Fitting Together

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“How does it look?”

Jim tried to make his voice bounce of the ceiling and project back down into the fitting room. He and Elise had been shopping for the better part of the day at this point, trying to replace what was lost in the fire that had just took place in their dorms back at Cal State. Surprisingly, with all the devastation and material possessions lost, Elise seemed to be enjoying the day of starting her closet from scratch.

Elise stepped out of the changing room and struck a silly model pose for Jim, who was sitting in a chair at the end of the hallway. This time it was a short skirt and a nice dress shirt that was rather tight along the bust. Her hair was so long and shimmering, and graced her shoulders as if it had been purposely placed there. Her small frame was off set by naturally beautiful chest, and hip lines that just begged to be followed down below.

“Well?” Elise asked

“Wow… I…”

“That good huh?”

“Well…you’re just so hot, babe.”

Elise blushed a bit and let a grin out. Her demeanor shifted a bit, and she peaked back into the changing room to get another glace from the mirror. Jim rose from his seat and walked over, thankful that there was no attendant monitoring this department of the store to find his actions at all alarming to the well being of other more prude customers. He stood in the door way to the small box of a room, greeting Elise’s turn to him by grasping her hips and pulling her close to him.

“Heeyyyyyy…..what are you doing babe?” Elise inquired

“Just getting a second look myself,” Jim replied

Their bodies now pulled together, Elise could feel Jim’s hardening manhood against her, his lips slowly closed in on hers. Her hands clasped around his lower back, his now working their way up from the hips, one resting on her back, the other gently caressing her neck line. Their tongues danced free spin around each other softly, occasionally drawing apart and meeting again by the tips briefly. They both took a step deeper into the room, and Elise managed a free hand to push the door closed.

The couple made very quiet moans to each other, as their passions grew heated. Elise’s nipples began to shown through the shirt, and Jims hands soon found their way to them, cupping her soft skin through the thin dress shirt. Elise let out a slightly louder moan in Jims ear, letting him know that she was getting wet and very turned on by this idea of exhibitionism. She grinded a bit more into his crotch, feeling the pressure between his swelling member and her moist lips as they fought to break through their confines of clothing. Jim made quick work of the few buttons Elise had bothered to do up, and his hands worked up her chest, grazed her nipples, and removed the shirt in one smooth motion. She must have been planning this just as much as her had, as her bra was already on the small seat in the tiny room. Her breath grew heavier, and her hands were now occupied below both her and Jim’s beltlines. Her right hand squeezed and ran around his now quit obvious erection shown through his pants, while her left was pushed against her own crotch, applying a wave like pulsation against her through the skirt.

Jim quickly un-looped his belt and threw it to the floor, he couldn’t stand the tension anymore, and apparently neither could Elise. She immediately unbuttoned his jeans as soon at the belt was out of the way, and was greeted by his hard cock, which had managed to find its own way out of his boxers. He let out a deep sigh of pleasure as her soft hand grasped the end of his dick, making him tense all the muscles inside. He crooked his neck down a bit, and flicked at her nipple with his tongue, now giving bonus veren siteler slightly harder squeezes to her mounds. Her hands left Jim briefly, and she shimmied his pants and boxers down further, and he made a quick stop to unzip her skirt, which fell to the floor, leaving her standing in only a sheer thong.

“This is so hot,” Jim let out under his breath in Elise’s ear.

“I know, I want to taste you” Elise said, sitting on the bench seat and holding Jim’s hard cock in one hand, and lightly cupping his balls in the other. Her tongue gave a lick from the back of his shaft, all the way up to the tip, where she engulfed the head with her lips. Her hand worked up his length and met her lips, and as she drew them off him, her hand followed. Jim sighed deeper again and had to grit his teeth a bit to hold back from loudly moaning. She grazed and tickled his balls so lightly, letting her finger tips work around the front and back of his sack, all while taking his dick into her mouth, swiveling her tongue around it, and taking it back out.

As much as Jim loved the feeling of Elise giving him head, he had to stop her before he came. This was an experience he wanted to play out as long as they could. Elise stood up and they kissed deeply, and Jim pulled Elise’s underwear down to her knee’s and let a single finger go into her damp lips just enough to get it wet so he could draw the line with his finger upward to her eagerly waiting clit. The nubbin felt as though it had electricity going through it, and Elise let out a very relieved heavy breath, as she near instantly relaxed every muscle she had been clenching so hard moments before. Her hands worked the remaining saliva on Jims dick around the head, and he had to step back again for almost having came.

“It’s your turn” he spoke softly to her, as he motioned her to lie down on the bench seat deneme bonusu veren siteler in the back of the fitting room. He found a somewhat comfortable place on the floor to kneel, and lifted one of Elise’s legs up as he admired the aroma of her sex. He left kisses in his wake all down her leg, getting closer and closer to her crotch. His final one was a gentle lick along her groin, and then with his spare hand, he spread her lips slightly, and gave a thick lick along her entire pussy. He inserted his tongue into her deeply, and slid it back up, making a loop around her clit, and then reversing back. Flicking her clit increasingly faster, Jim was aware he was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. As soon as he felt he had brought her as close as he could without going past the point of no return, Jim pulled away from her, and they both stood again, but this time, Jim was behind Elise.

“I want you to do me from behind,” Elise said as she arched her back and looked over her shoulder at Jim.

He bent his knees just slightly, and her hand came from between her legs, guided him inside of her. They both moaned, and Jim could feel the tenseness of Elise’s excitement. He filled her wet pussy with his cock, taking long deep strokes ending in his bumping up against her g-spot. Elise was instantly back to near orgasm, and wasn’t holding back from moaning loudly anymore, and Jim was always inclined to thrust faster when she did this. They both rocked into each other over and over, becoming filled and empty again and again. Elise bent even further forward, and had to use both hands against the opposing wall to hold herself up, as Jim’s hands griped tightly to her hips.

“I’m going to cum babe,” they both said nearly in unison. Faster and more powerful their thrusts grew, and finally, Elise tightened up greatly and let out a very deep cry, Jim soon after grunting loudly and releasing a load of cum deep inside her.

As the couple neared the cashier with their final purchases, the woman behind the counter asked “Did you find everything you were looking for today?”

“Absolutely” Elise said.

They both looked at each other and smiled naughtily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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