Football Season Pt. 02

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Ch. 3

I closed my eyes and let the warm water pour down, over my tired muscles. I was in the boys’ locker room. Practice was over and I was enjoying a few, well deserved, moments to myself. I lathered up my sponge and began making small circles with it across my skin. I groaned as tension dissipated from my back and chest. It felt so good to massage the sweat and dirt away from my flesh. So good, that I wanted to rub my whole body from head to toe. As I slid my hands down to my groin, I suddenly felt a slightly larger pair of rough hands cover my own. Someone’s naked body, warm and hard, pressed gently against me from behind.

I didn’t react when Logan whispered into my ear, “Let me help you with that.” His teeth nibbled the end of my ear and a small gasp escaped my mouth. I said nothing but allowed his rough hands to remove the sponge from my grip. I lolled back against his shoulder and felt the suds slick across my body. Logan traced my neckline with soft kisses as his hands roamed further south, toward the heat building in my crotch. Instead of grabbing my length, his hand just brushed lightly past, teasing me in its wake.

“Ugghh,” I let out a soft moan. I needed his rough hands to touch me, to envelope me. I felt helpless as his other hand pushed lather down between my ass cheeks and, with two strong fingers began to circle my delicate hole. “Logan!” I hissed. I wanted him. I needed him. His impressive length was firmly pressed into my right thigh. I reached down and gripped him hard indicating my desire. He moaned deeply and the sound made the veins in my shaft twitch.

His mouth returned to my ear and he said in a low breathy voice, “Open your eyes Briar. I want you to watch me touch you.” I obeyed and in an instant, he swung us around to face the mirrors on the far side of the wall. I whimpered at the sight of our naked bodies writhing against one another beneath the water. Logan’s larger form was intimidating. His slightly darker skin radiated heat. I couldn’t look away as he caressed the muscles of my chest, abs, and groin. I reached behind me with my free hand and played with his dark hair. Whenever I tugged, just enough, his hips would buck and I’d feel his smooth cock slide between my fingers. His hands continued to work around my hole which was now relaxed and supple. Without warning, he pushed both of his fingers deep inside me and I cried out. The pressure was ecstasy. I leaned back into him and his mouth claimed mine. Our tongues danced and our hands roamed. His fingers swirled inside of me and all I could do was shudder. He parted our kiss and opened his mouth to whisper to me…


The shrill ring of my phone pulled me from the climax of my dream. I groaned loudly, as the details of his body and the way he touched me slipped away from my grasp. I reached for my phone and saw Chad’s name once again on the screen.

I cleared my throat before saying into the line, “This is Briar… talk.”

“Hey there Briar, how are you doin?”

“I am well, thanks. What’s up?”

Chad immediately started in, “I know you like to go for a morning run but I was hoping you would be free around 1ish for lunch? My treat…” I rubbed the tired muscles of my face and looked at my phone’s clock. 9:27 that gave me a few hours at least to (hopefully) get in a run with Logan and make it in time for lunch.

“Yeah, sure no problem. Where should I meet you?” I waited while I heard him clicking his tongue.

“How about we stay in town and have hoagies at the diner?”

I grimaced. Cinco wasn’t known for its food but it would give me more time with Logan maybe. “Yeah, I can do that,” I said finally. “See you at one?” He gave me an overly excited reply and I hung up. Before I even had a chance to sit back in bed my phone shrilled again. This time it was a text and I recognized the foreign number as Logan’s. I felt a slight smile tug at my lips as I opened the message: Good morning champ. Hope you slept well. Ready for our run? Beau is raring to go! Excited now I sent back my short reply, Yeah just woke up. Slept great thanks. Had the best dreams… maybe tell you later 😉 Who is Beau? Within a few moments I had my sport briefs on and I received another reply, Hahaha you’ll see… can’t wait to hear about them! See you at 10?? I wrote my quick affirmative and was out the door within minutes.

