Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 09-10

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Authors Note:

The following is a continuation (Chapters 9 and 10) of Book 2 of “Donna’s Ultra High Heels” which followed Book 1 of the same name, all in the fetish category. It is recommended that this series be read in order.


Chapter 9

After arriving back at Ken’s apartment from the visit to the Chatsworth’s Mansion, Donna and Ken hurried to the spare bedroom in order to perform her nightly milking procedure. They decided that Ken should use the more conventional method of milking Donna even though she would still be strapped up in the closet stand. Donna quickly removed the outfit that she had worn to the Chatsworth’s that evening and at Ken’s request, was now dressed in only in her padded panties and the Velcro tipped bullet bra.

She did have on her thigh high nylons and garter belt, but uncharacteristically was wearing pointed toe ballet flats. It was obvious that she was in some discomfort since she gingerly walked over to the lacing stand and stood ready for Ken to strap her hands to the upper bar above her head. Donna had continued her daily heel raises where she occasionally, but briefly, lowered her heels to a flat footed position in order to stretch her calf muscles to the point where she could stand and walk without wearing any heels. However, recently she noticed that even with those heel raises, it was becoming more painful to achieve that flatfooted stance. She therefore had purchased a couple of pair of stiff needle pointed toed, but otherwise flexible, ballet flats to wear occasionally in order to help stretch those muscles so that she could continue to walk without any high heels. Donna had decided that, at least for now, she still wanted to have that ability!

Ken observed her discomfort walking in her new ballet flats and said, “I see you have a new pair of flats. I really like those stiff needle pointed toes that will keep your toes in shape for all your other stilettoes. I assume that you got them to help in some additional training beyond your heel raises to keep your muscles stretched so that you can walk flat footed?”

“Yes, I was having more trouble recently being able to stand barefooted, so I bought these flats to keep me in shape, but I see I’m going to need to wear them a little more often since I still have some pain, although not severe, in my calf muscles as you apparently noticed. I still want to be able, for the time being, to walk with no heels, so I decided to go this route. I saw this new pointed toe version of the ballet flats at the department store when I was in there shopping for my blouse and they reminded me that I could use them for training purposes,” Donna responded.

“If that’s the case, I’ll change your training at the shop by including some time in the whirlpool and on the treadmill in flats. That will give you some additional training since you will be going instantaneously from to one extreme to another since I’ll change your exercise routine by going from VA’s, PVA’s, or whatever heel height your training in that day to some time in flats at the end of session! I’ll also vary it occasionally so that your flat heel training may be at the beginning of the training session. As a matter of fact, I even have a more extreme training idea in mind for you that I’ll show you when you come to the shop for training tomorrow,” Ken announced authoritatively.

Donna loved it when Ken took the dominate role and her nipples, with the help of the Velcro bullet bra, were now rock hard and fully aroused.

Ken observed Donna’s bullet bra was now filled out to the point that satin cup tips were slightly tented by her thrusting nipple tips and coyly said, “It looks like you nipples are ready to be milked, so let’s get you up in the stand.”

He then strapped her hands above her head leaving her firm jutting breasts protruding out in an exaggerated manner which perfectly exposed her bullet shaped bra cups sticking out so that Ken would have easy access to them to do whatever he had in mind before her daily milking procedure. He then attached a newly designed milk catching tool to the milking stand that Donna had not seen before. It was attached to one of the vertical poles by an O-ring type of clamp with an arm that attached to a clear plastic container. The so called ‘tool’ was really pieces that he had made by sawing them out of a clear plastic sheet that he had gotten from the hardware store. Ken had glued those pieces together to form a wide trough-like container that could catch Donna’s milk as he sprayed it into the uniquely designed trough. It could be adjusted both vertically and horizontally as well as rotated on the end of the arm so that it could be positioned to catch Donna’s milk from either breast. The lower part on the container was formed into a funnel-like bottom so that her milk would drain to a bottle attached to the necked down part of the funnel-like container. The trough had a backboard that would stop and direct the milk from either breast back down into the container canlı bahis şirketleri and into the glass bottle!

