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Enjoy my showYou sit at a table quietly checking your phone, anxious, excited, nervous but thrilled, tonight is game night! You squirm in your short faun dress, it’s tight, clingy and cut low at the front. You have always got a thrill about going out like this; wearing no bra, only a silk thong, high heels and holdup stockings. Even at 43 you still get as excited as you did when you first went out like this. Your nipples feel each twist of the material as it moves when you move and it brushes them. Already they are hard, it’s one of your secret pleasures dispensing with that garment and it never fails to thrill feeling the air around your firm pert breasts. Your outfit is completed with a medium handbag and your choice of bright red nails and matching lipstick. After a while you stand up, back to the bar, facing your table and take a selfie then go back to your place at the table where you continue sipping your drink. After a few minutes you bite your lip and look around the bar. Checking no one is looking you lean forward taking your camera under the table. Another hurried glance then opening your knees and raising them, resting your hand on your thigh you aim your phone and then take an upskirt selfie. Heart thumping you check the result, it’s dark and unclear but it tells you all you need to know and what you suspected, flash is necessary. Again you look around, fear makes you believe all eyes are on you, but the reality is it’s still quiet and no one has noticed. It is as you had talked about with your boyfriend before, your just another girl on a night out taking a selfie. Now time for the real picture! trying to show your in the bar, using flash, but making every effort not to be caught.You turn your chair through ninety degrees so you’re parallel to the table. Your shielded on one side by the table and on the other by the back of the booth you’re in. In front of you is the back of the booth and a few more chairs which go around the otherwise vacant table, behind the bar is still quiet. You lean forward, pulse racing, lean in what you hope is a casual way on the table, now your phone’s a mirror. You check the background, no prying eyes and the bar in view. However even after you have opened your knees no view of your thong. You rub your hand through your hair trying to look calm, but your heart’s thumping and your beginning to sweat. A wriggle then you raise a knee. Your hem begins to slip, stocking tops, now bear skin, and now..Click. Flash. Foot down .Knees together. Chair turned. Back to the girl chatting on her phone, taking selfies waiting for her friends. Well that’s the impression you hope for!You are of course being watched by several people. You’re pretty and alone. Of course get attention! You check the picture, it’s good and round one of the game is completed as you send it to your boyfriend.You relax temporarily, sipping your drink and looking around. A flush and a glow course over your skin. A shiver of delight ripples through you as goose pimples rise on your arms. The adrenaline and thrill of the game has kicked in. When you first started playing these games you were unsure but soon found the thrill of them addictive. It was flirting, it was teasing but always in another town, never your home in Houston. Somewhere no-one knew you and most importantly always a hotel where you and your boyfriend would complete the night together.Now you prepare for round two. After another few minutes you lean forward keeping your hands and arms under the table, your phone is sat on the table by your side. You place your hands on your own thighs, even though it’s your hands and your own legs it still makes you flinch as you ready yourself for the task ahead. A quick glance. No watching eyes. It’s safe to continue. You raise your hips lifting your bottom off your seat as your hands pass up your tingling legs until they reach the elastic of your thongs’ waistband. A deep breath then you quickly pull it down to your knees. A glance around again, and still no one is looking, as you take your phone under the table and snap two quick pictures. You now lower your trembling hands to your ankles where you snap another picture before you remove the thong completely. With a racing pulse you sit back, your thong held tightly in one hand and the phone in the other. The contrast is stark in one hand something hard and dry, in the other something soft and damp. You suppress a grin of surprise as you realise why they are damp and you become aware of just how aroused you have become. Now for the final part of this round. Another look around then as one hand releases your thong letting it dangle from your finger the other presses and click ,flash! You drop the thong on the table by your drink then move the phone to change the angle, aiming for the bar in the background, drink and thong in the foreground, click, flash! Again a surge of adrenaline as you swipe them off the table onto the chair by your side.Again that shiver of the thrill as you relax and send the pictures to your boyfriend. Part of the game is never knowing where he is, sometimes he’s in the bar, sometimes outside and sometimes back at the hotel. If he’s in the bar it’s not always obvious but he always has made a prior visit to check out the safety angle. Now the game will take on its own life as you wait to receive your next instructions.As you wait you realise that many people in the bar would have seen the camera flashes. You knew it was bound to have drawn people’s attention but you hope that all they will think is it’s just another woman who can’t resist the modern urge to take a selfie. However as you scan your phone a little inner voice of doubt begins to gnaw. It’s all part of the game and you know it, no fear would mean no thrill and no surge of adrenaline. Where would the challenge, the risk, the dare factor be if you were totally alone in a deserted bar?You look up to see a mature couple coming across to your table. Before you have time to take that in, that it’s your table they are heading for, they have arrived. Just then your phone buzzes as a message arrives. Quickly you open it.”Let them join you if they ask,” it says.You look around, scanning the shadows, your boyfriend must be here watching! You relax and grin as you feel his protective glance from somewhere.