Encounter With A Woman

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My boyfriend had been sent out of town for a month for work. I was not used to being alone and on my own.

One night I was tired of being home by myself so I went downtown to bar on the top floor of the Hyatt Hotel. As I sat at the bar listening to the music a woman approached me and asked if she could sit down next to me.

I said sure and she started to talk to me. We seemed to click right away. We had so much in common; art, music and we were both lonely.

When the bar called for last call. We both got up. I was prepared to leave and thanked her for her company. She suggested that we continue our conversation in her room. She had a complete wet bar. She was staying in the same hotel. I said that was nice. I did not feel like going back to my lonely apartment.

We went down to her floor. She guided me to her room by holding my arm. When we got inside she told me to sit down on the sofa and she asked me what I wanted to drink. I thought and said a beer would be fine. She went off to the kitchen area and came back with two cold beers.

She handed me mine and she sat down next to me on the couch. She was awfully close I thought.

As she sat down she leaned over and cupped my breast. She ran her fingernail over where she thought my nipple should be. She hit right amsterdam shemale on the mark and bisected with her fingernail. I screamed from the pain in my nipple

She said, “Oh baby did I hurt you,” and I said yes. In one quick motion she lifted my sweater and bra and latched onto my nipple and began to suck it. I was in shock. She just kept on sucking on my nipple and as she did that she moved her hand down my stomach.

I tried to move away but she slid her hand under the waist of my skirt. Going right under the elastic of my undies. Right to my pussy and she started to play with my clit.

I kept on saying, “No, No,”

She looked me in the eye and said, “if you are protesting this then why are your legs wide and giving me better access to your wet cunt.

Good Question I thought. I had no answer.

She got a cold hard look on her face and she spit out, “face it bitch you are going to be fucked good tonight.” She then took her long fingers and shoved them right up my cunt into me. It was unbelievable.

I was so horny and she proceeded to work me into a frenzy

As I laid splayed on the couch, she took my clothes off and walked to the window leading to the porch and opened the door and put them on a chair out there. She said this will ensure you rotterdam shemale don’t leave me.

I was lying on the sofa, legs splayed. She came over to me and pulled on my nipple and told me to stand up.

She led me, by my nipple over to the table in the eating area. She shoved me over it, kicking my legs wide and told me not to move.

She went into the bed area and got a suitcase. She proceeded to put it on the table in front of me.

She opened it and took out three cords. She told me to reach forward, which I did; she placed handcuffs on my wrists. She then tied one of the strings to them. She then went behind me and pulled my legs further apart and tied them to the table legs.

I could feel my cunt dripping. She then trailed her hands up my legs as she arose. Trailing them up my ass crack, up my back to the back of my head and she then took hold of the rope on that was attached to the handcuffs and pulled it over the light and secured it up there.

It pulled me up and she told me to stay that way. I was tied securely. She then went back to the suitcase and took out two Japanese clips and placed them in front of me on the table. She leaned down and sucked my nipples making sure they were hard and clipping one on each nipple.

They hung there blog shemale with their chains hanging down from my nipples. They were hurting me so bad. Tears started to run down my face. She did not seem to care if she was hurting me or not. She went over to the suitcase and took something out of it and went into the bedroom area behind me.

I could not see her but I could hear her moving around back there. When returned she came in front of me and she had a big black dildo strapped on. It was about 8 inches long. As she walked she ran her hand up and down it. As she walked it bobbed from between her legs. She approached me, as she did she pulled her lips apart and I could see she had a dildo in her pussy as well.

She went behind me and felt between my legs. I moaned and she said, “good wont need to lubricate you like some of the other uptight cunt bitches I do in Baltimore.

She positioned herself at my opening. I could feel it spreading the hole. She reached around me and took the two chains that were attached to the Japanese clips that were attached to my nipples. She pulled the strings that were attached to then tight. She almost ripped off my nipples. As I screamed from the pain, she shoved the dildo into me in one full stroke. Holding the “reigns” she yelled, “ride em cowgirl!” and proceeded to fuck me hard.

I started to cum and cum and cum so hard. I was moaning from the sensations going through my body as she reached around and grabbed my clit and worked it back and forth when she came.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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