Circle of love, from slavery to family

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Circle of love, from slavery to familyI was born in Louisiana, my family were one of the first families here and I inherited the family plantation. Yes my family were slave owners. One day while rummaging around the attic I found my great great grandfather’s journal. He described life with slaves. He of course called them negros. The rest of my family were blatantly racist, my mother and father called all blacks niggers. While I was raised that way I didn’t think the same. Most of the men I met were definitely niggers but the women were always so nice and a lot of them beautiful. I always had a attraction to black women. While reading my grandfather’s memoirs I found out he felt the same way. There were slave names that he had sex with. I’ve never been with a black woman but I had a strong desire. He described there body’s in great detail. How pink there insides were how bouncy their breasts were. I took the book downstairs and put it aside. Next thing I know I’m on xhamster jerking my cock to a beautiful black teen taking a big white cock up her ass. I was never so aroused. Most people in my town knew we were racist and always claimed the south would rise again. The blacks stayed away. Our plantation was known to have the most slaves but mostly black women. I guess my grandpa really loved that pink pussy. As I watched the video I could see why. I was amazed. I wanted, I needed a black girl. I was so horny for this young black girl I stripped naked laying on my couch edging as I watched her every hole get pounded. Her dark skin looked so soft, the whites of her eyes and her teeth were so bright. Her tongue, gums and pussy such a bright beautiful pink. She had a pair of nice bouncy C cups that were pointed and delicious dark nipples. He stomach wasn’t too skinny but not fat either. Her ass was round a giggly. My cock was so hard, it was throbbing. The white man was fucking her hard then he pulled out and shot his white cum all over her beautiful face. I couldn’t take anymore. The cum hung from her natural curly hair, down the bridge of her nose and dripped from her full sexy lips. My balls erupted and my cum shot off like a volcano at least 2’ into the air before landing on my pecks and abs. The thick white cum pooled on my skin my soft cock laying on my stomach still oozing. I wished I could have came on her. After I cleaned up I got dressed and headed back to the attic. Among the boxes I found fully preserved slave clothing all female. I also found grandpa’s whip and some device’s that were scary. Pictures of his slaves. Gorgeous black women who actually looked happy. But knowing it was probably all show. I wonder did he make them fuck? Did they want to? I found letters written to him from one woman who wasn’t my great grandma. Her handwriting was awful and her spelling even worse. Juana was the woman’s name she confessed her love for him. There was multiple letters from her . I suspect he was having a affair with her. I didn’t read them all but one stuck out as she said she was pregnant with his c***d. I grabbed the paper and headed down stairs to the computer. A while back I was bored and did the ancestry dna thing, but never really looked into it. After digging deep I found a family I was related to and you guessed it they were black. If my parents knew they would roll over in there grave. After a night of digging on the web, drinking and jerking off to ebony and ivory porn I found a woman who was my age. 34. Her name was Niya her last name was the shocker ,Cormier my last name! I found her on Facebook and Instagram. She was 5’6 with natural hair. Her skin a medium brown. Her tits looked to be a C cup. And she had that nice round ass. No k**s and single. I scrolled through her pictures and ended up with my cock in my hand stroking. I had to reach out to her. So that’s what I did. I told her my name and where I lived and asked her if she knew her great great grandmother’s name. The next morning I woke up on the couch half naked and black porn still running on the TV my head was pounding. I made some coffee and my phone was blowing up. All these messages from Niya . As I expected her grandma name was Juana. After reading all her messages she seemed nice and very interested. I gave her my number and we texted all morning. She knew my house and lived close by. She knew my house as being racist. I assured her I wasn’t the same as my relatives. I told her about everything I found in the attic. She wanted to see it. Niya asked to come over to read some of the letters. I told her I just woke up with a hangover. She said get a shower I’m getting dressed and headed over. Quick I took a shower and got dressed just