“Mind if we join you?” the man asks as they pull into the booth opposite you.It’s a politely asked question but they never gave you a chance to answer. The lady slides around the seat to sit at the back end of the table looking out into the bar, her partner sits opposite you. You’re slightly flustered as the game starts to slip from your control, before you can collect yourself your phone rings, before they have a chance to get far with introductions. You answer quickly. It’s your boyfriend who decides that for the rest of the evenings phone calls that you will call him sir at all times during the calls and at the end you will address him as master. You smile, it’s an inspired twist, you know it’s a way to up the risk and chance of embarrassment. Exactly what you know excites you and all under his gaze and care. You say little but he makes you repeat “yes sir” and “yes Master” loudly and clearly. The couple’s ears clearly hear all this which makes you blush red. With a final, “thank you Master,” the call ends.You look up from your phone straight into the newcomers intense eyes. He’s clearly staring at you and grinning. You break his glance and look over at her. She has seen your thong on the chair by you and is starting to reach across for it. You are too stunned to move, all you can do is feel your colour rise more, your pulse beating sharply and a bed of sweat roll down your back.Silence lingers as they exchange looks and stare at you which makes you squirm with embarrassment.“Well,” he finally says.“Well indeed,” his wife says as they look at you.“Yours I presume?” she says and holds up your thong.As you try to compose yourself and work out what to say she passes it to her husband who holds it up to the light to look at
it clearly. Not only is he having a close look but it’s on a clear view to any others watching. You’re too embarrassed to look around but others are watching. He gently touches the fabric before he inspects the inner gusset, then passes it back to his wife. She looks as well and then sits with them hanging from her finger, her elbow resting on the table, the gusset clear to you and the bar. Time seems to have stood still but in reality what has felt like an eternity has passed in a matter of seconds.As you look at the thong you see the gusset is slightly stained and shows signs of clear earlier arousal. You feel ready to burst with embarrassment as since introducing themselves they haven’t spoken to you. Seconds seem to pass like minutes as your eyes move between hers, your thong and him. Embarrassment, worry and excitement all clear on your face.”Jill,” the man says to his wife, “you’re embarrassing our new friend. Waving her thong about for the whole bar to see!”Your relief is obvious, but you’re still concerned as he has stressed for the whole bar to see.”Perhaps leave them on the table for her?”Jill places them clearly by you but her hand lingers near them. As you move to pick them up her hand moves over them.”They look so nice dear, it would be a shame to hide them and maybe the bar man might enjoy a better view of them,” Jill says, gesturing to a youngish man collecting glasses .You squirm as it’s clear that they will be left on the table in front of you and they will stop you moving them. Having only briefly met them you already feel out of control and at their mercy. Time continues to pass and you’re aware that you’re sweating and starting to feel very exposed, sitting in just your dress. After an eternity Jill speaks.”We saw you sat alone taking selfies….””Yes,” you stutter.”The flash caught our eye, you seem to after some creative angles,” Jill says raising an eyebrow suggestively.All the time to hide your nerves you have been fiddling with your phone.”Mind if we take a look?” she asked playfully, taking your phone from your numb hand and starting to look. You can’t believe how shock has made you so weak and so feeble, dimmed reflexes and resistance.You know what’s on your phone and are mortified, you begin to stammer out a request for it back but she’s found the most recent pics, your legs open your panties hanging around your knees, your pussy clearly on show in the bar. “These are good shots aren’t they George?” she says, passing it over to her husband.You sit dumbstruck not sure how to react , they have seen your most intimate pics, the most intimate parts of your body and now not only have you lost control of your thong but you have now lost control of your very, very personal pictures. Pictures which were intended only for your eyes and your boyfriend’s eyes, never for anyone else.Again a silence fills the air heavy with possibilities but building steady pressure on you causing you to squirm more and more. So many questions are obvious but what do you say and what do you do?Unable to contain yourself any longer you begin to explain. You try to sound composed and in control but you speak faster and faster, words babbling from your mouth.“Look I can explain. It’s all just a game I play with my boyfriend. He likes me to flirt. To show off. He sets me challenges. No one else was ever meant to see those pictures,” you gabble.“But we have seen. And we have seen your thong, maybe we should hand it in to the bar man?”A pause again as the bahis firmaları barman gets closer.