For Art’s Sake Ch. 04

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Fiction as always. You know the drill…any resemblance to people living or dead, or recognizable events is purely coincidental.

The story leaves an opening to continue the story line, but this may well be my last of the series, at least for the moment.

Let me know what you think.


Arthur sat in the comfortable chair in the master bedroom. He had long finished carefully buttoning his crisp white dress shirt, pulling up and fastening his light grey dress pants, with black socks and well-polished loafers finishing his look. He hung his sports jacket over the back of the chair.

Always one to be on time, never early and never late, he always allowed some time for the unexpected to happen. He was, as usual, ready well in time. Equally common was the fact he had to wait for Vicky to be ready.

He looked across the room at Vicky sitting at her dressing table, wearing only her panties, putting the finishing touches to her makeup. His side view of her well defined back and pinched waist, the profile of her still pert breasts and her long legs reminded him of the young woman he married over twenty-eight years earlier. He felt a wave of desire envelop him.

He was curious, “Good for tonight? We can develop a diplomatic illness if you want to cry off. We could go to bed now.”

“No way. Just because I’ve kept you on a tight leash over the last few days, and you are a horny as you can be, doesn’t allow you to get a sampler before we meet up with Elly.”

“So, you’re good to go.”

“Yes. Shouldn’t be long. I’m a touch anxious as to what Elly will get up to tonight. I am shivering with a nerves or excitement or both. Way out of my comfort zone but determined to go through with this new adventure. Of course, it could be a bust. Just a regular dinner party.”

“True. But unlikely. If I get propositioned, would you be comfortable with me taking what’s on offer?”

“Go for it. Fuck her brains out, as long as I can watch. Now let me finish up here. How’s my hair look?” She’s spent nearly two hours at the hairdresser earlier.

“She did a lovely job. The soft waves and curls look terrific.”

Vicky straightened her back and inserted her diamond stud earrings and reached up and around her neck to fix the clasp of the heavy gold chain at the back of her neck.

Arthur loved the way her breasts lifted as her arms rose and stretched backwards.

Vicky next took her stockings and started to slip them on.

“Fuck……fuck……fuck……fuck……” For a moment Arthur thought Vicky had pulled something in her back as she leant over. Vicky rarely cussed or swore.

“What’s happened?”

“I just snagged my only pair of dark, self-supporting stockings on a toenail.” She ripped off the torn stocking reached for a file and attacked the offending nail.

“Too bad. Get another pair?”

“Those were the only ones that are dark to go with my dress.”

“Go without stockings?”

Vicky shook her head, “Men!”

“Ok. Pantyhose?”

“I’m wearing a pantie liner. I may be the only woman in the Universe who gets uncomfortable with a pantie liner under pantyhose. No, it’s going to have to be a suspender belt.” Vicky leapt up and bounded over to her chest of drawers, fished around and pulled out two suspender belts. Presenting them in Arthur’s direction, “Natural or black?”

“Black. Hey, they’re sexy.” Arthur tried making a positive out of her accident.

“Right.” Vicky glared Arthur as she wrapped the garment around herself. She then slipped on regular dark stockings and attached the tops to the suspenders. She noted to herself that with their new-found wealth she would stock up on all colors of hold-ups.

The deep ultramarine, backless dress avoided the decision as to whether or not to wear a bra. Her black high heels, with a fuck-me strap around the ankles, were an obvious choice for her shoes, given the circumstances. She collected and checked her evening purse that all necessary supplies were inside.

She was ready to face Elly.

“Let’s go buster. Give me a kiss, but don’t mess up my lipstick.”

Arthur did as he was bidden. He smiled to himself that he’d organized the timing perfectly in spite of the mini crisis. The front doorbell rang. The limousine had arrived.


When they arrived at Elly’s house and the vehicle seemed to plunge down the short steep driveway.

The well-lit house sat quite close to the steady stream of traffic on the road . The second floor was even a bit lower than the roadway. The house was on the shore side of the road such that It would have frontage to the sea.

The flat roofed modern designed house, with full height windows all around, looked like an elevated single-story building with just the garages and possibly utility rooms at the ground level. Arthur registered that if the sea flooded none of the living area of the house would be seriously impacted, and the elevated road acted as barrier to the sea invading further inland.

As they walked the final few yards to the illegal bahis house they could look up and see the brightly lit dining room all set up for the meal they would soon be enjoying.