throwing on some sweatpants and a hoodie. The door bell rings and I open the door to see Niya wearing a red hoodie and grey leggings. Her face was gorgeous her hair I wanted to run my fingers through. I wanted to kiss her plump lips. I was a deer in headlights. Niya giggled. Hey, you ok? She smiled. Yeah sorry. I welcomed her in. We sat on the couch and I gave her the letters to read. She smiled as she read them and tears ran down her soft cheeks. After she was done she thanked me and hugged me. Her smell was intoxicating her breasts against me she squeezed me tightly. After she pulled back she smiles again. I asked her if she wanted more. More what? She grinned To see more of the relics ? I smiled There’s more?I laughed you could stay here a month looking through the attic and property. She was excited and we headed to the attic. I found her mesmerizing and would not pass up having sex with this beautiful woman. But I wanted her to know her past even more. I showed her the clothes his journal. I showed her every. Apparently your grandpa had a bit of jungle fever she laughed. What about you? Huh? I acted dumbOk she smiled. You know he bedded a lot of slaves you may have more family than you think. Your parents were known to be really racist but I don’t think he was. It was just the way they lived back then owning slaves. He seemed to love them. She spoke Yeah I agree I smiled. We kept looking and digging around. And lunch time was nearing. I asked what what she wanted for lunch. Telling her she can have anything she wants. She just wanted a sandwich so I made it for her. We ate together and chatted then went back to searching. We only explored 1/4 of the attic and the next thing I know it was dinner time. I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said a shrimp po’boy from roscoes on the other side of town. She stood up brushing her self off and grabbed my hand c’mon we can go there. We walked down the stairs and walked in my bedroom. Hold on let me change I said. I grabbed some jeans and headed in the bathroom. She gawked at my room. Your room is bigger than some houses I been in she laughed. And your bed is huge. I yelled out that bedframe and was his. When I walked out she was smiling and giggling.What? I askedWell me and you were probably made in that bed she laughed. How many slave women’s heads were banged into that headboard she laughed. We went out to my truck and started driving. She was asking me a lot of questions about myself. Including why am I single and have I ever dated a black woman I answered everything truthfully. As we pulled up to the outdoor restaurant. I noticed I was going to be the only white person. I didn’t know anyone. Don’t worry your with me you will be ok she laughed. Your first black date she smiled.Date? I said confused She bit her bottom lip and let out a cute giggle . Yup a date. Alright I said. We got out and ordered sandwiches then she seen some other girls she knew and pulled me over. They didn’t seem to care I was white and asked me my name when I told them they looked shocked. One woman said I thought you were all racist she laughed I guess your not. No I’m not like them I replied. Another girl said well if y’all get married you won’t have to change your last name! Niya pulled me close. Yeah same last name she smiles. Hugging onto me tightly until our order was up. We said goodbye to her friends and sat on the tailgate eating.
So what do you want to do next? I smiled. Hmmm let’s go back to the plantation. She smiled. Ok we can look around all you want I said. As we looked around I started asking her questions about herself. canlı bahis I found out she was single cause she just never really found someone she had a deep connection with. She lived alone in a small house in the ghetto, worked retail and didn’t have a vehicle. She was a only c***d like me and her parents had also passed. We had a lot in common. But she has dated outside her race. But not really cause I have some white in me she laughed. It was getting late and I told her I didn’t want her walking home alone and I would drive her. Home ? Is our date over? She laughed.I wanna stay she grinned Sure we have beds you can sleep in if you want. We walked down stairs and she walked in my room and laid on my bed . This is big enough for both of us stop being a prude she smiles as she slaps the bed next to her. I crawled into bed laying next to her. So what do you think about dating a black girl? She grinned I would if she was my type I like people for who they are. I smiled You know once you go black you never go back she laughed as she rolled towards me throwing her leg over my body, her head resting on my chest. Her hand rubbing up and down my abs. Mmmm this is nice she moaned. Yes it is…C’mon