Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 03

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Neither Lisa nor I saw Robert, I could feel someone watching me all the time even at my home. We had Jimmy watching to make sure he did not confront him in any way and if he did to call the police with the report number we were given. It must have been three weeks or more so our guards were down, I was crossing the street to our local coffee shop when I heard it, the motorcycle, the familiar sound it made, I knew it was him.

I stopped walking the bike tire stopped inches from my leg, I turned and sure enough it was Robert. I stared him down you could see the hatred in his eyes, but there was something else I was not sure what it was but he looked at me differently, somehow he looked like a scared little boy. He still felt he had to somehow get even with me, he had to settle the score, he had to come out the winner in all of this. I still got the feeling there was more to this man than the hatred he projected towards me and others before me, was he hiding some deep dark secret he was affraid to reveal to the world.

I have to admit I was scared, okay terrified but I had this gut feeling I was right,I saw something in him, something I could not explain, something in those eyes.

“Robert long time no see, missed you Babe, dam you are one hot sexy guy.” I said to him smiling.

“Fuck you Faggot, you’re lucky there are witnesses here right now cause I would tear you apart.” Robert said to me his voice cracking slowly taking his helmet off.

“And here I thought you just wanted to be near me, parked outside my house most nights, following me around the city, yeah I saw you multiple times, maybe you needed a little kiss, maybe a hug, come on you know I get you hard, you dream of shoving your huge cock in my warm wet mouth, then fucking my tight ass till I beg you to cum deep inside me.” I said goading him, moving in closer to him.

“You have no idea how much I want to put a bullet right between your eyes right now Faggot.” Robert replied to me, his eyes glued to my own.

A look of anger and terror in his face and eyes at the same time as I inched ever closer to him.

“Come on Robert pretending you hate me, trying to push me away when all you want is to be close to me. Maybe you need to be held, maybe you need more, a long sensual kiss, I could kiss you right now no one will notice, maybe I can touch your cock there in your jeans at the same time, see if I can get you even harder than you are right now. See how you make my own cock rock hard when you’re near me Babe” I said grabbing my ever growing bulge.

I slowly approached him, moving in closer to him, I was now at arms reach of him on his right side, his right boot his knee in between my legs, if he wanted to hit me he easily knock me out.

I could see the fear in his eyes, how me being this close to him threatened his masculinity.

“Come on Robert just a little kiss please, no tongues just lip contact you know men kiss so much better than women do don’t you Babe? I promise you will love it and I don’t gag I will swallow your huge cock to the base and swallow all the cum you can possibly feed me and still want more from you.” I told him quietly.

The rage, the frustration, all seemed to dissapate he seemed more frustrated, intrigued a bundle of nerves, I had touched a nerve there somewhere and maybe I had turned him on and terrified him at the same time, was I making the man hard, did his cock just bulge his pants, was this man bisexual or maybe casino oyna deep in the closet?

He sat there we were now less than a foot apart from each other. I leaned in closer to him, his thigh between my legs my cock rubbing his thigh, my cock rock hard, I leaned in our cheeks side by side.

“It’s okay Robert I would never tell anyone if you and I ever made love together, I would be gentle with you and I guarantee your balls would be drained properly, you would leave with a smile on your face, if after we did make love you would ever want to leave me.” I whispered into his ear.

Robert sat there looking at me puppy dog eyes, sad eyes, he could not move, my face in front of his, his eyes seemed so scared, him trying to swallow not saying a word, his eyes on my own, you could see the nerves of me being this close to him, his cock tenting his pants, the bulge now unmistakable. I leaned in close again, my cheek on his.

“My place tonight eleven o’clock I will be alone, come over Please Babe, you will not be disappointed you and I can get better acquainted, you already know the address I saw you parked outside my house last night.” I whispered to him in his ear, my hand pulling his face to mine, me gently kissing his beard covered cheek.