Arthur turned to Vicky, “Nice set up but not much privacy.” He pushed the communication pad buzzer.

Vicky responded, “Sweetie. This is Elly’s place you are talking about. Anyway, who can see anything as the autos whizz by?” She giggled as she thought of all the ways she had been showing herself recently.

The door opened. At that same moment a police car, ambulance and fire truck passed by them sounding their klaxons and horns.

Elly stood in the doorway looking up at the noisy vehicles and waiting for them to pass before she spoke, “You guys sure know how to make an entrance. Where’s the marching band?”

They all laughed. It was good ice breaker. Elly gave Vicky a big hug. Turning to Arthur, “This is so good. Good to see you again Arthur.” She proceeded to hug him too. “Come in, Come in.”

“Coats in the cupboard over there. Washroom is there.” She pointed. “Use it if the one upstairs is busy.” Arthur shed his sports jacket. The house felt quite hot. Vicky removed her newly purchased ankle length dress coat.

Elly stood back from Vicky, “My, don’t you look the thing.”

Vicky became a bit tongue tied. She felt she was overdressed when she looked at Elly’s neck high, long sleeved blouse in a heavy dark-plum material that seemed rather old fashioned. The skirt she wore was not much more stylish than her blouse and hung below her knees.

Vicky thought, “Dowdy?” Then, “Very strange, an Amish party?’ but said nothing. She was prepared for surprises but not of this kind. There was something strangely ‘off’ about Elly, but Vicky could not quite put her finger on it. She set her mild discomfort aside with the dismissive idea that Elly was probably different when on home turf. This was not the same woman who dominated and directed her. Vicky felt a touch off balance.

They were led upstairs to a sparsely, yet elegantly furnished living room.

“Drinks?” After discussion of what was available. Vicky settled for a glass of red wine, to match her host, and Arthur was given the whisky and soda he requested.

Vicky questioned, “Where’s Goo? We are both dying to meet her.”

“It’s more than my life is worth to disturb her in the kitchen as she brings the meal to its climax.”

Arthur could not resist commenting, “Interesting way of putting it.”

Ignoring Arthur’s remark, Elly continued, “She’ll be out soon.” Turning, she smiled and looked at Vicky, “You were going to give up the goods on what happened after you got naked in your kitchen. Remember, you said you’d tell me.” Before Vicky could reply Elly directed a question to Arthur, “Of course, you did know about that?”

Ignoring the possible revelatory aspect of her question, “Of course.” Arthur privately thought, her we go — the sexual thread starts. With a wide smile, he expanded his answer so there was no doubt, “We share everything.” He privately enjoyed adding fuel to the sexual flame.

Vicky was curious, “Goo’s not interested in my adventures? Shouldn’t we wait for her?””

“She’ll be in soon. But do get started.”

Vicky thought that that direct request, with more than a touch of direction about it, was a bit more like Elly. Vicky took a deep breath to give herself time to organize her thoughts. She had just started to speak when around the corner from the direction of the kitchen came a duplicate version of Elly — her face, hair, build, and even down to the precise way she was dressed matched exactly to her sister.

Vicky stopped mid-sentence her mouth open. Arthur did an almost comical double-take as if he could not believe his eyes as he glanced back and forth between the identical people before him. The two lookalikes burst into to bend-over, knee-bending, eye-watering laughter that continued for a full minute as their guests looked on stupefied.

Eventually as they regained their composure, the second woman, who Vicky and Arthur took to be Goo spluttered out, “The look on your faces was priceless. Oh God, that worked so well. Apologies for the practical joke. We couldn’t resist. What do you think?”

Arthur came up with a reply, “Two peas in a pod.”

Goo jumped in, “I’m assuming you are not referring to water sports?” before she once more cracked into deep chuckle. She settled herself quickly before asking, “OK. The price of your supper. Which is which?”

In her confusion, Vicky thought she was saying something about witches for a moment with her mind somehow focused by a thought that Elly was a witch. The precise cloning was nothing more than witchcraft.

Goo caught her puzzled look, “Ok. Let’s try this. Who is who? Come on. Each of you. Arthur first.”

Arthur played the game. He scratched his chin. “Turn around.” They both did a pirouette. Pointing to the woman who came from the kitchen. “You’re Goo.”

“Now your turn, Vicky.”

“Elly. You were in the kitchen the whole time.”

“Why do you think that?”

