Commander Vix takes Japan – part 3

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Gorthan Commander Vix takes control of Japan part 3

Hiroko slowly opens the drapes in Vix’s chambers. She takes several minutes to allow the light into the room to gently wake her new Master. Once the blinds are open she stands next to the bed in her sheer gown showing her perky firm tits and freshly bald mound. She smiles as his eyes open and looks her over. “Good morning Vix-sama, did you sleep well?” She asks. He pulls back the covers of his bed and sits up, exposing his nude form to her which brings a slight blush when she sees his semi-hard member. “I apologize for waking you, but Mistress Greta called to say she would be here soon. It would be a dishonor to allow you to be seen unprepared.” She quietly explains. “Thank you Hiroko, but are you just going to stand there staring at my cock, or bring me a piss-pot?” He asks. Her eyes go wide at the request, but she still immediately turns and brings the pot in from the bathroom and kneels before him holding the bucket up just under his crotch level. She keeps her eyes cast down as she hears the piss start to flow into the bucket and holds it as steady as she can while he finishes. Once done, she sets the bucket aside and awaits his next action with fear. Vix can tell this is one part of her training she doesn’t like, but his sadistic nature makes him want to do it more. He steps forward dangling his cock in front of her face. She looks up slowly and can see the dark yellow droplet hanging from the piss hole. She hesitates as long as she possibly can before opening her mouth and capturing the head of his cock between her lips, licking it clean and suckling it to get any remaining drops.

“That’s better. If you hesitate like that again, I’ll have you caned until you bleed!” he reprimands her as he steps away, pulling his cock from her lips. “Hai Vix-sama! I’m sorry Sir” She begs. “Go start a shower for me” he cuts her off, not caring about her fear and walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth. She scrambles to her feet and prepares his shower, making sure the towels are on the heater bar and walks off to clean his bed chamber. Vix can’t help but smile to himself as he gets into the shower and cleans himself, thinking he is really going to enjoy being here in Japan. He dries himself as he walks back into the bed chamber noticing Hiroko is very efficient at her duties and has cleaned up very well, even laying out a good choice of clothes for him to wear. After admiring himself in the full length mirror, he opens the door and steps out only taking a couple steps before one of the older house servants turns a corner and runs into him.

“What the hell is wrong with you woman!” he barks as he catches himself against a wall. She immediately drops to her knees and starts groveling and as he can only imagine begging for her life as she prattles away in Japanese so fast he can’t make out any of the words. casino siteleri “GUARD!” he hollers out and one of his armed house guards comes around the corner of the hallway, stopping to salute him.
“You speak English, right?” he asks the guard.
“Yes Sir!” he responds
“Good, first tell this bitch to shut the fuck up” he says looking down at her.
The guard yells at her and gives her a kick to emphasize his words and she stops talking, but continues to whimper and bow profusely.
“That’s better. Take her to the guard’s barracks and cycle all the house guards through to have their way with her, but each one must cum on her face. I want this bitch covered with it. When you are all done, tell her she’s not allowed to clean herself until I allow it” Vix instructs
“Yes Sir!” The guard responds with a smile growing on his face, before reaching down and grabbing the house maid by the hair and dragging her to her feet, yelling at her the whole way explaining her fate and Master’s instructions to her until they are out of sight.

Vix recomposes himself and continues down stairs to find Saori standing in the position he taught them last night next to the table with his breakfast waiting. He sits and starts eating flipping through the morning reports and newspaper left for him. Saori waits patiently, removing plates he’s finished and makes sure to refill his coffee or juice. Just as Vix is finishing his breakfast, one of the other house maids whispers something in Saori’s ear. “Vix-sama, your guests have arrived.” She informs him. He wipes his mouth and gets up and meets Vice Commander Greta at the door and sees a truly lovely young Japanese woman standing behind her wearing a dark blue kimono with a white sash around her waist. As he reaches Greta, she takes up position behind her and he notices that while keeping her eyes cast down, her posture is very proper. Not cowering or slouching like most of the other slaves do.