Donna exclaimed as Ken positioned the container in front of, but out away from her taught breasts, “Where did you get that, I never have seen anything like it before?”

Ken quickly responded, “I designed it myself and glued the plastic pieces together from a sheet that I got at the hardware store. I thought it would be easier for me not to have to hold a bottle in one hand when I milked you. I can bring down your milk with one hand while I squeeze your nipple and areola with the other, much like that fancy milking machine that you like so much. We’ll see if you enjoy as much or more since I can concentrate on one breast at a time or both in alternate ways to accomplish the same end goal! ”

“You certainly are very handy with your special designs. Why don’t you try it out now and see how it works,” she suggested.

“In due time, but first I want to take you breast measurement to see how you’re doing up top now that you have worn that Velcro bullet bra this evening; so you need to concentrate in giving it your best shot if you don’t want to be punished,” Ken announced sternly.

She momentarily thought that if the punishment was the same as last time when she failed the measurement test, it might not be all that bad! Donna quickly abandoned that line of thought and started thinking about how Ken would be milking her using the new container and imagined how he would slowly take her to the edge of an orgasm several times before letting her explode at the end of her milking session! Those thoughts made her nipples and areolas stiffen and ache with anticipation solidly trying to escape the confines of the bra cup tips!

Ken took the tape measure from the end table drawer and placed it around Donna’s chest with her nipples protruding out and slightly tenting the pre-formed satin material of the cone bra cup tips to determine her exact chest measurement, and then announced, “You did well in that bullet bra as you measure a full 38-7/8 inches. That equals what you did in your shelf bra, so I bet you could make at least 39 inches in it as well. We’ll have to try that out and see sometime this week after you do some more nipple training, but first let’s get you milked.”

He then removed the bullet bra which prominently presented her Donna’s breasts, nipples, and areolas for Ken’s forthcoming manipulations. Ken then positioned the funnel-like container closer to her chest and began massaging her left breast from the base outward in order to bring the milk down to her breast tips. She moaned with pleasure as Ken performed the same procedure alternately on each of her breasts. Starting with her left areola and nipple he began the actual milking by squeezing them with great skill and directed a steady stream of milk against the clear plastic backstop so that it could then drain down the funnel into the glass bottle as Donna squirmed in delight!

Ken switched back and forth between her breasts by alternately bringing down her milk and squeezing her nipples and areolas to actually squirt it into the container and ultimately the glass jar all the while Donna was in seventh heaven. He continued that process and brought her up to the point of an orgasm before stopping and switching breasts before finally milking them both dry as she squirmed and moaned in pleasure during the whole time!

Again, when he finished, Donna was on the brink of an orgasm and he asked, “Do you want me to bring you over the edge?”

“O…ooh my God, you know the answer to that question. I’ll make it worth your while when I extract your payload later,” Donna breathlessly gushed as she almost begged him for release!

Ken then lowered his head and alternately sucked her right and left nipples and made sure to get the last few drops of her milk, before flicking each of her super sensitive nipple tips with the tip of his tongue! With that familiar action on his part, it took only a few seconds before she began a violent orgasm that lasted at least for two or three waves over almost a minute!

Donna eventually relaxed and stood straight up in her flats before Ken unstrapped her and helped her to the couch to again bask in her afterglow. He kissed her lightly as she regained her composure and they snuggled for some time before Donna said that she wanted to clean up before rewarding him with her treat for the evening; which Ken had specifically requested in order to produce his daily quota of semen. She then disappeared and went into the bathroom while Ken got out of his clothes and into his briefs to get ready for her to perform one of his favorite semen producing actions. Donna returned from the bathroom and sat on the edge of the couch while she proceeded to squeeze his penis between her breasts and used them to slowly stroke it as Ken knelt on his knees in front of her. She brought him to the brink of an orgasm several times before she finally released canlı kaçak iddaa his penis from between her breasts and started pumping his shaft with her free hand and then traced her right nipple tip around his penis corona and took him over the edge. Donna quickly grabbed the glass collecting semen vessel in time to catch his first rope of semen! He continued for at least thirty seconds delivering load after load of semen into the bottle.