“No,” you blurt out, “I have to bring it home, it’s all part of the game.”“Maybe you should ask nicely for the thong back?” All the time the bar continues to fill and the bar man gets closer.“May I please have it back?” you meekly ask.“Have what back?” he replies.“My thong please.”“The thong you took off in this bar?” he challenges.“Yes,” you whisper.“So ask for the whole thing please.”“May I have my thong back? The one I took off in this bar,” you nervously ask.“The thong you took off in this bar to take a selfie of my own pussy.”“Yes,” your throat seems to tighten with embarrassment.“So ask for it back properly.”Wishing the seat would open up and swallow you, you say, “Please may I have my thong back. The thong I took off in this bar to take a selfie of my pussy.”“Pardon I can’t hear you? Can you George?” his wife chips in.“No she’s too quiet.”Louder this time you say, “Please may I have my thong back. The thong I took off in this bar to take a selfie of my pussy.”“I still can’t hear her, can you?” Jill challenges.Louder still you repeat but again they respond saying they can’t hear you. Frustration and fear grow with your redness and blushes.“Please may I have my thong back. The thong I took off in this bar to take a selfie of my pussy!” It’s almost a shout now and you’re very aware of several people turning round to stare at you as Jill theatrically hands your thong.“Now tell me about that phone call.”Still burning from the embarrassment of having to shout for the whole bar to hear you stuff your thong into your bag. A quick glance around now confirms that many people heard and saw the whole incident. The giggles, the looks, the frowns, the smiles from various people conveying a whole range of judgements. You feel so small, tiny, belittled by strangers in front of an audience. It’s strange as your head spins with thoughts and emotions, this was the game, the intention but reality and fantasy are two separate things. You’re trying to sort out how it actually makes you feel, whether you’re secretly pleased or offended. The fact that this isn’t an easy and clear task is all part of the newness and strangeness of it. Added to that mix the couple are still at your table and asking questions. Your mind is too much of a mess to make up a story to cover the phone call so you opt for truth. Explaining that its a game played with your boyfriend, a prelude to sex, foreplay as such. As a game it arouses you both. You pause as you reveal this, you meant to explain not reveal your innermost feelings. They leave you in silence again which only makes it worse for you, the more you say the more you feel you have to explain to divulge. The lack of reply or response from them is like a pit pulling you uncontrollably into it, spinning faster and faster as you bare your soul. Finally you finish talking and look at them.Their silence seems to challenge your very being, question your own worth and judgement. It humiliates you in a way words could never and as you sit there your eyes finally cast down you become aware of your own body and breathing.Your breathing fast, excited, exhilarated and wet between your legs.Your phone rings.“Hello,” you answer. George and Jill’s eyes turn to yours and they lean in closer trying to hear what’s said.“Thank you master,” you say after a short while.Loudly and theatrically Jill calls across to George, “She’s got her Master on the phone, maybe I should ask everyone to be quiet so she can hear more clearly.”“What a good idea!” he replies.She speaks to you, it’s hard to concentrate on her voice and the one on the phone. Her voice despite being right next to you is loud and you’re aware it will carry. A frantic look around and yes the sniggers and looks confirm this.“No, no it’s fine thanks,” you say but now the questions are on the phone and once again you are explaining yourself. As you explain and you can’t help seeing the looks on Jills’ and Georges’ faces. Intrigue, excitement and curiosity. You try to avoid looking at them as it’s easier to hide your embarrassment that way but somehow their eyes, their silences draw your attention creating vertigo inducing voids which pull you into them.Then a silence on the line, another gulf swallowing you up. Finally you glance at your watch and say, ”yes Master,” before hanging up.Once more you check your watch, then carefully look from Jill to George and back to Jill. You bite your lip
and swallow. If only they would say something it would be so much easier, it would give you an opening, but all that is forthcoming is silence. You feel silly crashing into new uncharted levels of shame and embarrassment but at the same time a secret thrill running through you, at every turn a warmth builds between your legs, each bout of silence, each new act raising your pulse, your every sense becoming more alive . All of your senses seem to be rerouted to your groin which quivers with anticipation.After another deep breath, you swallow and face up to the challenge laid down over the phone.“Jill, this might sound odd but can I ask a favour please?” you say, looking at your phone trying to avoid her eyes and anyone else’s.Another deep breath, a gulp then you gabble out, “Would you take some pictures of me on my phone, playing pool?”More silence rolled across the table before George spoke.