Cuckold CEO Ch. 07

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I awoke Saturday to the sounds of running water. My wife was already up and in the shower. My head was still swimming from that activities of the night before. Our playful cuckold game had taken us to a different level, with me being submissively used for the pleasure of my wife and her lover. More worryingly, the comment my wife made, before I went to bed, had me questioning our whole life style. Shortly after her handsome lover shot his load down my throat, she warned me of the “consequences” of my actions. I didn’t know what that meant, but it didn’t sound good.

I slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I looked down to see my pink panties were now dry, but had a large crusty stain of cum in the middle. The skin of my cock was raw. My dried cum had the skin of my penis stuck to the cage. I tried to adjust myself to no avail. As I approached the door, I heard my wife’s voice. I cracked the door and peered in to see who she was talking to. I didn’t see anyone. I pushed the door a bit more. I saw her in the shower. She had her dildo “Jimmy”, suction cupped to the glass enclosure. Her pussy was fully wrapped around the shaft. She was slowly moving her hips back and forth while saying something softly. I strained my ears to listen.

As my ears adjusted to the sound of the water, I began to hear what she was saying. She was telling James how good his cock felt inside her and how much she loved it when her rode her roughly. She told James that when he fucked her, she felt small in his arms and protected. My wife continued to jabber on about how she wanted to be used by him and ridden like a “little whore”. Fuck, I thought, she is fantasizing about last night and getting off on her dildo. My crusty nub shifted painfully in the cage.

Watching her masturbate and fantasize about James, made me sexually aroused, but listening to what she was saying worried me. I stood there and watched for quite a while. Her grinding on the dildo became faster and more aggressive. Then she became more vocal, louder. She told James to take her “married pussy” away from her husband. Show my “sissy” husband how a real man fucks a woman. My heart sunk. Had I lost her or was this just a fantasy? I watched as she shivered her way through and orgasm on her dildo. She then reached over and turned off the water.

I darted for the bed and hopped in, hoping she didn’t hear me. Once she was dried off, she entered the room and began fishing through her luggage for clothes. I made believe that I was just waking up. I said good morning and she mumbled one back at me. I sensed a lot of tension. I hated conflict with her. I got out of bed and approached her. I wrapped my arms around her from behind. I told her she smelled clean and wonderful. She thanked me and pulled away. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing was wrong. I asked again. She said she had a lot to think about. I asked her if it was something I did and she responded that yes, it was something I did. I probed further. It took a while to get her to open up. I had her sit on the edge of the bed and asked her to explain.

She said she loved me dearly. She loved how open I was about her sexual perversions and how I allowed her to fuck other guys. Most husbands would have kicked her to the curb long ago and she said she knew that. However, our encounter with James last night got her thinking strange thoughts. I asked her to enlighten me more. She turned to me and held my hand and began to speak. My wife said that she knew that she had a sex addiction and she loved that I allowed her to live out her fantasies. She had always felt safe with me and wanted to be with me for life. So far, so good I thought. Then she said that when she made me suck Brads cock in Kauai, her juices really got flowing. It was her deepest darkest fantasy to watch two men have sex and I allowed her to live it out right in front of her. To her, Brad was a horny boy that she could get to fuck her. She had no emotional connection with him, just sexual tension. That is what she wanted her encounters to always be. Two ships passing in the night, then she would return her pussy to me, her true love. Ok I thought, this isn’t all that bad.

Then she dropped the bombshell. James was different. He was professional, handsome, well-spoken and had all the traits of a true Alpha Male. When she saw me on my knees before him, she actually saw him as the true man in the room. She saw me, on my knees, cock locked in pretty pink panties. She didn’t see me as a man. She said that at that very point she saw me on my knees, I was not an Alpha Male but a beta boi. Someone that could never fuck her like she needed to be fucked. I would never “take” her like James could. Yes, we made love and it was beautiful and caring, but sometimes she wanted to be taken. My wife wanted to be “fucked”. I began to respond, but she put her finger on my lips.

