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Arriving home at 1 am after spending the evening playing video games with my friend. I parked my car outside of my condo and made my way inside to learn my roommate has had friends over again. As I was walking in, the last three of her friends were staggering out. My roommate, Samantha was nowhere in sight. I figured she was probably passed out in her bed. When she had get-togethers with her friends, that was usually where she wound up.

The living room and kitchen were a wreck with glasses, bottles, cans, and trash everywhere. I simply couldn’t leave it in that condition overnight. So, I put on my apron and rubber gloves and began cleaning up the mess. It really didn’t take that long pick up the litter and take it to the dumpster outside. I mopped the kitchen floor and wiped down the counters and table. In the living room, I wiped off the tables and quickly ran the vacuum.

After putting away all of my cleaning supplies and hanging my apron behind the pantry door, I stepped back to admire my work. No one would ever guess there had been a party thrown in those rooms earlier that night.

Making my way up the stairs, I first went to check on Samantha. As I’d guessed, she was passed out in her bed. Like so many times before, I found her lying naked on her bed and the room reeked of sex. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was gaping open. From what I could see, it looked like her cute, wrinkled butthole was gaping open too. The creamy evidence of her night’s activities was oozing out of both holes and she was resting in a large wet spot. Her large breasts were covered in a layer of creamy cum, hickeys and bite marks. Her lipstick was smeared across her face, her mascara had run down her cheeks and her long, blonde hair was a mess. And I guessed at least two cocks had given her facials. Quietly, I crossed the room and sat down beside her, careful not to sit in the wet spot. My skinny, three-inch penis was throbbing in my pants.

For as long as I could remember, I’d had a major crush on Samantha. And it wasn’t just her looks. She was smart, confident and had always been kind to me. She was a year older, several inches taller and far more mature. She wasn’t skinny and fit. She hated the idea of exercise and preferred to laze around on the couch watching romance movies. She had wide hips, sturdy thighs and her feet were bigger than mine. She had broad shoulders and natural breasts nearly the size of cantaloupes. Her long, blonde hair was thick, straight and usually pulled back into a ponytail. But tonight it was scattered around her pillow and over her face in a huge mess.

As gently as I could, I pulled her hair away from her face, out of the gooey globs of cum. Even looking like she was, I thought she was perfectly beautiful. She was sexually active and promiscuous, while I was still a pure virgin. On numerous occasions, I’d caught her in bed with one or more guys. When I was in my bed, alone at night, I mostly thought about Samantha being made love too by other guys or older men. I tried to fantasize about making love to her myself, but I’d seen the guys she’d been with. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t compare.

Because I loved her so much, I couldn’t leave her to sleep in that condition. Reaching out, I gently laid my hand on her shoulder. When I did, my ring finger and pinky wound up laying in someone’s cum that I hadn’t noticed. A shiver shot up my spine and my penis throbbed hard. Being as gentle as I could, rubbed her shoulder until she began to wake. When her bloodshot eyes cracked open, I quickly wiped away a glob of cum that was threatening to run into her left eye. It took her a minute before she figured out who I was.

A silly smile spread across her cummy face and I could smell the alcohol on her breath when she slurred, “B-b-biwwy! Where-ave you beeeeen? You mished the best pawty everrrr!”

I looked down at her messy face and said, “I was with Sam playing video games. Don’t you remember?”

She licked a big glob of cum from her lip before running her next thought together, “Your’resofuckingcute!” She reached down with her right hand into the sloppy mess that was her pussy. She quickly pulled her hand away and squeaked, “Ow! Why dos my pussy hurt Biwwy?”

Biting my lip while looking into her hazy eyes, I said, “I think you were with a few different guys tonight.”

She made the cutest pouty face before saying, “I-i-ima slut! Y-y-you hate me.”

I quickly said, “No, I don’t hate.”

She had big, bloodshot doe-eyes when she said, “You don’t?”

I smiled, “No. I could never hate you.”

She wiggled on the bed and her hands slid over her matted-down, cum-covered pubic hair, over her stomach, and onto her breasts. She tweaked both her stiff, thimble-sized nipples while saying, “You love me!”

I smiled weakly and nodded my head.

She giggled while still pinching her nipples. “I love you too. D-d-do you wanna kiss me, Biwwy?