let’s go to sleep she whispers. Niya sits up pulling off her hoodie and her leggings. You don’t sleep in your clothes do ya? She asked. I took off my hoodie and t-shirt and my pants standing there in my boxers looking down at Niya in red silk panties and a matching bra. She pulls the covers over her and her bra comes off then her panties. She looks at me biting her lip “well?”I push my boxers to the floor. My thick 9” cock rock hard she gasps. Sure your not part black? She giggled I climbed into bed she backs her beautiful round ass into my cock. Taking my hand she places it on her firm breast. Mmmmmm this is what I need she moans. She rolls her head back and I kiss her passionately. Omg yes she moans. Ok let’s sleep like this all night? SureMy hand holding her tit my cock nesting between her cheeks , every so often she pushes back into me and let’s out a soft moan. She adjusted her ass and pushes back I feel the wetness of her pussy slide down my shaft. Ohhh that’s the perfect spot for sleeping she moaned. I fell asleep holding my black queen in my arms. The best sleep of my life. The next morning I woke up to the sun shining through my window. Niya was already awake. I heard her in the kitchen. I threw on some sweatpants and headed downstairs. She stood there drinking coffee wearing only my T-shirt. Good morning baby she smiled. Looking at her my dick was semi hard . Hmmm she grinned. As she handed me my coffee. “What do you wanna do today? “ she askedAnything you want I replied What if we got married? Today?No she laughed what if we hit it off I mean?Would you marry a black woman?I would marry you I grinned Oh really?I just laughed and she laughed hugging me tightly she looks up at me. That would be a fucked up fairy tale. Slave owner fucks slave has baby, great great granddaughter falls In love with great great grandson. The slave returns she laughed.But your no slave I spoke I would be your slave in bed she grinned as her hand grabbed my rock hard cock. My hands slide down grabbing her plump ass. Do you want to fuck me? She moans I’m in no rush I’d rather make love. I replied You don’t want to bend me over this table and fuck my brains out with that thick cock? I don’t know what it was about her but I had a deep connection and wanted to treat her with respect. So I told her that. She replied that makes my heart pound. We kissed. Then I told her “ your special to me we have a deeper connection than most and I’d like our first love making to be special “ After we headed back to the room and got dressed. Niya wanted to wander the property and see what else we could find so I took her hand and went exploring. It was the perfect day . The sun was shining and it was warm. We came upon one of the old slave chambers, my family really took care of everything preserving it to be the same as it was 400 years ago. Once inside Niya said wow this is where she lived. There was also a attic that I never been in so we headed up. Searching through the boxes we found some terrify things like shackles and neck collars made of steal. We found pictures and more letters. We both sat on wooden milk crates just chatting when Niya asked me some questions I didn’t want to answer. So have you ever called a black person a nigger? Embarrassed I said yes . That’s ok she smiles. So how do you like to fuck your women? She grins. Well I’ll be honest here, it’s probably going to turn you of I said. Do you know what BDSM is? Niya grinned yes I do. Ok well I lived that lifestyle for years. So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree she laughed What do you mean?Well you grandpa liked fucking slaves and so do you! Yeah but they weren’t black!So you had white slaves she smiled. Did they call you Master?I put my head down and softly spoke yes. Are you embarrassed baby?A bitTell me did you beat them with a switch?YesWhat else?I don’t want to talk about it. C’mon I want to know, what’s sex with Master like? I want to know everything about you. Ok then. My first slave was Kim we were together 2 years. We were just exploring together. Nothing extreme. Second was Tabitha she wanted a little more pain and I would choke her, use a flogger, tie her down, spit in her face, fuck all her holes, nothing to extreme. The last girl was Megan we lasted 4 years. She was a pain slut. Double penetration, slapping, spanking, fisting, choking, strangling, pussy spanking, toilet play, nipple torture, water boarding, cages, pet play, tattooing, you name it we did it. Wow! I had dated a guy who was into bdsm but nothing like that. And what is toilet play?That’s when I piss on you or in you I laughed.In me?Yeah in your mouth or your ass I laughed.Hmmm ever imagine doing that to a black girl?Yeah of course I grinned.So what made you stop? One