Corrupting Colette Ch. 02

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Weeks passed before Colette worked up the nerve to speak with Ingrid. The visions of Ingrid and Lord Browning were as fresh in her mind as if their coupling had just happened, but Colette just couldn’t seem to say more than a stuttering “Good day” in passing to the lady in question. Her loins ached on a consistent basis, and she knew that she couldn’t go on any further without some sort of release.

Over the weeks, Colette had forced herself to actually eat the food made for her, and in ridiculous amounts. She was back to her former appearance, of lush curves and bountiful breasts, if not a bit more curvaceous. Each morning, she ran her hands up and down her body; cupping her breasts and revelling in their increased weight, dipping in to her small waist, and grasping her plump hips. She loved having the body of Venus or Aphrodite, enticing men away from their thin lipped and thin hipped wives (despite never wanting to actually draw their men away).

It was a brisk January morning when Ingrid brought in her breakfast, as usual, that Colette made her move. A timid move, mind you, but a move nonetheless. Ingrid walked into Colette’s bedroom, her hips swinging and her plump breasts bouncing. An odd feeling overcame Colette in her stomach, and an increasing tingling in her nether-regions. She knew that it was now or never.

“Good morning, my lady. Got your appetite back, hmm?” Ingrid teased, her back to the door as she set the tray on the table. Colette jumped out of her bed and closed the door softly, turning the key and hoping that Ingrid was game.

“Yes, Ingrid, it would appear so,” Colette said, making her way cautiously towards Ingrid. Ingrid let out a soft chuckle, turning to leave the room. She saw the closed door, and Colette stopped in her tracks. She raised an eyebrow, leaning back onto one foot. Colette licked her lips nervously, wringing her hands as she slowly moved closer, closer and closer still, until she was standing directly in front of a bemused Ingrid.

Ingrid saw the timidity in her mistress, but also the flushed cheeks and glassy eyes of someone aroused. Well well, Ingrid thought, who knew?

“Is there something you need, my lady?” she asked, feeling her own arousal begin its luxurious journey through her body. Her nipples began to tingle and wetness began to gather between her thighs. Truth be told, she had always been attracted to Colette when she was at her normal physical state of ample curves. When Colette had lost weight because of the stress, Ingrid was frustrated and sought other women to fill this void, including a few of the downstairs maids.

“I-well-you see” Colette stammered, eyes downcast and heart racing. She felt Ingrid’s fingertips on her chin, lifting it upwards.

“Is there something you want?” Ingrid asked huskily, trailing her fingertips down the side of Colette’s face. Colette’s breath caught and she bit her lip, unable to mask the feelings that simple touch evoked. Ingrid chuckled, moving her fingers down Colette’s neck and back up again.

“Oh God, yes,” Colette whispered, her nipples hardening and that same painful throbbing in her sex as she had felt after watching Ingrid and Wyatt together.

Ingrid’s fingers moved down Colette’s arm, her hand widening to grasp her hips and move their way upwards to cup Colette’s breasts. They both let out a soft moan, almost simultaneously, as Ingrid brushed her thumbs across the extended nipples. Colette’s head fell back and her hips pushed forward into Ingrid’s.

“Does my lady like when I touch her breasts?” Ingrid asked, even though she already knew the answer. Colette bit back another moan and nodded. Ingrid leaned in and laid a wet kiss on the column of Colette’s throat. “Answer me with your words, Lady Colette”

“Y-yes,” Colette stammered as Ingrid’s able canlı bahis fingers stroked and grasped her breasts and her lips moved across her neck and collarbone in wet, erotic kisses.

“Would Lady Colette like me to touch more?” Ingrid asked, palming Colette’s breasts in their entirety, opening and closing her fingers harder. Colette was breathing hard, her breasts moving up and down with both her lungs and Ingrid’s groping.

“Yes,” Colette whispered as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered more insistently and a hot, slick wet began forming between her thighs. She had never been more aroused than this moment; she had never been more afraid of her reaction. She was a lady, not some trollop from the pub. She shouldn’t be feeling any sort of arousal from anyone other than a husband, let alone a maid.