Her breath was tainted with the smell of alcohol and canlı bahis cum. There were traces of someone’s semen all over her face, including her lips. While I sat there looking down at Samantha, I had never wanted to kiss anyone more. I nodded my head again.

A soft gasp slipped through my lips when she removed her hands from her enormous breasts and rigid nipples. I watched as her slippery, cummy hands moved toward my face. When her palms and fingers touched my cheeks, I whimpered softly. Someone else’s cum was on my face! I shifted my hips when my penis throbbed.

I leaned down while her hands guided our lips toward each other. The moment our lips touched, I learned what a man’s cum tasted like. Her tongue, lips, and teeth were all covered with it. I should have been sickened by it, but kissing Samantha for the very first time was worth it. I’d tasted my own cum on several occasions, it was sweeter and less chunky than what I tasted on Samantha’s lips.

Her slippery, gooey hands slid around my neck and pulled me closer, so she could kiss me more aggressively. My nose slipped across her cheek through a large glob of cum and my mouth filled with a man’s flavor when Samantha slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. My tongue slithered alongside hers and I imagined a large, fat cock exploding in her mouth. I moaned softly and gently pulled away from her embrace.

While licking my lips clean of someone’s cum, Samantha repeated, “Your’resofuckingcute!” She then giggled, “You kiss like a girl!”

I sat there and watched her take her slippery nipples between her fingers again. Her hands stopped moving at one point and her eyes drifted closed for several seconds. I thought she had passed out. But then she opened her eyes and arched her back which made the pools of cum on her body slide around. She parted her lips and asked the question I’d wanted her to ask for so long, “B-b-billy, do you wanna be my boyfriend?”

Leaning down, I kissed her lips gently and whispered, “Yes, more than anything else in the world.” And I leaned down and kissed her again.

Sitting up next to her, I took hold of her slippery hands in mine. “Samantha, we need to get you in the bathroom so I can clean you up.”

One of her hands slipped out of mine. She dragged her hand through her matted pubic hair and a large pool of cum on her stomach. She giggled, “Y-y-you are my b-b-best boyfriend.” She then patted my cheek with her soppy hand.

I whimpered softly and took hold of her wrist, her hand was far too slippery. As I stood up, I pulled her up and rotated her legs until her feet were on the floor. Taking a step back, I then used all my strength to get her to stand up. As soon as she was on her feet, she leaned over against me. Her cum-covered body was pressed against me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and managed to get her to wrap her arms around my neck. We took small steps and I felt like I was dragging her for most of the way to her bathroom. Her skin was slippery with cum in most places and it was difficult to hang onto her.

She mumbled the whole time. She told me the names of all the guys who had fucked her that night. I lost count after 12. She started repeating names, but they could have been different guys or the same guys coming around twice. She rambled on for a time, making no sense at all. As we neared the bathroom, I tripped and fell against the wall. Samantha fell right on top of me. We where face-to-face and her slippery body was pressed against mine.

She kissed me hard, her tongue dove deep into my mouth and all of that cum attacked my tastebuds again. I moaned into her mouth when she cupped my stiff erection in her cum-covered palm. Her head wobbled from side-to-side when she pulled her lips away from mine. A big glob of cum began its slow descent to the floor from her chin when she slurred, “Iloveyousomuch!”

I whispered, “I love you too Samantha.”

After we moved away from the wall and took the last few steps into the bathroom, I flipped on the light and saw our reflection in the mirror. The globs of cum weren’t dripping down her body as I’d expected. Instead they were being absorbed into my clothes. But the insides of her thighs were drenched in cum. There were small rivers of it running down both of her legs. The bite marks and hickeys weren’t only on her breasts. They were all over her stomach, breasts, neck, and shoulders.

Samantha gazed into the mirror and grinned, “We make a cute couple!”

She turned and moved to kiss me. But her aim was off and she slid her chin and cheek across my mouth. Now I didn’t only taste it, I had a relatively large glob of cum in my mouth! She giggled and moved back to kiss me. Our tongues danced together and her body slid against mine. When the kiss ended, she moaned, “Cummy kisses!”

Licking my lips clean, I dragged her into the walk-in shower and set her down on the tiled bench in the corner. I made sure she wasn’t going to slide off onto the floor before I turned to strip bahis siteleri down to my underpants. She sat there hooting and catcalling while I undressed. When I was ready, I stepped back into the shower to adjust the water temperature. Samantha saw the bump beneath my underpants while I adjusted the faucet. She giggled, “You’ve a got a wittle wienie!”