“Good morning Commander Vix. I hope you’ve settled in well? Greta asks as they greet each other palm to palm.
“Good morning to you Vice Commander, yes, I think I’m going to really enjoy myself here” He says with a sadistic smile that even catches Greta off guard. “And I take it that this is the infamous Ariko you told me about?”
“Yes it is, I can see she’s already caught your eye” Greta snaps her fingers and Ariko steps up to be presented. “I present you to Commander Vix. He is your new Lord and Master, to do with you as he pleases. Understand slave?”
Ariko looks at Greta and even has a slight smile on her face as she responds “I do Mistress, I have enjoyed my time serving you and hope that Master Vix will enjoy owning me” Ariko gives Greta a respectful bow then turns to Vix and bows to him awaiting his instructions. Vix is taken back slightly at how perfect her English is. All the others he’s met that spoke English, spoke a very broken canlı casino form, with thick accents. Vix almost worried Ariko would be too “westernized” like the ones he met in the states. “Where did you learn English Ariko?” Vix asks her. “My father was an ambassador to the United States and other English speaking countries prior to the Gorthan invasion and made sure I was able to speak the language Sir” She responds politely. “I see, did you go to school in these countries?” he digs to find how bad her culture has been compromised. “No Sir, I was tutored privately. My father did not want me tainted by the western decadence and lack of respect” She explains. “That’s very lucky for you slave. If you have been corrupted and changed by the western lifestyle, I would have no use for you. And I think you know what that means don’t you?” He asks with a slight sneer in his voice. “Yes Sir. Mistress Greta made it very clear I was scheduled to be assigned to the Overlord and I hope that I will adequately serve you for a long time” She slightly emphasizes the last part, indicating that she knows that if Vix is displeased with her, she will be given to the Overlord and most likely will not survive.

Vix leads the two into an adjacent room and sits down. Greta takes a seat across from him and Ariko straightens her kimono and kneels near his feet. They continue to discuss Ariko’s training and history. He finds although she’s only 21, she took to the training well and was certified as a class 3 servant. Vix is impressed as they talk and finds that she seems to still retain her Asian politeness and shyness. After about an hour Greta stands and explains she has other appointments “I hope you find her worth the bargain we agreed to Commander Vix” she says with a smile. “Just schedule a recurring appointment and I’ll make sure you’re compensated” he responds. “I look forward to it Sir” She says as she walks out. Vix leads Ariko into the foyer and tells the butler to bring all the servants in. As they file in Vix notices the maid he gave to the guards as she limps in and notices her face has a coating of spunk only marred by streaks from her tears and drool from her mouth.

“This is Ariko, she is now the head house slave. You will follow her orders as if they come from me. She will report directly to me, and you will report to her” Vix explains and Ariko translates for those that don’t speak English. Vix turns to Ariko “I expect all of the house servants to be taught English by the end of the year, I hold you responsible for this. Do not fail” She bows and says “Yes Sir, I understand and will not disappoint you”. “Good. Now dismiss them to return to their duties, except for that cum faced bitch over there. Take her down stairs to the dungeon and get her ass ready for me” he explains and then walks to his office to take care of a few things.

After a few minutes, he kaçak casino goes down to the basement dungeon to find Ariko kneeling next to the stocks where she’s imprisoned the offending slave. Her maids dress is lifted over her ass and her cheeks and rosebud glisten from being lubed. “Welcome Sir. I hope this meets your approval. I had this slave explain why she was being punished and I scolded her and told her you were right to have her punished for being such a clumsy bitch” Vix walks up to where Ariko is kneeling and she instinctively reaches up and unfastens his pants, helping to lower them and slide them off each foot. Once the pants are folded, she reaches to pull his boxers down, pausing for approval before slipping them down over his semi-hard cock. She lets out a gasp when she sees it the first time. “Oh Sir, what a glorious cock you have. Very fitting of a man like you” She says, never taking her eyes off it. “I’m glad you like it, now get it good and hard so I can show this bitch what happens when Master is displeased” He tells her. She cradles the thick meat in her hands caressing it gently before planting a kiss on the mushroom head. Her soft hands glide along the shaft making it harder with each stroke as she says “Oh Master, I can’t wait to enjoy this incredible cock. I am almost jealous of this stupid slut for being given the chance to take it in” Knowing what he is going to do, she drizzles some lube along the shaft and works it all over, not to help her fellow maid, but to make sure Master isn’t hurt when he stuffs it in.

No amount of fucking that the guards could do would prepare her for Vix pulling away from Ariko and ungraciously plunging his thick hard cock right up her ass. Her scream is long and intense, but no sooner do his balls slap her raw cunt, does he pull out and drive it back in. He uses her asshole hard and deep causing her body to contort trying to find some relief from the Master’s invading cock, but Ariko has bound her well, legs strapped apart, head and arms locked in the stocks. As Vix roughly fucks her ass, Ariko starts to lecture her in Japanese about her role and duty in the house and how such clumsiness will not be tolerated. The maid’s screams and the forcefulness of Vix’s fucking cause him to reach orgasm fairly quickly and he unceremoniously dumps his load of cum up her ass and floods her bowels with it.

Vix steps back and slides his spent cock out of her well used ass causing her one last groan and before he can turn to walk away, Ariko gently wraps her delicate fingers around his slimy shaft and pulls him to her and starts licking the slimy spunk off his shaft. She continues until it’s clean and glistening only with her saliva. “Master’s cock should never be left dirty. I will make sure all the girls in the house know this Sir” She says bluntly “Do not worry, I will release this punished servant and get her back to work Sir”. Vix gives a smile of satisfaction to Ariko and tells her “I think having you here is going to work out just fine Ariko” and then walks upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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