“Sorry I didn’t quite catch that, could you repeat what you said.”You know that despite blurting it out that he heard what you said. Your face flares red again as do more intimate areas. The message over the phone was clear, you have ten minutes to send five pictures of your bare ass from different angles ( making sure to catch people in the background), as you lean over the pool table taking shots. Your boyfriend was so excited about how tonights game had progressed that a wave of creativity had filled him. His idea was to get you to act out a fantasy you had discussed but rather than in the fantasy it being him slyly filming, it would actually be a stranger which seemed to excite the both of you more than the original idea.So again you repeat yourself speaking in a slow clear voice, looking at George directly, “Would you take some pictures of me on my phone,playing pool? Did you hear that time?”George nods and looks over at Jill, “I think we can help the lady out don’t you dear?”So you find yourself walking over to the pool table with them, your heart is thumping loudly. You’re flushed, excited and each time your legs pass each other you’re aware of the moisture between them. You smile a shy private smile as your arousal builds, this is already a night to remember and it is still early. You cast a quick glance around and yes you notice several faces are turning to watch the three of you crossing to the table which is thankfully unoccupied.You reach in your handbag for change for the table as you consider what next. As you fumble about you realise that you will need to give your phone to one of them, it will mean you will not be in control of it, you will need to trust them not to pry or do more than just take pictures. It’s a big step, trust and hope spiral in you as does fear worry excitement and an ever increasing sense of erotic thrill and tension. It’s the excitement of a first date, the what if factor, the ‘I damn well did that!’ element which makes life so electric, which changes you from merely existing to feeling fully alive. This is the stuff memories are made of, the thrill and adventure which you know you will look back on with a sense of pride and pleasure if you can just keep the balance right.“OK let’s get started,” you say, finding the change, “who plays, who takes pictures?”They look at each other then Jill suggests that they take turns at each, which seems sensible leaving only the issue of the phone.Despite it being a simple to use device you remember past experiences when a stranger offers to help you take a selfie or a picture of you and your boyfriend. Not everyone is a gifted photographer! So you try a test pic of you sitting by each of them in turn. A little voice of reason also chirps in, you now have a record of them so you feel safer. As it turns out they both have no trouble with the phones camera, no fingers in front of lenses, no pictures of the ceiling and any of the rest of the whole plethora of mistake gems.So you finally commit surrendering your phone first to George as you set up the game. Instinct has cut in as you collect the balls, knees neatly together, knees bent turning demurely. The adrenaline rush has started, your breath quickens as you remember the agenda. Your face flushes and the still warm fire inside you bursts into full life. Every inch of your skin feels alive, tingling more sensitive than ever. You select a cue then bend forward to take the first shot, as you bend you feel the air touching the backs of your thighs as you bend lower. You shiver and smile as you feel your dress ride up, a little wriggle, an arch of the back and you feel the hem of your dress just below your buttocks. You take the shot then stand, thrilled with yourself. Now Jill takes a shoot before George swaps his cue for the camera. So the game continues, none of you are making much attempt to pot any balls. This time you are aware of all the noises in the bar, each time they swap they comment on the pictures they have taken. The excitement builds and builds as does your arousal level. You can feel the odd bead of moisture roll down between your legs and as it does you realise that you have your back to George who has the camera. You hitch your dress up slightly to place a knee on the table, you hear him gasp which encourages you to push your sensitive ass into the cool air.Shaking with the thrill of it you realise how quiet the bar has gone in the area around the pool table. You turn to look at all the faces and the truth dawns, your show has not gone unnoticed! Far from it, a ring of leering smiling faces surrounds the table. Your mortified and grabbing your phone and bag mutter an apology and head off to the solitude and sanctuary of the toilets. As the door shuts you giggle with the thrill of it and quickly send the pictures of your bare ass and obviously wet pussy in a crowded bar to your boyfriend as you work out what next.The toilets are thankfully empty as you send your boyfriend the pictures. You feel alive on fire, you are shivering with the thrill of it all and very very aware of the wetness between your legs. As you message you stand tensing your thighs together, holding your pussy tightly and then releasing. You hope it would bring release but instead it’s driving you further and further into a frenzy of desire. Almost instantly your phone rings and you answer, your boyfriend is almost breathless as well. He blurts out how pleased he is with you and how successful the night has been. You can tell he’s torn between asking you to come right now back to the motel room and extending the game. It’s never gone this well and you both share the dilemma. The whole evening so far has been a huge extended foreplay session, you may not be physically with him but mentally the texts and calls have made it as if you were. You suggest a change of formats, and ask for one last challenge perhaps using ‘whatts app’ and sending a live stream back. It’s an idea you have discussed before and in your handbag is the car phone cradle. It’s a suction cup device and you were both amazed at how many surfaces it would stick to. This way you can hear his voice kaçak iddaa and see him as you carry out his next dare.