Father/Son Gay Tag-Team Match

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I stared at my son David. He was oiling up with our opponents, and god he looked amazing. Time had been more than kind to me, but my child—who, having just turned 20, was exactly half my age—was exceptional. He shared my 6’3 height, as well as my muscled frame. Years of tennis, weights, and wrestling practice had helped him along, and I couldn’t have been more proud of his progress.

We had similarly sharp, handsome faces, but his wavy hair was slate compared to my sun-kissed mop. Otherwise, we both had light honey coloring, and could have passed for the same man at different stages in life.

We had a very special bond, for David had always been my mini-me. And when he came of age to wrestle for stakes, our bond had strengthened, because I was finally able to share the responsibility of defending our house’s honor with him.

I let him watch and study, and eventually participate in, my encounters. There, I taught him how to conquer other men. How to dominate them, as well as pleasure them into submission.

While many fathers of great houses “trained” their sons and apprentices by breeding them regularly, I had done so only minimally—I started with the standard toys, in order to show David what it was like to have his ass invaded, and only moved on to breeding him when I felt he was ready to resist and overpower the pleasure.

But, aside from instructing him in technique, I had never had cause to breed him. He had always been good, and did not require the “discipline” that so many of my peers enjoyed dispensing to their sons and apprentices. I thought it was a bad idea anyway. I wanted to raise my son to dominate and fuck, not crave defeat. He would inherit my position in the Global Wrestling Union after all, so if he was to command any sort of respect there, he would need to be an alpha.

My thoughts were broken when Maksem, the older of our two opponents, stalked over to me, looking grim. “It’s not too late, Laurent. Surrender your vote, and we can stop the match—you and David can save face.”

Maksem was my equal in the Global Wrestling Union. We both came from good houses, so we both served as senators, voting on, and wrestling for, global policy and power. He was older than me, but still very much in his prime. He also had more wins than any other active senator, including me.

He had made me submit to his cock once before, and I did not cherish the memory. Now, he thought he could command my vote! I angered him though, for he wanted me to sponsor legislation that I did not agree with, so I did not. And here we were: Maksem challenging me for the stakes of my support.

In addition to this, Maksem’s apprentice (and heir) Hugo had also challenged David for sex-stakes of honor because of my refusal. The net result was for the GWU to combine our two matches in order to decide both stakes at once. If David and I won, my vote would stand, and Hugo’s ass would be forfeit. If we lost however… well, I would have to vote in favor of Maksem, and David would have his first major taste of defeat, and in front of everyone no less. As his father, I was not about about to let that happen, but nor was I going to yield to Maksem.

“No deal,” I told him. “We’re going to settle this in the ring.”

Maksem glowered at me. He cut an impressive figure, and was doing his best to intimidate me with it. I was not scared though. He was my height, and only held the advantage of weight, for he carried more roundness on his belly than me. Still, I could take him. Our last match had been close. This time, I would win.

But this match wasn’t only between Maksem and I. David had to wrestle too, and Hugo had more experience than him.

I was worried, and Maksem saw it. He smirked. And despite looking gruff in comparison to my smiles, the expression suited him—it sat well on his milky skin; contrasting with his striking bald head and pointed beard. “Fine. Have it your way. But just know this: I’m going to make Hugo cede his right to fuck David when we win. I will fuck him, and I am going to make you watch as I show your son how a real man does it. You still remember right? From when I fucked your hole ragged after our last disagreement.”

“Everything alright, sir?” Hugo asked, walking over with my son in toe. He was older than David, but not by much. Maksem had adopted him into his household as his heir because he was stunning, and was also very, very good at wrestling. In fact, I had even asked him to help train David for a time, and there had been a growing rivalry between them ever since, especially after my loss to Maksem.

“It’s nothing that won’t be settled in the ring, my boy,” I offered to him mildly. “Everyone ready?”

Maksem nodded. We were all changed into our matching rubber jocks—Maksem and Hugo wearing black, and David and I wearing white—and oiled up.

The match would begin when we took our spots in the ring. It was a simple match, with an audience of GWU members to verify the results. Best of three. Maksem and I would start, casino siteleri and then the second round would be between David and Hugo. If the score was even after two rounds, then Maksem and I would wrestle again.

“Come here,” I told David as our opponents walked away to their corner of the ring.

“Yeah, dad?” he asked.

