Deepest Darkest Secret

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‘Am I kinky?’ I thought to myself as I looked up at my reflection in the mirror. Staring back at me was an image that filled me with pure lust. Black, lace-top stockings held in place with a black basque and suspenders, and the look was completed with matching black panties.

‘Most definitely, but I love it,’ I thought as I glimpsed at my straining cock, trying to fight its way out of the lace panties. The panties, basque and stockings belonged to Samantha, my ex-girlfriend.

I can remember when I first noticed how sexy women’s panties were, and how I was instantly drawn to them. It was whilst dating my first girlfriend, Samantha, in university. We’d been dating for a few weeks before we ended up back at my place, both getting horny as we kissed in my bedroom. It was the first time that things ever became more than kissing and fumbling.

I can remember Samantha laying back on the bed, letting me take off her jeans. As I slid then down from her hips I caught my first sight of her underwear. That night she was wearing a thong and I marvelled at the sight of the material as it clung to her mound beneath. I kissed my way up her slender legs until I came to her thong and I was immediately hooked by the contagious smell of her pussy on the material. I couldn’t help insert a finger inside her moist hole through her thong. As I pulled the damp material out I inhaled deeply and I vowed that I would never forget this moment.

After that night I used to love undressing Samantha, as any guy would love to do with his girlfriend. I had the double delight though, the pleasure of seeing her naked body and the pleasure of seeing what panties that she was wearing on each particular occasion.

Whilst we dated we often used to spend the nights at each others houses. On a number of occasions I stayed in bed whilst Samantha went to her early lectures, which gave me the perfect opportunity to explore her panties in closer detail. I loved to go through her drawers, searching for her sexiest panties. One time I found a pair of her panties that Samantha had been wearing the previous night. I picked them up off the floor and found that the crotch was still damp, and when I raised them to my nose I immediately recognised that her pussy was the cause of the dampness. My cock immediately became hard at the thought of her pussy being all moist and the panties being so close to her mound.

I couldn’t resist but to put them on. I slipped them on and up my legs, the lace feeling wonderful to my touch. At first the dampness against my balls felt cold but they soon warmed with my body temperature. I jumped back into bed and laid on my front. I slowly began to hump against the bed, my cock head rubbing against the material of the panties. I fantasised that Samantha was beneath me, and that I was humping against her pussy through her panties. I could feel the cum rising within me and I decided to let go totally. As I reached orgasm I felt my cum spurt out of my cock and onto the lacey material. I laid on the bed afterwards in post orgasm delirium, still incredibly horny at what I had done. It never crossed my mind as to how I was to explain to Samantha why her panties were full of my cum.
I simply took them home with me and washed them, before returning them to her panty draw. I repeated this as frequently as I could; cumming in Samantha’s panties, smuggling them home so I could clean them and then sneaking them back to their rightful owner.

We had been dating for one year and Samantha and I went to a restaurant to celebrate. Little did I know what was in store for me later that night.

As we arrived home we were both horny güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and looking forward to a night full of hot sex. As soon as the door closed behind us we were kissing passionately in the hallway, both of our hands roaming each others bodies. I could feel my cock, hard against my trousers and longing to be touched by Samantha’s hands.

Somehow we made it upstairs to my bedroom, but before I could say anything, Samantha had me naked and laid back on the bed. Out of nowhere she produced some handcuffs and proceeded to handcuff me to the bed. This really got my cock hard as I prepared for Samantha to tease me.

Samantha stood up from the bed and stood by the side, looking me straight in the eye. She reached up and pushed the shoulder straps of her slinky blue dress off of her shoulders. The dress slid quickly to the floor and I was totally dumfounded. Underneath Samantha was wearing a lacy black basque with suspenders, matching black laced-top stockings and black lace panties.

My cock seemed to rise to new heights with the sight before me. Samantha sensed this and quickly joined me on the bed. She straddled my body, bringing her crotch upto my face. No words were needed. Samantha slid her panties to one side to reveal her glistening pussy. She moved closer to my head and my tongue immediately began to lick its way across her labia. I decided that since she was teasing me by handcuffing me to the bed, I’d replicate this by teasing her clit.

