Falling for His Father Pt. 03

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Ted found his voice before I could find mine. “Petey, I’m so sorry. You have to know that it was all by accident. We didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“Oh really? By accident, huh?” Pete’s eyebrows continued to be furrowed, showing that his anger wasn’t going to subside. So, there went the theory I had just two minutes ago that Pete dealing with finding out about his father and I would be a breeze.

Finally able to speak, I tried to reassure him. “Pete, listen… This wasn’t something that was planned out. It’s just…”

Ted placed his hand on my shoulder and tried to finish my sentence for me. “One thing led to another and…”

It’s funny how words seemed to fail both of us. Each time we’d been naked together over the past three days, everything seemed to right and so easy. You’d think words would come easily. Not now. Not when we were facing the fact that Pete had found out about us in one of the most hurtful ways possible.

Curling his mouth into a sneer, Pete continued talking when his dad couldn’t. “…you ended up spending the entire day at the stupid beach instead of showing my man around the rest of the area like I wanted you to?”

“What?” Ted lent his voice to the amount of confusion both of us were feeling.

Pete held up his phone. “I was watching the whole time. We still have that GPS program that connects all of our phones…yours, mine, and Mom’s. I checked in on you three times today while I was visiting with Mom and you never left. I know you love that place – although, why you do is a mystery to me. I hate the beach! – But we’re going to be going home the day after tomorrow. Rob deserved to see all that The OC has to offer.”

Trying to lighten the mood, I stepped in. “Pete, really. It’s okay. I enjoyed myself today. Besides, I watch The Real Housewives of Orange County. I think I have a pretty good handle on what life here is like.”

Pete rolled his eyes in response to my attempt at humor. Looking to cover our tracks, Ted picked up the conversation. “I’m really sorry, Petey. You’re right. I should have insisted that we drive around and see more sights. But you know how I feel about my special place at the beach. I got caught up in the moment and the next thing I knew, the whole day was gone.” Ted turned to me. “Robby, I’m sorry I short-changed you.”

“It’s okay, Ted. I didn’t feel short-changed at all. I had a lot of fun this afternoon!” I smiled at him, hoping Pete wouldn’t read between the lines of what I really meant.

“I’m still kinda ticked,” Pete said, getting up out of the easy chair. “But, as long as Rob doesn’t mind,” he threw his arm around my shoulder and leaned in to kiss me, making me squirm. “Then I guess it’s okay.”

“Good! I’m glad that’s settled!” Ted said, looking relieved that we hadn’t been found out after all. “Now tell me… Where do you want to head out to get some dinner?”

“Ugh! I feel so gross right now. Before I can even think about dinner, I need to run up and get a shower!” Pete said. “I’ll be thinking about it and let you know when I’m done.” Pete reached across and tapped me on the arm. “Hey, Babe. You wanna join in and help me get clean?”

“Cool it, you horn dogs.” Ted tried to sound jovial, but I could see in his eyes that he wasn’t having the idea of his son dragging me off for a sexual escapade in the shower. “Dinner’s in an hour. If you two go upstairs, I won’t get to eat before Midnight!”

“All right, all right!” Pete said, laughing, as he made his way toward the stairs. “I’ll be back down in a few minutes!”

Once Pete had disappeared upstairs, Ted plopped down on the sofa and let out a huge sigh. “Oh my God! For a minute there, I thought we were screwed!”

“I know,” I said, as I sat down next to him and reached out to rub his shoulder. “I thought he’d followed us and seen us on the beach.”

“It just goes to show that I need to sit down and talk with him sooner than later,” Ted pointed out. “I don’t want the truth to come out some other way. I won’t have Petey hurt like that.”

“Ted?” he turned to look at me. “You aren’t having second thoughts about us, are you?”

He smiled that heart-melting smile of his and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on my lips. “Absolutely not. This afternoon with you reinforced for me that this is something I want to explore further. In just these past three days, being with you has changed my outlook on a lot of things.” Ted had a huge smile on his face, making me know he wasn’t just giving me lip service. Frankly, these past few days had changed my outlook too. I never would’ve imagined in a million years meeting someone like Ted and feeling the spark that we obviously both felt. Ted kept talking. “I know Petey’s going to be hurt when he finds out. But, I’m not giving you up, Robby.”

“Just what I wanted to hear.” This time, I was the one who leaned in to kiss him. When we parted, I looked at him seriously. “Do you want to tell him tonight after casino oyna dinner? I can make myself scarce and find a hotel to stay in tonight to give you two some privacy.”

