Erica’s Love

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In its main theme this is a true story told me by Erica (not her real name), but embellished by me when it comes to intimate detail. I thank Erica for her permission to recount her story.

Erica is a small woman, about five feet one inch tall, and slender. She has small round breasts with, if what I have seen through a rather diaphanous blouse, small pointy nipples. Her legs are slim but nicely shaped. Her hair blonde (thanks to her hairdresser), nose perky, mouth bow shaped, age around fifty-five(?).

She lives in a house overlooking a small park that has a path crossing it to our river walk. It was along this path that I first met her as we walked our dogs.

She had not long moved into the house when we met, she having just left her medical specialist husband after thirty years of marriage. She was in that emotional state that requires an outlet. She wanted to tell someone about what was happening to her, and I became the chosen one.

Her situation is an odd one. She left her husband because she couldn’t cope with their arguments any longer. Never the less, although they now live about eight hundred kilometres apart, every couple of months or thereabouts, Erica will go and spend a week with her husband. In similar manner, he occasionally appears at Erica’s house and stays for a few days.

I think they still care about each other, but just can’t live together.

Erica said that when she left her husband she carried in her head a fantasy. She would meet a nice man, they would fall in love, and live happily ever after. She claims that her husband also had a fantasy. When Erica left him a beautiful young blonde would come into his life. “It hasn’t happened for either of us,” she commented to me at that time.

Living in nearby suburbs are Erica’s mother, now well into senility, her sister with whom she argues constantly, and her daughter who is very busy with her own life. As she said to me, “Am I going to spend the rest of my life just walking the dogs?”

Erica was unhappy. She needed someone around whom she could care for and who would care about her. She became depressed, and was seriously thinking about returning to her husband who was pressing her to come back. It was at this point a chance meeting began a process of change.

One morning she was sitting on a seat along the river path while her two dogs chased around hunting for imaginary rabbits. A young man came along with his dog, which began to play with Erica’s dogs. The young man stopped, and he and Erica started talking.

It was the usual sort of talk one got along the river. The breed of dogs, the weather, was the river high or low, how many were out walking? The young man, who introduced himself as Ben, was a cheerful pleasant looking chap. Erica found herself enjoying the talk and the company.

After a while Erica said she had to be off home, and as Ben was going in the same direction, they walked together. Reaching her house, Erica bade Ben goodbye, and that, she thought, was that. But not so.

Thereafter Erica met up with Ben along the path quite often. It seemed that somehow their walking times just happened to coincide. Furthermore, Erica spent quite a lot of time working in her garden and from there, she could see who passed along the street. She began to see Ben passing her house frequently.

In their conversation she learned casino oyna that Ben was twenty-one and was studying something or the other (she could never remember what).

One day walking back to her house with Ben, she took the bold step of inviting him in for a cup of coffee. Ben eagerly agreed, and put his stocks with Erica up by admiring a number rather nice antique pieces she owned.

Dropping in for a cup of coffee became a regular feature of Ben’s life, and as many people who use the river path talk to each other, jokes began to circulate about how often Ben and Erica were seen together.

On the now few occasions when I met Erica out walking without Ben in tow, I found that no matter what the subject of our conversation, somehow Ben’s name got into it, and we were soon discussing his latest doings.

At first, I told myself, “She’s got a motherly interest in the boy,” but with increasing anxiety, I began to see that it was something other than that. Erica had become enamoured of him. One might almost say she was in love with him.

A change came over Erica. She had tended to dress rather carelessly for her walks and when she was around the house. Now her clothing and personal grooming were very carefully seen to. She smiled and made jokes, and from being a rather wretched sort of person, she now clearly shone with happiness.

It was long after that she told me in outline what happened, and using my imagination, I believe what I now relate is pretty well what went on.

It was summer time and the weather hot. Ben was visiting Erica for his “cup of coffee.”

Erica had on a tight pair of shorts and a halter-top. At one point she was doing something at the kitchen sink and Ben came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck and at the same time cupping her little breasts. As he did this he said, “I want to have sex with you, Erica.”

Erica tried to pull away from him saying, “Don’t be so silly, Ben. I don’t feel like that about you.” She admitted to me that in fact she did feel like that, but was afraid of letting herself go.

Ben was not so easily deterred. Erica was now facing him. He had his arms round her. He is a big strong chap, and as I have said, Erica is only tiny. She tried to free herself again, but almost lifting her off her feet Ben kissed her in no uncertain manner.

Erica was saying, “No, no…” but with ever diminishing conviction. She felt Ben’s hands undo the clip at the back of her halter-top, and the front fell forward. His hands now sought the bare flesh of her breasts, and his finger gently squeezed her little nipples.

She babbled about being too old for him and he should get a young girl, but it achieved nothing. Ben was determined and Erica had been sexually deprived for too long and liked Ben too much to resist his advances. She quickly surrendered.

As Ben sat her on the edge of the kitchen table and took off her shorts, she made no effort to stop him. As he struggled to get his own shorts off she might have managed to escape, but she did not. He finally freed himself and Erica could see his erect penis. He came close to her and she needed no forcing, she opened her legs wide to him and he entered.

There was no pretence now. She was on the edge of the table and he standing in front of her. She put her hands behind his head in an act of submission whispering, canlı casino “Oh Ben… Ben it’s been so long… Yes darling…yes…love me.”

