Coming Home Early–Nicole’s Story

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Matt got out of the shower and started to dry off with his mind racing. Nicole wouldn’t tell him the rest of the story from when his boss had stopped over yesterday. Did she tell her of a promotion? A raise? That would really make life a lot easier… but was there more? When he had surprised her, she was masturbating to porn – two things he rarely saw her do, and where did she get that video? And the smaller vibrator? Too many question, not enough answers.

He threw on a pair of loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt and walked into the kitchen to find that Nicole had dinner waiting on the table. She was wearing a pair of short-shorts that accentuated her long, lean legs. Above that, she had on a thin spaghetti strap tank top. He could see the faint outline of her nipples pressed against the fabric. She was so sexy, and though he would tell her constantly, she did not believe it. Her auburn hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin, perky 34b tits, and flat stomach were almost enough to take his breath away. He was not only in love with his wife, we was in lust with his wife.

As they sat down to eat, Matt asked Nicole if she would tell him about her visit from his boss yesterday, but she wouldn’t budge, saying that he had to wait until after they ate. Conversation turned to Matt’s recent trip, where he had landed a contract that would almost be able to single-handedly keep the company he works for in business for the next 10 years. He worked for a small, family owned company. His direct boss was Samantha. Her husband, Steve, headed up the other division of their company. He had worked there for the past 8 years, and truly loved his job.

The food was wonderful, and Nicole had chosen a nice merlot to accentuate their meal. Matt did notice that Nicole had a couple extra glasses than she usually drank, but, remembering their earlier adventure, was hoping for a repeat.

As they finished, Nicole re-filled her wine glass and told Matt to go sit on the sofa, and she would tell him more about her encounter with Samantha yesterday. He could tell she was either nervous or excited, not sure which, but he was anxious to find out.

As he sat, Nicole nestled in the opposite side of the sofa. “O.K., I am going to tell you everything that happened yesterday afternoon, but you have to agree to two things – agreed?”

“Fine, whatever. What are they?” Matt replied, now getting a little nervous himself.

“You have to agree to not say anything, and I mean ANYTHING until I am finished. If you interrupt me, I am not sure I will be able to tell you what happened. Secondly, you have to agree to stay exactly where you are. You cannot leave the room, nor can you move towards me. Agreed?”

Matt now had a pit in his stomach, not sure what his wife was about to tell him, but couldn’t stop now, so he simply said, “agreed,” and watched her intently to hear what she was about to tell him.

“OK, here goes….

I had just finished my shower yesterday when the phone rang. Figuring it was you calling, I raced downstairs in just my towel to answer it, only to find out that it was Samantha. She asked if she could stop by the house for a little bit, casino siteleri as she had something for us. She was just a minute or two from the house, so I had to quickly run upstairs to put on some clothes. I threw on some yoga pants and my Victoria’s Secret zip-up hoodie, the first things I could find.

Just as I zipped up, the doorbell rang. Samantha was standing there with a bag in hand, and I could see bottles of wine sticking out the top. She told me that she was coming from the gym when she got some exciting news about your account, and wanted to drop off some celebration wine and a surprise.

I invited her in, and she took out 4 wine bottles. She asked if we could open up one of them as she told me of her exciting news. I poured us each a glass, and invited her down to the living room. She grabbed the wine bottle and her bag as she followed me down the steps. She put the wine on the table behind the sofa, and moved around as we each sat on an edge of the sofa.

Samantha told me how grateful that she and Steve are to have you in their company. They see and realize the effort and time that you have put forth in your career, and hope to keep you with them for many years to come. She said that she received an e-mail from the company that you have been working with, and that they were just about to sign a contract that was by far the biggest that we have ever had. They were working on the finishing details, but that it would be signed by the end of the night.

With this in mind, she sent an e-mail to you, congratulating you on the deal, and that she could change your flight to come home a day early to be able to surprise me. She also made a few calls and got us booked at a resort in Hawaii with round-trip airfare. We ‘clinked’ our glasses as she handed me the tickets and reservations. My stomach and mind buzzed on the thought of finally going on a long vacation with you.

She also said that she and Steve were discussing the raise that they were going to give to you. She didn’t say specifically, but that it would be significant. The wine between us was flowing quickly with all the great news.

She suggested opening up a second bottle of wine, and before I could answer she ran back up the stairs to get another bottle. I watched her go up the stairs, thinking how she looked so much different in her yoga pants and t-shirt rather than the conservative dresses that she wears for the company parties.

We then talked about our exercise programs, and the marathons that we are each training for. I will admit, I was getting pretty buzzed when she got up and said that she thought I needed some more wine. She re-filled my glass and placed the bottle back on the table. This is where it got more interesting.”

Nicole took another sip of her wine, told Matt that she loved him very much, and continued with her story.

“When Samantha set the wine bottle back on the table, rather than return to the sofa, came up behind me and lightly started to kiss me on the side of my neck. She whispered into my ear that she had always found me attractive, as her hands reached up to my shoulders and started massaging them. Between the wine, canlı casino her soft lips on my neck, and wonderful hands, I immediately relaxed. It all felt so good.