day we were at a party and there was this beautiful black girl. Megan was a big time racist and started making comments about her being there well I stood up for the woman and she says oh your family would be rolling over in their graves if they knew you wanted to fuck a aids carrying monkey. Right then and there I dragged her out took her home and said goodbye. Did you want to fuck her? Niya smiled I mean I definitely would have I laughed. So should I call you master for now on?What no! Why would you?I don’t know but I kinda want to. I want to feel what our grand parents felt. I understand that but you will never been hidden away. You will never be a secret. The way you talk about us and our relationship I feel you are honest and sincere. I really like that. Niya smiles. Can I sleep here with you again tonight? I don’t want to be alone. Yes of course I’d love for you to stay I smiled. But I have to leave early to walk to work. No ill drive you. Ok We got out of the building and sat in the grass under the sun. So what do you think about me? She smiles no about us?I want a relationship with you. I really like you, your personality is amazing and your gorgeous. Have you ever dated a white guy?Actually I have but I wasn’t related to him she giggled. But I haven’t in a long time and we didn’t have sex. I was a teen. Niya rolled over on top of me I held her ass in my hands and we made out for awhile. Can you take me to my place so I can get some clothes?Yes anything you want. Oh anything she smiles Yes anything! C’mon let’s go. After we got in the truck we headed to the ghetto. Her house a 600sqft eroded house. The inside was clean but definitely deteriorated. She piled clothes in a duffel and we headed back to the plantation. Once inside she pulls me close c’mon we need a shower. I watched her slowly strip. Her body was so amazing my cock was rock hard. I started to undress when she stopped me. Let your slave undress you masta. She giggled. Her hands rubbin
g up and down my abs pulling my pants down my hard cock flung out, her eyes lit up and she kissed the head of my cock. Big Dick masta she giggles. We headed into the shower and our hands explored each other’s body’s. After we were clean we got out and dried off she laid down on the bed her and I laid with her. We cuddled and kissed then talked some bahis siteleri more. What are you thinking I asked. You really want to know? YesI’m thinking I was made from love not slavery. He loved her and now me and you. It’s like a full circle. I’m thinking we are meant to be, real soul mates. I want to be your slave, but in a different way. I really like you and want to fall in love with you, grow old with you, make beautiful mixed babies with you to end the racism. I didn’t know what to say so I just showed her. I started kissing her I stopped for a second and said. Our love starts here. She pulled me on top of her and kissed passionately. Slowly I kissed and licked her neck with some light biting. Slowly to her shoulders then to her breasts, she moaned as I nuzzled at her nipples then to her stomach , she spread her legs wide and I sucked and licked her pussy paying special attention to her pulsating clit. Her long nails ran through my hair her hip bucking. Using my fingers spreading her lips I seen her bright pink insides it looked like bubble gum but tasted even better. My tongue lashed down at her ass hole licking her rim she moans loudly. Returned back to her pussy I ate it like it was my last meal. She moaned and screams as she orgasms her juices filling my tongue. My cock twitching I had to push it inside her. She moans make love to me. Slowly I made love to her her nails digging into my back as she orgasmed multiple times. Her legs wrapped around my waist as my cock picked up speed thrusting in and out of her dripping wet snatch. I watch her eyes intently as we made passionate love. I grunted and was trying to hold back my cum when she moans. Cum in me Masta! She pulled me close and bit my neck hard. My balls erupted shooting my cum inside her pink berry. I collapsed next to her and she rolled over looking at me. Your amazing she smiles I’ve never had a man make love to me. I laughed yeah I never made love like that. Well that’s because it wasn’t love before. She smiled and kissed my lips. After dinner you can fuck your nigger slave masta she laughed. Don’t say that…What it’s funny you can fuck me in the ass and say you like that white dick nigger? She laughed I’m not saying that!C’mon I want you too We will see but that nigger pussy is amazing I laughed. She rolled on top of me pinning my hands down. Mmmmm she moans as her wet pussy slides up and down my shaft. I’m your nigger slave forever masta she giggled. My cock now rock hard again she grabs it