Church Girl: A Virginity Taken

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın

Summary: Sweet nerd loses her virginity and discovers her domme side.

Note 1: Thanks to HFernandez for suggesting this idea.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave, and Wayne for editing this story.

Warning: This story manipulates religious doctrine… if that offends you, please quit reading now.

This is part four of a potentially lengthy series. Part one, Church Girl: 1 Perfect Turn, sweet innocent virgin Mary is selling raffle tickets door-to-door when she arrives at Mrs. Taylor’s house. Mrs. Taylor, a seductress of teen girls, takes the opportunity to seduce the minister’s daughter and make her a submissive pet.

In part two, Church Girl: 3 Oaths of Obedience, sweet Mary is tested in her new role as submissive pet to Mrs. Taylor as she pleasures her at church while her minister father is upstairs preaching about the sins of the flesh. Mary is ordered by Mrs. Taylor to masturbate for seven days… each time with a different object.

In part three, Church Girl: 7 Days of Self-Sin, sweet Mary must pleasure herself every day, each time coming from a different object. She also discovers her Principal and teacher are members of the secret society and submits to one… further being trained to be the next one… a leader in the future feminist sexual revolution.

And now Church Girl: A Virginity Taken…

Mary woke up excited for church like she usually did… although her reason wasn’t the same as usual.

Mary had always loved singing and playing piano for the hymns; she also enjoyed listening to her father preach, and always enjoyed visiting with other parishioners.

Yet today Mistress Gloria had a surprise for her and she couldn’t wait. It was like waiting for Santa Claus to come when she was younger, where she watched the night sky through the windows all night in hopes of catching a glimpse of the reindeer or Santa’s sleigh.

Gloria too was excited… Even though she had turned many teens and women… she rarely got to take a girl’s actual virginity by fucking her… Mary would be only the third…

Mary woke up to a text: Wear a thong today, my pet!

Mary responded, her excitement growing even more: Yes, Mistress!!

Mary put on a pair of beige thigh highs, a black thong and a sundress and spent an hour doing her hair… she usually just put it in a ponytail or a bun for church.

Gloria, excited, stopped at Xanadu’s house, which she did most Sundays, and had a leisurely orgasm, while she sat at Xanadu’s kitchen table, had a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper (having missed this last week when her regular pre-church muncher was visiting her mother).

Mary, at church, kept looking for Mistress Gloria, wondering what the surprise was… with her parents gone so her father could guest preach at a church in a different city, she was less nervous and more excited, and she wouldn’t have to lie to them… which she hated doing.

Gloria finally arrived just a couple of minutes before the service was to start, enjoying the lengthy morning cunt lapping for over an hour through two orgasms as she anticipated the afternoon. She went straight to the downstairs restroom and texted Mary: Meet me in our usual location now!

Mary got the text just as she was sitting down in front of the piano. She was instantly excited, but equally worried as she was supposed to start playing in a couple of minutes.

Ever since her seduction by Mistress Gloria and her discovery of The Lord’s juices held inside all women, and learning what a wonderfully pleasurable blessing it was to release them all over her Mistress’s face, she had been following her hunger, and now was no exception. She quickly hurried out, even as James, the drummer, called out, “Where are you going, Mary?”

Mary’s cravings and curiosity controlling her, she pretended she didn’t hear the question as she scurried out towards their secret rendezvous.

Luckily no one else tried to stop her, and Mary made it to the bathroom in Usain Bolt time. Inside, Gloria was waiting.

“You look beautiful, my pet,” Gloria complimented, the teen looking radiant. Mary’s hair was down for the first time she could remember, and it really made her look older and more woman than girl… more like the ‘next one’.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Mary replied, forgetting she was in a hurry, consumed by basking in her Mistress’s approval, flattered by the compliment and happy she had put the extra effort into looking pleasing to her.

“I know you need to get back,” Gloria said, pulling a vibrating egg from her purse.

“They can survive without me,” Mary replied uncharacteristically, her desire to please her Mistress and hopefully even taste her overriding her usually reliable habits of never shirking her responsibilities.

