Extra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 1

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As the morning sun finally found its way to James’ face the warmth and brightness awakened him. He awoke to a beautiful sight. There beside him on the couch was a beautiful woman nestled tightly against him. She was completely naked and the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. The night before his dream had finally came true and he had fucked his teacher. He had forced nothing on her either. Although she was married she wanted it to happen. The only question now is where do they go from here?

James shifted to his side just a little and felt the curve of Mrs. Shannon’s ass. The night before Shannon had succumbed to her sexual urges. She had taken someone into her bed, or couch at least, that she probably shouldn’t have. James was one of her students and all of eighteen years old. Shannon was ten years his senior but the two had bonded recently with Shannon’s husband gone. She awakened and smiled at James. “Good morning handsome,” she said.

“Good morning, more like great morning,” James said. “I’m sure hoping this isn’t a dream.”

Shannon raked her fingernails down James’ chest until she got to his cock. She took it into her hand and squeezed it gently. “Oh its no dream, god you were great last night. I’m still tender,” she said.

Shannon rolled over on top of James and kissed him passionately, her tongue exploring her new lovers mouth. While her hand still rubbed on the cock that had given her so much pleasure the night before. The sight of this beautiful woman on top of him, stroking his cock, made James crazy with desire. He was rock hard in seconds.

Shannon could feel James’ cock becoming hard in her hand. “Is that for me?” she asked with a smile.

“It’s all yours baby,” James said.

Shannon kissed down James’ chest and stomach until her head was right over his cock. She grabbed it with one hand a guided it into her mouth. “Ummm…god I love sucking your dick,” she said. Her tongue swirled around the head as she sucked greedily.

“If only I could wake up like this every morning,” James said as Shannon moved to his balls.

“ We’ll have to see about that,” Shannon said sucking one testicle into her mouth.

Shannon went back to sucking James’ cock this time taking it into her throat. “Cum for me baby, I want you to cum in my mouth,” Shannon said. This wasn’t a problem for James because Mrs. Shannon was becoming quite good at sucking cock. Her lips would form a perfect vacuum seal around James’ cock, and she sucked so hard it amazed James that she had never sucked a cock before last night. But the way she handled herself she must have wanted to try out her blowjob skills for a long time.

“Here it comes….ohhh shitttttt,” James grunted as his cock erupted in Mrs. Shannon’s mouth. There was no gagging this time as she sucked down every bit of cum James’ cock could produce. Shannon groaned in pleasure as her tongue and throat were coated with hot cum.

After James’ cock had finished Mrs. Shannon lifted her head. She starred into James’ eyes and licked her lips. “Mmmmmmm….now that’s what I call breakfast,” she said grinning. Then she climbed on top of James and kissed him again. It was a long kiss, one that seemed to go on forever. James was in heaven. The woman of his dreams on top of him, his limp cock freshly drained, laid between them. Finally the kiss ended. “I need to get cleaned up,” Mrs. Shannon said sitting up on top of James.

“Do you have to get up,” James said with a sad puppy dog face. “You look so good sitting on me I don’t want you to get up.”

Shannon leaned over and gave James a light kiss on the lips. She didn’t want to get up either. For the first time in her life she felt wanted. Besides, sitting on James she could feel his cock stirring again. “Does that thing ever quit?” she thought to herself. “I’ll be right back I promise,” she said as she slid off the bed. James watched as Shannon’s long legs carried her into the bathroom. For a few moments he just laid there reveling in his good luck. James was knocked out of his dreamy state by the sound of a car pulling in the driveway. He jumped to his feet and ran over to the window. There was a yellow cab in the driveway and a man was getting out.

“Oh shit,” James thought to himself. “Shannon there’s a cab here,” he shouted into the bathroom.

The bathroom door flew open and a panicked soaking wet Shannon was putting him into the closet.

“What are you doing?” James asked.

“That’s my husband John, he’s here early. Just stay in here, he usually takes a nap when he gets home. You can sneak out when he falls asleep. “Be really quiet because if he finds you naked in my closet we’re both dead.” Mrs. Shannon said.

James sank down in the closet. He wasn’t really scared or anything but he didn’t want to make trouble for Mrs. Shannon. James heard the door open and John coming up the stairs. The bedroom door opened and John yelled “Shannon I’m home.” The bathroom door opened and Mrs. Shannon came out wearing a towel.

“Finally decided to show up huh?” Shannon said.