Vicky illegal bahis siteleri did not want to explain her initial earlier reaction of not sensing Elly’s dominating presence. “Oh. I want one of us to be right. Anyway, how can you prove it one way or the other since you are, as I can see, near perfect identical twins?”

“Right on target, Vicky. Clever thing.” This was coming from the twin who Vicky thought was Elly. “We have a way of proving it, though.”

The real Elly went over to what appeared to be a radio/player device. She switched on a track that seemed to mush together all the stripper tunes ever composed.

The two sisters started to dance in rehearsed unison. They shimmied, bumped and ground their way around the room and stopped right in front of their guests. The performance simply puzzled Vicky. Abstinence from sex had made Arthur much more susceptible to the sexy dancing and he felt his first awakening of arousal in his loins.

Staying on the spot in front of Vicky and Arthur, the dance progressed to the denouement. They both slipped off each other’s skirts. This was followed by a slow mutual unbuttoning of the blouses. All was revealed. Vicky’s guess was confirmed.

They had been met at the door by Goo masquerading as Elly. The extensive tattoos Goo had covering her torso and down her arms easily identified her and differentiated her from the Elly’s unadorned skin. Vicky had seen Elly’s pristine body before.

Neither wore bras. Goo also had small hoops through her nipples. Both magnificent women stood in hold-up stockings and matching black high cut panties that bordered on being no more substantial than thongs.

Elly took charge. “Vicky what did you think of our outfits? We had to go to the City to find something that covered up all of Goo’s tats sufficiently. Wasn’t easy.”

“Honestly? I thought we’d accidentally crashed an Amish party. I felt so overdressed. You bitches!” Vicky gave a wide smile.

“Look at you. You are dead right. You are totally overdressed. Take it off.” The sisters started into a chorus with a repeating chant, “Take it off. Take it off,” right in Vicky’s face.

Vicky looked at Arthur, who nodded his consent, “Oh, alriiiiight.” The idea of getting topless gave Vicky a buzz. But she wanted to play the game, so she strung out the word ‘alright’, as she tried to sound reluctant. She pulled down the short zip at the bottom of the dress’s back and over her butt. She then shucked the dress off her shoulders and guided it down to the floor before stepping out of it. She folded it and put it carefully on a chair.

The view met with a loud wolf whistle from the real Goo. “Suspender belt. Looks good on you Vicky. Wicked legs and butt. Tits not bad either. Elly’s sketches of you were not romanticized.”

Elly kicked in, “Now for some serious drinking.” She filled up the large wine glasses, including one for herself, and replenished Arthur’s whisky.

“Let me show you around. Bring your drinks. Since we were kids, we’ve always been into charades and practical jokes, so I hope you can forgive us.” Vicky moved to put her dress back on. “Don’t you dare. We girls must stick together. House rules.” Vicky responded to the edge she felt in Elly’s voice as it were an order. This was the Elly she knew.

The whole house was minimalistic in its approach to furnishings. Arthur lagged behind the others so he could watch them with the joggling tits and beautiful butts.

As Arthur hung back to give more than a cursory look at Elly’s paintings, her unsold work, which he recalled was often called the collection of the artist, filled the interior walls. Most were nudes. He wondered if Vicky would soon join them. Each painting had its own dedicated lighting.

Elly called over her shoulder, “Keep up at the back there.” Arthur hustled to catch up with the others.

The most interesting feature of the house was the master bedroom with a king plus sized bed and the mirrors on the ceiling. Goo opened a double sliding door in the bedroom to step outside onto a small Juliette balcony to look at the sea. They peered into the darkness but could not see the water with the tide out some distance, although the sounds of the gentle waves were just audible. Elly also pointed out a separate building, built in a similar style to the house, that served as her studio.

Elly announced quite suddenly and with some urgency, “Time for dinner.”

They scrambled downstairs. As they entered the dining room the brightness made Arthur squint for a moment.

He noticed the slightly strange arrangement of the seating at the quite long glass-topped table. Elly and Goo sat at the ends. Arthur sat close to Goo on the long side of the table with his back to the windows, with Vicky and Elly mirroring the arrangement at the other end but with Vicky facing the windows. The length of the table meant that Arthur and Vicky did not sit opposite each other.