Erica told me she thought it was the most beautiful sexual experience of her life, even if not in the most comfortable place. “He was so sweet,” she said. “He kept talking softly to me, telling me how wonderful it was with me, and how he’d longed to do it with me since very early in our relationship. My husband, Ken, had never said lovely things like that to me.”

She went on, “He sort of gave a soft moan when he ejaculated into me, and I was crying with love and joy. Then when he’d finished he didn’t just pull out of me like Ken. He stayed there, stroking my face and hair, and I never wanted him to separate from me.”

That afternoon in the kitchen began something from which there was no going back. It was like opening Pandora’s box, once opened it could not be closed. Whether, like Pandora’s box it was evil that was let loose or good, is still to be discovered. Certainly, sex is one of the most powerful forces for good or evil in human relations.

Erica on that afternoon certainly thought a great good had come to her. Someone wanted her, perhaps loved her. She was desirable to someone whom she desired, and now the libidinous force in her had been let loose, there was no stopping her.

Getting down from the table she took Ben’s hand and drew him towards the bedroom. “Do it to me again, darling. Take me again.”

On the bed she put his penis into her mouth and sucked, tasting the residue of his semen and her own lubricants. She was too short to enable them to have simultaneous oral sex, so she pulled away from him and forced her vagina to his mouth, making him lick and suck her, thus he in turn tasted his own sperm and her fluids.

Erica was ecstatic. His youthful vibrant body enthralled her. She seemed at once to be part of him as she kissed and licked him all over, then rubbed her vagina over his chest and belly, and at the same time seemed to be viewing it all from above. She screamed and cried and suddenly, he flung her over on her back, pulled her legs apart, and drove into her.

Erica was lost. The waves of passion coursed through her and she felt she might faint so intense were they. From what seemed a long way off she felt her orgasm approaching and she feared its power. She begged Ben, “No, darling, no. Don’t make me please. I can’t stand the agony. Please stop.”

He did not stop and her climax swept over her in glorious anguish, the paroxysms shaking her fragile little body as she wept and shrieked beating and tearing at Ben’s body.

In the midst of this Ben gave a mighty thrust and discharged his seed into her. He almost crushed her tiny frame as he sought to penetrate deeper and deeper.

Emerging from this climacteric moment that had gathered up in one mighty surge all the love and lust, the desire and yearning into one overwhelming flood of passion, they lay exhausted. Ben did not endeavour to withdraw from her and Erica still clung to him, still shaking and crying out as what she called “The aftershocks” tormented her.

They were covered in sweat, semen and vaginal lubricating fluid. Erica was still sobbing and Ben was breathing heavily. Slowly they recovered and Erica said repeatedly, “Ben, oh Ben.”

When something like equilibrium had been restored kaçak casino to their physical and emotional selves, they separated. They looked at each other and at the mess they had created, then almost simultaneously they burst into laughter.

“Through her gasps of laughter Erica said, “Darling, I think we had better get ourselves and this bed cleaned up.”

They stumbled off to the shower where they paid particular attention to each other’s reproductive organs. This done and the bed restored with fresh linen, then, without any discussion they clambered into bed and into each other’s arms.

Sexual intercourse was not for the moment the main interest, instead there began that wonderful time of exploration. Like soldiers clearing a minefield they went slowly and carefully over each other’s bodies. Hands were run over breasts and chest. Lips sucked nipples and penis. A tongue explored the inner sanctum of a vagina. Fingers searched, caressed, and penetrated. In short, love was in the making.

Eventually, when the ache of withholding from each other grew too strong, they came together again. This time Erica sat across Ben and slowly pressed his shaft into her. She let his length sink in and rest there for a while. They looked at each other, once again murmuring those words of devotion and longing so often used by couples in the act of love.

It was one of those exquisite couplings where neither party is so urgent in their need, that they are hurried. The man feels the warm, moist tunnel of the woman, and the woman the thick shaft against her vaginal walls. They simply bathe in the gratification each gives.

In the following days Erica’s dogs were somewhat neglected. Their mistress was too busy satisfying other needs. Ben spent more and more time with her, even bringing his studies work to her house. She hovered over him, attending his every need, sexual or otherwise.

It is now nearly twelve months since Erica and Ben became lovers. They have calmed down a little, and for animal lovers, you will be pleased to know the dogs are being properly walked again.

I should like to foresee a wonderful future for these two, to tell you that they lived happily ever after. I cannot do this. As you will recognise, the age gap is very wide and Erica is having sex with a boy who could easily be her grandson or even great grandson had she been very enterprising in her youth. And that is the point, her youth is gone and all the pretence, exercises, plastic surgery or makeup will not restore it.

My thought is that one-day, perhaps in the not too distant future, Ben will meet a young woman, and that will be the end for Erica.

In our time, so I am told, young men are seeking out older women as sexual partners. I think there are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps in our time mothering is not what it once was, so youth seeks a mother figure. Also, older women know better than most young women do how to give sexual pleasure. And then the crudely practical reason, older women are less likely to get pregnant.

As for the older women, they seek the virility that only youth can bring to a sexual relationship, and they can have the joy and responsibility of teaching the young man the pleasure he can give and receive in such a relationship.

Most times these relationships will come to an end. I think it is necessary for the older women to understand this before she enters the relationship, and not to let its ending embitter her. As for the young man, be gentle when ending the relationship. You have been given the gift of love, do not despise it.

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