“Honey I’m sorry about the other night, it couldn’t be helped,” John said.

John walked over to Shannon and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I’ll casino oyna make it up to you I promise,” he said undoing Shannon’s towel.

“You better,” Mrs. Shannon said.

John leaned in and kissed Shannon and grabbed her ass. James had a full view and he didn’t like what he was seeing. Although Shannon was John’s wife James didn’t like someone else touching her. John laid Mrs. Shannon down on the bed and unzipped his pants. “I’ll start making it up to you right now,’ John said pulling down his pants.

Shannon remembered how she used to love it when John would come home. They would always make love then fall asleep. This used to be fine with her because it was all she ever knew, but now, it wasn’t good enough. The sight of her husband naked did nothing at all to excite her; she simply didn’t feel the same way toward him anymore.

“Shit, I have to think of way out of this,” Shannon thought to herself. Then it hit her. John climbed on top of her and just as his lips met hers she whispered to him, “John we can’t do this right now.”

“Why the hell not, I said I was sorry,” John said.

“I’m on my period,” Shannon said getting out from under him.

James couldn’t hear what was going on but he didn’t care as long as John kept his hands off his girl. John on the other hand did care and he was pissed that he wouldn’t get his usual welcome home fuck.

“Damnit,” John said loudly starring at Shannon.

“I can’t help it John,” Shannon said walking back into the bathroom. Shannon starred at herself in the mirror and thought to herself,” This body is not your plaything anymore John.”

John eventually fell asleep after about an hour and a half. Shannon crept back into the room and opened the closet door. James silently got up, grabbed his clothes, and followed her down the stairs into the living room.

“Its about time, I thought he would never go to sleep. What did you tell him when he was trying to fuck you? I can tell you I didn’t want to see that at all,” James said.

Shannon walked over to James and put her arms around him. “I told him I was on my period,” Shannon said smiling.

James kissed her. Her lips tasted so sweet. His hands traced the curve of her long legs to her shapely backside. Shannon loved to be held by James. A young man who treated her like a goddess. He was young and strong, not uncaring and out of shape like John. She liked how hard James’ muscles made him feel, and she like his cock. After being fucked to death by it last night the sight of her husband’s puny package was not at all appealing. As much as she hated to Mrs. Shannon eventually broke the embrace.

“You got to get out of here for now. I’ll have to think of something to get you back over here because I don’t want to be without you for very long,” Shannon said.

“Just tell him that I have to come put some chemicals in the pool,” James said.

“Yeah, I totally forgot. He hasn’t even seen the pool yet. That works fine for me,” Shannon said as she walked James to the door.

“God I don’t want to leave but I guess a few hours isn’t too bad,” James said.

“The wait will make it better. Here you can think about this while you wait,” Shannon said. She turned around and lifted up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties. The door slowly closed behind her. James turned smiling and walked home, all the time thinking of how he was going to get around Shannon’s husband.

Mrs. Shannon walked back into the house and looked around. She was determined not to let John’s coming home ruin her new love affair. But she didn’t want to hurt John. He was a shitty husband but he wasn’t a particularly bad person. She sat down on the couch and started thinking about last night. She could still smell the aroma of sex on the cushions. She remembered how good it felt to have James inside her. Between her legs she could feel a growing wetness. “I’ve never been like this before, I’m like a dog in heat,” she thought to herself. Then she remembered making love with one of her students. She put one hand between her legs and rubbed herself while biting her lower lip. She knew there was no way that she would see enough of James to satisfy her while John was around. Then she had an idea. She would tell John that she had to go out of town for the school. She could take James with her.

Later that day Shannon called James and informed him of her little plan. James was all for it. He would tell his parents that he was going on a school trip.

“Well that settles it, we’ll leave tomorrow.” Shannon said. “Now get over here, I think John’s waking up, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Shannon made her way up the stairs into her bedroom. Sure enough John was sitting up in bed. “I’ve got a surprise for you honey,” Shannon said.

John scratched his eyes. “A surprise, what is it,” John said.

“Get dressed and I’ll show you.” Shannon said.

John hopped out of bed and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. Shannon led him downstairs. “Close your eyes,” Shannon said. John closed his eyes and Shannon led him out the back door. “You can open them now,” Shannon said. John opened his eyes. He starred a moment then looked at Shannon and kissed her.

“This canlı casino is great baby, you know how bad I’ve always wanted a pool.” John took off his shirt and jumped into the pool.

