Coming Home Ch. 03

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Throughout the sumptuous dinner, my mother kept her eyes locked on mine, so obviously smoldering with lust that I stayed half hard the entire time. Of course, having that egg vibrating inside her, entirely in my control for the whole time, added to both of our arousal. At times, she closed her eyes and trembled slightly while grasping my hand or arm tightly. My dick twitched up a notch whenever she did that, knowing my mother was enjoying a short quick orgasm right then and there.

The restaurant even provided us with a well stocked leftover bag that I carried in one hand waiting for the car while fiddling with the control in my pocket with the other. I could feel my mother trembling as she clutched my arm, moaning lowly.

“God, I wish I could fuck you right here and now!” she groaned into my ear as the car arrived.

I was so turned on my dick ached.

In the Lyft car home, she leaned into me, flicking her tongue in my ear, whispering all sorts of lewd and outlandish things she would do with me when she got me home. I looked down to see her fingering her bare pussy and no doubt the driver did as well. She wanted him to see her…and at that point, so did I.

She already had my belt undone and my zipper down before we reached her apartment door. As soon as that door closed, she was on her knees, taking my stiff cock deep into her mouth, sucking me deep until my cum poured into her mouth.

Then she stripped off the dress and practically dragged me to the bedroom, stripping off my clothes as we went. She pulled me down on top of her and pushed my head down to her dripping pussy. I could feel the egg still vibrating inside her as I sucked her clit and fingered her tight asshole, her pussy juices spraying my face until her orgasms finally receded.

We must have dozed off for a little while. I woke up with a start feeling the bed rocking under me, my mother groaning loudly as she masturbated next to me. Her eyes opened and she smiled wanly when I leaned over and sucked one of her stiff nipples into my mouth.

Her fingers worked even faster until she tensed and again sprayed pussy juices as she climaxed. As she watched when her orgasm faded, I smiled at her, got on my knees between her still trembling thighs and jerked off on to her tits and pussy. Her fingers crawled up between my legs and slipped into my asshole.

Even after my cum was totally spent, her fingers lingered inside my ass, prodding and poking the hard nub of my prostate, stretching the sphincter wider and wider. She smiled at me as my dick swelled again and pulled me down for a passionate kiss while rolling me on my back. If anything her fingers, three of them now, plunged deeper into my ass.

“There’s something else I want to do to…with…you,” she murmured as a fingernail pushed hard against the swollen gland in my ass.

With encouragement like that, of course I was not going to object.

“Anything you…want…Mom,” I groaned, the tingle of yet another orgasm faintly surging through my groin.

She kissed me again passionately and licked her way to my dick, splitting my piss hole with her tongue before getting off the bed. She rummaged around in what I came to understand was the toy drawer in the nightstand and pulled out one that instantly had me reconsidering my earlier agreement.

With an especially wicked grin, she held out the double headed strap-on for me to see before sucking the curvy part into her mouth and sliding it into her pussy.

“Uh…Mom…I’m really…not…sure…about this!” I exclaimed, my asshole clamping tight but my dick quickly hardening.

“Don’t be such a pussy,” she responded as she adjusted the straps and then looked up with a truly devilish smile. “Then again, I suppose for the next little while, that’s exactly what I want you to be…Mommy’s little boy pussy!”

I’m still not sure if it was the look on her face or the crude language she used, but my cock instantly hardened. My mother was anxious and ready to fuck me in the ass…and I couldn’t wait.

“Roll over and get on your knees,” she instructed, “with your head down and ass up.”

Doing as I was told was more of a turn on than I really expected. I could feel her crawling up behind me before her hands pushed my ass cheeks casino oyna apart, fully exposing my puckered asshole to her.

I braced for a jolt of pain but instead felt her tongue swirl around my asshole, lubing me up with her spittle and pushing inside me slightly. She reached down and started milking my cock like a cow’s teat, slowly at first and faster as my dick swelled in her hand.

Then came the pinch followed by a low frequency vibration as she pressed the strap-on head against my anus. I groaned, the pleasure far exceeding the momentary discomfort as the fake dick plunged inside me.

“You OK, baby?” she cooed softly, slowly pushing the vibrating fake cock deeper into my bowels. “Does Mommy’s cock feel good inside her little boy’s tight pussy?”

Right after she said that, the vibrating head of the strap-on pushed against my prostate.

I screamed.

The pleasure was overwhelming, coursing through every fiber of my body. Even before I reached down and wrapped my hand around my throbbing cock, my cum was spurting on to the sheet beneath me.

My mother’s thrusts into my ass grew faster…harder…deeper as her own orgasm built.

“FUCK ME…MOMMY… OH GOD…FUCK MEEEE!” I shrieked, splattering my semen on both of my thighs as I furiously jerked off.