“No, no, casino siteleri no,” the Mistress shook her head. “In this journey of sexual self-discovery, it’s important to keep as much of your life routine as possible.”

“Oh, okay,” Mary nodded, as her dress was lifted up, Mistress’s hand moved under it, tugged her panties aside, which were already a little damp from anticipation alone, and slid something inside her. “Oooooooh,” she moaned.

“That will remain inside you until I retrieve it after the service at my home,” Gloria explained.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary nodded, the sensation of having something sitting inside her feeling kind of weird.

“Be warned: the thing inside you may do some interesting things,” Gloria warned her pet, the remote control in her purse… her intentions wicked.

“Okay, Mistress, whatever you say,” Mary nodded, curious what she meant by that.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened, so Mary turned and walked out, careful to act casual, politely greeting the lady walking in just before letting out a soft moan as she left… instantly understanding what Mistress Gloria meant by ‘interesting’.

With each step, the contraption inside Mary, which she’d never seen, moved around stimulating her from the inside. She had to focus completely on not moaning and hurrying back downstairs as she heard the music had started without her… which made her feel slightly guilty. When she got there, Alyssa, a high school senior and a sweet, talented redhead, was playing in her place.

More guilt coursed through her. Alyssa had talent and played piano at the very rare times Mary was ill or gone (until her senior year she had always accompanied her parents when they did special sermons in other communities), but this was one of Mary’s assigned roles in the church. She picked the hymns, she was the leader… and she had just failed to lead.

Yet, after the guilt washed through her, a sudden realization hit her. This was The Lord’s work. She was late because she was serving Him and He was obviously giving her a message that she had to allow others into His complex workings. He had many sheep, including Alyssa, and they all needed the opportunity to serve Him.

So instead of going and replacing Alyssa when the first hymn ended, Mary sat down in the second pew where she could see and be seen by the musicians, and she watched and listened. When Alyssa looked her a question when the hymn was done, Mary just nodded with an encouraging smile, indicating that she should carry on.

Alyssa’s face lit up; she loved playing the piano for The Lord, but seldom got to do it because Mary was more experienced, the Minister’s daughter, a better pianist and almost always there.

Mary decided then and there as she watched Alyssa play with joy and wonder, that she would talk to her after and suggest they take turns. Alyssa would love that!

It was just common sense. Mary was going to college in the fall and all the college choices she had at the moment were substantially further away than just a commute. Alyssa would be commuting from home for college, so she was a logical choice to take over Mary’s musical duties.

The reality, now that she thought of it, was that Mary should be training the young lady, not only to become more active on the piano, but also leading the choir, as she was almost certainly going to replace her anyway. Alyssa was a fine musician and singer, but because of Mary’s superior talents in those same areas, she hadn’t had as much chance to develop them as she could have. Mary decided to make Alyssa her protégé and take a hand in grooming her for an exciting future.

So Mary just sang the hymns which, when she wasn’t also playing the piano was a very different activity… oddly liberating like everything else had become lately.

Gloria, surprised to see Mary in the congregation and not on the dais, moved her hand into her purse and switched on the vibrating egg she had slid inside her pet.

As Mary sang … her entire body suddenly shook as the thing inside her started buzzing, distracting her into singing out of tune. As she leaned forward, holding onto the front lip of her pew for support, she tried to keep singing even as intense pleasure began to stimulate her from the inside.

Gloria kept it on low. Her goal wasn’t to humiliate her pet, it was to gradually stimulate her to the brink of lust through a slow burning tease for the next hour… as her pussy juice marinated into a succulent lunch for sumptuous dining when Mary arrived at Gloria’s house shortly after church… just like a roast simmering to its peak in a slow cooker (a terrible simile but one that seemed to fit).

Singing was becoming nearly impossible for Mary as the pleasure inside, even though it was subtle, was making it hard for her to focus… even though she knew every word of the hymn… a hymn she herself had chosen for today.

Gloria watched from an angle so she could watch Mary’s facial expressions, so she could watch her struggle… canlı casino a struggle she already planned to parallel with the tests given to the disciples of The Lord.

Mary opened her legs slightly wider, so the thing inside fit inside her more gently, making its impact slightly less intense. It was only with an effort that she refrained from rubbing herself.