Ingrid knew that Colette was nervous about the whole situation, but needed to satisfy herself. Her arousal was strong and thick, and she was getting wetter by the minute. She moved her right hand from Colette’s breast to the ties of her dressing gown, swiftly pulling the string to loosen the gown. She let go of Colette’s other breast, using both hands to draw the gown to Colette’s wrists. At the sight of Colette’s full breasts, topped by hard nipples of a beautifully rosy hue, Ingrid licked her lips as a fresh wave of delicious pleasure rolled through her cunt. Becoming bolder with her arousal, Colette placed her hands softly on Ingrid’s breasts, gently squeezing and moving her fingers over the perky nipples. Ingrid growled low in her throat, stroking her hands up Colette’s naked waist to her bare breasts. Colette reciprocated the act, over top of Ingrid’s uniform. Ingrid pulled away from Colette, turning around to reveal the buttons. Colette quickly unfastened them, pulling the top of the dress away and reaching for Ingrid’s breasts from behind. Cupping their bare fullness, Colette flicked the sensitive nipples, pulling Ingrid’s back against her front, breathing softly onto Ingrid’s neck.

Ingrid spun around, pressing her breasts to Colette’s, and stared into her eyes. She saw the glistening arousal in their emerald green depths, and smelt it wafting from Colette’s cunt. Ingrid’s nostrils flared, brushing her hands down Colette’s hips, causing the gown to pool around her ankles. She moved her backwards to the bed, never taking her hands off of her hips. Colette’s breath caught as the backs of her knees touched the mattress.

“Ingrid, I-I’ve never done anything like this,” she stammered, closing her legs tightly and folding her hands primly in her lap. Ingrid shimmied out of her gown and undergarments and sat beside Colette on the bed.

“Yes, Lady Colette, I know. Just as I know that you are afraid of the feelings that you’re having right now,” she said softly, trailing her fingers down the side of Colette’s breath. Colette’s eyes stole to Ingrid, nodding. Ingrid moved in closer, kissing her neck and collarbone.

“Which is why,” she said, pushing Colette down onto the golden brocade bedspread “I’m going to show you what you can do for yourself,”

She saw the confusion play across Colette’s face. She laughed softly, motioning for Colette to move back towards the pillows at the head of the bed.

“You need to be able to take care of your urges without someone here, Lady Colette. We don’t need any rumours going around the house,” Ingrid smiled as Colette nodded knowingly.

“Of course,” Colette replied “I’ll never find a husband if they think I am … one of those women,”

Ingrid nodded, kneeling beside Colette. She placed her right hand on Colette’s left ankle and slowly trailed it up the inside of her leg and down the outside. She noticed that Colette’s breath had caught when she got close to her cunt, and whooshed out as she trailed down. bahis siteleri Smirking, she did the same thing to the other leg, lingering a little longer at the top of her thighs before going down the outside.

“Do you feel that pain? That delicious, arousing, sexual pain in the place that we are told not to speak of?” Ingrid asked, continuing her tortuous treatment, feeling the pain she spoke of and riding on it. Colette nodded emphatically, her eyes closed and her lower lip caught beneath her teeth.

“We call that place your cunt, my lady,” she said and Colette’s eyes flew open at the harshness of the word. “And I will teach you how to tame it,”

Colette’s chest rose and fell rapidly with her breathing, and she was unable to comprehend how one guttural word could make her squirm with delicious discomfort. Perhaps, she thought, it was also the idea that she was going to be taught how to get rid of the pain. Ingrid’s hand stopped at the top of Colette’s thigh and rested there, fingers barely moving to gently stroke the hair collected there.

“You see, Lady Colette, there are many things you can do to make this pain go away. By stroking your breasts, you feel something forbidden. Something that you don’t ever want to stop feeling. Touch your breasts, Colette,” Ingrid whispered, her eyes revelling in a beautiful woman experiencing pleasure for the first time. Colette’s hands moved slowly to her own breasts, kneading and plucking as she had done to Ingrid earlier. The butterflies fluttered faster and lower in her abdomen, until it felt that her stomach and her cunt, as Ingrid had called it, were connected by a single nerve.

“Oh my,” Colette breathed, squeezing herself harder and shifting her hips. As she gyrated on the bed, she stilled at the sudden movement of Ingrid’s hand, resting on her mound.

“Keep doing what you’re doing, my lady, as it will make things feel even better when I start,” Ingrid said, ruffling her fingers through the hair and softly stroking the lips of her cunt. Colette let out a harsh breath and began to touch her breasts again, her eyes closing on their own accord.

Ingrid slowly cupped Colette’s cunt, her index and ring fingers on either lip, her middle finger stroking her slit slowly. Colette let out a low moan, but didn’t stop fondling herself. Ingrid slipped her finger inside of the lips, again just stroking up and down, collecting wetness. She moved her other hand to her own mound, both hands working the same motions. Up and down the slit with one finger, brushing against the tiny nub at the top and sliding down to pause at the entrance. Colette was moaning more frequently, her head moving from side to side, her hands thrown out beside her, grasping at the bedspread.