She said that, crazy thoughts flowed through her mind about our relationship during the time he was riding her. She tried to fight those thoughts. However, once James had pumped his seed casino oyna into her, all those thoughts came rushing back again. She said that as she watched his manhood penetrate my mouth it excited her. When he shot his load down my throat, it sent her mind into sexual overdrive. But when she looked down and saw that my cock had leaked cum all over my pink panties, she realized that I was what he called me, a cock-sucking-sissy-fag-boy. I tried to interrupt. Again, she stopped me.

Her eyes looked down at my crusty, cum stained panties, then back up to me. My wife looked at me for a long time in silence, then continued. She said that she had been listening to me for years, talking about not wanting to be the Alpha Male at home. She finally understood what I meant. The cum stained panties proved that I wanted to be submissive, no real man would ever suck another man’s cock. Let alone, cum while doing it. The realization that I truly enjoyed being a sissy cuckold had finally stuck her. She said she thought that all this time I was helping her with her fantasies. She now realized that she was actually helping me more than I was helping her. At that point, she asked me to admit that I actually enjoyed sucking James manly penis.

I looked down in shame. She knew what the answer was. Then she told me that she didn’t feel like I could ever be the Alpha Male in our relationship. She didn’t have a problem with that, however, she would need a steady stream of men that could give her what she wanted. She wanted to be fucked hard, used, abused and treated like a cheap whore. Sex needed to be rough and raw. It needed to last and most of all, she needed a man that could make her cum hard. Her addiction to mind shattering orgasms was strong and could not be cured. The room the went silent.

I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know how to respond. I could deny everything, but it would be a lie. I did want to be submissive, I too wanted to be fucked. Not a physical fucking, but a mind fuck. I wanted the rush of adrenaline that made my heart race when I was forced to do something against my will. Heart racing, envelope busting, mind fucking sex. She was right and I knew it. I looked at her and asked her where we went from here. Her hand reached for mine. Our eyes locked and she said that she loved me and wanted to be with me forever, but from now on, sex was going to be different. I asked her how different.

She said that from now on, I would remain locked in my cage indefinitely. She would release me and have sex with me when she wanted to have “married sex”. However, from today on, she was going to pursue lovers who could give her the sex she needed. She wanted Alpha Male sex, sex I couldn’t give her. She said that she would never cheat on me and I would always have to be there to watch. She felt safe with me there, no matter how rough the sex got. She then smiled and slyly said that I could always be her clean up boy at any time. My mind raced, I was confused and didn’t know what to say our how to even process what I heard.

She stood up and pulled me to me feet and hugged me and told me that she loved me. Then she looked down and told me to go clean up the mess I had made in my cage and put on some new panties. I told her I only had one pair of panties. She let our a huge laugh and reached into her luggage and told me that I had a bunch, and threw about a half a dozen pairs of silky girls panties at me of all colors. A quizzical looked crossed her face and then she said I should wear the one with hearts today. I went to the bathroom and started the shower and hoped in. I looked down at my caged cock, as I pissed through the hole at the tip, onto the shower pan. I wondered how in the hell I had gotten to this point in my life. I was an Alpha Male. I ran a major corporation. I knew how to be in control and be tough, but I had opened up and told my wife my secret. A secret that she ran with, because she loved me, just as I had with her sick perverted secret. We were a truly a fucked-up pair of sick deviants.

The rest of the day consisted of me watching golf on TV and my wife flitting around the condo. She was constantly on her phone texting someone, which was very common. As dinner time approached, my wife asked if we could get Asian food delivered. I agreed. An hour later the doorbell rang and we had four white folded boxes of goodness to consume. After dinner, I threw my feet back up on the couch. My wife popped into the living room and told me we were going to have a visitor. I was tired and told her I didn’t want anyone to stop by. She looked sternly at me and told me that it was not up for discussion. If I wanted to go to bed, I could, but she was going to have a guest over. Then it dawned on me, damn, she was horny as hell and needed to get fucked again. Shit, didn’t she ever take a break from her pussy, I thought.