Logan’s house isn’t actually that far from where my apartment in town is. Only a couple of miles really and I probably could have jogged there. But I knew that if I wanted to get as much time as I could with him, I would need to have a quick way back into town to meet Chad for lunch. So I drove the few miles out of town. It may only be a short distance but in Cinco that was the difference between cell phone coverage and no coverage. When I pulled into the familiar driveway, I saw Logan standing with a very large dog, presumably the one I had failed to meet yesterday. Logan was kneeling next to the sleek dog and gently patting his side. Our eyes met briefly casino oyna as I came closer and my breath left me for a second as I remembered looking into those warm, dark brown eyes the night before. I could almost remember the way he had tasted and the way he felt against my skin… With great effort I forced the excitement in my shorts to recede. Now was not the time. Turning off the ignition I hopped out of my truck and walked around to where they were seated. Logan’s smile spread to his eyes as I kneeled down with him. “Well, who is this handsome boy?”

“This is my best friend Beau, short for Beaucoup, because he is just too much sometimes.” I held out my hand to allow Beau to sniff and he began to rapidly lick and nuzzled my extended palm.

I nodded my appreciation, “You speak French?” I asked just a tad too excitedly. Logan waved a hand in dismissal.

“Neh, I just like the word.” I smiled to indicate my understanding and began petting Beau.

“Is he a German Shepherd short hair?” I asked curiously.

“No he is actually a Belgian Malinois,” he said with a bit of pride. “Great companion dogs and even better guard dogs. He also is quite the athlete and will be soon putting us through the ringer.” He patted Beau once more and stood up. I thought for a second that he might lean in and give me a proper greeting but instead he turned away and fiddled with his watch. I must admit I was a little put off. Had I imagined last night? Should I try to kiss him instead? I decided immediately that was a bad idea. While his back was still turned away, I decided to do some warm-up stretches. I spent a few minutes keeping myself from overthinking what was going on. I’d almost completed two sets before he finally looked up from his watch and noticed me stretching. Without a word, he sat down in place and began his own set of stretches. What the hell? I thought. I wasn’t angry but I was confused. Perhaps I had gotten the wrong impression from our encounter last night, suddenly a sinking feeling settled in my stomach. What if he wasn’t really interested in me and last night had been a mistake? We hadn’t really had any time to discuss what had occurred or what it had meant.

We both stood up in silence and Logan gestured slightly to the road, leading the three of us down to the end of his drive. “Now,” he said once we reached the road. “My watch can keep our pace if you’d like or we can just keep this calm and enjoyable?”

I saw this question as a chance for an opening. “Let’s keep it light for now, we can try pace setting on another day.” He nodded his agreement and we started off down the road. I took his agreement as a good sign that he did at least intend for us to keep seeing one another, though whether his ideas were platonic was still uncertain. We ran a fair bit of the way in silence. I honestly had not had a running partner since high school so I was unpracticed at making conversation while jogging. I tried to think of things to talk about. I passed over the typical stuff like weather and sports rather quickly. I didn’t want to chat with Logan, I wanted to get to know him. I just didn’t know how. With other people, friends mostly, I relied on them to do most of the talking. I was an excellent listener but now I didn’t know how to get a person talking. I blew out a heavy breath both to settle into our pace and to expel some of my frustration. Logan turned around and gave me a questioning look.

“Is this pace ok? We can let up a bit if you’re uncomfortable.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. Just getting my breathing under control.” Continuing on, we started to get closer to town. I thought for sure he would lead us into town but instead we pulled down a second country road that I didn’t know as well. As we turned up the road, I heard a car coming up from behind us, instinctively I moved farther off the road to give the car room. However, when they didn’t immediately pass, I glanced back to check. The car was a dark sedan. Some model from the early 90’s I guessed. I knew this car. It belonged to the head principal of Cinco High, Mr. Todd Santrum. Logan had noticed the car too and we both slowed to a stop. I looked briefly at Logan and saw his brow was furrowed. Though in the next second, I thought I may have imagined it as one of his amazing smiles now beamed from his face as the car pulled up alongside us. Todd rolled the window down and his southern drawl came right through.