And for two more hymns Mary sang as best she could, as she fought the temptation to masturbate herself to completion right there in the midst of the congregation, or to scurry out and pleasure herself in a washroom. No… this was Mistress Gloria testing her, and although she was enjoying the pleasure, she assumed that she was supposed to ride out the storm… at least until the service was over and in private she could fly into the sensuous embrace of her Mistress.

Once the hymns were done, Gloria shut the egg off, not wanting anyone near her horny, red faced pet to hear the telltale buzzing.

Mary was surprised when the vibrating stopped… partly thankful (she was worried she might come right there in church and attract everyone’s attention if it kept going throughout the service) and partly frustrated (as she wanted to see if she could control her body and hold back her orgasm for as long as she could and earn her Mistress’s praise).

After the announcements, a prayer, and the offering plate, the sermon began. This minister was all fire and brimstone just like Mary’s father, focusing on ultimate loyalty to God and the church.

Mary listened, or tried to listen; her curiosity about what Mistress Gloria was planning for her kept popping into her head… even though she had no idea other than she assumed she would finally be allowed to taste her Mistress’s heavenly sensation again… and hopefully she would get her bothered box lapped too.

Mary fidgeted through the entire service, fading in and out, as she tried to not think about her burning pussy and her hunger for The Lord’s juices…

Once the sermon had finished and the next hymn was announced, Mary nodded to Alyssa to again play piano. Mary stood up as the music began, and instantly the buzzing resumed.

Mary was happy to feel the pleasure again… knowing her Mistress was giving her the gift of God right here in His place of worship.

Two services ago she would have been mortified by such an experience, but since the discovery of The Lord’s true gifts bestowed only to women she found this exhilarating and true worship.

She declared, partially as cover for her obvious excitement, partially in true exultation, as the introduction to the hymn played, “Praise The Lord!”

Others followed, repeating Mary’s sudden enthusiastic declaration.

Mary blushed and smiled at the congregants following her even as the buzzing suddenly increased in strength, forcing a moan out of her that was quite loud. She covered by moaning loudly, as she held onto the next pew for support, “Thank you, Lord!”

Gloria decided, since everyone seemed oblivious to the real reason Mary was so outspoken, she usually was rather reserved in church, to actually get her off right there in the church.

Thankfully, Mary’s hands were already tightly grabbing the pew as the vibrations inside became faster and so intense that instantly her orgasm erupted in her. “Yessssssss, God!” she screamed and moaned, such that anyone really paying attention would have known that the teen was in the midst of an orgasm: the moans, the red cheeks, the trembling body.

And at least a couple of experienced people did. Cassandra, the mayor’s wife, glanced curiously over at Gloria and saw her eyes transfixed on Mary and instantly knew exactly what was happening. Gloria had shoved a vibrating egg in Cassandra during the annual Mayor’s Christmas banquet where she had helplessly come twice… once during dinner at a table of eight, drawing curious looks from them all as she twitched in ecstasy and spilled her water glass, and the second time after having given her usual Christmas greetings, just as she had resumed her seat and the crowd’s attention had gone to someone else. At that moment she had experienced an extremely personal ‘Joy to the World’. She had barely managed to restrain her joy to a soft “Mmmmmmph!” that very few people noticed.

The other perceptive person was the seven months pregnant Carol, who was instantly horny by what she witnessed… actually she was always horny the past couple of weeks… although her husband wouldn’t fuck her for psychological reasons. Mary’s rapturous behaviour could only be explained if Gloria had added her to the secret society… which would be the ultimate coup!!

Gloria allowed the vibrations to ricochet inside the teen for a few more seconds before she abruptly shut the toy off.

Carol glanced over and saw Gloria’s eyes transfixed on Mary with pleased satisfaction, and knew instantly that Mary had indeed joined the society.

Mary’s pussy juice was leaking out of her and she was thankful she’d kaçak casino been allowed to wear a thong today… or there may have been a puddle of evidence underneath her, and perhaps even a buzzing thingie!

The elderly Mrs. Beckingsal reached over and rubbed Mary’s back as she comforted her, “That’s it, Mary, let The Lord rush through you like a cleansing wind.”