“Ok let’s begin,” his shaking voice says as you start the app.You pan the phone around the toilet to show him where you are and it’s empty.“Stick the phone to a cubicle door so it points at you if you stand by the sink,” he says.“Great now stand by the sink.”It feels odd and exciting, you realise the biggest thrill is him commanding you, a secret fantasy of yours but one that a distance feels fun but in person would seem to be too restrictive crossing the line between heightening a sexual pleasure and something that would detract from their relationship. Shaking slightly you turn to face the phone, eyes flickering from the phone to the door out of the toilet, nervous about being caught, fearful of what people might think or say but the same fear is what excites you.“You look so sexy,” he begins, “I am so proud to be with you!”His compliments make you swell with pride, he has always been proud of you encouraging you to dress better, to enjoy the atten
tion of others. To take that attention as an acknowledgement of how good you look. You began uncertain and unsure but over time you found the extra eyes on you thrilling and intoxicating, an affirmation of his opinion that you really are beautiful. A broad smile beams from you as you await his next words. “Take your dress off for me!” he encourages.You are alone in the toilets thrilled with the game, excited and aroused. The inner sensible part of you is steadily being drowned in a wave of sexual excitement never reached before.“Take your dress off, let me see your beautiful body. Flaunt it to me, drive me wild my angel!”With a deep breath you pull your dress over your head and face the phone letting it swing suggestively from your index finger.“Well, big boy do you like what you see?” you say teasingly.“You know I do, now hang it over the cubicle door next to the phone and stand back by the sink.”Before you realise it you stand looking at the cubicle door, your dress hanging next to the phone, taking a step back you face the camera and pout, blowing him a kiss before cheekily sticking out your tongue and walking back to the sink. Your normal gait has been replaced by an exaggerated sway of your hips, a deliberate provocative style that you know will cause your boyfriend to follow you anywhere. A walk until now saved solely for date night, a walk which has never failed to get his full attention and to produce a lump in his pants. A style of walking that he would love you to do more in public, a walk that screams look at my ass. Quite simply your private name for it sums it up totally, it’s your slut walk.Turning to face the camera again you throw an arm across your chest and one hand covers between your legs in mock modesty.“Well do you approve?” you tease.“You know I do! Oh god I am so lucky to have you in my life!”“And don’t you forget that Mister!” you tease.Feeling elated you begin to sway your hips again as you drop your hands to your hips, smiling and licking your lips you blow him another kiss before succumbing to your inner demons of lust. You begin to slide your hands up and down your sides as gentle moans emit from the phone. Spurred on you begin a sexy erotic dance for him, your hands acting as if they were his. As they glide over your skin they leave goose pimpled flesh in their wake, you’re not cold far from it as you feel a bead of sweat roll down your back. Your legs glide past each other oiled by your inner juices. Your hands raise your pulse rate and emotions. Your breathing deepens as you slide your hands up to your breasts and begin to squeeze and knead them. Your nipples harden even more, aching to be touched and when you respond you gasp. It’s all beginning to spiral towards an inevitable peek. Your right hand is unable to resist. It drops from your breast and heads swiftly over your belly and between your legs. Control gone you learn back over a sink pulling a breast up by your own nipple . Gazing intently into the phone you lift a foot onto the sink at the side of you and thrust your eager fingers into your wet hole letting out a cry of delight and pleasure. In and out you shuttle your fingers each pump a squelch and a groan. You feel filthy, you’re acting like a bitch on heat in the toilets. The sluts in the films he likes to watch had never done anything this base or crude. You’re nearly there. You cry out in ecstasy. Its meet by a cry of , “what the fuck!” Your eyes bolt wide open.Too panicked to think, your response drops to base fight or flight. All you notice is a couple of figures in the doorway. A sense of amazement, shock, total surprise and disbelief written clearly over their open mouthed expression. You dive headlong into the cubicle in front, swiping the phone off its mount as you slam the door shut. Heart and lungs hammering you look around. In front of you, on the door you see your dress which you snatch quickly and put on. A voice comes over your phone as you frantically turn it off. You’re too scared, too embarrassed to deal with that right now, more urgent problems need addressing. Your bag is by the sink as you hear giggling voices getting closer. “Did you see what I thought I saw?” questioned a young woman’s voice.“Well if it was a lady furiously masturbating on the sinks then yes!”You feel tiny, they saw, they clearly saw. What will they think of you?More giggling follows from the ladies.