With no one opposite her, Vicky had a clear view of her reflection in the window that looked out onto the road. She had almost forgotten she was half canlı bahis siteleri naked. Her discomfort welled up in her. Elly spotted her unease, “Don’t worry. The cars just whizz by and our regular Peeping Tom is away, in jail. It’s cool.” Vicky wasn’t cool but as always, she gave in to Elly’s directions. The combination of the image she felt she must present and her continual submission to Elly’s will triggered a wave of unexpected arousal to wash over her.

White wine was served. Arthur had private bet with himself and won. Six oysters were the first course. More wine followed.

For the most part the dinner conversation did not bounce back and forth between all four. Arthur and Goo were discovering each other at one end, while Vicky, under pressure from Elly, started on a detailed account of her encounter with Tony and how this developed into her seduction of Mary. The wine and the reliving of the story further supported her growing horniness.

There were occasional bursts of chat between them all. When the green and bean salad was served, Goo was gross enough to suggest that they would all remember this meal for the rest of the week as they farted their way through to next Saturday.

When Arthur saw his wife was looking quite red and flushed, he asked, “You Ok sweetie?” The reply came back, “Couldn’t be better.” He guessed her colour was due to something he knew well — she was feeling horny.

The salmon baked in filo pastry with rice and peas was washed down by a third bottle of wine.

Another outburst by Arthur engaged them all. “No. Never. I don’t believe you.” He was looking directly at Goo.

Elly jumped in, “So what don’t you believe. Maybe I can referee.”

“Goo had me guessing how she earned her living. I started off with an artist like you, Elly. I offered a musician, singer maybe. No. Then I tried saying she worked at a Zoo, of something like that. After twenty guesses I eventually gave up. She told me she is an actuary. I do not believe her.”

“Sorry to blow your stereotype image my friend, but that’s what she is. Earns a shit pile of money.”

They settled back into the private conversations at the ends of the table. In spite of the discontinuity, Vicky finished her tale about Mary and Tony and was ready to take Elly upstairs to the bedroom. Her panty liner was at full capacity with her juices.

To round out the meal, a super-rich black forest chocolate cake with a lot of creamy chocolate and not much cake, which Vicky organized to be delivered, was served. The requisite coffee was passed around in small delicate porcelain Japanese cups.

As if on cue, both Elly and Goo leant forward to their adjacent partners and kissed then delicately on the lips. Elly stood, “Let’s take this to the living room, to start.” Vicky shuddered in anticipation.

They followed Elly. It took a few moments for their eyes to adjust to the subdued lighting in the hallway and living room. Some smooth rhythmic music played in the background. Goo grabbed Arthur before he had a chance to sit and stripped his shirt off. She then moved in close and pressed her bare breasts against his chest, swaying to the music.

Elly joined Vicky on the sofa. They kissed. A chime rang out. Elly stiffened. “What the fuck? Front door. They’ll go away.” She returned to the embrace.

After the fourth chime with a long pause between each, Elly sighed, “I better get it and send them on their way. Could be important.” She left Vicky to go to the kitchen where the front door intercom terminal was located. The small screen showed two men, one white and one of African heritage looking very smart in what appeared to be dress uniform.

Putting on her best annoyed voice Elly demanded, “Yes. What do you want?”

“Excuse me ma’am can we use your phone? We’ve broken down and we need to reach a towing service.”

Elly shook her head and laughed in amazement before she reengaged the talk button. “Are you officers?”

“Yes ma’am. Just completed Officer training, heading to our ship.”

Elly zoomed in on their name tags. “Well officers Rory McAfee and Dan Norton I should inform you that I am recording this conversation and your images have been sent to the cloud. No funny business. Got that.”

Elly delighted in the surprise and discomfort shown on the two young men’s faces.

“Yes ma’am.” They almost stood to attention.

Elly continued, “I thought Officers were intelligent. Do you expect me to swallow that load of bullshit? And both of your cell phones are dead at the same time? Come on!”

She saw them look at each other before she pressed them, “Tell me truthfully and completely why you have rung my doorbell at eight-thirty. Give me one good reason why I should open this door to you. You have one minute then I call the police.”

They huddled for a moment. Dan started in a deep resonate voice that sent a shiver down Elly’s spine, “In for a penny. Here goes. This may take more than a minute, and then we’ll go. We’ve been upstate with Rory’s parents and family on a five-day furlough after our graduation. My family lives on the other coast. We chose to drive back to the port along the coast road. This is our last night before we go on a long tour of duty. We planned to have a good time at the port before boarding, if you know what I mean.”

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