I tried to ignore her remark, but I knew it was true. Compared to her usual type of guy, I was half their size in the penis department. For whatever reason, her commenting on the size of my penis made it throb hard.

Taking the showerhead off the wall, I stretched the hose toward Samantha and sprayed her body down with warm water. The cum wasn’t rinsing off easily, it clung to her skin. I let the showerhead dangle from the wall while I got her body wash off the shelf where we kept our bath things. I wasn’t sure where I should start, but I knew her legs were by far the messiest. So I knelt on the floor between her legs and while I filled my hands with body wash, she reached down and began fingering herself. I knelt there in awe, watching the woman I loved, pleasure herself.

She looked down at me and moaned, “Doyouwannafuckmebilly?”

She giggled when I nodded my head. She then slurred, “Doyouwannafuckmewithyourlittlewieniebilly?”

I whimpered softly, “Yes I do.”

She dipped her finger into herself and when it slid out, a large glob of creamy cum followed. It sat in a pool between her legs on the shower-seat. I bit my lower lip hard. When I looked up into her bloodshot eyes, she moaned, “Kiss it, Billy. Make it better.”

For years I’d fantasized about kissing her perfect pussy. As I knelt there, watching cum continue to leak out from inside of her gaping lips, I considered my situation. She was very drunk I and knew she wouldn’t remember anything. And I’d longed to kiss her pussy and clit since the moment I first saw her. But she had been fucked by at least a dozen guys. All those guys had stretched her pussy wide open and their cum was leaking out from inside of her.

Looking away from her perfectly trimmed pussy, with blonde hair matted down with cum, I looked up to her half-closed eyes. Her enormous breasts were glistening from both the water I’d sprayed her with and the cum of all those guys.

While my eyes wandered over her hickey-covered body, I made my decision. I loved her. And I wanted to taste her even if it meant I’d taste other guys at the same time. I wanted to try and make her feel good. I knew, with practice, I could learn to make her cum with my mouth and tongue.

Staring at her swollen clit and peeled-open pussy lips, I whispered, “I love you, Samantha.”

She responded before I leaned forward. “Iloveyoutoo.”

Having never done anything like that before, I was really glad she was drunk. Leaning in, I puckered my lips and kissed what I guessed was her clit. The moment my lips touched her sex, she slid her hands down her thighs and knotted her fingers in my hair. She held me in place and squeezed my head between her thighs. Her butt slid a little further off the shower bench and when she did, her hands forced my head downward. I kept my tongue out and licked and kissed everything I could reach.

My tongue poked and licked everywhere. At one point, it slid inside her pussy. While I wiggled it around inside of her, a very large glob of cum oozed onto my tongue and slid into my mouth. The glob halfway filled my mouth and I had to pull away from her.

Samantha looked down at me and mumbled, “Duz it taste good?”

Being unable to tell her otherwise, I nodded my head while I chewed on the cum and swallowed bits of it at a time. When I’d gotten it all down, I leaned back toward her and licked along her lips, gathering up the traces of her lovers with my tongue. My penis was throbbing in my underpants that were now drenched from both my excitement and the water spraying erratically from the showerhead.

Samantha guided my head with her hands still in my hair. She slid my face up and down along her pussy. When she stopped using my face like that, I slid down so I could dip my tongue back inside of her. But I went lower than I expected and licked her wrinkled brown hole instead.

Her back arched and a squeal left her lips which echoed around the shower. She slid further off the shower seat and I had to work my shoulders under her thighs so she wouldn’t fall all the way off the seat. Leaning down, I licked that wrinkled button again. She responded by rolling her hips and squeezing out even more cum from her pussy. That cum dripped between her cheeks and I rested my tongue just below her knot of a hole so I could catch it all.

In no time at all, I learned to love licking Samantha while she was so drunk. I continued to gently lick and kiss her pussy and between her cheeks. When I was fairly sure she had cum, I looked up into her hazy eyes and she smiled.

“Iloveyouboyfriendbilly.” Slurred from her lips before her eyes drifted closed.