“Well that’s not an everyday sight is it,” says one of them.More giggling then a clearer voice, “Honey is this your bag?”Your heart feels like it will explode, you’re shaking from the shock, the fear, the adrenaline and yes the thrill of it. Your whole body is so alive, your senses seem to have been heightened to new levels. You’re aware of your pulse, your breath, your bare legs and the skin under the dress and oh yes you’re very very aware that in the midst of all this your pussy is screaming at you. You were so close but you didn’t cum, you want to now, which only makes it worse as you realise you want to stick your still wet fingers back inside you, masturbating in a public toilet, its so cheap so slutty and so very very thrilling and exciting!She repeats her question as you decide what to do next. You have to leave, you’re desperate to get back to your boyfriend and make mad wild passionate love, your loins spur you on. You take a breath and pull the door open.“Yes, thanks,” you shyly say.Your bravery doesn’t extend to making eye contact. You take your bag feeling their eyes on you, your skin seeming to burn and glow red under their gaze.“Don’t forget your camera thingy!” a voice giggles.You turn and grab it from the door and leave as fast as your legs will carry you. As you exit the door you catch their voices.Amidst the giggles you hear, “God my boyfriend would love to have seen that, he keeps trying to get me to do something similar..” then more giggles.Instead of a feeling of mortification you feel thrilled. Ecstatic even, yes you were caught, yes it was embarrassing but over that comes a flood of euphoria, you did do it and got away with it. You will always have that. Again eyes down you walk quickly to the exit and into the parking lot. All the time inside the bar you can feel every set of eyes on you and imagine what if they all know? As soon as the bar door shuts a broad grin covers your face as you answer the repeating call of your boyfriend.You explain the last few minutes and the interruption. You’re breathless and giggling by the time you finish and reach your car. A silence booms forth from the phone as your boyfriend mentally processes what you have just told him.“Wow!” is all he can manage to say, which only makes you giggle more.You quickly get the keys from your bag and enter the sanctuary of your vehicle. As you hear the reassuring ‘thunk’ of all the doors locking he manages to speak.“That’s so totally fantastic and such a turn on! I am so lucky and so hard now.”You always feel so strong, so tall, so confident when he speaks to you this way, it’s all part of the lure of the game. Every time he compliments you your confidence and ego grow. The game can be so addictive, so intoxicating and oh so enthralling. It draws you in and holds you in a strange spell and web of power and thrills. You always desire more. You chat and his delight in you is obvious, it makes you feel so good. Just before you say goodbye he has an idea.“Do you still have the phone mount?” he asks.“Yes,” you reply.“OK let’s try this on video mode.”You change to the app and the game restarts.“Put the mount on the passenger window so I can see you darling.”“OK,” you reply. You’re intrigued by what he has in mind.“Is there a more brightly lit spot in the car park?” he asks.You nod and say yes.“Drive over there and park so you’re in the light,” he continues.Fascinated you comply and once parked under the light you speak.“OK honey I ‘m here, what now?”“Take your dress off again, I want to see you naked in the car lot.”You’re so horny now, so excited that after a quick look
around to make sure no-ones about you grab the hem and raise your hips out of the seat. A quick pull, a wriggle a little more pulling and you turn to the passenger window where the camera is, dress loosely in hand.“Well stud, look what you made me do..” you tease.“Good girl, now put in on the seat by you..let me see your gorgeous naked body.”You comply and smile as he grins back.“That’s so hot, now wind the seat back and turn on the interior light, let me see you better.”You know it’s risky but you’re in a car, safe and so turned on that you don’t care.“So, so hot !” he purrs encouragingly, as you lie there feeling the cool night air on your tingling body.Your hand has moved of its own accord to being between your legs as you gently begin to relieve a deep inner need and desire, eyes shut in rapture.“Good girl, now start the car and open the door, let’s give anyone watching one good last clear view before you go.”His words excite you further, raising your internal fire. In response your free hand drives a finger into a very wet opening and you groan. The other hand starts the engine and pushes the door wide, letting in the cool night air.For reasons best known to yourself you keep your eyes closed and turn to face the camera slightly raising a leg to slide one foot onto the dashboard. You reach across to lower the seat back on the passenger side as an idea grows. Eyes still shut the sense of daring heightened, your ears alert to every sound particularly your own loud breath. It’s coming in shorter and shorter and shorter bursts, closer and closer together in frequency. It’s interspersed with groans of delight. The fear of discovery and sense of excitement raises your arousal level to as yet uncharted new levels.“Oh my god,” you hear him groan.Then his tone changes, “Quick close the door and lock it!”Startled, you comply, and look around while turning off the internal light. Before you can set off seats need to be readjusted as you try to determine the cause of his concern. As your eyes adjust you see the outline of a man coming towards you, in the background you can hear your boyfriend.“Wait!” he cries out, “are the doors locked?”“Yes!”“You’re safe and well you do seem to be enjoying yourself so…”, he continues.You instantly feel safe, you’re in control, you could drive off at any second, you’re in a safe locked box and it’s only one guy, who seems to be wobbling. He’s stopped maybe ten feet away clearly unsure how to proceed and he’s rocking kaçak bahis from side to side, clearly drunk. He can see you’re naked, saw you with the door open, his hand moving inside the front of his trousers evidence to that. Just the sight of his eyes makes your skin tingle as his gaze consumes your flesh. Your nipples ache as does your belly both aching to be touched. You still haven’t cum. As you wriggle in discomfort you can feel the moisture on your seat and the sheen between your thighs. What does your boyfriend have in mind you wonder?