“It looks like that supplement your taking is really working since it looks as though there is almost an ounce in the bottle. That will certainly help in my nipple training project,” Donna exclaimed as she got up and went to put the container on the table for later delivery to the refrigerator.

They both then got ready for bed and eventually drifted off to sleep after the long evening at the Chatsworth’s and here at the apartment.

The next day both Ken and Donna got up rather early since they both had a busy day on that Saturday. Ken of course, went to the shoe store, but had some things in mind to pick up on his lunch hour or on the way home after work. He needed them to work on at home that evening after he closed the store and finished Donna’s abbreviated training session. Ken planned to concentrate on her flat heel training this evening after he put her through a strenuous series of paces in her PVA ballet heels!

Donna, on the other hand had planned to go shopping that day in order to pick out some outfits for the upcoming ultra high heel and fetish party at the Chatsworth’s. She picked out some clothes to wear for the shopping trip and laid them on the bed. Donna had selected one of her power blue business suits, a white short sleeve sweater, a powder blue calf four inch wide belt, and matching power blue calf pumps with 5-5/8 inch stiletto heels, needle toes, and low cut throats.

Donna decided to be a little on the naughty side while shopping and therefore picked out a white cone bra to wear under the opaque white sweater she had decided on. It was a standard size C+ bra that she had recently brought home from Ken’s shop, but had the unique features of most of their standard cone bras which the assistant store manager, Diane, had shown her in one of her earlier trip to Ken’s store. The inner cup lining was made of cotton and the outer one of nylon and both circular and radial stainless steel boning was sewn with elasticized thread in between them, giving it a sharp pointed cone shape, the tip of which was similar to a number two, slightly rounded, pencil eraser if properly filled out! The cups had a tiny single lacing on the bottom of each, from its base to where the outer diameter of the areola would be positioned, and therefore could be tightened to further project her breasts forward into sharp cone points!

Her other two custom made cone bras made mostly of leather; one of which was the elasticized red suede model with the ‘nipple pop out’ feature and the second one was the skin colored steel reinforced cone bra with tiny open tip that only allowed the very tip of her nipples to just poke through. She had only worn each one of those bras once publically, both times when Ken had taken her to Joe’s restaurant. The first time when she wore the red suede one, Donna had on an overlay that had rounded nipple cups sewn into it so that it somewhat hid the pointiness of her bra cups and the second time with her kid leather cone bra, she had a business suit jacket on that pretty much accomplished the same thing.

Donna slipped on the bra and stretched the cups over breasts insuring that they fit snugly on each. She fastened the front hooking clasp together and adjusted the back strap buckle securely around her chest and then tightened the lacing on the lower side of each cup so that her already taught breasts were completely captured in their steel reinforced cone cages!

She felt so sexy and somewhat more aggressive when she slipped the tight fitting white sweater over her head and pulled it over her extremely sharp pointed cone bra cup tips! Even though the sweater was not tucked in or belted at the waist, it still displayed her pointed breasts perfectly and contributed to her more domineering attitude.

At this moment, Donna had another inspiration and decided to go all out and present an overall bitch look on her shopping trip! She excitedly made changes to the outfit she was going to wear that day. First, she put away the powder blue skirt and jacket and retrieved a tight fitting black pencil skirt with a back kick pleat. Before putting it on, she decided to wear a white satin waist cincher and black lace bikini panties with some padding. After tucking in the white blouse, she then zipped up the skirt in the back and selected a five inch wide red patent belt, which she had again brought home from the store, and cinched it tightly around her waist. The sweater therefore fit tightly in a manner such there was absolutely no drooping or sagging and essentially formed a large V shape from Donna’s canlı kaçak bahis neck out to her bra cup tips and back inward and down to the top of her tightly cinched belt so that the sharp tips of the cone cups only touched the sweater material itself!