Robert sat there still this look of confusion on his face and eyes, he seemed terrified and intrigued, the anger gone, fear in its place, he looked like he wanted to kiss me right then and there, but fear had him frozen in place.

“Hope to see you later Babe.” I said to him.

I turned and walked away going in to the coffee shop turning to give him one last look at the man once more before walking in.

Lisa was at our table, she had ordered us our usuals.

“Was that Robert?” She asked me.

“No some guy on a motocycle needing directions.” I told her not wanting her to panic.

Lisa and I talked our usual, she and I planning our weekend, this being Thursday, I was off Friday till Tuesday, I looked forward to the extra time off. That night I stayed home, I cleaned the house, changed the bed, watched some television, but could not keep my eyes off the clock all night.

Eleven o’clock came and went, it was going on midnight when I gave up and headed to bed, I shut off the outside lights within minutes a soft knock on my front door. I opened the door to find Robert, you could see the fear in his eyes. He would not, he could not make eye contact with me, he looked like he would make a run for it. I took his hand and guided him in.

“Come in please Robert, I had almost given up on you at this point.” I told him.

“Yeah sorry about that but I was not sure I could actually come to your door and knock, I sat on my bike across the street for over an hour, when I saw you put out the lights I made my way to your doorstep. It’s not to late is it?” Robert asked me.

“No, I almost thought you would not show up to be honest. Come in sit lets talk. Beer?” I asked him.

“Yes please Tom, I need about six of them right now, I’m so nervous, terrified might be the better word for it.” Robert admitted.

I grabbed us each a beer and took a seat next to the man, I could clearly see the nervousness in him, he sat his legs close together, both hands on his beer covering his crotch, his head looking down at his beer. I went to put my arm around him, he quickly glaced at me as to what I was doing to him right now.

“Robert please try to relax, I won’t bite you, canlı casino we will only do what your comfortable with, I won’t push you to do things you don’t want done to you.” I told him.

“That’s the thing Tom I am not comfortable with any of this, you caught me off guard, it was like you could read my mind, my inner thoughts, my secret desires, how I had dreamed of you and I intimate in your bed, both of us naked, me kissing you. You holding me Tom. I was frozen in place, I could not even respond to anything you were saying to me.” Robert said his head hung down.

I grabbed his beer and put it on the table, I stood up and pulled him to me, here he stood in front of me in my embrace, his chest to my chest, his hips in tight to my own, his head hung to his chest, his arms at his sides. I gently took his chin in my hand and made him look me in the eyes. Lisa was right the man had kind soft gentle eyes, you have to get past the rough and tough exterior, the guard he had put up so no one would get close to him, especially me.

I held his chin in my fingers, I looked in his eyes, so dark yet so soft, he looked so vulnerable, my mouth went to his, I pursed my lips to kiss the man, at first he did not kiss me back, he held himself back, limp in my arms. I gently ran my tongue along his lips his beard tickling my tongue. Robert slowly relaxed wrapped his arms around me, pulling my body into his, his eyes closed his lips met mine, the kiss incredible. I was seeing fireworks, jolts of electicity ran up my spine.

Robert and I held the kiss, the man was incredible, he held me to him I felt so secure in his arms, I knew even now this is where I belonged. I grabbed his head in my hands and kissed his neck to his ear lobes, to his Adams apple, the man was sensitive everywhere I kissed him.

“So Robert I would have never seen you and I in this position anytime soon, what was all the homophobia all about? Why the death threats, the wanting to bash my face in? To beat the gay out of me?” I asked him needing to know.

“Tom I am so sorry about all of that, I feel terrible about the whole thing, I use that to keep guys I am attracted to at bay, you have to know I found you incredibly sexy from the start, that smile of yours, your laugh, you being so comfortable being a gay man in public. I wanted to beat it out of you, I myself not letting myself be the man I really am.”