sliding it in her pussy. She twerks her ass riding me her breasts bouncing. I can’t take my eyes off hers. She screams yes yes masta yes fuck your nigger! As she orgasms again and again. Her body trembling, goosebumps covering her soft skin . Not being able to hold back I cum again. Niya collapsed on top of me. After she catches her breath she whispers in my ear. We are meant to be.I whispered back. I know. After cuddling a while she got up put on my shirt and made dinner. After we ate we watched a movie and went to bed. Of course I slept with my cock inside her. The next morning she showered and got dressed. I dropped her off at work and went home. By the time lunch came around and I was thinking all day I hoped in my truck and raced to Niya’s job. I walked in to her department found her. Her smile lit up the room and I hugged her and kissed her in front of everyone. What are you doing she laughed. C’mon let’s go.I have to finish.I don’t want to be away from you let’s go.But but…I pulled her close and whispered in her ear. It’s time you lived how I live. Your entitled to this life as well. What really?Yes quit move in with me let’s be together forever. I need you. Ok baby let’s go she smiles We jump in the truck and head to her house to get everything she wanted. Then we went home.Are you sure about this?Yes I’ve never been so sure. The next 4 weeks were amazing, we kept searching the property for more cool stuff we made love each and every day. I shared everything with her . One morning I woke up and Niya was standing at the foot of our bed. She wore a simple white cotton nightgown and the steel slave collar we found. What are you doing I laughed. Masta I love you. I’m your nigger slave. I want to be your slave forever. Her hands behind her back she reveals great great granddaddy’s whip and throws it on the bed. Take what’s yours masta!I was confused but I figured she was just roll playing, so I went along with it. I stand up with my rock hard cock. I take hold of the whip. Lift up your dress nigger! I say trying not to laugh. Face against the wall whore!Niya moves against the plaster wall holding her gown up over her shoulders. I take the whip and strike her back. Not too hard but enough to sting. Owww she cried . Again a bit harder I cracked her lower back. She cried loudly. I set the whip down and moved behind her softly kissing her back. I really didn’t want to whip her. I felt terrible. My hands rubbing up and down her ribs. Niya I don’t want to treat you like this. Please masta just once in a while I want to be treated like a slave. So not everyday?No of course not. She giggled.But now you want it? Yes Masta! I pulled her around pushing her over the bed . Rubbing the head of my cock on her asshole. I want your nigger ass hole and I’m gonna take it.Yes masta.I spit in my hand and rubbed it on my cock then her tiny hole. This being the first time I penetrated her butt, I was going to be very dominant. I started by fingering her hole, she moans and after I stick the second finger in she squeals. I pull my fingers out and reach up making her suck them. I pushed my cock past her sphincter making her squeal loudly. I put my hands on her hips and shoved balls deep. She started crying but that just made me harder. Holding her hips my cock started pounding her hole aggressively. Her round jiggly ass shaking away. I started spanking her ass hard. You like that nigger? You love white cock don’t you? Yes she gasped. My thick white cock jackhammered her perfect ass. I lost who I was at that time. My balls slapped her pussy which each thrust. I just wanted to hear her cry. I wanted to abuse her. My nigger slave. Reaching up wrapping my hand around her throat, I pulled her back to my chest my free hand slapping her tits. Squeezing her throat she gasps for air. My cock still hammering away. After choking her I grabbed the steel collar and choked her with that. My goal was to treat her so badly she would never want to do it again. I was about to cum when I yanked my cock out and shoved her to her knees I began dick whipping her hard. Then shoved my cock down her throat gagging her. She spit up all over my cock, large pools of saliva dripping. I spooled the spit up in my hand and pulled my cock out and slap her face hard. Then gagged her again. I saved my saliva up in my mouth. Pulled my cock out and spit all over her open eyes. Then grabbing her head I fucked her face and throat, her gagging making me more horny. After I couldn’t take anymore I pulled my cock out and came all over her face. Then made her suck me clean. After we were done Niya looks in my eyes and says “thank you Masta…I grabbed her hair in my hand and dragged her in the shower. Bending her over I shoved my semi hard cock in her ass and started pissing in her ass. She moans as the warm piss coats her bowels . After my piss my cock is rock solid again. Reaching up I grab her collar. And start ramming my cock in and out with great power. My body hits her cheeks and the tremble as she moans and screams. The sound of my cock drilling her piss filled hole sounds like plungering a toilet. Before I cum I rip my cock out and push her to her knees. My cock down her throat. She gags and her asshole opens its flood gates cleaning her asshole out on the shower floor. I pull my
