Class is in Suction!

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Summary: Maybe Teysa should have read her volunteering contract a bit more thoroughly…though perhaps its a good thing that she just skimmed it!

Author’s Note — I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. I’d also like to recognize the two stories that gave me inspiration for this story; “The Best Policy” and “Bunny Tales”; both authors are wonderfully skilled, and you’d be doing yourself a favor reading their stories. Hope you enjoy my little experiment, and thanks for giving me a try!


“Alright class, settle down, settle down; put your wands away and take your seats! Let’s start this semester off on a good note, shall we?”

“There, that’s better. I’m Jaya Ballard, and I’ll be your professor for Advanced Transmogrification 3401. Since you’re all taking this class, I assume that you’re all familiar with the basics of the subject. Still, a quick little refresher couldn’t hurt, and it’ll warm us up for the little surprise I have for today.”

“So….transmogrification! What is it exactly? Ah, yes, you, the young lady in the back….? Very good, that’s right; the act of modifying an individual’s mind and body with magic. Now, it takes a lot of skill and energy to transmogrify someone, and it can be dangerous if you’re not trained. Still, if you’re all intent on becoming law enforcement officers, and I can see that nearly all of you are, the ability to transmogrify a dangerous opponent can be an extremely vital one. For example, how is a bank robber going to shoot at you if he has paws? Or how is a violent robber going to stab you when she’s held to the ground by her massive breasts?”

“At this point I’d like to remind everyone that this is an adult class.”

“Now, those situations I described may seem ludicrous, but nonviolent magic is always, always the best way to handle a situation. Transmogrification is painless, reversible, and….well, simply put, it has a much more satisfying effect on a resistant criminal. And remember, your goal as officers of the law is rehabilitation! Which, actually, is a great segue to my next section. Eli, would you mind bringing her in?”

“Get your fucking hands off me, you creepy prick!”

“Thank you, Eli, that will be all. Class, I’d like to introduce miss Teysa Renard. In lieu of jail time for a minor violent incident, she’ll be spending the semester assisting us as a volunteer! I’m sure you’ll all be very familiar by your final exams, so why don’t you give her a warm welco-“

“Hey, wait a minute! What the hell is all this? I didn’t think I was signed on for some class for weirdos; why is everyone dressed up like Halloween?!”

“Miss Renard, you did read the fine print on the forms you signed, did you not?”

“I…umm…skimmed them, sorta…”

“I see…well, in any case, just sit quietly and you’ll be educated soon enough; vulgar language has no place in my classroom.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, you stuck up bitch! I’m not one of your students, so you can’t do shmmmmmmmppppph!!! MMM?!?”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Miss Renard. Now, class, what I did there was a very simple but effective lip binding spell; you can find instructions for it in your textbooks, page 45. All I did was place a small charm over her brain; she’s trying to talk, but can’t quite remember how to open her mouth!”


“A very handy spell when dealing with rude or vulgar individuals. Still, not particularly interesting besides that; let’s try out some more effective spell, shall we?”

“….alright, that should do it. Miss Renard, how do you feel?”

“Well, gosh, sweetie, Teysa feels really…h-huh? What the goodness did you do Teysa?! Why is Teysa talking like this, cutie?!”

“There we go, much better! Class, what I performed there was a classic Bimbofication hex; I just remapped her brain a tad, and you can see that she’s getting some mixed signals. A very useful spell, since it allows for easier future mapping in terms of personality altercations. For more info on these, read the article by Professor Wynd on page 96.”

“Golly, Professor casino siteleri Ballard, Teysa sure doesn’t like that magicy stuff, honey bunch!”

“Well, that’s too bad, Teysa; think of it as a little lesson; you’ll have to be better behaved in the future, won’t you?”

“You big huge cutie pie! Teysa, like, just wants to give you lotsa snuggles!”

“What you can’t see, class, is that Teysa is trying her darnedest to swear herself silly at me. Too bad that cute bimbos, like her, can only speak the sweetest little things. Still, maybe it’s time to give her some improvements…”

“H-hey, what are you, like, doing sugarcakes? And why do Teysa’s lips feew aww…thiwy…?”

“And there you are, students! With a small enchantment, Teysa’s lips are now full, luscious pillows. Not only are those huge things a huge burden on her wickedly sweet tongue, they’re incredibly sensitive to the touch. Even the slightest little touch can drive her wild…I hope you’re not a messy eater, Teysa, because…well, you might make it a bit messier.”

“Now, I’m sure some of you might question the value of a spell like this. Well, there are a number of good reasons; to start with, you ha-“

“Th-thut up, you weird pwofethor perthun! You gave Teytha a thupid withp!”

“Teysa, honey, I know you’re upset, but you can’t interrupt my lesson like that.”

“You’re not the botth of Teytha! You can’t teww me wha’ to d-mmmmmmffffffff!”