“Howdy you two. Nice day for a jog, ain’t it.” I smiled in kind. I didn’t like Todd. When I had been a senior at Cinco High, he had been the main voice against letting same-sex couples into the dances. Eventually, his opinion had been overturned by the school board though and I was able to take a date to my senior prom. Even though this had all been more than a couple years ago, I seriously doubted that his views had changed that much. I peered into the car alongside Logan and Todd gave us both a nod and said, “Howdy Logan.” To me, he directed a curt, “Hey, there.” I wasn’t a teacher at the canlı casino school and I got paid almost nothing to be the assistant coach, but I still thought the impersonal greeting was rude. “How’s the team doing so far, Logan?” he continued to speak only to him. “I know a lot of folks hoping to see another championship game this year.” He said while sporting what could only be described as a grimace-smile. It looked almost painful for him to hold the faux pleasant expression on his face. I decided I didn’t care much to talk to the man and instead of feigning interest, I stood back from the car and entertained Beau with a few affectionate pats. I caught a few tidbits of the small talk that they exchanged but the last thing Todd said before driving off really caught my ear, “I think I will stop by the field this week and sit in on their practice for a bit.” It could have been my imagination but as he said this I thought I saw his eyes flick in my direction. Asshole, I thought. As if echoing my thoughts, I heard Logan mutter something that sounded a lot like “Prick…” as Todd drove off.

Before I knew it, we were nearing Logan’s house and the end of our run. I never once thought of a good topic to discuss. We turned into the drive and Logan promptly squatted, breathing heavily. “Whew,” he said and grinned up at me. “You know how to drive a man to his limit.” This lifted my spirits a bit and I thought that maybe it had been ok to stay quiet on the run. I plopped down next to him on the lawn and he looked at me a little quizzically. Something was clearly on his mind and he looked as if he couldn’t quite figure out what to say. When before it seemed he had been ignoring me, now his gaze made me a little self-conscious. Finally he said, “You’re really something Briar. I’d like to learn more if you’ll let me.” This direct statement was surprising but definitely not unwelcome.

“Well,” I said biting my lip playfully, “just ask.” He sat down next to me on the lawn and his eyes roamed my facial features. They seemed to linger for a half second longer on my mouth and I almost turned away out of shyness. Get a grip! I told myself. As if he knew what I was thinking, a slight smirk tugged at his perfect, full lips.

“There is one thing I’d like to know…” he stated. I leaned back allowing myself to get more comfortable on the lawn and propped myself up on one elbow.

“Okay, shoot.” He looked down at the ground, what he was feeling or thinking I couldn’t tell.

Without lifting his head he asked, “When you came over yesterday what was your intent?” I felt my brow furrow.

“What do you mean?” I asked him. I was very confused by his question. He raised his head and his eyes searched mine.

“I mean, did you want me before I kissed you?” Again I was confused. I didn’t even recall who had kissed whom. I suppose when I thought about it, he did make the first move but would that have changed the outcome? I didn’t think so.

“Logan.” I said his name with ease now. I used to see him as my fantasy. Logan the coach. Now I was starting to see him as Logan the man. He too had insecurities and worries and he was baring one of them now for me to see. “If you’re asking me what I want, my answer is very simple…” Trying my best at being direct, I met his eyes and asked him plainly, “Do you think that I would have said yes if I had not wanted you before you kissed me?” His eyes brightened. Those beautiful brown eyes with caramel flecks… I was losing focus again. Something about his eyes stirred something primal in me and I desperately wanted to feel his body against mine again. Pulling myself out of my daze, I tilted my head and said what I had wondered earlier. “The way you acted earlier, left me wondering something similar about your wants.” Shock graced his handsome features for just a second. He didn’t respond right away so I continued, “So, I guess now I am the one wondering, why did you invite me over yesterday?” His eyes then went through a rapid and confusing set of emotions. I thought I saw anger and maybe hurt… but any chance at figuring out what he was thinking was lost as he gently cupped my face in his large hands and brought his mouth to join with mine. Yesterday’s kiss had been fiery, ravenous even. That kiss had taken on a life of its own and my mind had been too shocked to really think much of anything else. This kiss was different; this kiss I was ready for and when his warm, wet mouth claimed mine, I relaxed into it deeply. Our lips moved slowly, gently massaging the other. Logan tasted like salty sweat and he smelled amazing: musky and almost piney like the trees that surrounded his yard. When our lips parted and I felt his warm, thick tongue dart between mine, I shuddered. I moved my mouth in perfect unison and flicked his upper lip and teeth with the tip of my tongue. The reaction I got from his body was sinful. I felt one of his hands leave my face and the other firmly gripped my jaw. I realized he was in control of this. I was permitted to explore and seek but ultimately kaçak casino he controlled the kiss and I reveled in his control. Without warning, he slightly pulled away and I was left gasping for breath, my jaw still held by his strong hand.