“No,” Ted reached across to lovingly stroke the side of my face. “Not tonight. The two of you are supposed to head back up north in the morning the day after tomorrow, right?”


“Okay. I’m pretty sure I’m going to tell him tomorrow night. I was thinking tomorrow afternoon, you’d throw out the idea to go back a day early to give Petey and I one night alone to hang out and chill before he has to leave. When Petey objects because he drove down here and you won’t have any way to get back up to campus, I’ll offer to pay for an Uber for you to go back separately. Then, tomorrow night, I’ll sit down with him and let him know about us in the gentlest way possible. I really don’t think you should be here when I tell him.”

“I agree with that. I think me being here will only make things worse. But, I do have one problem with your plan.”

“What’s that?”

I reached over to rub his chest through his shirt. “How are we gonna celebrate our secret being out in the open while I’m four hundred miles up north and you all the way down here?”

Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Ted pulled out his phone. “I already have that covered. With a little help from my friend, Travelocity, I’m planning on booking a hotel near campus next week. I won’t tell Petey I’m going to be in town. Maybe you won’t mind hanging out with me when you’re not in your classes.”

I practically leapt forward to throw my arms around him and lean in to kiss him. “When I’m not in classes, Hell! I’ll skip classes for a week!”

“Robby, you’re working toward being a lawyer and trying to get into a good law school. You don’t really want to start skipping classes now when you’re so close to being done, do you?”

Before I could answer, we heard Pete’s footsteps on the stairs and had to pull ourselves apart before he entered the room.

Dinner ended up being fun. We went out to some surf and turf restaurant that the family used to go to pretty often when Ted and Mrs. Davison were still married. Although I still felt pretty awkward being at dinner with both of these men, given that Pete had an incorrect notion about what we were to each other and Ted was facing the prospect of ruining his relationship with Pete tomorrow night. But, despite that, the three of us managed to have a few laughs and had a generally enjoyable evening. Things got a little more awkward after dinner when we went to a movie. I found myself between Pete and Ted. On one side of me, Pete alternated between fondling my crotch and trying to pull my hand over to give me the idea of doing the same to him. On the other side of me, Ted and I were covertly holding hands so Pete couldn’t see. So, yeah… It was nerve-wracking to say the least.

Later on, back at the house, it became obvious that Pete was feeling pretty horny. After trying unsuccessfully to get me to fool around with him in the movie theater, he came up with another idea that he thought would ensure the two of us having sex. “Sooooo, Rob. How would you feel about taking a soak in the hot tub?”

Before I could register my uncertainty about that idea, Ted spoke up. “Oh, Petey. You don’t want to rev up the hot tub. It’s been making a lot of weird noises lately and it’s not firing up the bubbles like it used to. I’ve been meaning to have someone come out to look at it, but never got around to it.”

“Damn! A good soak in the tub is just what Rob and I needed,” Pete elbowed me softly and winked at me. I smiled at him for affect, but was inwardly relieved that I didn’t have to spend the next half an hour to forty-five minutes trying to rebuff Pete’s advances.

“It’s no problem, Pete,” I said, reaching out to grip his shoulder. “I’m actually feeling pretty wiped-out. I had a big day today.”

“From what? Sitting on a stupid beach, looking at the water? How tiring…” Pete said, mockingly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Ted scowl a little bit, obviously offended by his son openly making fun of his favorite place to spend time. So, I quickly spoke so Ted wouldn’t have a chance to say something he might regret later. “I think I’m gonna head up to bed.”

“It’s probably for the best,” Pete remarked. “I’ve got a big day planned for us tomorrow.”

Again, I noticed a strange look on Ted’s face after Pete said that. “Oh?” I said, quizzically.

“Yeah,” he said, smiling broadly, making me feel like a scumbag for what Ted and I were doing behind his back. “I don’t want to give too much away. But we’re gonna have a lot of fun. More fun than I’m sure you had this afternoon!”

To myself, I thought, “I doubt that…” Instead, I just grinned. “I’m looking forward to it. Good night, guys!”

“I think I’m gonna head up, too!” Ted said, making me hope that maybe he’d stop by my room for a little late night make-out sesh.

“Dad, can you hang back for a minute? There’s something canlı casino I want to talk about with you.”

“Uh…” Ted said, hesitating. “Sure, Petey. Whatever you want…”

“Okay, then. Good night, guys,” I offered again before heading up the stairs.