“There you go, just suck on that for a bit, hun. Everyone, see how quickly she’s started to suckle that dildo? By the glazed look in her eyes, and her dilated pupils, we can see that Teysa is clearly incredibly turned on, just from the simple act of wrapping her fat lips around something. That’s actually a bit more of her bimbo instincts kicking in. Once she starts going like this, she can be sucking and slurping for hours; just don’t let her loose in the greenhouse like this, class, or she may get a hold of some vegetables.”


“Good girl, Teysa, just keep going! Now class, I’d like to demonstrate a couple of advanced techniques, so at this point I’d like to take suggestions. Since we’ll be having a quiz on Friday, let’s talk about some subject matter that will be on it. You’ll name things you want demonstrated, and we’ll have Miss Renard demonstrate it for us.”


“Alright, who’d like to go first? Ah, young man…Chris, is it? Alright, what spells are you interested in seeing, Chris? Oh…? Ah, a very common and classic one, and of course one of my favorites. Yes, this will be a good one to show off first.”

“Mmmmffff….mmmfffffffffff….? Mmmmnnnnffff?”

“As you can see, even in her slightly addled mindset, the transmogrification is distracting Teysa from her sucking duties…even if she can’t quite pull the dildo out of her mouth. And her growth should be getting more noticeable right…now! Miss Renard is now sporting a lovely pair of 32C cup breasts…though only for a little…those sweater puppies of hers aren’t slowing down yet! This is one of th the reasons Teysa wasn’t wearing a bra during her volunteer work, everyone, though violent attackers in the field may not have that luxury.”


“That said, it looks like those massive jugs are a tad too big for Miss Renard’s unfortunately-tight tank top….and they might just…”


“There we are! With her breasts wobbling and swaying out in the open air, slapping lewdly together…I doubt any female attacker would be able to keep up their violent composure and continue their assault…and that’s to say nothing of the male attackers! By her posture, we can see that Teysa is actually having a little trouble trying to stand. Of course, it’s hard to blame her; those huge milk jugs of hers are a bit beyond conventional cup sizes, although personally, I’m fond of the term ‘extra large watermelon cups’. She is actually still able to stand, though it’ll definitely take some effort; in the meantime, I’m sure getting around on all fours won’t be too demanding….well, as long as she keeps those fat, sensitive nipples from rubbing against the floor…”

“MMMMmmmmmmMMMFFFF!!” canlı casino Y-you big dumbdumbhead! Teytha have huge knockath! Ah…w-wait…T-teytha meant to thay big gozangath! H-huh?”

“And one of my favorite parts of our little bimbo enchantment; the subject thinks of the cutest words they can for their giant titties!”

“T-they’re not giant tittieth, they’re fat dairy jugth! Grrrrr!!!!”

“Hahaha, isn’t she just precious? Alright, let’s here another request…alright…Serra, correct? Serra, what would you like to see? Ahh, yes, I can see why you’d be interested in that one…’dairy jugth’ must have gotten you curious. Transmogrifications such as that are a bit more advanced, but that’s what we’re here for! Now, let’s see…”

“Wha’ the heck do you think you’re, wike, doin’ to Teytha, honey pieth!? T-teytha, umm…f-feew awe weird an’ thtuff…head feew funny…”

“As you can see, it’s in the first stages; Miss Renard has some absolutely adorable little horns on her forehead. And if you’d look down to her squirming hips, you can see that just above her bottom is a lovely cow tail, complete with a nice pink bow; I always did like to add my own touch.”

“H-hornth!? A taiw?!? Y-you fix Teytha wight thith thecond, thweethearth! AH?!”

“Mmmm, now, as you can see from our volunteers rather frantic arm movements, she’s realized that her hands are turning…well, now they’ve turned into harmless little cow hooves. Completely useless for picking up weapons, or even opening a door…but she sure is a cutie, isn’t she? If you’d direct your attention to her feet, you can see that the same change has already taken place; delicate hooves, with a bit of black and white fur on her ankles for good measure. Forget about what I said before about walking upright; with her new extremities, Miss Renard will be getting in touch with her wild side on all fours…if she decides to start grazing, I suppose it would come in handy!”

“Ahh..t-thith ith tho not coo’! An’…an’ my tittieth feew too fuww!!”

“That’s a fun little side effect of the transmogrification, sweetie; cows are good for milk, and now you are too! She’ll need to have those fat teats of hers milked if she wants to stay comfortable…and until she gets used to walking on those hooves, she’ll probably spend a lot of time rubbing those huge udders of hers against the ground, making them ache even more. Poor thing; she’s going to be a horny, milky little mess most of the time, just from walking! Still, we better do something about that soon…Eli, could you get my milking machine for me? My medium one, if you don’t mind.”

“That ith thooo unfair, you big…b-big dumb, thtupid….mmmmmmMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

“And with that, our little cowgirl is all finished! When she gets excited, speech patterns fade out for a bit of bovine eloquence; she may not be quite as wordy, but as you can hear, she’s still perfectly able to be vocal…though maybe not in the way that she prefers.”