After about five minutes the doorbell rang. “I’ll be right back,” Shannon said. She went to the door and opened it. Instantly James was kissing her. Shannon sucked James’ tongue like a wild woman while James’ hands roamed over her ass. Shannon’s hand then found it’s way into James pants.

“Where’s is he,” James finally said.

“He’s in the pool,” Shannon hissed.

“Is there time for this, he’s only thirty feet away?” James said.

“He’s in another world, now be quiet.” Shannon said grabbing James’ cock with one hand as she kissed down his chest. She squeezed it hard and a glistening drop of pre cum greeted her. She greedily licked the head of James’ cock, giving out a moan of pure ecstasy. Shannon was after only one thing, James’ cum. The entire day she couldn’t get that tasted out of her mind. She wanted it. She needed it. She sucked James’ cock deeply into her mouth. Shannon loved to suck James’ dick almost as much as he liked for her to suck it. She took a breath and slowly slid James’ rock hard cock down her throat. Finally, when her nose was in James’ pubic hair, did she slowly ease his cock out of her mouth.

“How did I ever get along without this?” Shannon said jerking up and down on James’ glistening cock. Shannon licked up the underside of James’ cock and again her warm mouth surrounded him.

“Suck faster baby, I’m gonna cum,” James said eagerly.

Shannon didn’t need to be told twice, she picked up the pace and was sucking as fast as she could.

“Oh shit, here it comes,” said James.

He grunted and released his first volley of hot sperm down Shannon’s throat. Shannon was ready to take it all but the sheer force of the cumshot gagged her. She pulled James’ cock out of her mouth, but James was far from finished. The second shot almost flew over her head but landed in a huge puddle on the top of her head. Shannon swallowed hard to get the rest of the cum that had gagged her down. The third shot landed right between her tits and drained down her stomach. For the fourth shot Shannon opened her mouth and James’ cock coated her tongue with a final thick blast of cum.

James dropped to one knee exhausted. “God I’ve never cum that much before in my life,” he said breathing hard. “Uhh, you might need to get a towel,” James said looking at Shannon.

“Was it good for you?” Shannon asked grinning. She was a cum-covered mess. Her hair was matted together and you could still see cum between her tits.

“Shannooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!” John hollered from the pool. “Who is it?”

“Shit, go out there and stall him while I get cleaned up,” Shannon said.

“Alright but hurry the hell up,’ James said walking out the door.

James walked out the back door and waved at John who was swimming laps. James thought it would be better if he spoke first. “Hi, I’m James, I’m here to put some chemicals in the pool.”

James thought to himself that John was such a total dork. He was out of shape and looked like a wounded seal in the pool. How he ever got Shannon to marry him is a mystery for the ages.

“Oh hey, I’m John. Don’t mind me, you can put the chemicals in.” John said. “Hey you don’t by any chance know what happened to my wife?”

“She said she had to use the restroom,” James said thinking quickly.

Inside the house Shannon was trying to get James’ cum out of her hair. “I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life, I didn’t know a man could cum that much,” Shannon thought to herself while shampooing her hair. “All John could ever muster was a weak dribble.” After her quick shower she put on a bathing suit so John wouldn’t wonder why she changed clothes. A simple white two-piece suit, nothing like the one she had modeled for James.

“Hey guys,” Shannon said making her way outside carrying two glasses of lemonade. “I thought I’d take a swim, no sense letting you have all the fun,” she said handing John a glass.

“Thanks honey,” John said.

“Here ya go,’ Shannon said handing James his glass.

“Thank you ma’am,” James said with a slight grin.

John took a deep breath and went under water. James couldn’t resist the opportunity; he quickly gave Shannon a slap on the ass. Shannon gave him a scolding look. “Don’t be stupid,” she whispered.

James felt a little dumb for jeopardizing Shannon, but the way she looked he couldn’t resist.

“Come on in baby, the waters fine,” John said.

Shannon dived in the water. For the next couple of hours Shannon and John swam and played like two children with a new toy. James, for his part, weathered the storm by concentrating on his work. Finally Shannon sat on edge of the pool and told John that she was going to make some sandwiches.

“Give me a hand James,” Shannon said with a wink.

“Bout damn time,” James thought to himself following her into the house.

“I thought I was going to be sick, what the hell took you so long?” James said.

“I was having a good time, he is my husband after all.” Shannon said drying her hair with kaçak casino a towel.