Her hands moved over my shoulders and brushed across my breasts. My nipples hardened instantly as she squeezed them gently. I instinctively reached my hands up to the back of her head to pull her mouth into my neck. This caused my hoodie to open up a little at the top of the zipper, and Samantha slowly started to unzip my hoodie. I could feel the gentle pull of the fabric across my nipples as her hands worked fully down the zipper. My jacket loosened at the bottom and fell to the sides, exposing my tits to her, as her hands slowly slid back up my stomach to the bottom of my breasts.

I turned my head and we kissed. It was the first time I had kissed a woman since college, and that was just playing. She moved around the edge of the sofa while we were still kissing, and started to slide her hands from my breasts down my stomach toward my pussy. I was so wet, I was sure she could feel my wetness through my pants as she started rubbing back and forth lightly over my pussy.

She broke our kiss and started to work her lips down to my neck and to the swell of my tits. They were magical, with just enough tenderness, yet urgency to turn me on even more. She started sucking on my nipples, every once in a while using her teeth to lightly bite them as she brought her hands up to my sweatshirt and fully pushed it off my shoulders. I leaned forward just a little so it could fall completely off my arms.

Her hands then moved to the top of my pants and started to push them down. I lifted up my ass just a little so they could slide over my ass, down my thighs and legs, then she pushed them completely off my ankles. I was now completely naked in front of your boss. The room was spinning as her fingers went back to my pussy, and started working back and forth.

She was going to make me cum quickly, my hips matched her fingers sliding in and out. My hands reached down over top of hers as she sent me into my first orgasm of the afternoon. Her fingers slid out of my pussy, and she brought them to her mouth and started to suck my juices off them. She then said ‘I want to taste you’, and kissed between my breasts, working her way down to my pussy.

Her tongue found my clit, and she started sucking on and circling my clit with her tongue. It felt so good, so I pulled her head into my pussy. Her fingers returned to my pussy she started to fuck me again. Between licks, she asked if I liked it, and all I could do was moan in pleasure. She reached down to her own pants and pulled them off. She told me that she loved the way my pussy tasted.

Her hands returned to my wet snatch and she started working her mouth back up my stomach to kiss me again. She asked if I had ever had sex with a woman, and I told her ‘no.’ She grabbed my hand and placed it at the edge of her pussy. I could feel that she was completely shaven, and was so smooth. She told me to touch her the way that I liked to touch myself when I masturbated.

I tentatively started to rub her pussy, and she became more aggressive kaçak casino with her kiss. She grabbed the edge of her t-shirt, broke our kiss for a second, and pulled it over her head. Her tits were bigger than I had expected, and she pulled my head into them. I started to suck on her nipples as I pressed my face into her breast. My hand continued to work on her pussy, and I slid one, then two fingers into her. She pressed herself onto me, rocking in rhythm with my fingers.

She told me that she was about to cum, and pressed her hands over mine at her pussy. She started bucking against me even more, and when she came, she actually squirted across my pussy and tops of my thighs. She brought her fingers to my mouth, and I tasted her pussy juice. It was different than what I tasted, but good in a different way.

She told me to lay down on my back as she lightly pushed my shoulders down. She went to her knees at the edge of the sofa and started licking me again. I was completely at the mercy of her tongue, when she moved herself up onto the sofa into a ’69’ position with her legs straddling my face. Her bare wet pussy was just inches from my face. Her face was buried in my pussy as she used her hands to spread my legs.

I was in ecstasy, so I reached my arms around her hips and pulled her pussy to my mouth. I stated licking her clit and pressing my tongue into her as far as I could. She was so wet, and started breathing heavier, as we both were getting closer to another orgasm. Her fingers again started moving in and out of my pussy. She then pulled her finger out of me, and slid it back towards my asshole. I instinctively tried to squeeze my legs shut, but she kept them lightly pressed against my bum. Her tongue kept at my pussy, and after a few seconds, my legs relaxed, and her finger slowly slid into my ass. It was a weird, but amazing feeling, with her tongue sliding in and out of my cunt and her finger doing the same in my ass. The feeling sent me over the edge, and I came harder than I can remember for a long time. My orgasm also caused her to cum again as well.

She slowly took her finger out of my tight ass and kissed my pussy and upper thighs. She spun herself around so she was laying on top of me, our breasts pressed together. We were both spent, and had pussy juices all over our faces. We kissed a little more, and she said she had a couple more surprises.

She again told me how lucky we both were, to have the people in our lives that we do. She told me that our encounter was amazing, and I agreed that it was. She then said that if we wanted, her and Steve would also be in Hawaii a few days after we got there, and could get together there if we wanted some more adventures, but that it was completely up to us, we just had to let them know. She also gave me a dvd of some of her favorite sex scenes and the smaller vibrator to ‘remember’ our encounter.”

Nicole looked over at Matt, who was still sitting at the edge of the sofa, stroking his cock while listening to her story. “So that is my story from yesterday. I love you so much, and I hope you aren’t angry with me. I have never done anything like that before, and I think between all the good news and the wine, was an easy target for seduction. I didn’t tell her anything about meeting up in Hawaii, saying that it was a decision that needed to be mutual. I’m not sure either way, what do you think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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