She wet to the bedroom and shut the door. About twenty minutes later she came out dressed like a school girl. She looked over the top hot. She had on a black short pleated skirt that barely covered her butt, canlı casino a button-down white shirt that was cinched up into a knot, little white ankle socks and some sexy little running shoes. Her hair was done up in two pony tails that stuck straight out on both sides of her head. She bounced like a rubber ball over to me and asked me if she looked cute. All I could say was “holy fuck”. My comment was met with a broad smile and a kiss. I wish the girls had dressed like that when I went to school.

She then told me that our visitor was coming up the elevator and that I needed to undress. I needed to leave on my white panties with the red hearts. I did as I was told, as usual. I knew I had little choice and quite honestly, I wanted to watch her walk around in the skirt and heels. Soon, the doorbell rang and she bounced over to the door like a young girl. My wife opened the door to find James standing there. She popped up onto her toes, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss. Then she stood in front of him and asked him if he liked what he saw. James didn’t respond verbally. Instead, he pushed her against the wall and stuck his tongue down her throat. His large right hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed. His leg slipped between hers in an effort to pin her to the walls. She responded with a muffled moan. Her hand reached down and rubbed his growing manhood. I stood in the hallway watching in silence.

Things had shifted into high gear quickly. They passionately kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes until my wife pulled her mouth away from his. His lips then found her neck as she threw her head back as if to say, take me now. After some more heavy petting, she grabbed his hand and walked down the hall and past me. They made their way into the living room, and again, began to passionately kiss and fondle each other. After a bit, she looked over to me and told me to come over and get on my knees next to them. I assumed the position. She then slowly slid down his body and joined me, on her knees, in front of James. James looked down at us. He looked emotionless. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and dropped his pants to his ankles. His massive tool flopped forward towards my wife’s face. She reached up and took it in her tiny hand.

My wife turned to me and told me that “we” need to show our gratitude to James for being her Alpha Male. She moved the head of his cock to my lips and told me to kiss it. I puckered my lips and placed them on his warm tip. My wife moved her mouth over and kissed his cock also. Her mouth then opened and began to engulf his cock. I watched, just inches away, as she deftly gave him an amazing blow job. She opened her eyes and looked at me, and with her eyes, signaled to me to join her. I moved closer and opened my mouth slightly. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and placed it into mine. I instinctively, began to suck it gently. My tongue danced quickly on the bottom of the shaft. He reached down and took my head in his hands and began to pump his cock deeper into my mouth. This made my heart race as butterflies floated in my stomach. My wife then joined me and started to greedily challenge me for his tool.

His cock moved between our lips, as we kissed each other, and fought for a portion of his shaft. One of his hands moved to her head. He then began to pump his cock, as he pushed our heads together like ass cheeks. My wife began to aggressively attacked his manhood and soon had the whole shaft in her mouth. I reached up and began to massage his low hanging balls. They felt like two golf balls. They were hard and very large. I started imagining just how much seed was stored in his manly, clean shaven scrotum. It did not take long to find out. James started to breathe heavily and pumped his hips hard into her mouth. His hands gripped her head tightly. James balls tightened quickly. I grasped his ball sack tighter and he reacted by pushing himself upon his toes. His scrotum then got rock hard and I felt the first tell-tale spasm of his impending orgasm.

A low growl came from deep inside him as his body started to shudder. His hips thrust forward. His cock went all the way to the back of her throat. She tried to pull away, but his hands held her fast against his pelvis. He shot his virile manhood directly down her esophagus. Her eyes watered as she gagged. He had used her mouth as his personal cum bucket. He had forcefully taken her and it excited me to no end. I was actually a bit jealous. I secretly wanted James to force his manhood down my throat and compel me to consume his potent seed.

As his orgasm subsided he released his grip. She pulled away and immediately placed his cock into my mouth. His warm ejaculate still oozed from the tip. As I took him fully into my mouth, his body twitched and I was rewarded with a warm ribbon of sperm on the back of my tongue. It tasted amazing. It was slightly salty and a bit sweet. It had the consistency of an egg white, silky, smooth and slid down my throat like a serpent. He looked down at me and demanded that kaçak casino I clean up his cock completely. I did not argue and voraciously attacked his tool. He gripped my head with his huge hands. He pumped my face hard into his pelvis. His massive cock gagged me as the head filled my throat. My mouth was being used for his absolute pleasure. He obviously had no concern for me, as the more I gagged, the rougher he used me.