Barely had I begun to tease her when I felt her hands on the back of my head, thrusting her pussy forward into my face. I could smell her whole sex, and as I lapped away I could feel her juices running down my face and neck.

“Make me cum!” she commanded. “I need to cum now!”

I was in no place to disagree and merely began feverishly licking Samantha’s clit. I could feel Samantha’s hips begin to thrust forward to meet each movement of my tongue and I knew she was on her way to orgasm.

Samantha’s fingers scrunched up my hair, her breathing became frantic. “That’s it, lick my clit, make me cum like you cum in my panties!”

‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. My tongue froze with her words.

“Don’t you dare stop! You’re going to make me cum, Now!”

I had no option but to continue licking as though nothing had been said.

“Do you fuck my panties like I’m fucking your tongue?” Samantha screamed at me.

I didn’t stop, merely increased my movements. I could feel Samantha’s juices pouring out of her pussy and I knew this was it.

“Oooohhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm!” cooed Samantha. As her body was squirming with her orgasm, my head was frantic with what she had said to me. Still Samantha ground her pussy against my tongue, prolonging her ecstasy.

Around thirty seconds must have passed before Samantha moved her pussy from my face. I think the look on my face must have said everything.

“Oh, come on, don’t look at me like that sweetie. I know exactly what you’ve been doing. Stealing my panties, shooting your cum all over them. Which were you favourite? My thongs right?”

I couldn’t even begin to speak.

“Your silence merely confirms your guilt. Unfortunately, your silence also means that we’re through. I’m sorry, I can accept someone who wants to get into my panties, but not someone who wants to get in them, wear them and cum all over them!”

Samantha stood up off the bed. She began to undress. She undid her stockings, sliding them down over her legs. Her panties soon followed. Finally she took off her basque and stood there naked, her gorgeous body making my cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stay hard.

What happened next took me by surprise. Samantha took hold of my legs and began to run a stocking up each of my legs in turn. She did the same with her damp panties, placing my cock within the material. The basque followed also, until I was laid handcuffed to the bed in the lingerie that Samantha herself had been wearing.

“I think that they suit you,” said Samantha as she climbed back onto the bed. Once again she straddled me, this time placing her pussy directly over my cock. The only thing that separating us was the thin material of her panties, which were now my panties.

“I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of fucking me. I’m going to make you cum in those panties of yours!”

With that Samantha began to make my fantasy come true. She began to grind her pussy over the head of my cock as it strained in my panties. By now I was so turned don that I wouldn’t be able to last long, but I was determined to prolong the time until my orgasm.

“How does it feel to have been caught? I bet you wished you could fuck my pussy now, don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer, I was too far gone into my fantasy to care what she had to say. When I opened my eyes I found that Samantha was enjoying this too. Her hands were playing with her breasts and I’m sure that her clit was rubbing against the panties.

Before long Samantha was really grinding against me cock, obviously concentrating more on her own orgasm than mine.

“Cum with me,” she commanded. “Fill your panties for me.”

These words set us both off. As I heard Samantha groan when her orgasm hit, my cum began to spurt out of my cock. My orgasm seemed to last for an age, but when I came down from my high Samantha was raising herself up off the bed. I could see her pussy glistening with her own cum. She slipped her dress back on and then once again stood by the bed, looking down on me.

“This is goodbye. I can’t wait to see the face on the housemate who finds you here!” With that Samantha walked out of my house and out of my life. I never saw her again.


I couldn’t guess how long I waited before I heard somebody’s key in the door to my house. I heard the door slam shut and then footsteps move around downstairs. I tested my handcuffs, just in case they weren’t fastened properly. It was no use though.

My heart began racing as I realised that this was serious. The footsteps downstairs that had been silent for several minutes began to move again and I heard them begin to climb the stairs. My bedroom was the last room on the upstairs hallway, but thankfully the door was closed. The only thing that would give away my presence in the room would be the light.