“Well?” you ask curiously.“Get him to come closer, not too close mind you but say just out of arm’s reach from the car,” he encourages.You’re at a stage now of being hornier than at any time ever in your life, you yearn to touch yourself, to be touched by your boyfriend and even you realise maybe another. You want to feel your boyfriend’s throbbing cock in your hand. Aches and spasms, thoughts and ideas flash through your mind and body as you realise it’s not only your hand that yearns to touch it. Looking at the stranger you realise your licking your lips and salivating as well as oozing below. You open the window a fraction and call across to him.“Hey stranger you can come closer but no more than three feet! Any closer and the window shuts, shows over and I am out of here”, you call out.Your words shock yourself, tonight you keep going further and further riding the edge of a wave of exploration, teetering on its lip, sometimes losing balance but always regaining composure and control. It’s a libido driven adrenaline ride like none before. Life on the edge is so intense, so arousing and so addictive! Now how will you ride this out? He approaches, stopping the requisite distance away, eyes wide, hand still engaged inside his pants.“Well lets see it! Open your pants!” you purr.You hear your own words, the language of a slut and you love it.He looks around nervously unsure how to act. You’re torn between your own needs for relief and an urge to spur him on, your own head dizzy with excitement and adrenaline. In a crazed delirium of hormone induced lust you open your car door barking a clear order of stay as you turn to face him. Your naked body drinks in his attention. Aware of the noise behind you, your boyfriend’s words now irrelevant but his involvement vital you reach a decision and lean back on to the passenger seat keeping your head up. You put a foot on the dashboard and one on the door lintel spreading yourself wide. A little inner voice makes you check over your shoulder the phone angle.“Darling your little slut’s all on show!” you purr at the phone, knowing he can see along your body to the distant figure of the watcher.Now your attention turns to the watcher.“Ok stud, let me see that hard cock of yours. You can stand just beyond the car door!” you implore.Your cunt seems on fire as you slide your hands slowly down your belly towards its warmth. His eyes are wide as he pulls out a small but hard cock which he furiously pumps. He steps forward as you nod approval. You let your fingers find their targets which are craving relief. A loud bestial groan emits from you as one set of your fingers begins to frantically rub your swollen clit and the other set begins to plunge in and out of your sopping cunt. Almost instantly he too emits a groan and a jet of cum shoots from his cock, the sight alone tips you over the edge and you too buck and groan as a huge wave of an orgasm rips through you leaving you gasping for air. On and on it continues through you, your hips bucking in violent spasm as it wracks your body. As soon as it begins to fade slightly your brain takes back control reminding you how very vulnerable you are . Neurons flash messages, legs and arms move and you slam the door shut. Looking out he hasn’t moved his cock shrivelling in his cum covered hand. His jaw hanging open in the biggest shit eating grin you have ever seen. More details come into focus, as you begin to pick out the words coming over the video link.“Well honey was that slutty enough for you? Ready to fuck me now?” you say to the video camera.“Hell yeah!”You reach for the dress and as you lift it to put it on your boyfriend speaks..“Dare you darling! Give the man a memory, something he can show his mates at the bar, hand him your dress!”Your brain may be working but your inner slut is also very awake. Your last act before driving off is to open the window fully, beckon him closer and hand your dress to his cum stained hand.“For you!” you giggle before pressing the throttle and leaving.Your head is spinning from all that’s happened, you get about half way back to the motel before a set of lights stop you. It’s only then that you remember your nakedness and maybe that’s not such a wise way to drive through town. The last thing you want after such a night is to be tailed by anyone, the whole point is to be anonymous and unknown.The lights go green and you pull away your mind trying to address a pressing issue. You are a naked woman driving around at night. On you travel hoping to avoid prying eyes. You remember the video link to your boyfriend and finally speak.“Honey, I’m worried, this has gone too far!” you plead.“It’s OK,” he replies.“My jackets in the trunk, just pull into the nearest parking lot and grab it then you’re back to being a respectable woman again!” he teases.Relieved you drive on. Your mind has been on a kaleidoscopic journey tonight with so many new experiences, so much to process and so much to dwell on. It’s been huge fun but yet it feels one sided somehow lacking