She cried out as well, fucking my ass harder and harder as the vibrating part inside her and the constant bumping against her clit brought her to another squirting orgasm over my ass and down over my balls. I kept my ass in the air as long as she kept fucking me, finally collapsing with her on my back when the last vestiges of her climax receded.

“Damn, honey, that was fucking awesome,” she gasped in my ear and rolled to the side, the strap-on still vibrating.

“I agree, just fucking awesome,” I managed to murmur.

“I bet you never thought your mother was…aah…shall we say…so adventurous.”

“You definitely got me there,” I agreed, “and certainly opened my eyes.”

“Well, I’m glad I opened my thighs…and my cunt…and my ass…for you! Damn, I’m starting to sound like a fucking slut.”

She paused and looked me directly in the eyes as I looked over at her, not really knowing what to say.

“You know what,” she said after a minute, caressing my face with the tips or two fingers, “I like being a slut…my son’s slut…my son’s fucking slut!”

I rolled to my side and pulled her close to me with one hand, grabbing her ass so her very wet pussy pressed against my leg. Then I smothered her moans with my mouth and slipped three fingers into her dripping cunt.

“And you know what? I’m glad too.” I groaned into her mouth, “Mom, you’re a great slut and the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

When I woke up in the morning, my cock was aching, rain was lashing hard against the glass door to the patio and I was alone in my mother’s bed. As I twirled the throbbing head of my dick in my fingers, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee had me turn to the bedroom door.

My mother leaned against the door frame with a mug of coffee in one hand, wearing nothing but a bright devilish smile.

“I’ve always wondered what it looked like when you jerked off in the morning,” she cooed, swirling one stiff nipple in her free hand. “Please don’t stop now.”

She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, the scent of our sex from the night before wafting from her and the bed to mix with the aroma of the coffee. She smiled even more as I thumbed the first drop of my precum off the tip of my cock.

Frankly, I was really turned on having my mother watching and encouraging me to jerk off again for her viewing pleasure. Her hand fell down between her legs as I picked up the pace, stroking myself faster. She put the coffee down on the nightstand and leaned back, spreading her thighs so her pussy lips gaped open, the inside of that gash pink and wet.

“Next week, when you wake up so hard it hurts,” she groaned, “I want you to think about your mother’s cunt so ready for you…and cumming for me…in your hand…and inside me…because I’ll be fingering myself thinking about your cock…wanting you…needing you!”

My first spurt of cum hit my neck, with five or six more progressively shooting more weakly down my chest and belly until canlı casino the last just dribbled over my fingers. My mother moaned her own orgasm on her fingers, then licked up every drop of my semen from my balls to my chin before burying her tongue in my mouth.

I never even had a chance to go limp before she mounted me and her warm wet pussy engulfed my dick again.

It was already late morning as we sat drinking coffee while the rain storm outside seemed to get worse, with the temperature dropping rapidly as well. In my mother’s apartment, however, we found plenty of ways to keep warm.

“So when did you get into watching all those different kinds of porn?” I asked admiring her taut ass cheeks when she cleared the table and placed the dishes in the sink.

“I told you,” she said looking over her shoulder with a big smile “those are just ‘educational’ materials.”

“Some education!” I laughed. “Really…gay porn?”

“You did like my blow job technique, didn’t you?” she grinned, bending to kiss me lightly on the cheek, with her tits brushing against my chest. “Those videos are one way to make sure I’m doing it right.”

I had to admit, she was sure doing it right, better than any I ever experienced before. After Ava, that was definitely saying something.

“Want to see my other favorite, other than the one that reminds me of you?” she asked pulling me up from the chair and leading me back to the bedroom.

My dick answered in the affirmative before we even got there, swaying back and forth as I walked until she had me lay on the bed and went to the DVD player.

“Now don’t start playing with yourself until I get on there with you,” she said as she shuffled through the disks until finding the one she wanted.

“Damn, you are a total fucking pervert,” I thought to myself, “laying nude on your mother’s bed holding your hard dick in your hand while you admire her naked taut ass and gaping pussy and she puts on her favorite porn before getting into bed with you.”

Her finger scooping the drop of precum off the tip of my cock ended my daydreaming as she smiled down at me before cuddling up under my arm.

“Now watch and tell me if you like it,” she murmured, cupped my balls and nipped one of my nipples in her teeth.

The video began and from the start it was obviously very amateurish, perhaps taken with a cell phone. After some blurry moving around, it focused on a man standing naked with a rock hard cock in his hand. The camera panned to one side to a young woman with a shaved pussy laying naked on a bed, her legs spread wide as she fondled her own tits.

The man moved next to her and she reached up to take is cock in her mouth as he reached down and slid his fingers into the smooth bare slit of her pussy. She groaned softly as his fingers plunged into her then reached down and began rubbing her own clit, her fingernails painted a bright red.