“There.” he said simply. “Now you don’t need to wonder.”

* * *

It was difficult to leave this beautiful man I was beginning to adore, but I had made a commitment to Chad and I intended to keep it. Luckily for me, I had enough time to go home, shower, and change. The diner, where we were to meet was close to where I lived and even though before the idea had been distasteful, I was now really glad that I had those extra minutes with Logan. I kept replaying our tender moment in my head and re-experiencing the feeling of floating, complete weightlessness. I pulled my truck up to the curb in front of the diner and jumped out with noticeably more enthusiasm than was necessary, but damn it if I didn’t feel great.

Chad had gotten us a table just inside and he waved me over as soon as I stepped in. I don’t know if it was just my good mood or not but for once I found his excited disposition refreshing.

“Hey Briar, glad you could come!” he said with light and happy tone.

I smiled at him. “Yeah, me too.” I didn’t think it possible but his smile got wider at that and I took my seat across from him, suppressing a giggle. “So,” I started. “what’s good and what’s up?”

He looked down at the menu in front of him, “Well, I figured that with you being a vegetarian that you might like the veggie sub…” My eyebrows raised high at his assessment. I hadn’t realized that my personal dietary preferences had been common knowledge. Not that it was a secret or anything. Perhaps it wasn’t so much a public thing as it was a Chad thing.

I decided not to read too much into it. “Sounds great. So how are things? How has practice been for you?” Chad was this year’s running back for second offense. The same position I had filled almost four years ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t see as much game time as I did so he filled the role of water boy at most games. He nodded while taking a drink of water.

“Ya know, it has actually been pretty great. I was concerned when I came out last year that the team would treat me different but honestly, it hasn’t affected our relationship much at all.” I nodded in response to what he was saying. I was genuinely happy for him.

“That’s great to hear. In my high school days, a lot of the roughness was short lived. So it is good that the progress has stayed consistent.”

We talked like this for quite a while. I hardly noticed eating my food. It felt surprisingly good to talk to someone who knew and sympathized with the plights of life as a gay man. Truth be told, I had never had “gay” friends. Sure I knew other guys at college and met some going to the clubs in downtown Houston but there was always a tension there. I just preferred the company of women or that of straight men. Chad was something of a breather in that regard. Refreshing even. I realized half-way through our conversation that it might not be so bad to be his friend.

“Can I ask you something?” he inquired once our meal was finished.

“Yeah, sure,” I said. He leaned in with a more serious look in his bright blue eyes.

“Now, I know that you are going to the dance with me because I made you feel obligated…” I opened my mouth to state a protest, but he raised a hand stopping me before I could speak. “It’s ok, really,” he insisted. “What I am wondering is, if you could see us being friends in any capacity? I asked to hang out today as a way to break the ice, so-to-speak, and show you that I can be really fun, given the chance.” I smiled warmly at him but inside my heart fell a bit. I had been behaving like such an ass. I knew then that I really did want to become better friends with him. I at least owed him that chance now.

“I would really enjoy that. I am not just saying that either. I think we could have a really great time hanging out.” His demeanor immediately relaxed and I could tell that he was truly satisfied by that answer.

“Excellent! Then what would you say if I asked you to go with me next Saturday to Whispers, that gay club in south Houston?” I paused for a second. I wasn’t opposed to the idea, I just didn’t know if my Saturday would be free. Logan and I had not really had a chance to make concrete plans for our next rendezvous. Seeming to sense my hesitation, Chad’s eyes narrowed.

“Unless you already have plans?” I couldn’t help but smile at his powers of perception. His eyes widened and twinkled with sudden excitement. “You do! You Briar Rose have a date!” I tilted my head slightly; questioning the validity of that statement while also trying my best not to wince at the sudden usage of my embarrassing full name. “Oh,” he continued, “not a date then… but you ARE seeing someone?” The way he stressed the word made it sound more like an accusation than a question. I nodded slowly figuring that was a more accurate and safe observation. “Oh… my… God!” He exclaimed. “I want the deets, sir. Like now.” I couldn’t help but laugh loudly at his outburst. Yes, Chad and I would be great friends indeed.

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