As always she wore garters, but decided on black stockings and with her red patent 5-5/8 inch stilettos which should get some attention on a summer day. It was only the second time, other than to Joe’s restaurant, that she wore that heel height in public. The first time was when she met Ken for lunch, the same day that Linda Chatsworth had first come to the law office.

Since she had put away the powder blue suit, Donna decided to complete her bitch look and do her shopping without the matching suit jacket and only wear the skirt and sweater which was again, tightly belted at the waist! That image should get some attention during her shopping trip which further prompted her to have her hair and makeup also contribute to, and help accentuate that overall haughty or domineering look!

Donna spent considerable time in putting her hair up in a tight, but sophisticated manner that left her appearing to be more of the dominate type. She then began applying a darker makeup base to her face and added dark eye shadow, raised eyebrows, darker cheek shadows, and red lipstick with no gloss that also matched her belt and shoes. Finally, Donna added some brazen red and gold jewelry to complete the look including long beaded earrings, a red beaded necklace and rings, as well as a red and gold wrist bracelet. A small red patent clutch completed her ensemble.

Donna then looked at herself in the mirror and was very pleased with her new bitch look. As a matter of fact, she thought that this look would be one that she would use at the party next weekend; maybe at one or both, of the sweater girl contests! Donna knew that she could add to the look with elbow length gloves and other accessories that were now floating through her mind.

She then picked up the black suit jacket that went with the skirt and headed off to start her shopping trip by going out to her car in the apartment parking lot. As luck would have it, one of the women neighbors across the street was also leaving and getting into her car as Donna walked out of Ken’s townhouse apartment and they waived to each other since they had both seen one another a few time in the last few weeks. The woman was just stepping into her car and apparently didn’t get a good view of Donna’s outfit since she had no further reaction to her. Donna then sat down in the driver’s seat, laid the suit jacket on the passenger seat, started the car, and drove off.

After parking in a nearby parking garage, Donna’s first stop was at one of the fancy boutique’s downtown which specialized in cocktail and formal dresses as well as evening gowns. The garage was next to the shop and therefore she did not encounter anyone on the street. Ken had insisted that she pick out both types of dresses for the party and he would pay for them because she could wear them in his upcoming catalog photo shoot. He also said to have them personalized for wearing a cone bra and noted that they should leave enough material so that they can be tailored later for her future figure goal of 40-20-40 inches.

Before entering the store, Donna took a deep breath and said out loud, “The hell with it I’m going to make this happen!”

She opened the door forcefully and walked up to the woman seated at the side of the store waiting area who appeared to be the receptionist. She was neatly dressed in a receptionist-type uniform with a mid-calf flowering skirt, loose silk blouse, and 2-1/2 inch kitten heels that Donna had hated over the years.

The woman appeared to be about the same age as Donna and said in a somewhat impatient voice “May I help you?”

Donna decided to go on the aggressive and replied authoritatively, “Probably not, since I would like someone to help me pick out a couple of dresses.”

That comment apparently came as a surprise to the woman since she sputtered, “Oh, oh of course.”

She then got up and went through a door into what appeared to be the showing area. A moment later she returned with a well-dressed middle age woman in a business suit wearing what Donna guessed to be 4-1/2 inch spike heeled pumps.

The woman held out her hand and said, “Hi, my name is Nicki. I understand you need some help in picking out a couple of dresses. I certainly can help you with that. Follow me back to the main room and we’ll see what you are interested in looking at.”

She turned and led Donna through to door and into large room with many racks of dresses and other accessories. The receptionist closed the door as she had stayed in the waiting room. Donna went on to explain she had been invited to cocktail party and dinner this coming Friday evening and was to stay on for a formal dinner on Saturday night. There were to be multiple couples there and it was to be held at her friend’s large estate located in the suburbs. Donna went on to explain that the women were all required to wear cone bras and ultra-high heels much like she was wearing now. The dresses should be capable of allowing for that particular requirement.

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