After a moment, her rolled her on to her knees and mounted her from behind, quickly thrusting in and out of her as her ample tits swayed wildly and she grinned at the camera. The man groaned loudly and tensed, clearly his cum was shooting into the woman’s pussy.

My mothers hand tightened on my dick as this went on and her nipple stiffened in my fingers. She flopped on leg over the top of my thigh, her moist mound and slit coating the skin.

“Anybody you know?” I asked jokingly as the woman fell on to her back and spread her thighs wide, strings of sperm dipping out of her and down over her asshole.

“As a matter of fact…yes,” she answered. “The guy’s name is Jorge. He’s become a friend…a very good friend.”

“And…the girl?” I asked.

“Her name is Steph…Jorge’s eighteen year old daughter.”

I just looked at her in disbelief, not sure what to make of that comment.

“Just watch, there’s more.”

I looked back as the video once again got blurry with movement for a moment, the camera obviously being handed from one person to another. Steph grinned and spread her legs even further. Creamy cum coating her slit and flowing down to her ass. The back of another woman’s head came into view and dropped between Steph’s legs, licking the sperm from the young girl’s pussy as she squirmed and moaned to an orgasm.

The kaçak casino other woman, pushed herself up and turned to the camera with a wide grin on her face…my mother’s face…smeared with semen and pussy juices.

“Oh my god…are you serious?” I gasped, looking down at my mother as she held my cock and smiled up at me.

“There’s a lot more,” she murmured and we turned back to the video.

And there was, about forty five minutes of my mother sucking Jorge’s cock, getting fucked, cumming on Steph’s face and various other combinations of things three adventurous people could do with and to each other.

“So, what do you think?” she finally asked as the video ended.

“I have no idea what to think,” I responded, both aroused and shocked by what I’d just seen.

She raised herself up on one elbow and leaned over to kiss me softly then pulled herself on top of me, holding my stiff cock upright as she lowered herself down until I was again all the way inside her throbbing pussy.

“I was hoping you would be turned on by that video,” she cooed as she started bobbing up and down on my dick, “because they are coming over tomorrow…and both of them so want to fuck you!”

My cum exploded inside her.

A couple of hours later, I was making a sandwich in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door.

“Get that will you, honey,” my mother called out from the bathroom.

Since I was naked, I immediately panicked, looking around for something to cover myself. My boxers lay on the floor near the sofa where my mother pulled them off me shortly after I first arrived. I hurriedly pulled them on as I looked out the little peep hole in the door.

A short woman with rain matted bright red hair was standing outside, dressed in a long trench coat with a large carry on bag draped over her shoulder. She looked up and knocked again.

“May I help you?” I asked when I cracked the door open a few inches.

I felt like her green eyes looked right through me, a wide grin building on her face.

“You must be Ian,” she stated simple, pushed open the door and brushed past me.

As I turned in surprise, she dropped her bag and walked directly up to my mother who was standing naked at the end of the hall. She pulled my mother’s face down for a deep passionate kiss. After several moments, they broke off the kiss and the woman turned back to me, opening her coat and letting it slide off her body into my mother’s hands.

She was also totally naked.

With a devilish grin, she walked up to me and draped her arms around my neck, ramming her tongue into my mouth as she pressed her small, tight tits against my torso. My dick twitched and tented my boxers.

“I’m the birthday present your mother couldn’t send you last month, well, besides herself of course,” she cooed into my ear, her hands grasping my ass cheeks as she pushed my boxers down over my hips.

My mother came up behind her, reaching around so her hands cupped the woman’s tits, kissing her neck before looking up to me with a wicked grin.

“Ian, I’d like you to meet my friend…my very special friend…Marcy,” my mother murmured pulling my face close enough she could run her tongue over my lips.

Meanwhile, Marcy had my boxers down below my knees and started fondling my cock and balls. She stepped slightly to the side so the three of us could all hug together while my dick stiffened enough to bump against both of them.

My mother took my hands in hers and placed my left on Marcy’s tit and the right between her own legs. Then she reached down to put her hand on my dick along with Marcy’s. By then I was so hard it hurt.

“So, Alicia, where do you think the birthday boy should cum inside me…first?” Marcy asked turning to caress my mother’s right nipple with her free hand. “Mouth…or pussy..or ass?”

My mother grinned again as she wiped a drop of my precum off the tip of my cock with her finger. She offered the finger to Marcy, who flicked it clean with the tip of her tongue.

“Have you fucked anyone since you were last here?” my mother asked brushing her hand over Marcy’s ass.

“Only my fingers that, by the way, are just itching to get back inside your wet pussy and tight asshole,” Marcy answered with a laugh, tightening her grip on my cock.

“In that case, my considered maternal opinion is that my son should fuck you in your pussy first, filling your wonderful cunt with his warm sticky sperm,” my mother responded.

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