I was halfway up and out of view of both men when I heard Pete exclaim softly, obviously trying to talk so I wouldn’t hear from upstairs, “Damn, Dad! All week you’ve been doing nothing but cockblocking me with Rob!”

“I’m sorry, Petey,” I heard Ted reply. I couldn’t help but grin to myself, thinking of my time with Ted in the hot tub, making out in the gazebo, fucking in his bed, and then earlier today on the beach. “But, despite you being an adult and me being cool with you being gay…”

“I know, I know,” Pete interrupted him, sounding like a petulant child. “I need to respect your rules. I get it, Dad.”

“All right, then.” I heard Ted say, followed by the sound of him obviously patting Pete on his back. “Now that that’s settled, let’s head on up to bed.”

“Not yet. Like I said a minute ago, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Oh,” Ted said. I heard the chuckle in his voice. “My cockblocking you wasn’t it?”


At that moment, I felt a sneeze coming on, so I high-tailed it the rest of the way up the stairs to the second floor, not wanting either of them to realize I was eavesdropping on their conversation. My curiosity was piqued, though. What was it that Pete wanted to discuss with his father? I went about going to the bathroom and getting myself ready for bed. I’d been in my room for about 45 minutes when I heard a soft rapping on the door. “Yes?”

As I crossed my fingers under the sheet that it wasn’t Pete, coming in to try and have his way with me, the door opened far enough for Ted to slip in decked out in a t-shirt and his boxer-briefs. Once inside, he shut the door quietly behind him. “Hey, you…”

Immediately smiling, I couldn’t hide my excitement. “I was hoping you’d stop by sometime tonight!”

“I had to wait until I was sure Petey’s asleep. I needed to see you.”

“I need you too, stud!” I said back to him, rubbing the place on the bed next to me. “And don’t worry. We can both be quiet. We’ll stuff the pillow in our mouths if we have to!”

“No. You’ve got the wrong idea, Robby. As much as I wanna do that – believe me, I do – I don’t think we should risk waking Petey up. I needed to see you before you fell asleep to warn you.”

“Warn me? About what?”

“What Petey has planned for the two of you tomorrow. It’s what he stayed behind downstairs to talk to me about.”

“Oh. What? Is he planning on showing me his stamp collection or something?” I laughed, but Ted didn’t. The guy genuinely seemed nervous. He sat down on the bed and I climbed out from under the covers to sit next to him.

“No. Worse. He’s pissed at me for cockblocking him all week this week.”

I reached over and rubbed his forearm. “Did you tell him that the reason you’ve been doing that is because you want mine and don’t want him to have it?” I knew how the conversation had gone, but didn’t want Ted to know I listened in.

“Yeah. THAT would’ve gone over really well…” Ted laughed softly. “No. He asked me to take a hike tomorrow.”


“He’s taking you out for lunch tomorrow and to do a little light sightseeing since I allegedly didn’t do my job earlier today.”

I reached up to put my hand behind Ted’s neck and leaned in to kiss him softly. “I got to see everything I wanted to see today and was left more than satisfied at the end.” In response, Ted moaned softly and leaned in to kiss me back. “What is it about a sightseeing tour that’s worthy of warning me? What? Is he going to take me up to Makeout Point or something?”

Again, not laughing, Ted continued. “No. I’m to be out of the house by 6:00 p.m. because he’s bringing you back here for a romantic dinner and a night of passion before you two have to head back up to school the next day.”

“Seriously?! How many times do I have to put this doofus off before he gets the idea that the last thing I want is to have sex with him?! Ugh!”

“Now, Robby… Be nice.”

“What? Do you WANT me to fuck around with him?!”

“Don’t be THAT nice…” he laughed.

“Okay then!”

“Look, Robby. I’m giving you fair warning so you can figure a way out of being alone with him. I know we’ve only been together a couple times and we’re not serious or anything. You can absolutely do what you want to do. I don’t have any right to ask you NOT to fuck my son tomorrow night. But…”

“You don’t want me to.” I finished his thought for him.

Ted grinned bashfully. “No. I don’t.” He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “God, this is such a fucked up situation!”

“Don’t worry, Ted. The only man in this house I want to get naked with is you. And, I don’t see what’s so fucked up about it. I want you. You want me. Seems pretty straightforward to me.”

Ted turned to look at me. kaçak casino “But, what about Petey…?”