cock free and grab her by the hair . “Look at that mess you made! Pushing her head closer to the mess. “ savage nigger look at my floor!” I pulled her head back up and spit in her face. Then I slapped her face hard. The look in her eyes were still sexy . I had to make that go away. So I slapped her even harder and harder. Her lip broke. I wanted nothing more that to kiss it and hold her but this is what she wanted. So I continue. Slapping down spanking her breasts hard she tears up. bahis şirketleri I gag her with my cock again and throat fuck her. You like that nigger? Suck it monkey! I pulled my cock out and she let out her cute giggle. I couldn’t take anymore and nutted on her pretty face. Thank ya Masta she smiles. I start the shower and pick her up. Then remove her collar. Hugging Niya, holding her tightly I say” I don’t want to hurt you Niya, I love you.”She smiles big. Looking up in my eyes I love you too Chris. We kiss then wash up. After we get dressed we have something to eat.8 months later we were still happy and in love. The sex was amazing, we only did the slave thing one more time and we agreed it was enough. We’re still kinky but not so aggressive. No slave shit. Sometimes she says it k**ding but that’s it. We dug deeper into our families. The other women slaves. We dedicated a entire room for sorting all of the relics. We were building a time line from them to us. We wanted to share our story of love and our full circle we have made. Secretly I was planning to ask her to marry me. I knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her every time I looked into her eyes.I purchased a big diamond engagement ring. I had the day all planned out. She really enjoyed a certain spot on the plantation she would take me out there when she just wanted to relax and listen to nature. It was her peaceful place. I took her out shopping one day, told her to get whatever she wanted. Meanwhile back at the house I had a monument being installed at her favorite place, we actually talked about it when we first met. It was made of steel and granite. The bottom was a circle of granite on a base that was under ground. The top was a steel ring , not plated or shiny but rusty like a collar her grandmother wore. In the middle of the ring floated a normal sized engagement ring. It was suspended with clear wires. The base read. Circle of life. A promise of love filled 246 years ago. Now complete. Under that it had my grand father’s and her Grandmother’s name. With the dates we knew they were together. Under their names were ours and the date we first me. The contractors set up a blanket and basket for me before they left. We were shopping I just loved watching Niya’s smile shining. We had all the money we could ever want and she bought a bunch of sweatpants and hoodies. I thought it was funny. She didn’t want fancy things she was just a down to earth woman. She did have a hell of a tennis shoe addiction though. She pulls me to the side and says you see that girl? YeahYou see her hair?YupWhat do you think? The girl was gorgeous her hair was the same style as Niya’s. I don’t know how to explain it other than natural. Like a picked out curly Afro but long flowing hair. I loved her hair. But this girls was bleached dark blonde.I love it. Is that what you want?I don’t know what do you think?Well you both have the same complexion and she looks really cute so why not I smiled. Niya pulled me close and kissed my lips giggling. You are so good to me she smiled. Why are you?Because I love you. I love you too Chris. After shopping we grabbed something to eat and headed back to the plantation. Once arriving. Niya asks me to take a walk. Luckily I already had the ring in my pocket. She held my arm tightly as we walked the property. There was a square of hedges with a little bench in the middle that’s where the monument was. Niya walked through first as I entered she stood there looking at it. She looked back at me smiling then moved forward to read it. She moved forward again to see the fake ring suspended in air. All she said was “oh my god” When she turned around to look at me I was on one knee holding the ring. Niya will you marry me? I spoke Tears rolling down her cheeks, she didn’t even look