“Mmmmmmmmooooooooooooooo!! Mmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooo!!!”

“This is a very handy way to not only demoralize attackers, but its also a handy little tool in many situations. For example, it makes on excellent on-the-fly lie detector test; if your suspect starts to moo under questioning, that might be a tip off that they aren’t being totally honest with you.”


“I know, girl, I know; your milker should be here soon. Hard to imagine an attacker still being violent after being subdued like this, but stranger things have happened…any other requests?”

“Mmmmmooooooo!??!!? Mmmmmooooo, mmmmmmmmmoooooooooooo!!”

“Well alright Sawyer, we can do that easily enough…it is an adult class, after all…besides, she’ll have fun when she’s getting milked, so I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to demonstrate. Ah, and right on time! Eli, if you wouldn’t mine disrobing for me while I get her all set up?”


“Hmmm…there we go! Our volunteer has some wonderfully stubborn teats…they’re a tad too big for my milker, so I hope it won’t tug too much. And wonderful, Eli, you’re all set to go! Class, if you’d take a look, my young intern here is ready to show off our latest charm…and I kaçak casino have to say, thank you, Eli, for being such a nice volunteer too. Shall we give him a little round of applause? Well, maybe not a little one…”

“Mmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooo, mmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooo!!!”

“And right on cute…can you see how Miss Renard is licking her fat, succulent lips with that clumsy tongue of hers? And how she can’t seem to stop pursing them? Well…to be fair, they’re so big that they look pursed anyways, but the symptom is present nearly universally. And, if you look at her expression, you can clearly see how her eyes are locked on Eli’s hard, ready cock. Do you see something you want, Teysa?”

“Mmmmooooooooo!!!! Mmmmoooooooooo, mmmmmmmmoooooooo!!!”

“Goooood girl…yes, the sucking compulsion is always a nice, easy way to throw off an attacker…Professor Nanos goes into far greater detail on page 83 of your textbooks, but the general idea is that Miss Renard is absolutely aching for something to fill her needy mouth. This can range from anything at all, to a specific item; I took the liberty of just being a bit bland and made her only crave cocks. And since she’s staring at Eli’s penis so much I’m afraid it’ll come off…Eli, would you mind getting a bit closer? It’s alright, she won’t bite!”

“Mmmmmoooooooo! Mmmmmmo, mmmmmmmmmmffff!!”

“And from those grateful moos and those pleased, muffled moans and sighs, we can clearly see that Teysa is in heaven right now; those lips of hers make sucking an absolute delight, and if you take a look at her quivering thighs, you might see eagerly she’s pumping those hips of hers.”


“And I think that now would be a perfect time to turn on our milking machine…”

“Mmmmmfffffff?! MMMMMMFFFFF?!?!?!”

“Did you see that, class? She just jumped as if she was struck by lightning! That was the cups tightening on those massive tits of hers; I can assure, she’s squirming in pleasure, not in pain. Besides, it’ll be such a relief for her to have those fat, full things drained…ah, and speak of the devil! If you look closely, you can see that she’s squirting just a bit now…and getting a bit steadier as it goes! You’re a fast little cow, aren’t you, Teysa?”


“Good girl…hmmm? Oh, yes, Eli, don’t worry about that; she’ll love it! Feel free to finish whenever you need to….ooooh, there he goes, class! If you can see her face, take note of that flushed red color; she’s having an intense wave of heat go through her body from the feeling of cum in her throat, and she just got pumped full of boymilk. Combined with her being having those luscious jugs of hers being tugged and milked, and she might just…ahh…yes, there she goes! Oh my, she certainly gets into it…look at those hooves kick the air! Careful, Eli, step back! Hahaha, we might have to try that later with a nice cowbell on her; she’d be able to hold a concert for us!”


“Now the urge to suckle has vanished after orgasm, although the mooing tends to persist for a bit more; I’d like a short paper on why that is by next week. It’s also not an unusual side effect for the subject to crave balls afterward; sometimes they just want their mouths filled so they can suckle and worship a full sack…if you explain in your homework why that can happen, I’ll give you five points of extra credit. Eli, thanks again for your help.”


“Well, that’s all the time we have for today, class! Be sure to thank both of our volunteers today; I’m sure we’ll all be having a fun-filled semester together!”


“Here you go, hun; don’t worry, just relax and enjoy your milking. I have a meeting to go to, I’ll be back to pick you up in an hour or two. You can crawl around the room if you’d like, but just don’t knock that milker off; I don’t want you uncomfortable.”


“And I hope you learned a little something today, young lady; vandalizing cars in the parking garage and then assaulting certain professors when they catch you might not be the best idea in the future. But at least now you’re providing a valuable public service, so I guess it all works out.”


“Oh, shush, Teysa; I’ll be back before you know it. And then maybe we can put together a lesson plan for tomorrow!”


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