I reached over to rub his shoulder. “Pete’ll come out of all of this fine, eventually. When he takes me out to lunch tomorrow afternoon, before he has a chance to spring this romantic evening on me, I’ll tell him I have to leave a day early to go back up to campus and finish a term paper that I forgot about. You’ll tell him about the two of us after I leave. Everything will be out in the open and we can all begin the healing process. I know it’s not ideal and it’s not pretty. But, we’ll all get through it.”

Ted grinned at me. “You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you?”

“Not completely,” I replied. “But the minute I laid eyes on you, I knew what I wanted. I know as long as I keep my eyes on the prize, everything else will fall in to place eventually.” I turned and scooted back on the bed with my back against the headboard.

“So, I’m a prize, huh?” Ted followed me, crawling on top of me to kiss me.

“Absolutely,” I said between kisses. “The grand prize in the sweepstakes of life.” I reached up and stroked the side of his face lightly as he kissed me, bringing my right hand around to the back of his neck to pull him further into the kiss.

After a few moments of melting into the kiss, Ted pulled back. “Dammit! I can’t. I want to. But, I can’t.”

When Ted begrudgingly climbed off of me and rose to a standing position, I could see by the distended bulge in his underwear just how much he wanted to.

“I’m not going to get another chance to be naked with you before I leave early tomorrow evening, am I?”

“I don’t think so, Babe.” This time, I didn’t shudder when Ted called me that. “But, I’ll be up in your neck of the woods next week and we can make up for all the lost time.”

I got off of the bed and walked over to him, by the bedroom door, and said huskily, “I’m gonna hold you to that, stud muffin!”

“Stud muffin?!” Ted said, incredulously. “We’re gonna have to put our heads together and come up with a different pet name for you to call me.”

I playfully slapped him lightly on the arm a few times in mock anger. “How about asshole? Is that a better pet name?”

“Hmmm… Maybe we can stick with stud muffin.”

“I’ll give other pet names some thought as I drift off to sleep tonight.”

“Here,” Ted said, wrapping his right arm around me and pulling me to him. “Let me do something to inspire you.” He then kissed me passionately, taking my breath away. As we kissed, his tongue battling mine inside my mouth, I could feel his still-bulging fabric-covered crotch grinding against me.

After we parted, I said, still trying to catch my breath, “I’ve got it! How about ‘Big-dicked man of my dreams’?”

Smiling broadly, Ted put his hand on the doorknob. “I like it!” We shared another quick kiss before Ted whispered. “I need to get to my room. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night, Ted.” And with that, I was alone in the guest room again.

Late the next morning, I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. Pete had texted me earlier in the morning, asking me to be ready to go by 11:00. I walked into the kitchen to find Pete alone, gulping down the last of a glass of water. He smiled upon seeing me. “Good morning, Babe. Right on time!”

“I’m nothing if not punctual,” I grinned back at him.

“I thought I’d see you down here before now. Did you just get up?”

“Yeah,” I admitted, sheepishly. “About 20 minutes ago. I guess I was more tired than I’d realized.”

“We’d better head out. I’ve got a big day planned for us.”

“What exactly is on the agenda for the day?” I pretended to not know what he had planned.

Pete moved toward me, wrapping his arms around my waist to hug us together. “I thought we’d do a little sightseeing since Dad only showed you the beach. Then, after lunch at this really great place I know down by the water, we’d do a little more sightseeing. Then, who knows what might happen?” By the look on Pete’s face, I could tell that he wanted the romantic dinner he had planned to be a surprise.

“All right,” I said with faux excitement, trying to act like I was looking forward to the day. “Then, let’s get this party started!” As we made our way to Pete’s car, I tried to sound casual when I asked, “What’s your dad up to today?”

“He’s at the gym right now. Then, if I know him, he’ll get in some yoga. After that…” Pete shrugged. “Who knows?” After we were in the car and had started on the road, Pete reached over and gripped my shoulder. “I’m really glad we’re doing this. I’ve been wanting to spend some time alone with you ever since we got here. With my mom’s health scare earlier and my dad always being around, I haven’t gotten the time with you that I wanted to. I love my dad. But, I’m glad he’s off doing his own thing today so it can be just you and me. This is going to be a great day!”

All I could do in response was smile. I didn’t want to say “me too” or anything like that because it would be a lie. But I sure did feel like a scumbag. I couldn’t wait to be in an Uber, heading back up the coast later tonight so that Ted could finally tell Pete what was going on and I could stop all this pretending.

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