I listened intently as the footsteps grew closer and then seemed to fade away slightly. Before I knew what was happening though there was a knock at the door. I stayed silent. Again another knock came. A few seconds later and I saw the handle on the inside of the door begin to move. I knew that I would be discovered. My mind screamed.

“What the hell!” exclaimed Zoe, one of my housemates.

I didn’t know what to say. I expect that Zoe was feeling exactly the same.

I spoke first as Zoe closed the door behind her. “Thank god you came back. Samantha played a joke on me, that’s all.”

Zoe laughed. “Really?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “she thought that it would be funny.”

“You don’t have to lie to me. All I need to know is whether it is true or not?”


“I found a note downstairs. güvenilir bahis şirketleri It looked like Samantha’s handwriting. She said that you have split up and that she handcuffed you to the bed and left you in her lingerie because you were stealing her panties. Oh, and that you were cumming in them too!”

I couldn’t think of a response.

“I know it’s true by your reaction.”

“Please don’t tell anyone, I beg you. I couldn’t live if anyone found out.”

“Well I have found out and now I have the choice about what to do.” Zoe moved across the room and over to my bed. She got on the bed and moved in close to my crotch, which now contained my sticky limp cock.

Zoe reached out and moved the panties to one side. “My, my. You did cum lots!” Zoe grabbed hold of my cock and moved it to her lips.

“Beg me to suck you?”

My mind was overcome with lust again. What was happening? “Please, suck me. Let me feel your mouth slide down my cock.”

Zoe parted her lips and lowered her head. I felt her tongue run along the shaft of my cock, presumably licking off my cum. I closed my eyes in sheer pleasure as she took my sticky cock into her mouth. Instantly I began to grow hard again. Zoe deep throated me before sliding my whole cock nearly out of her mouth, where her tongue licked its way across the sensitive head. She repeated this a number of times until I was fully hard again.

Without warning she left my cock and stood up off the bed. My cock was now clean. I couldn’t believe that Zoe had licked off all my cum. Zoe stood by the bed and began to take off her top, revealing her breasts encased in her white bra.

“You know we’re both attracted to each other so I’m going to make this easy for the both of us.” She unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor, revealing her perfect breasts, her nipples already erect. “I’m going to fuck you right now because just seeing you like that makes me so horny, see…..?” As she said this her jeans fell to the floor. Zoe showed me the wet patch that had formed on her panties. She pushed her hand into her panties and found her pussy, and I guessed that she rubbed her clit because she moaned out load.

Soon Zoe was tugging her panties down her legs. Her panties still in hand, Zoe rejoined me on the bed. She straddled my body just as Samantha had done a short while earlier.

Zoe positioned my cock at the entrance of her moist entrance. “After this we can both walk away and never talk about this, after all we all have our fantasies.” The way that she said this implied something more, at least it did in my mind, and by the look on her face it certainly did in her mind. “The events of tonight or how I found you dressed will never leave either of our lips. Or………. we can go out on a date and see how things go from there. Do we have a deal?”

“Most definitely!” I exclaimed, excited at the thought of ending tonight by fucking Zoe’s pussy.

“Seeing as though you like girl’s panties, here!” With that Zoe scrunched up her wet panties and stuffed the into my mouth.

At the same time Zoe plunged down onto my cock and as we fucked she talked about how turned on she was and how seeing me dressed in Samantha’s lingerie was driving her wild.

Needless to say I filled her pussy with cum several times that night, and it wasn’t until the morning that she released me from my bonds. We did go out on that date after all and we found out that we had lots in common. We were married four years ago. Every now and then we both relive what happened the first night we came together and now as I lie on the bed looking up into the mirror on the ceiling I can’t wait for Zoe to come home from work and find me like this. I’m sure she’ll be fucking me all night!

Oh, and I did find out exactly what Zoe’s fantasy was. E-mail me and tell me if you’d like to hear what it is, or if you’d like to hear about other things that we have experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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