Mary couldn’t help but smile at the woman’s accidentally very true words. She just nodded, too weak to speak, her body still trembling from the pleasure inside… a pleasure still pulsating in waves… as if The Lord was blessing her with complete euphoria as she surrendered and gave herself to Him in His house of worship.

Gloria smiled at the wicked act that she had precipitated in the house of The Lord… one that she was confident would cement her mental manipulation of Mary even more.

Mary just allowed her body to become one with The Lord… a secret trust that was only between her and Him… and her Mistress.

When the hymn ended and the congregation began filing out, Mary remained standing, her knees shaking, clutching the front pew for support. Mrs. Beckingsal remained standing next to Mary and whispered, “No hurry, my dear. Just be with Him.”

Mary nodded, as she admitted through her heavy breathing, “The Lord’s blessings just make me so happy it takes my breath away.”

“He does that for all who follow him,” the older woman agreed with an understanding smile. Or actually a smile, which was offered because she thought she understood. Mary was relieved to take it at face value.

Mary nodded, as her body still felt spasms, the aftermath of glory, “He gives and gives and gives.”

“That he does, my child.”

After a long pause while she recuperated from her all-consuming orgasm Mary finally said, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” the older lady nodded. “I always enjoy witnessing when someone becomes one with The Lord.”

Mary weakly began walking forward to compliment Alyssa for her playing. Reaching her, she said, “You’re very good.”

“Thank you,” the younger girl replied timidly… Mary a mere five days older than Alyssa.

“I think we should take turns playing from now on,” Mary continued, wanting to be able to sneak away as needed, while also doing what was best for the church long term.

“Really?” Alyssa said excitedly, always frustrated to play second fiddle to Mary all these years… not in a jealous way, Alyssa was as sweet as Mary, but in an ‘I wish I was as good as Mary’ kind of way.

“I’m going away for college soon,” Mary explained, before adding, “and we’ll need someone to replace me and you definitely have the ability.”

“Oh my, thank you,” Alyssa said.

“Plus, you’re going to college here, correct?” Mary asked.

“I am,” Alyssa nodded, her family not able to afford a school and accommodations for her far away.

“And let’s work together on leading the choir,” Mary added, “you have such a lovely voice and you’re such a great sight-reader, you would be a great help to the other singers; when it’s time, you should replace me doing that too, and it would be good to give you some experience conducting before you’re doing it alone.” It wasn’t really Mary’s place to decide on a choir director, but she was sure that her father wouldn’t mind. He had always trusted Mary’s judgement in musical matters.

“Wow, really?” Alyssa was almost jumping up and down, she was so excited.

“Let’s work together for next week’s service,” Mary offered.

“For sure,” Alyssa agreed.

“Great,” Mary smiled, before giving her a hug and heading out, looking for Mistress Gloria.

Gloria was chatting with Carol, who could be a pest, always wanting to know Gloria’s secrets, “You got Mary, didn’t you?”

“Moi?” Gloria asked, playing innocent.

“How? When?” Carol asked, in awe of Gloria’s gift of seduction… even as she recalled being seduced by her a couple years ago after a candle party where her flame was lit in a way she hadn’t known existed. Her curiosity about other women’s girly parts had been zero before she discovered herself in a sixty-nine in the back of her minivan, but once Gloria had introduced her, she had instantly become an enthusiastic student.

“Another time, another place,” Gloria answered, realizing some unintended consequences of her most recent excitement. Over time, all in the secret society would learn of Mary’s seduction and Gloria’s belief that she was the next one… but not yet… not until her training was complete. One thing that concerned Gloria was the possibility that she might overwhelm Mary by going too fast.

Carol nodded, bummed not to hear the story immediately, but understanding that Mistress Gloria knew best, and she would learn the story when the situation was more discrete. That said, Mary! Wow! Mary was the least likely young woman in the community to be seduced, and yet obviously she had been… which meant no one was off limits… this excited the eager secret lesbian as maybe one day, sooner than imagined, Gloria and the secret society’s revolution would explode into public view. That would be a glorious day and perhaps sooner than she’d originally envisioned!

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