For bahis şirketleri the next half an hour, I washed every trace of her night off of her body. I had to wash her hair three times to get all the little blobs of cum out of it. And I was as gentle as I could when I washed her face. She was in and out of conciseness the entire time. I wound up using nearly a full bottle of body wash and went through four wash clothes, but in the end, she was clean. And I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

When I went to get her towels, I quickly slipped off my wet underpants and left them on the bathroom floor and pulled on my terrycloth bathrobe. Wrapping her long hair in a towel, turban style, was a new experience. It took me six attempts before I was satisfied with the result. I dried her body off as best I could. But drying off a drunk girl isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when she was still sitting on the shower seat.

After rousing her from her rest, I helped her to her feet and we slowly made our way back to her bedroom. As we stepped into her room, I immediately knew I couldn’t lay her down on that bed, it was a mess! In the corner of her room, she had a chair that I would sink into every time I used it. So that is where I put Samantha, knowing for sure that she wouldn’t fall down.

I quickly stripped her bed and found the wet spot had sunk into the mattress. Dashing to the laundry room, I took a spray bottle of stain remover that I thought smelled wonderful. On my way back to her room, I grabbed a clean towel, fresh set of sheets and her spare comforter.

Spraying the wet spot with the stain remover was my first task. I then covered that spot with the towel before making the bed with the clean sheets and comforter.

Glancing to Samantha sitting in that comfy chair, I smiled while recalling what I’d done for her in the shower. I really hoped I made her feel good. From the top drawer of her dresser, I chose, what I thought would be a comfy pair of panties. From the second to the bottom drawer, I chose a crop top she often slept in. Before working the panties onto her body, I knelt down and placed one last kiss on her clit. She didn’t move. So I tickled her clit with my tongue and licked up and down between her lips, still no response from her. Lastly, I lifted her legs and pressed my face between her cheeks and licked her wrinkled button until a soft moan left her lips.

Her voice was thickly slurred, but I believe she said, “Billy I can’t. I can’t cum again. You can eat me tomorrow.”

I couldn’t stop smiling while I slid those panties up her legs. I had to partially lift her up to get the panties in place. But I eventually got them where they belonged. The crop top went on easily, it was very stretched out and usually hung off one of her shoulders. After I had her dressed, I pulled her to her feet and half dragged her to her bed. Once she was laying down, I pulled the covers over her and tucked her in. Leaning down, I kissed her lips gently and whispered, “I love you, Samantha. Sweet dreams.”

She half groaned, “I love you too B-b-billy.”

Before I left her room, I picked up the clothes scattered around her room and put them into her laundry basket. I then collected her bedcoverings and took them to the laundry room. While the washing machine filled with warm water, I treated the stains one-by-one. When I found an especially large glob of cum that hadn’t quite been absorbed into the comforter. I rubbed my finger through the slippery, slimy cum. Images ran through my mind of Samantha being fucked by several men at the same time. I imagined the cum I was touching had dripped down from one of her big breasts. Biting my lower lip, I looked over my shoulder to be sure I was alone before slipping that finger into my mouth and licking it clean.

My little penis had been perfectly erect all night long. It was poking out from robe and it was desperate for attention. Right there in the laundry room, I shrugged my robe off my shoulders and pinched my thin penis between my first finger and thumb. With my other hand, I pulled the sheet off of the washing machine and rubbed the pink head of my penis into the gooey, cum I’d just tasted. The cum was no longer warm, but it was still very slippery. I stroked my penis three times before it squirted out its juices, joining the mess already on her sheet. My whole body spasmed and I squeaked in a high pitch while my penis pulsed and throbbed. Four shots of my sweet, creamy cum erupted before my orgasm passed.

With the taste of cum still settling on my tongue, I realized the depths I’d sunk to. Not only had I kissed my roommate after she’d had who-knows how many cocks cum in her mouth, but I’d also eaten her cum-filled pussy, and I’d licked her wrinkled butt! Even beyond that, I tasted cum from my roommate’s sheet! It was cum from a man’s cock that was meant for her. It was a sexy mess I’d tasted from the sheets they’d had sex on. And I’d just masturbated onto Samantha’s sheet! What sort of guy would do that? I had totally degraded and shocked myself. But I did all those things for Samantha. I did them because I loved her so much. And as my heart warmed in my chest, I knew I’d do it all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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