at the ring just my eyes. Slowly she walks towards me putting her hand out never breaking eye contact. I slip the ring on. She dropped to her knees. “ yes baby I will definitely marry you ! I love you more than anything in this world.” She softly kissed my lips. Then giggles and tackles me onto the blanket. Our clothes rip off and we make out on the blanket. She grabs my cock and puts it in her soaked pussy. We made passionate love for over a hour and a half. Finally I filled her womb with my seed. We laid there naked for hours talking and kissing. After the sun went down we headed inside. We didn’t eat we just made love all night till we finally fell asleep. The next day she started planning the wedding. It wasn’t over the top, it was actually a slave marriage ceremony. Yup we jumped the broom. We got married 2 months later. After we were married we honeymooned in Bermuda. We had a secluded private place on the beach. I remember watching Niya standing on the beach looking out on the ocean. Her dyed hair reflects from the sun. The sun kissing her brown skin. She stood there naked, just watching the ocean she’s so gorgeous. Well what to say about the honeymoon. We fucked a lot. We made love even more. After we returned to the plantation we got back to making the time line. Kept searching and cataloging. Niya’s dream was to write a book about all of our families history sharing with the world how we broke the boundaries of hatred and racism and ended up together forever. So that’s what we were doing. We worked hard on it for years, but never so hard that we forgot each other. We have a amazing marriage. Three years after marriage Niya says baby so do you mind if I stop taking the pill? I was so happy and smiling. So yeah she smiles Yes stop now, today I laughed Yes Masta she grinned Be a good little jungle bunny and give me some mixed niglets I laughed We laughed together as she jumped on me. Niglets?! Jungle bunny?! She smiled that’s funny. The next few days were filled with hot sex. Making love, making a family. A month later we knew she was pregnant, her sexual appetite did not fade. She always still wanted me and we definitely had more anal sex than we ever had. When our daughter Juana was born yes we named her after her grandma. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. 2 years later little Niya was born. We decided to stop there. She wanted to give me a son but I was happy with my daughters. And they were a handful. Niya asked if we should get a nanny and we agreed so we could continue our research. We interviewed some 20 women. We ended up with Trinity she was of mixed decent our age and very interested in our story. She also had the same natural hair as Niya. She was a beautiful woman. Very well spoken and overall very interesting. Don’t worry this isn’t a fucking the nanny story. I never had lust or love for any other woman than Niya. After Little Niya was 5 and Juana was 7 we had our book done. It was New York #1 top seller for 2 years. Lots of people reach out but we already put everything in the book that we wanted to share. We never included our address or anything where someone could find us. We wanted our daughters to grow up without being harassed. We didn’t do it to be famous. All the money from the sales went to a charity. To end human trafficking. We never received a penny. We really didn’t need it. Yesterday I woke up rolling over and seen Niya resting on her hand watching me sleep. Good morning my love I spoke. Good morning indeed Niya smiles.The k**s are in school, Trinity is away for the day. How about we hit the shower and you shove that big white cock up my ass and give me a proper piss enema? She giggled. I couldn’t get up quick enough. The head of my cock gaping her tiny brown hole open and flushing her out with my piss. She moans loudly at the feeling of my warm fluid. Sh
e grins back. Fuck your niggers ass Masta. I pumped her big round ass over and over. Grabbing her hair pulling her back to my chest, holding her tits biting her neck I pounded her hard. Pushing her chest against the shower wall I reach down grabbing the inside of her thighs I picked her up and drove my cock balls deep. She moans and begs me to fuck her harder. A jackhammer her beautiful ass into submission. Cum in my face baby she begs. I pulled my cock out and she drops to her knees sucking my piss and ass juice covered cock. I hear her bowels drain onto the tile. Pull my cock out and cover her beautiful face in thick white cum. We make out through the cum. Sharing the cum with a kiss. After we cleaned up and showered we returned to the bed and made love with the sunlight shining through the windows. Our life is and forever will be blessed.

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