another dimension, quite what it lacks you have no idea but the thought intrigues you. Before your thoughts go further you catch sight of a car lot on the next block. Breathing heavily you pull in. Now you have time to yourself. You turn your phone video off and stash it all away in your bag. After a quick glance around you dive out of the car. Being caught now would just be so embarrassing. What would have turned you on ten minutes ago now would make you cringe and shrivel. The air is cold, but the night is thankfully quiet.Your fear has made you rush and halfway to the trunk a siren sounds, red and blue lights flash briefly and you stand frozen in a cars’ headlights.“Freeze lady!” a loudhailer barks.A car door opens and a man steps quickly out.“Police, lady. Stand still, hands where we can see them..”As the man steps past the lights you see he really is a police officer. How you missed the squad car is a mystery but you know you only glanced. Fear wells. You feel sick with fear. Your hands hovering in mid air, torn between above your head as in all the movies and an urge to shield you nudity from prying eyes. You begin to shake as the officer advances. You feel trapped. The headlights seem to pin you to the spot. Your legs have begun to tremble with fear. A cold sweat breaks out over your body. Bile and nausea rise to your mouth filling you with an urge to vomit. All too soon the officer is barely an arms length away. His torch flicks over your nude form briefly then he peers carefully in the car. Time has stopped. Your heart hammers in your head. “I think we can safely say she’s unarmed Earl!” he shouts.He grins to himself at his joke and chortles. Despite your nudity and vulnerability he seems strangely disinterested in you and looks back into the car. You turn to face him lowering your hands.“I didn’t say you could move!” he barks.There’s something in his voice which frightens you, it’s a strength and an authority that scares you. You freeze instantly, being nude seems the least of your problems at this stage. The other door of the police car opens as the other officer leaves the vehicle. You can’t contain your fear and your legs begin to visibly tremble as he approaches. A single tear rolls down your cheek.“Lionel, behave!” he laughs.Turning to you and smiling he says, “Firstly relax lady.”He seems calmer, less intense, almost concerned for you, “so do you have any clothes?”You nod and point to the trunk. He just smiles motioning you to stay put while he opens the trunk. The first officer shines his torch on you, spotlighting your nudity, seeming to take pleasure in your embarrassment.“This what you need ?” the second officer inquires, holding up your boyfriend’s jacket.You nod and he passes it to you. Never has a simple piece of clothing felt so good. Never has such a small article felt so substantial and modest. Just the weight and warmth of it feels comforting and reassuring. You relax a little and your mood lifts.“Now lady would you care to explain?” he asks.You’re head spins as you take a deep breath. The truth or a lie, what to say is the dilemma. Somehow you feel the truth will only make things worse, it’s not going to sound good flashing in public as a form of foreplay. To have to explain your sexlife to a stranger would be a whole new level of humiliation and you suspect instantly condemn you. A half lie forms as you blurt out about the drunk in the car lot by the bar. The lie takes form as you embellish with how he vomited on you and it smelt so bad you threw the dress away as soon as you were round the corner. It’s breathtakingly creative at such short notice.The second officer smiles and laughs, “Of course lady……..”He doesn’t believe you but seems happy with the lie. You realise he knows what you were doing and wonder what will happen next. “Now if only I could catch a guy like this….” the first officer ruefully says.They both laugh and share the joke. Your jaw sags as your brain catches up. That’s why he was disinterested, in fact as you think more, they both weren’t interested in your naked form. You get waved on your way with a warning and a smile. As you pull out of the parking lot you giggle, the fear changes to relief, terror changes to excitement and thrill. You drive lost in thought about the evening, it’s been a rollercoaster! Soaring heights, crashing lows, electrifying, exhilarating and yes a huge turn on but ideas continue to swim and to ferment in your head. Before long you pull into the motel and park in front of your apartment. Your thoughts are still swimming unchecked. You are desperate to get inside, open your bag of toys and find relief. Oddly you realise your thoughts are for your toys not your boyfriend. Somehow that would be too easy for him, he needs to earn his ultimate pleasures tonight. So far all the risk and effort has been yours.As you enter the room he’s on the bed naked, hard and waiting. His hand gently rubbing his erect member. A plan forms instantly.“Your turn honey!” you grin as you explain his mission.It’s simple, it’s delightful, it’s a fantasy you have had but never shared. All the nights where he has told you how he dreams of watching you make love to another woman, all those times you have wanted to tell him your dream. To watch him play with another guy’s cock. Tonight will be your night. You grin to yourself as you watch him nervously climb into the car naked, his cock still hard. Before you move to bed you carefully lock the front door and giggle as you remember there are no more clothes, nothing at all left in the car with which he can cover himself. You watch on a video camera as he drives one hand on the wheel, one rubbing his swollen member. Your grin widens as he pulls in that car lot and as the flashing lights illuminate the inside of his car your hand drops between your legs. The last you see of him is opening the door and the sound of the police loud hailer. You giggle and devote your thoughts to your body, your needs, your pleasure and your orgasm which goes on and on and on. This is a new you he hatched it now he must live with it. Now you will always cum first!EndThanks to a nameless other who this was written for and gave the starting idea.

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