I pulled him close and cupped his butt. Like mine, it was a well-toned bubble, ample and round. Sure, neither of us had quite as gargantuan an ass as Maksem, but what David did have was very enticing, and many wrestlers would come gunning for it, “Protect this, son.”

He laughed, and playfully goosed me, “you too, dad,”

“I’m serious! Hugo is dangerous. He doesn’t have much more muscle than you, but he has more experience. And he wants to beat you in order to prove himself to Maksem. Don’t give him a chance to bring you down.”

David’s golden eyes grew distant, but he still held himself with confidence. “Never! I learned from the best!” It made me proud hearing that, so I strolled off to meet Maksem at the center of the ring. Ready to kick ass, and take my revenge.

The crowd cheered when Maksem and I stood face to face. They wanted to see some wrestling… as well as some fucking. Neither of us said anything. We were resigned to this, and both of us wanted to win. He knew it, and I knew it. I wanted to show him up, and he wanted to put me in my place.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The match had begun!

I did not move my eyes from Maksem. We paced across from one another, ready to attack. Neither of us could afford to be sloppy, so I only half heard David cheering out encouragement, “You can do it, dad!”

That’s when Maksem made his move! He was fast, but I was right there alongside him, and we met in a grapple, testing our strength. I felt power in his arms—he was not pulling any punches. He meant business. He wanted me down and out. I admired that.

We pushed and pulled at one another, testing for weaknesses. Despite my best efforts, Maksem won this initial test of strength, and broke my stance. “Got you!” he roared.

Maksem pulled me into a headlock. His forearm was pressed tightly against my face, and before too long I was stuck squarely in his grip. “Awww!” I shouted. He ramped up the pressure in response to my protests.

“Get him, sir!” Hugo cheered.

I shouldn’t have focused on Hugo’s words, for Maksem pressed his advantage and twisted, hip tossing me down to the mat. I forecasted the move though, and managed to use the momentum of the throw, as well as the slick of the oil, to escape his grip.

We both rolled away and stood up. The fight was on, and Maksem had landed the first blow. I heard the crowd chanting his name, but I ignored it—I had to win this round for David.

He charged, and we locked up again, jockeying for an advantage. Maksem was very strong, but so was I, and neither of us found an immediate opening. At least until I lost my balance, and my opponent drove me backwards, finally getting me back down on the mat.

I ended up on my stomach, with Maksem sprawled on top of me. I could feel his engorged, rubber-clad member pressing up against my ass. “I forgot how nice your ass was. I enjoyed fucking it hard and deep. I can’t wait to do the same to your son’s.”

I tried to squirm away, but he locked my arm behind my back, and kept my leg trapped with his own. Soon, he was moving to get his other arm around my neck in an attempt to finish me. “Shit!” I cried.

“Dad, don’t let him hold you!” David ground fiercely.

“Submit, Laurent,” Maksem breathed, bucking my ass for emphasis.

There was no immediate escape for me. I couldn’t roll out, because if I did, then Maksem’s hold would force my shoulder out of its socket. “Unngh!” I groaned in pain while trying to use the oil to find an opening.

He bucked my ass again in an attempt to humiliate me, but this time I used his move against him. I pulled my arm from his grip, and pushed upwards—he rolled.

We ended up on our knees facing each other. I grabbed at his head for a face lock, and caught him by surprise. He grunted, but otherwise dodged it. Before I knew it, he was back on the attack, and had me wrapped in a scissor hold.

My ribs screamed in pain, but again I couldn’t shake him. I tried grabbing at him, but he met me strength for strength.

In a fit of desperation, I attempted to lift Maksem off of the mat. My knees buckled, but I managed to raise him. Like this, his hold wasn’t doing much, and I could breath again.

“My turn,” I panted. Maksem looked frustrated, but did not let up his hold. He couldn’t afford to. So, he kept his massive thighs locked around my midsection. I didn’t care though! I had just the move for him.

I slammed him down hard against the mat. Both Maksem and Hugo cried out, pain and shock. The move cracked Maksem’s hold, and he fell squarely to the ground. Some people in the crowd cheered.

I followed him there, holding down canlı casino both his hands, and sitting on his face. “You like my ass, huh?” I taunted. “Then have a taste!”

He squirmed furiously, offering muffled protests—his hot breath centimeters from my hole. I squeezed his head between my thighs for effect. The hold wasn’t going to make him tap out, but it was my chance to chasten him a bit.

