First Adventures with Wes

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I was going to call this by another name, but figured, what the hell? It is a fantasy. I may as well fantasize about the real man. Several years ago my now deceased wife had met the man on the Internet and went to his Sacramento home to meet him. She was appalled at the state of his housekeeping, to the point that it took her most of two days just to clean his kitchen enough that she felt comfortable eating a meal cooked there. To this day, I don’t know if they had sex or not, and now it doesn’t matter. A nicer, kinder man you could not ask to meet.s In the last couple years he has gotten MUCH better at keeping house, doing his dishes, taking out his trash and cooking meals. He’d come to visit Linda and I a couple times before she passed away and also came to her funeral. After that I moved to the Phoenix area where he has a nephew he travels to see from time to time.

He called me one Thursday telling me he was leaving Friday to come to Phoenix and would stay that night in a motel then come on to town in the morning. He said he’d been in Seattle to see my former mother-in-law, and offer her his condolences. I heard from him again that night and the following morning, telling me that he’d gotten as far as Las Vegas and was heading out right after breakfast. At 1:30 in the afternoon he rang my doorbell.

The plus sized man, maybe I should say BHM, Big Handsome Man, embraced me as I opened the door for him. He hugged me for half a minute or more telling me how sorry he was to hear that Linda had passed away.

“Well, come in. Can I get you anything, coffee, soda, a beer?” I asked.

“Of course. I’ll never turn down a beer.”

“What kind?”

“Surprise me,” he said. I did. I popped the tops on two bottles of a Canadian beer I had found recently. “Oh how nice. What a good, rich, flavor!”

Before we got any farther, I asked him what he would like for dinner and made a couple offerings. He said he’d help me cook …………….. We talked and visited until it was time to start dinner. We prepared it together, ate and cleaned up afterward, what we DIDN’T clean up as we prepared it.

After casino oyna dinner we sat on the sofa in the living room talking while listening to one of the music channels on the cable. He turned to me and put his hand out onto my chest and felt over my man titties, gently massaging them as his face came closer and closer to mine. Our mouths met in a soft short kiss followed by a longer more open-mouthed one. His tongue slid in between my lips and I licked and sucked at it for a few seconds before giving him mine. We sat and touched and kissed for several minutes, our hands and fingers exploring each other’s … parts through clothes. Then I had raised my t-shirt up and off over my head and he unbuttoned his short sleeved button up shirt. We caressed each other’s chests and tummies for a couple minutes before we each unfastened our pants and pushed them and our under shorts down around our ankles.

Touching each other’s cock, fondling them and stroking then, we both got hard very quickly. “Do you want to go first?” he asked me.

“Sure, Wes.” And I moved off the couch and kneeled between his feet and leaned down between his knees to the head of his cock. I held it in my fingers, fondling it, licking at the head of it, the underside of it and the little piece of webbed flesh just under the two lobes of his glans. Licking down the 6″ fairly slim length of his cock I felt my tongue at his hairy balls. My tongue caressed them for a few seconds then moved back up his shaft to the head again. Licking around to the back of his glans I felt and tasted the flavor of his man flesh and ended by licking away a bead of precum that had welled up from the opening in the head of it.

“Raise up here for a minute,” Wes said. “Kiss me with that in your mouth.” I stood up and stepped away from the sofa and Wes stood as well. He embraced me and kissed me with his mouth open, his tongue searching mine and sucking away the slippery fluid. At the same time he slid one arm and hand down between us and fondled both of our cocks together, rubbing his against mine, mine against his, rubbing the heads of them together, fondling both our canlı casino ball sacks as our cocks touched. Gaaawd it felt wonderful. His mouth drew away from mine and he sat back down on the edge of the couch. Fondling my cock all the while, he leaned forward and licked over the head of mine, squeezed it just a little to coax out a bead of my own precum, and licked at away.

He fondled my cock for several more seconds, stroking it, feeling it, feeling my balls and ran his fingers through my pubic hair then moved them back to my cock shaft. “I want to see you cum, Richard,” he told me.

“You will, Wes. I was hoping to make you cum first. I’ll suck you and jack off, and if I start to cum before you, I’ll raise up and let you have it, okay?”

“Ohh yeaaahh, that’ll work,” he said.

“Uhhmmm, man, you smell and taste soooo goooood,” I told him as he leaned back on the sofa and let his legs spread apart for me. I kneeled down again between them and went down on his cock again. I held it in my fist for the first few seconds, licking the head of him and gently stroking up and down, taking just the head into my mouth at first. I loved the feel of the head of his cock in my lips, on my tongue, in my mouth, gently rubbing my teeth over his glans and sucking just the head, tasting the new bubbles of his precum, licking them away, savoring the flavor of them on my tongue. My mouth slid slowly down his cock shaft, farther and farther, as I moved my hand and fingers down to his ball sack and fondled them as I sucked more and more of his cock into my mouth. It was the perfect size. It went all the way to the back of my tongue and slightly into my throat as my nose and lips nuzzled into his thick reddish brown pu hair. He throbbed inside my mouth as I sucked on his shaft and worked my tongue up and down the underside of it as he gently fucked my mouth. His cock slipped and slid in and out of my mouth in rhythm with me, moving up and down on him, tasting his slippery pre-jism, tasting the length of his cock, feeling it slide to the back of my tongue and back out a little ways then back in … feeling it throb and thicken, kaçak casino stiffen … ohhh gaaaawd … I knew he was close. I was sucking more diligently and intensively.

“Ohhh Richard … yess .. oh suck my cock, baby. Suck in it. Ahhh yeah, work that tongue underneath it … mmmmmmm … I’m gonna cummmmm, baby!” he said with a couple of hard jabs of his cock into my licking, sucking, waiting mouth. “UHHHhhhhhh … ohhh gawd yesssss, Richard,” he moaned out, squirting the first of his thick cum to the back of my mouth. “Suck my cummmmm … ohhh yessss!” he said, squirting again, a large, thick gobbet of man goo onto the middle of my tongue. “Oh gaaawd that feels gooood … YESSS ….” He squirted a third spurt of cum onto my tongue. “Ohhhhhh…” he moaned out with the last two oozings of his sperm ladened jizz into my mouth, with each decidedly harder suck and draw on his penis with my tongue and cheeks and lips.

I swished the salty, slippery cream around in my mouth, over my teeth and gums and under my tongue, celebrating the taste of it. As I continued gently sucking on his rapidly softening cock, I swallowed and swallowed again to have his jism in my stomach. Then just about to cum myself, I let go of his cock and raised up in front of him. He sat upright and leaned forward to take my cock into his fingers and stroked me several times. He opened his mouth and took the first of my gobbets of jizz onto his tongue then closed his lips around it and sucked it into his mouth. It was incredibly satisfying since I had begun to ejaculate already, and the feel of his tongue and lips and mouth around my spurting cock was intensified even more. To add to my sensation he gripped my butt cheeks and spread them, stimulating my anus with each spurt of my cum, and OHHH GAAAAWD it felt so wonderful.

When he let go of me I nearly collapsed onto the couch next to him. “Ohh gaaawd, Richard, that was great. Both my cum and yours.”

“Yeaaaah, Wes, it felt incredible.” The slightly younger man turned to hold me in his arms. I reached around his larger size and we kissed again as we held each other, still shuddering from the intensity of our orgasms. I enjoyed the smell and taste of cum in his mouth and hoped he liked it from mine as well. He didn’t say, but I will cherish that first post cum kiss and tasting my jizz in his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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