First Time Romantic

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Jason pulled up his driveway. He nervously fumbled around his car to pick up the bag of items he had purchased for the night. Stepping out of the car he felt his heart racing, the feeling of both excitement and apprehensiveness overwhelming. He walked up the path to the house swiftly.

Jason entered the house quietly, taking his shoes off in the hallway and setting the bag on an end table by the door. He slicked back his hair and called out.

“Kelly?” There was no answer. “Kelly, you here?” The sound of pans clashing in the kitchen is heard as a woman’s voice calls out.

“Yeah, just finishing up. Sit down on the couch and relax” Kelly said in a huff.

“Oh please, let me help…”

Kelly cut Jason off. “No! I’ve got this.”

Jason sighed and sat down on the couch, turning the TV on. The smell of a delicious dinner was now wafting through the living room. “Something smells great,” Jason said as he flipped through the channels, nothing particularly of interest to him coming up.

After a bit, Jason had settled down as he watched the news. “Are you sure you don’t want me to help?”

“Help with what?” Kelly giggled as she walked into the room with two plates of food. She was wearing a white shirt, a short, red skirt, fishnet stockings and red high heels.

Jason turned the television off and went to the dining room table. He kissed Kelly on the neck as he snuck a green bean from one of the plates. “Looks great, babe, thanks.” Kelly squirmed a bit, closely dropping her plate.

They sat down at the table and began eating silently, their eyes meeting. Seductively, Kelly bit the edge of her lip and thought for a second. “So, how was your day, sweetie?”

“Fine,” Jason said as he raised an eyebrow and showed a smirk.

They talked for a bit about their usual topics, flirting subtly, the sexual tension filling the air with every passing minute.

After they had finished their meals Jason took their plates. “Why don’t you go to the bedroom, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

“Okay,” Kelly devilishly nodded, kissing Jason on the cheek and exiting the room.

As Jason entered the kitchen thoughts started pouring into his mind. “Will I do well?” “Will she enjoy it?” “Will I enjoy it?”

Jason and Kelly had been dating for about eight months, but never had sex – the furthest they had gone was mutual masturbation, and it took a while for Jason to warm up to that idea. Jason was a virgin and felt waiting until the time was right was the way to go about it. Kelly had been with a few men and women before.

They had talked about sex, their fantasies and their desires, and Kelly respected Jason’s want to wait. This night, however, was the night. Jason had read up on various techniques and, having masturbated with Kelly, had a general idea of what she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri liked. He discussed it with her the week before where they arranged their special night.

Jason walked into the living room and picked up the bag. He entered the bathroom and took everything out, setting them on the large bathtub. It contained a few candles and essential oils. Jason drew a bath and lit the candles, spreading them around the tub. He added lavender – Kelly’s favorite scent – to the water and let the tub fill.

Once the tub was filled he exited the bathroom and stood outside their bedroom. He sighed and opened the door. Kelly was laying on the bed, her hands probing her breasts.

“I have a surprise for you.” Jason extended his hand and pulled Kelly to her feet. Kelly began to speak but Jason pulled her close and kissed her passionately. He took her by the hand and lead her into the bathroom. “I wanted to make this night special,” he told her, gently caressing her cheek as she surveyed the room.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” Kelly whispered as she leaned in to hug Jason.

He gently took her by the chin and kissed her again. “Don’t say anything.”

Jason sat Kelly down on the edge of the tub and took her left leg into his hands. He kissed from her thigh to her foot and took off her shoe. He did the same for her right leg, then proceeded to take her fishnets off.

“I love every inch of you,” Jason seductively growled as he kissed her stomach. He took her shirt off and her breasts fell against her chest. Kelly was beginning to breath shallowly as Jason took her by the hand once again and helped her up. He slid her panties off and embraced her.

“I love you,” she purred, her body resting against Jason’s. “Let me take this off for you.”

Kelly unbuttoned Jason’s shirt, kissing his chest each time she removed a button. Snarling enticingly she slinked behind him and slid it off, dropping it to the floor. Wrapping her arms around his stomach, she unbuckled his belt, her hand brushing against his erection. She then unbuttoned his fly and slipped his pants off slowly, kissing his back in the process.

Jason turned around and once again embraced Kelly, their bodies now touching flesh-to-flesh. Kelly squeezed Jason and he squeezed back. They stood there for minutes, swaying their hips, as if nothing else in the world existed. Jason lead Kelly over to the bath after caressing her cheek and helped her in. He knelt next to the tub, grabbed a loofa from the rack and dipped it in the water. He brought it up to Kelly’s chest and squeezing it over her breasts, which glistened in the candle light.

Kelly looked deep into Jason’s eyes and shed a tear. She had never been treated as sweetly as she had been tonight. Jason kissed her and ran the loofa over güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her body. Continually, he lightly caressed her with the sponge, kissing her in various spots. Kelly’s nipples were fully erect now and stood proud. Jason had been purposely ignoring them because they were immensely sensitive. He put the loofa down and kissed Kelly, his hand brushing against her right nipple. This made her bite his lip.