Maksem continued to squirm, and managed to position his legs in a cross-hold around my neck. From there he pulled backwards, and my grip on his arms was not enough. He broke free.

Rolling up and forward, Maksem forced me onto my back, so that he held my legs, and my ass was exposed. “You want me to play with your ass? Fine!” He pressed an oiled finger against my entrance. I tried to resist it, but the oil was too slick, and he penetrated me.

I gasped, and the crowd roared to life. Hugo was cheering, and David yelled in dismay.

“You like—” Maksem didn’t finish. I kicked him hard, fury blinding me to strategy. But it worked, because Maksem went sprawling backwards, and only narrowly managed to stay on his feet.

I wanted to pin him down and destroy him, but he was ready, and met me head-on. We grappled again, and this time I won. I pulled him into a bearhug and squeezed the mighty man. “Bastard!” he groaned. I didn’t reply, I just kept squeezing. I enjoyed hearing his low moans.

Maksem tried to wrap a sleeper hold around my neck in retaliation, but I slammed him against the ropes. Hugo was right there, and I made a point of squeezing his mentor more and more—showing him who the true alpha was. “Do you give?” I asked Maksem.

“Fuck no!” he responded, trying to pry my hands from around his back.

“Choke him, sir!” Hugo yelled. Maksem took his advice, and redoubled his efforts to choke me out. He brought his hands around my neck, but I banged him against the ropes again, hoping to discourage him. Unfortunately, he kept at it, and soon I was straining to breathe.

I dropped my bear hug, and did my best to undo his grip around my throat. He couldn’t hold it against my entire arm strength, and changed plans. Instead, he rushed forward, pushing me back down onto the mat.

There, I was knocked on my stomach again, and thoroughly exhausted. I could hear David yelling for me to get up, but I needed a second to recover. Too bad I didn’t have one. Maksem pounced, and slammed himself down onto me.

“Arrhrh!” I shouted out in pain. I was too winded to fight back now. Maksem knew it and took his time securing a hold.

He sat on my back, and fastened an arm around my throat. I expected another sleeper, but instead he let his free hand roam to my backside. “Mhmm,” Maksem panted. His burly fingers had found my ass again, and I felt him press against my hole. Very slowly, he pushed his middle finger into me. “You like this, admit it,” he cooed while I cried out, and attempted to buck him off.

“Fuck you!”

“No, that’s what I am going to do to your son,” he chuckled, still probing my ass with his finger. I began to see red again, and struggled against him. He was quick though, and withdrew his hand to my throat. He made a point of sticking the fingers he’d used to penetrate me into my mouth. “Taste your own hole!”

Then I was in a camel clutch. I bellowed, but Maksem had me.

“Do you give?” he asked.

“Fuck… you.” I repeated. He increased the pressure, and I began to black out. I could hear Hugo yelling for Maksem to finish me, and David begging me to escape. The crowd was electric, sensing my impending defeat.

I tried to resist, but couldn’t. “Do you give?” Maksem asked one more time.

This time, the pain was too great. I tapped out. I had failed David. He would have to win his next match in order for us to have a chance.

Maksem released me, and flexed in triumph. Then, to add insult to injury, he scooted himself backwards and began humping my ass—push-up style—to rile the crowd. “Remember this?” He asked, pressing his trapped hard-on against my bubble.

I spat and rolled over, forcing him off. David came over to me and helped me up, while Hugo marched over to congratulate his mentor.

“That was brutal,” David huffed. “He’s a cocky bastard, but I’ll repay him for it. Are you okay?”

I wasn’t. I’d been rattled, and I was worried for David. If he lost, Maksem would ravage him. “I’m fine. Just win, David. Beat Hugo. Then I’ll take care of Maksem.”

“You got it, sir,” he beamed, while saluting me. I rolled my eyes, but smirked in earnest.


With that, Maksem and I departed the ring, and Hugo and David squared up against one another. They made quite the pair. Somewhere deep inside me, I wished that they had not let rivalry spoil their friendship.

Maksem whistled at me from the sideline. He had pulled his jock down and was pumping his dick. He had girth over me, but I had a bit more length. I just shook my head at him. We weren’t out yet.

The kaçak casino bell dinged, and the match began. Our heirs didn’t initiate a grapple or a test of strength like we had. They took quick jabs at one another instead. Both of them were looking for the other’s weak spots without committing to any kind of serious hold.

