Doing Dory Ch. 01

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“Oh my god! More! Do it!” Dory felt the heat of pure lust flash through her body. Mason was big, and his cock was pushing hard.

Dory felt as if he was going to rip her cunt apart. “Don’t stop. Please!”

This was her first time-ever. She’d wanted this. She’d longed for this. But she’d always been afraid. Besides, she was a good girl. But not any longer. Now she was a cheerleader.

She’d made the squad. There had been a lot of competition. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and killer curves hadn’t been enough to win her a spot.

It was her dance training, her fierce determination , and the ability to play cheer squad politics that had made her success possible.

Now the football captain was playing her. And they both were about to score something better than a touchdown.

Right after being given news of her earning a spot , two squad veterans told her that there was an informal rule for members of the Bay Ridge College Cheer Squad: No virgins allowed.

Even though Dory was new to the school, they had done some checking and they’d discovered that in her old school the beautiful, but socially awkward Dory had been known as “Princess Puritan.”

If Dory wanted to keep her spot, she’d better put out. By the end of the week, at the latest. Bay Ridge cheerleaders were totally dedicated to encouraging their football team. Especially with red hot sex.

It’s not that they were whores or sluts, exactly . They were just loyal to the Bay Ridge Football program.

Now Dory was supporting Mason by providing her super sensitive, super tight , formerly virgin pussy,

No casino oyna more “Princess Puritan” for this girl!

Mason kissed her, and his tongue was seeking her depths, just like his cock. Mason was magnificent and experienced.

Far too experienced for her to consider him a boy. He was a man and he was handling her masterfully.

He was not too brutal, rough, or demanding. His firm hands gave steady guidance to her willing body and her begging pussy.

He gently drew his tongue out of her mouth. Before she could complain, he started a series of feather light kisses down the right side of her neck.

He brought his lips to her shoulder and stopped. He was on top with his steel like arms holding him above her soft body. He began thrusting. So far he had just touched the tip of her pussy. The veil of her hymen was still intact.

“Do you want me to go on?” He was waiting. It was a sincere question.

She didn’t know much about him before today, but the minutes she had been in his embrace, told her that he was gentleman enough.

“Please, please, oh please! All the way in.” She writhed with eager anticipation.

He loved it when she begged for more.

She was shifting her body, offering even more of herself, if that were possible. She was offering the utter depths of her virgin pussy and even the depths of her soul. That was how much of a man Mason was.

He was a man, not a boy, and he was taking her from being a timid girl to a hot blooded, sexual woman.

This hunk of a man was definitely making a woman out of her.

Mason shoved, canlı casino and Dory bit her lip to keep from screaming. “More?” he asked as her torn hymen was bleeding.

She nodded a fervent yes. With one last shove he pushed his cock all the way in. He held himself in place, but Dory began to buck like a wild horse. She was impaling herself on his manhood again and again.

Mason smiled. It was a look of pride in conquest. She certainly wasn’t the first virgin he’d taken . But she’d be his greatest conquest. “Princess Puritan” was no more.

All that was left was a cock crazy college slut. The perfect slut. The perfect cheerleader. Dory was taking it for the team and she was taking it like a pro.

He could see already that she had talent sexually. Her athletic grace, and her dancer’s body housed the heart of not just a slut, but a true whore.

Dory still had her first cock in her tight cunt and she wanted more. More. More of Mason, and as far as she was concerned, she damn well was going to get it.

Again he backed off. “Hold on. We’re not finished yet.” He pulled out partially, leaving just the tip of his cock inside her. With a deep breath and a pelvis thrust, he pounded her hard, but she arose with each thrust to receive him. She started to scream, and tried to fight it back in her throat.

“It’s okay. No one is around to hear you.” The cabin, his family’s vacation spot, was far enough from town to make wild sex possible, but a short enough drive to make frequent visits easy.

Dory screamed and bit his shoulder. She shook more deeply, more strongly than she kaçak casino ever thought possible. But he was in all the way. All the way….inside her. It was grand. It was glorious. It was powerful. It was her first orgasm,

He held himself there and she let him. She welcomed him with a vixen smile. There was a heat in her eyes that could never have come from a girl. It was the look of a lust driven woman.

Her eyes glimmered with sheer carnal satisfaction. She was satisfied-for the moment.

Two more times he thrust his way into her and then, he arched his back as he came. His breath grew short and his body shook.

He’d pushed them both to the limits of their athletic bodies. Tomorrow they would be sore, but for now they were filled with waves of increasing gentle pleasure.

He rolled off Dory, careful to keep a grip on the sperm filled condom. He tossed it into a waste basket beside the bed. He stood above her with the smile of a college Casanova.

Dory stretched like a happy little kitten in the midmorning sunlight coming through the double windows. It was fall and everything was magic.

“Are you okay?” he wanted to make sure. She had been awfully tight.

She looked at him with gratitude. “I’m great.”

Mason retrieved his shirt from the back of a wooden chair. She watched his toned muscles ripple as he pulled it on over his head. He knew she was watching.

He smiled back at her and it was genuine. “Hey, welcome to the team.”

His smile reminded her that “Princess Puritan” was a thing of the past. Soon, she would be ancient history.

Dory was two weeks past her twenty-first birthday, but only just now had she become a woman. She was a woman and a Bay Ridge Cheerleader. She was determined to enjoy every last sexy second of her new life. Yay team!

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