Elaine’s Dirty Knickers Ch. 02

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın

About 6 weeks after my wonderful dirty panty experience at Elaine’s whilst babysitting for her, she called me again – this time to housesit for a weekend while she went away.

I couldn’t believe my luck!

Since finally getting my hands, nose and tongue on her dirty underwear several weeks earlier I had been masturbating constantly and now couldn’t wait to get back around there and discover more of her dirty, private secrets.

I was constantly thinking of the brown, discharge-stained cotton gusset I had licked and sniffed when I was last there — its smell and taste and how it looked against my erect penis.

There were some wonderful orgasms thinking of this very taste and smell as well as creating some spectacular fantasies about Elaine’s vagina, anus and pubic hair. I loved to imagine her sitting on the toilet, spreading her pink vagina apart and changing her tampons with those pretty, discharge-stained knickers down around her knees.

I also liked to think of her wiping herself front and back after completing her toilet business, replacing her knickers back up against her hairy private parts and continuing on with her day. The anticipation built as the weekend approached. My fantasies were at times intense as I longed to make contact again with Elaine’s most private female activity.

Once on location in Elaine’s apartment, I had the whole place to myself until Sunday evening and following her departure, I wasted no time in locating what I was looking for.

A search of her bathroom clothes canlı bahis hamper delivered 3 pairs of recently soiled white cotton knickers as well as an entire drawer of clean ones in her bedroom as I proceeded to indulge my most wicked of fantasies with the offending garments.

I simply had a wonderful time yet again, sniffing, licking and coming at least a dozen times over the weekend and sleeping both nights with her panties wrapped around my head and the stained gusset in direct contact with my nose and mouth.

By now, Elaine’s splendid feminine odour and tangy genital flavour were stuck in my nose and mouth almost forever.

Sunday evening eventually rolled around and Elaine arrived home from her weekend away.

With my housesitting job now over, we had a brief chat about what she had gotten up to.

A weekend of cheese and wine tasting could not possibly have been better than the foul and smelly treats I had discovered inside her dirty underwear, but I listened attentively.

She then offered me a drink, which I accepted, but she first excused herself to go to the bathroom.

At this, I desperately wondered what condition her panties might be in as she lowered them to use the toilet, but had to invariably dismiss my wicked thoughts, believing there to be no possible way of ever finding out!

I heard the toilet flush and Elaine then disappeared briefly into her bedroom.

She reappeared shortly thereafter and then to my complete horror, surprise, mortification and many other intense and largely bahis siteleri embarrassing emotions, she had a fistful of what were clearly white women’s panties (her own white panties) and presented them to me by saying;

“I was wondering if you had an explanation for these?”

I froze.

My heart sank deeper than it ever had (or was likely to) and I had absolutely nothing to say, knowing then and there that possibly my worst fears where confronting me in the most direct and explicit manner. I suddenly realised that I must have somehow accidently left them tangled up in the bed linen (at least I knew I hadn’t come in them so there might have been a way out of it yet….!!)

After what seemed an eternity and a thousand pregnant pauses later all I could come up with was,

“I guess I was curious”.

“Curious?” she said. “It’s a bit disgusting. I mean these aren’t even clean! What, have you been going through my dirty washing??”

“I can’t possibly trust you now. I go away for the weekend and you are here jerking off with my dirty underwear in my bed. It’s a bit sick”

“Sorry. Sorry…..” My reply could not have been more sheepish or guilty.

Notwithstanding, I also saw maybe a glimmer of opportunity to explain myself more fully and maybe gain some understanding from her. At best I may even hope her to be flattered.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, but I have often thought about you and given that I probably figured that I would never get a real opportunity with you, this is the next best thing.”

“How bahis şirketleri do you think about me?”

Pausing again, I decided at this point honesty was absolutely the best policy.

“I guess I think about you. You know, your parts. I guess I just wanted to access to my fantasies this way.”

“Yeh, but my DIRTY panties??!!”

“So what, you just sniff my dirty knickers while jerking off with the clean ones, is that it??” Her voice had lost any hint of anger and was if anything, a bit more curious even.

“I guess that’s it,” was the best I could summon.

At that point it could have gone anywhere; the thought of her calling the police and having me arrested certainly seemed as plausible as anything.

Instead Elaine replied,

“So that’s it??”

She stood there for a moment more and then held out the bundle of white cotton in her fist.

“And what about these then, I suppose you want to keep them or something??”

I blurted out the most discomforting of noises which was somehow motivated by perverse mix of disbelief and utter joy in equal parts.

Several more pregnant pauses later and stuck my hand out to accept the offer.

Again to both my terrible shame and exquisite delight at once, I made something of a final mediation,

“I guess I was hoping this won’t go any further….”

Elaine looked at me almost with pity at this stage, and I somehow sensed any anger or disgust that might have been prevalent within her to begin with, was greatly lessened.

“It’s probably best for you to go now….”

At that, I thanked her, apologised again profusely and left (of course with a pair of her prized dirty white knickers now safely in my keeping…..)

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