David managed to emerge from this on top, snaring Hugo into a face lock by gripping his head under his arm and between his pecs. Hugo tried to break the move by throwing David, but my son stood firm.

Maksem stuffed his thick shaft back into his jock, and looked upset. “Get him to the mat!” he shouted.

Sadly for Maksem, it was David, not Hugo, that took his advice. He transitioned the lock into a nelson, and then slammed his opponent to the floor. Hugo cried out in pain. “Fuck!” he coughed.

“You like that?” David asked, holding Hugo down. From here I had a perfect view of Hugo’s sizable cheeks—they were wide open as he ground his knees against the mat, trying to escape. As much as I liked the young man, I wanted my son to claim that ass as his prize. Maybe I would have a go at it as well?

David tried to transition the hold into a sleeper, but lost grip of Hugo. They separated, and the crowd became tense. “Push your advantage!” I yelled to my son.

Hugo was ready for David’s close, and kicked high, landing a blow on my son’s chest. David staggered backwards, the wind knocked out of him. From there, Hugo lunged forward and brought my son to the mat, holding him firmly by the chin and crotch. “What’s this?” he jeered, squeezing David’s nuts.

“Awww, shit! Fuck you, Hugo!”

“Today’s your day to get fucked, bitch!” Hugo snarled, before tossing David back to the mat. He lay there, on his stomach. Helpless. Oh no!

Hugo dropped to his knees and did something unexpected. He grabbed David’s ass-cheeks, straining them against his white, rubber jock, and pulled them apart enough to expose his hole. Then he thrust his face down and tongued my son’s entrance! Maksem cheered, as did the crowd. He wanted my son to be destroyed before he was fucked.

David cried out in surprise.

“That’s it, David. Scream for me,” Hugo crooned, pausing just long enough to spank my son.

David tried his best to escape the humiliating hold, but Hugo had clamped down on his back, effectively pinning him there. It was difficult to watch my son’s face slowly give way to pleasure as Hugo rimmed him.

The crowd didn’t agree with me however. They wanted more. “Take his jock!” Someone screamed.

And Hugo did. He pulled at the waist band of my son’s jock, until it snapped off like a common rag. Everyone cheered, except for me.

“Tap out, and we’ll get this over with!” Hugo grunted down at David. I could see the outline of Hugo’s dick straining against the rubber. He was painfully hard—he might have wanted to fuck David more than Maksem.

But David wasn’t out. He howled in fury, and pushed himself upward. Hugo hung on, and attempted to finish him with a choke now that David was up and moving. It was too late though. David managed to shake Hugo, and I let out a breath of relief.

David sprung up, and his mighty erection bobbed up and down. I could tell he was pissed. He didn’t want to lose to Hugo.

Hugo was just managing to get to his feet when my son did something spectacular. He shoved his hard-on against Hugo’s mouth. That got the crowd riled up. “Take my dick, you fucker!” Everyone but Maksem cheered now. This was David getting his pay-back.

Hugo attempted to retort, but in opening his mouth, he only accepted David’s lengthy erection. David fed off his opponent’s surprise, and steered Hugo’s head back and forth along his shaft.

It wasn’t a smart move to keep going, and David knew it. So he shoved Hugo away. There was a suction sound and Hugo’s lips left David’s cock—a line of saliva connecting the two like thread. Hugo just lay there, stunned.

“Get up! Take him down!” Maksem seethed.

David didn’t let him. He grabbed at Hugo’s jock, and with a mighty throw, tossed his opponent against the ropes. There was a snapping sound, and Hugo’s jock stayed put in David’s hands while Hugo flew backwards. They were both naked now. It was hot.

Hugo scrambled to his feet. David just stared him down. They paced across from one another, and then, as if responding to some unheard call, rushed forward to attack. When they met, they immediately began grappling like oil covered bulls, heads pressed against shoulders, chest to chest, and cocks swaying against one another like swords.

Seeing them like this, I realized that this match would not settle their rivalry. Damn. All I could hope for now was that David emerge victorious, so I could defeat Maksem, and win us the match.

Eventually, David managed to sweep Hugo out from under himself, and his opponent fell. He tried to roll, but David jumped on him, and caught him on his stomach in much the same way Hugo had done earlier.

Their bodies were sweaty and oiled, but David somehow managed to keep his weight on Hugo. He even managed to bring his arms up under Hugo, securing another nelson. Now Hugo was worried—he bucked furiously, but David would not be loosened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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