“Please” Colette moaned, completely unsure of what she was begging for.

Ingrid knew what Colette wanted, and slowly moved that one single finger up Colette’s slit, finding the clit and slowly circling it. Colette’s legs began shaking and she reared up off the bed. Ingrid stopped her motions, looking into Colette’s wild eyes. Ingrid took the hand that was stroking her own wetness and went to push Colette back down on the bed, but Colette wouldn’t budge.

“You said you were going to teach me how to do this,” she breathed. Ingrid simply took Colette’s right hand and moved it down to her cunt, placing it as she had hers. She lay back, facing Colette, and spread her legs.

“Then show you I shall,” Ingrid said, placing her hand onto her own mound, spreading her lips for Colette to see. Colette drew in a quick breath, but followed her action. Ingrid dragged her finger slowly from the bottom of her slit up to the top, letting her head fall back at the pleasure that small movement caused. Her hand was already drenched with her wetness.

“There’s a nub bahis şirketleri at the top,” Ingrid panted, slowly flicking her clit. Waves of sensation flowed through her body, from her toes to her breasts, and her legs began to shake. Colette found the nub Ingrid spoke of and cautiously touched it with her middle finger. It was like a bolt of lightning shot through her body, settling in her cunt with a perfunctory throb.

“Oh my,” Colette breathed, touching it once more. Again, a jolt of pleasure flowed through her and she felt more wetness with her other fingers. She glanced over at Ingrid, and was taken aback at what she saw.

Ingrid’s head was still thrown back, but she had shifted to lean against one of the thick posts of the bed. Her left hand was ruthlessly gripping her breasts, pinching each nipple in turn, and her right hand at fast work on her cunt. Ingrid’s eyes opened and, upon seeing Colette’s shocked look, grinned wolfishly.

“You will soon learn, my lady, that the faster you touch yourself, the better you feel,” she didn’t pause for one moment in her frigging. “Once you become comfortable, feel free to insert your fingers into your cunt, to mimic the act of fucking,”

Colette was stricken down to her core at this display of wanton abandonment. But she was even more stricken by her willingness to follow suit. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen at the end of this lesson, but she had a feeling that it would be stupendous and great. She scooted to the post opposite Ingrid, so she could still see what she was doing, and resumed her ministrations on her clit, legs spread wide. She increased the speed and moaned loudly. Intrigued by Ingrid’s suggestion, she dragged her fingers down to the entrance of her cunt, slowly pushing her middle one in. She nearly arched off the bed; the sensations were almost too much. Continuing to alternate between rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt, the pressure inside built and her body began to shake. Deciding to focus on the clit, she rubbed it furiously, using her other hand to grasp the post behind her to hold her to the bed. Moaning loudly and more frequently, warmth began to spread from the pit of her belly, through to her cunt, down through her toes.

“Oh God, Oh God,” Colette cried, her hips lifting and falling rapidly, almost dislodging her hand. All at once the warm feeling shattered, and she screamed with pleasure, her entire body jerking with the force of her first, and extremely pent up, orgasm.

Meanwhile, Ingrid had been using two fingers on her left hand to pump into her cunt and her right hand to pluck at her nipples. Seeing Colette getting so into this first experience was extremely titillating, and she moved her right hand from her breast to attend to her clit. Working quickly and tirelessly, she brought herself to three rapid-fire orgasms, each one building into the next. Her cunt clenched around her fingers as she came, wetness streaming down her hand and onto the bed. She cried out in pleasure, breathing hard as she came down from the glory. She hadn’t had an orgasm like that in quite some time, and she was quite pleased that she was able to share it with Lady Colette.

Ingrid looked over at Colette, who lay spent against the post, her thighs shining with wetness, her chest and face flushed with the glory of her orgasm. Colette’s eyes fluttered open, catching Ingrid staring at her. She began to smile, and then laugh softly. After a moment’s hesitation, Ingrid joined in. The sheer ridiculousness that she had just brought herself to orgasm in front of her mistress brought tears of hilarity to her eyes. They laughed until they could laugh no more, and then Ingrid stood to get dressed again.

“Now that you know how, my lady, shall you be needing my services for anything else?” She asked, turning her back for Colette to fasten the buttons.

“No, Ingrid, that is all,” Colette said, quickly doing up the buttons. She reached to the front of the dress and grasped Ingrid’s breasts. Leaning forward, she whispered “For now.”

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