that’s a new idea,” Chloe said, playing with my balls as she watched my cock move through her hair. I saw her other hand move to her pussy and begin to fondle her clit.

“Ahhh…” I gasped, more stimulated than I thought I would be, but still far from hard.

“See? There’s hope. Let me help.” She took my cock from my hand, still wrapped in her hair. As she stroked my cock with her hair, she took her hair in her other hand and used it to caress my balls. Then she pulled the hair back from the head of my cock, and began to run her tongue all around it. My reaction was almost immediate, as I felt the beginnings of an erection.

“Yum,” she said, still licking the head. “I can still taste my ass. I love that. It’s so nasty.” The effect was amazing. Soft silky hair caressing my cock and balls, her expert tongue knowing just where to touch on the head of my cock. Amazingly, I was getting hard again. Well, hard-ish. “See, I told you you could do it again.”

“A semi-hard boner is one thing. Another load of cum is another.”

“I love a challenge!” Chloe used all of her ample assets on my cock. After unwrapping my cock from her hair, she clamped my cock between those breasts and tit-fucked me. For the first time, I thought I might actually be able to cum a second time. She set the mood by talking some shit to me as she ran her tits along my shaft.

“Come on, Professor, you know you want to blow all over these tits, don’t you? You have been dreaming of cumming on my boobs for months, haven’t you? You want to bend me over a table in the classroom and fuck my ass, don’t you? You are such a pervert, filling my ass with your sperm. Now you’re going to splooge on these tits, aren’t you? You’ve fucked every other hole in my body, now skeet on my slutty tits!”

“Ahhh…ahhh…fuck…Chloe!!” As my cock started to pulse, Chloe grabbed my cock and aimed the streams of cum onto her chest, her tits, her face. She did all the work, but this load felt as big as the first, if I do say so myself.

Chloe is stroking my cock and fondling my balls, draining the seed from my balls a second time. “Get the phone!” she ordered, but my mind was anywhere else. As my cock went flaccid again, she released my balls and grabbed her phone and thrust it into my hand. “Take my picture!”

Chloe posed for several pictures, displaying her cum coated breasts, torso and face. She held up her breasts and smiled, she flipped off the camera, she scooped the cum off of her nipple and put it in her mouth—with a smile. Surreptitiously I texted myself a copy of that last picture. Almost hot enough to get me hard again.

I gave the phone back to Chloe, and she checked out the pictures, my jizz still running down her cleavage. “Perfect!” she said, “This will make him so jealous, so mad! Now he’ll know what it feels like!”

“Good, I’m glad you’re happy,” I said wearily. I was in a fucked-out haze. It was finally occurring to me I might be getting too old for this shit. I slipped into my pants, not bothering with underwear. Chloe used her finger to scoop some more cum into her mouth. I offered her some tissues, but she cleaned most of it into her mouth. This girl is so freaking hot…

“I’ve got work to do!” she said brightly as she pulled her tight dress over her delicious body. I am going to fuck him up for sure. Don’t worry, you won’t be in any of the pictures.”

“Thanks, please do,” I replied, truthfully not caring at that point. My vision was starting to come back into focus.

Chloe slipped into her shoes, kissed me on the cheek and bounded out of my office. I sat back in my desk chair for an hour or so before I could walk home.

After encounters like this, I always get nervous later. What if Chloe decided that I took advantage of her and cries rape? There is more than enough evidence on and in her body to put me away for some time. But I didn’t hear anything at all for a couple days, then I saw Chloe in class. She was totally nonchalant, acting like nothing happened at all, save for a sly grin she directed at me. She moved to the front row and made sure I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Like I didn’t know. Later that day, I saw Chloe and Jake walking across campus, arm and arm and happy looking. And Courtney Somebody was walking with them.

“So Chloe, it appears that all is well on Planet Chloe?” I said when she came to my office the next day.

“Better than okay. Jake and I patched things up pretty quickly. We came to an understanding and moved forward.”

“How’d you manage that? You were pretty mad…and those pictures…”

Chloe giggled. “Yeah. Those pictures were fucking hot.” I only showed him the last one, with my finger in my mouth. He knew what happened from the photo. Long story short, he actually got pretty hot looking at it, and wanted to do me right then. I hadn’t showered, so when I took my dress off, he saw the cum still oozing from my ashole. He was turned on. The end of the story was Courtney showed up, and I talked her into giving Jake his first threesome. We decided afterwards that we would fuck other people, but only as part of a threesome. He’s happy, I’m happy, it’s all good.”

Jake was one lucky cheating bastard, tiny dick and all. “Bravo…patch it up by taking him higher. Brilliant. But I have to ask, what happened to all those pictures?”

“Yeah, I deleted them all. Nothing good could come out of keeping them around. You’re safe.” Chloe didn’t know I had the one money shot of her.

We both got quiet, not knowing what to say next. I broke the ice with a “Well, I have to get ready for class.”

“I hope you’re not mad I deleted all the pictures.”

“Chloe they were your pictures and it is definitely for the best.”

“Good. Bye, see you in class” Chloe said while taking her leave.

Chloe had no idea how many times I pleasured myself in the next years looking at the picture of a beautiful girl, covered in my cum, happily eating some from her finger…

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