James didn’t like what he heard and made it abundantly clear with his body language. “Well I guess I’ll be going home now,” James said.

“Don’t be so jealous,” Shannon said walking up to James and giving him a hug.

She gave him little kisses on the neck. “I was having a good time playing in the pool with John, but I plan on having a good time playing with you tonight.”

“How are we going to do that with him here,” James said.

“I’ll think of something, remember that later tonight I’ve got to tell him about our little trip. He’s going to be mad.” Shannon said.

“I’m sure you will,” James said sliding his hands over the curve of Shannon’s ass. “God, you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet.”

No matter how many times he said it it still turned Shannon on. She had never thought of herself as a fine woman or anything. She knew she wasn’t ugly but to have someone finally stroke her ego a little lit a fire in her that she liked.

“God you make me so wet talking like that,” Shannon said looking deeply into James’ eyes. Shannon could feel a familiar tingle between her legs. Shannon knew she had to act fast before John realized how long they were gone. She couldn’t control herself around James. The way he looked at her, the way he smelled, everything about him made her body beg for sex. She couldn’t fight it so she surrendered yet again to her young lover. “Fuck me baby,” Shannon said. Nothing fancy, just pure and simple lust.

James turned Shannon around and bent her over the sink. He pulled down her bottoms and guided his cock into her hot pussy. Shannon groaned as James’ swollen cock spread her lips. Her husband was only feet away and here she was again at the mercy of her young lover. She still liked John as a person but as a lover he was officially replaced.

“That’s it, ungghhh, fuck me faster, goddamnit it feels good,” Shannon said as James’ pounded her pussy for everything she was worth. In the last couple of days James’ had emptied more cum into Shannon’s womb than John had all the time they’ve been married. That fact gave Shannon a bit of satisfaction in the dark recesses of her mind.

James normally could’ve lasted a lot longer but he knew he had to be quick so he surrendered to the building urge in his cock. “Here it comes, shiiiiittttt….do you want me to pull out?” he asked quickly.

“God, don’t stop, uhhhhhhnnngggg fuck I’m cumminnnnngggggg!!!!!!” Shannon groaned. James could feel her pussy pulsing around his cock. With a grunt he emptied a huge load of cum deep inside Shannon’s dripping cunt. Shannon stood there for a moment. She could feel cum dripping down her leg. She arched her back and put her hands behind James’ head.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned in her sexiest voice. She felt James’ cock slowly soften and slide out of her. She turned and embraced James again. She felt so comfortable in his arms. She looked up at James and kissed him deeply. She hadn’t taken her birth-control pill today and she was a little concerned with the huge amounts of cum James was depositing inside her at least three or four times a day. Her thought was interrupted when James slid his hands up her body and caresses her tits.

“Please go tell that loser you want a divorce so I can marry you,” James said.

“If you were a little older I would but for now you’ll have to be content with me being a very naughty wife,” Shannon said rubbing her ass up against James’ cock. “Well we’d better get those sandwiches,” Shannon said pulling up her bikini bottoms. She could still feel cum oozing out slowly from between her legs but the thought of talking to her husband with another man’s seed inside her tickled that dark place inside her mind.

Shannon and James made the snacks and went back outside. John was just getting out of the pool and drying himself off. “I could eat a horse,” John said sitting down beside the pool.

They sat there and ate their sandwiches for about a half an hour. John got up to go to the bathroom.

“In a minute you need to go home so I can soften him up a bit,” Shannon said.

“Yeah I guess that would be best, do you really think you can talk him into it,” James said.

“There’s nothing he can do about it, it’s for the school,” Shannon said smiling.

John came back and sat down. Just as he did James got up to leave.

“Well I guess I’ll be going, thanks for the snack,” James said putting out his hand to shake John’s.

“No problem man, keep my pool up and running and we’ll call it even,” John said.

James smiled and walked to the front door and let himself out. The thoughts of what it would be like to be alone with Shannon on a trip raced through his mind. Later that night James packed his bags and thoughts of Mrs. Shannon’s lips on his cock made him want to masturbate but in a show of will power he decided to be fully loaded for the trip. “Man, I’m the luckiest guy in whole world,” James thought. The most beautiful woman on the planet loves me, I’m almost out of school, and going on a trip that’s going to be filled with sex. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell mom and dad where I was going,” he thought with a smile. He walked downstairs into the living room and told his mom that he was going on a school trip. To his surprise there were few questions to answer and his mom even gave him some extra cash.

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