Jason brushed her nipple twice more before taking it into his thumb and four-finger. He pulled and tweaked it lightly. She thrashed in the water, trembling in pleasure. He settled her down by caressing her body and did it again. This time she let out a low purr. Jason began kissing her again, bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

Suddenly, she let out a sharp gasp, began to quake a bit and moaned loudly. “Ooooooh!”

Jason picked the loofa up again and continued to wash her. He admired her body, from her plump breasts to her well-toned legs. he began to put the loofa between her legs and playfully washed her inner thigh, ‘accidentally’ brushing against her vagina.

Jason once again put the sponge down and grabbed a towel. He offered his hand to Kelly but she refused, instead positioning herself onto her knees to kiss Jason. “Stand up,” she lovingly requested. Jason did as he was asked and stood up. Without missing a beat she took his penis in her hand and licked the tip tenderly, his precum forming a line to her tongue. She licked the shaft slowly and lovingly before taking the head into her mouth. She watched as Jason closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

She began working on the head, sucking softly. She then alternated between shaft-long licks and engulfing half of Jason’s length. It wasn’t long before Jason was at the brink of orgasm and brought his hands to Kelly’s head, gently lifting her off him. He knelt down and kissed her. “Let’s go into the bedroom.” In one motion he helped her up and wrapped the towel around her. She nestled her head into his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his abdomen as they walked into the bedroom.

After entering, Jason stood Kelly by the bed and toweled her off. She looked on with lust in her eyes as he dried off every inch of her, licking her body as he proceeded. As he finished, he put the towel aside and stood up. He sat her on the side of the bed and dropped to his knees. “I want to taste you.” He gently put his hand on her chest and laid her down, flicking over her nipples before massaging her legs.

Kelly hummed in approval as Jason began sucking on her toe. Slowly, he sucked each of her toes into his mouth, lovingly licking the soles of her feet as he progressed. Kelly had begun rubbing her nipples as Jason started to travel up her legs, alternating between them with kisses and licks. güvenilir bahis şirketleri He stroked her inner thighs and licked them. Kelly stopped rubbing her nipples and held her breath in anticipation.

Jason paused and looked on at the sight before him with a fire in his eyes. He kissed her thigh one last time and lightly licked her lips. Kelly exhaled, throwing her head back in bliss and putting her arms above her head. Jason lovingly kissed every inch of her lips, being sure to also pay attention to the area around them. He then worked his way into her with his tongue. He felt her quiver as he did and began to lick her deep. After a bit of this, he pulled off and put his mouth on her swollen clit. He sucked slowly and lightly at first. Kelly’s primal “More, more!” plea under her breath pleased Jason. He began to harder.

Suddenly, he felt Kelly’s legs wrap around his head and she grabbed his head with her hands, pulling him into her. He continued to work on her clit as she convulsed on the bed, screaming in joy.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Ohhhhhhh!” She collapsed on the bed as Jason returned to her lips.

When she finally regained composure she beckoned Jason to her with a crooked finger. “Come here.” He complied and she kissed him as he laid next to her on the bed. “Get on your back.” Jason happily obliged. He felt something wrap around his head.

“I’m going to blindfold you. Don’t worry, it will enhance the experience.” Jason didn’t say anything as Kelly lovingly wrapped a face mask over his head, kissing him in the process.

After releasing him from the kiss, she straddled his chest. She rubbed his nipples, getting them hard, and suckled the left one. He let out a groan from his throat. She slowly inched down his belly, leaving a spot of wetness on his chest. Finally, he felt her take his penis in her hand and guide it into her. She ground her hips a bit, getting herself into position, and began to ride him slowly.

Every so often, his hand would come up and cup a breast. Eventually she gently lead his hands to her needing nipples and he would pinch and pull them, each time getting slightly rougher. She started riding him faster, slamming onto him as she felt her orgasm build. Jason’s legs began to tense as he was building to an orgasm himself.

Kelly started to howl. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jason removed the mask as Kelly began grinding into him. At that same moment, Jason began grinding his hips into her and they locked eyes as they started to orgasm together. Kelly contracted around Jason as they both let out sounds of pleasure to their completed orgasms.

Kelly collapsed on top of Jason and Jason hugged her, still inside her. Kelly fell asleep on his chest and Jason enjoyed the warmth of her body for a moment. She awoke several minutes later, still in the same position. They kissed for a bit before she pulled off Jason and laid next to him. They kissed passionately and stared into each other’s eyes.

“I’m glad we waited,” Kelly sighed.

“Was I good?” Jason bashfully questioned.

Kelly leaned in, kissed his forehead and simply stated, “you complete me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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