He looked down at me and told me to take his cock like a cock-sucking-sissy-fag. I wanted him to cum quickly. I fondled his balls again in an attempt to push him over the edge. His roughness frightened, yet, excited me. My body started to react involuntarily. I felt the soft rhythmic pulse of my prostate, pumping pre-cum into my cage. James pace then became very rapid and forceful. He grabbed a handful of my hair and used it as a handle to hold my head. A shudder went through his body right before a flood of cum began to flow directly down my throat. I gagged as I choked down copious amounts of his potent manhood. I tried to push away. He slapped my face hard and shoved his dick deep again. I was being manhandled, forced to submit to him and his demands.

Adrenaline was coursing through my veins. I felt my heart racing, I was sweating and shaking uncontrollably. The soft pulse in my groin turned into a pounding beat. I could actually feel cum moving through my caged nub. I was not experiencing any orgasmic pleasure. No, my sexual organ was expelling its contents uselessly into my panties in tribute to his dominance. My balls acknowledged his superiority and were showing him that my body was his to do with what he wanted. As he finished, he pushed me down onto the floor and told me I was a bitch, then spit on me.

My wife looked at him wide eyed, in shock. He grabbed her off her knees, pulled her mouth to his, then kissed her extremely hard. Her body shivered at his display of power. They fell to the couch. He took his large hand and reached up her skirt a ripped her white thong panties off of her body, with one pull. James then shoved two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and pumped them rapidly, like a jack hammer. My wife screamed and grabbed at his hand. He pushed her back and put one hand around her neck and held her to the couch. His other hand continued to quickly pierce the limits of her vagina. In less than two minutes, she screamed mightily and began an orgasmic convulsion like I had never seen before. As she came, he continued to hold her throat, reducing her airway to little more than a straws width. The lack of oxygen enhanced the intensity of her orgasmic pleasure. She came for what seemed like minutes before he released her from his grasp.

Tears flowed down her face. They were not tears of sadness, no, they were tears of ecstasy. He had done something to her that she had never experienced. The skill he exhibited, in bringing her to orgasm, shocked and amazed her. As the tears ran down her face, she continued to shiver. Her adrenaline level was as high as mine, if not higher. All she could do was stare at him and shake. James stood up and picked her up in his arms. She threw her arms around his neck and they made their way down the hallway towards our bedroom. I followed a few steps behind them. He placed he spent body on the bed and crawled in next to her and pulled her into his arms. She closed her eyes and pushed herself as close as she could against him. I stood and watched the two of them, locked in each other’s arms, in our marital bed. I watched silently as they drifted off to sleep.

I made my way to the chair and sat down. As I did, I felt wetness between my legs. I looked down at my panty covered, cock caged, nub. My panties were soaked in a mixture of pre-cum and sticky goo. Once again, my body had expelled its snot, uselessly into my panties, without even giving me a semblance of pleasure. Even my body understood that submission meant servitude and my pleasure was irrelevant. My wife had warned me on our vacation, that during her period, I could only cum with a cock in one of my holes. I didn’t realize that not only would that happen during her period, it would be all the time and forever. It would not be her dildo penetrating me, no, it would be her actual lover. He would teach me that my submission to his sexual needs was absolute. I would be permanently neutered. My balls would be made to ooze useless sludge into female underwear, as my face was used for his absolute pleasure.

James had proven without a doubt that he was the Alpha Male in the relationship and I had become a beta boi. I was now a subservient tool for his pleasure. Meek and servile, my position was now one of a submissive slutty bitch, to be used and cast off without regard and I loved it. Fuck, yes, I actually wanted this. How sick was I? What kind of perverted deviant wanted to have their wife’s lover shove his massive manhood into their mouth? Why did this make my heart race? What sick, depraved man would allow his wife to fuck another man in his own house, in his own bed, and get off on it? Me, yes, me. I wanted this. It thrilled me to be forced to suck his massive tool. Submitting to her lover, thrilled me. It excited me to the point of where my body involuntarily expelled its sexual fluids in tribute.

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