“My upbringing, the home I grew up in, I would have been beaten or most probably killed if I was even the least bit gay and still beaten for no reason being the old mans punching bag, it’s no excuse but it made me hate, he taught me to hate anyone that was not in his eyes like him, it made me be a person I never wanted to be. Tom I am so sorry for all the horrible things I said to you, the hate just blurting out of me, not able to stop it from coming out of me.” Robert said to me his eyes sincere.

“I know the things I said were unforgivable, after I said them I could not believe they had come out of my own mouth, why would I say those things to you? To a man I was so drawn too, a man I so wanted to get to know. Tom I am so sorry for all the horrible things I said to you, can you please forgive me.” Robert said to me a tear rolling down his cheek.

“You are forgiven, I totally understand where it all came from, it was your security blanket, it kept you safe it kept the men who might tempt you away, well except for me.” I said to him smiling

My hand went kaçak casino to the tear rolling down his cheek, I wiped it away and looked in those eyes of his. I pulled him into a kiss, the man was so sweet, so gentle, and I am sure could be so loving to the right person in his life, I so wanted to be that person. I held him there his body close to mine, his soft gentle lips pressed to my own, it was hard to believe this man I now held in my arms could be so threatening to me or another human being.

I released Robert taking his hand in my own leading him to my bedroom.

“Tom Please can we take this really slow, I am so nervous, terrified, scared to death to be honest.” Robert told me, the fear in his eyes.

“Robert I would never harm you in any way, we will take it easy we will go really slow, you and I have all night, you can spend the night can’t you?” I asked him leaning in for a kiss.

“Yes I can spend the night, but I have to be honest I am scared Tom, I have never done this before I have never been so nervous to try something before in my entire life.” Robert admitted.

“Please Robert don’t be, this will be fun you and I will enjoy ourselves, and if you want me to stop at any time you tell me okay.” I instructed him.

Standing this close to him his arms around my waist, mine around his neck, I took his head in my hands, I gently kissed him, my tongue invaded the man’s mouth, his cock was straining to get out of his tight jeans. I unzipped his leather jacket sliding it off of him, I carefully placed it on the chair, I ran my hand on his chest, his muscles so firm, I slid my hand under his tee shirt, the man’s ab muscles were incredible, my hand went to his pecs, the hair and the tight muscles were amazing, his nipples rock hard and ready.

I took his hand and led him to my bed, we would lay next to each other, the man needed me to be patient with him, not rush it, even if I did not get him naked tonight he and I would enjoy each other. Robert laid next to me, his eyes on my eyes, his hand roaming my body, I would let him touch what he wanted, let him get familiar with my body. His hand caressed my face, to my ear, down my neck, to my chest, his touch so soft and gentle.

My cock was rock hard, I wanted to rip our clothes off and let him do what he wanted to me. Robert slid his hand under my tee shirt, his hand roamed all over my chest. I quickly slipped the tee off, I laid back Robert sat on my crotch. His hands were all over my body, from my navel to my neck, he held my head in place as his lips met mine. He was an incredible kisser, his body on mine was such a wonderful sensation.

I gently slid his tee over his head, his tattooed torso so beautiful, the dragon tattoo on his chest my hand went to it, my index finger traced the dragon all across the mans chest. I rolled us over so I was now sitting on his crotch I kissed his neck to his hairy chest, the hair so dark like on his head jet black, to his nipples how dark skinned his nipples were, to his ribs so hairless, smooth and so white compared to the black hair on his upper chest.

I licked up the mans ribs to his armpit, up his arm, licking his calloused palm till I was sucking on his index finger in my mouth. I got more and more gasps, moans, him trying to catch his breath. I would work this mans body till he was on the verge of a screaming orgasm.

I leaned in and kissed him once more, the more intense the kiss the more he moaned, I planted little kisses all over him, down his neck to his nipples, I ran my tongue around his areolas. Shivers went up and down the man’s body, no one had ever done this to him, no man had ever made love to him in this way.

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