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Thoughts of you permeate my mind at odd times of the day. I think of our erotic chats and the discreetness of our relationship. I think how odd we came together when we did and how we did. Something has brought us together as powerfully as it has for a reason. You are my dear friend and my cyber mate. Our sexual heat and chemistry bonding us together in a way not experienced before.

I imagine our chats, flirtatious, honest and open. Sharing intimate secrets even though we know each other very little otherwise. Thoughts of these conversations turn me on, make me want more. I see your words coming across my screen, sometimes innocent, sometimes with sexual intent. Even the simplest word or phrase from you more often than not turns me on. I feel the heat rush to my genitals and know it wont stop there. As I type this I find myself becoming aroused, thinking of the things I will say to you and thinking that you will read them here. I touch myself and feel the wetness that is beginning.

I imagine seeing you, feeling me drawn towards you. We walk towards one another. I feel the heat and chemistry jump and spark between us as we come closer. We embrace in a deep sensual kiss, my tongue sliding against yours, probing and wanting more. My tongue running along the roof of your mouth and sucking on your lower lip. My breath comes faster as heat radiates through my body. My breasts are warm. I feel you press against me and the heat from you overwhelms me. Kissing passionately, I tear your shirt off, popping buttons as you lift my shirt off exposing my bare breasts. You can see my nipples are hard.

My hands slide across güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your chest, my tongue and mouth hot against your throat as I feel our breathing increase and our passion rise. I run my hands across your nipples and feel them harden as I pinch them slightly. My mouth all over your neck and chest, running my tongue down your stomach. I feel your hands across my breasts and down my sides. Mmmm, did I ever tell you thats one of the most erotic spots on my body? Your hands slide down and across my ass, pulling me against you. Tight and close. I arch against you, pressing tightly.

I feel the heat and hardness of your erection and I slowly rub my hips against it. Ohhhh baby, that feels so good. My hips move a little faster as I slide my hand down there and rub you up and down through your jeans. I slide down so my mouth is right there and playfully nibble at your hardness, stroking your erection thrugh yourjeans. I tug at your belt with my teeth and hands, and sloooowly undo the zipper, feeling you pulsing and begging for release. You’re so hard. I cant wait to feel you deep inside of me and my pussy twitches at the thought, a rush of blood swells my lips and clit. My inner walls pulsate thinking of you sliding in and out, pressing against you, and pulling you in farther, my walls grasping you and stroking you like a warm glove.

I release you from your jeans and let them slide to the floor. I stroke you up and down as you take my pants off. I teasingly flick my tongue across the tip and taste your sweetness. My panties are wet by this time and as you put your hands down there, you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri can feel the wetness through my thong. You can faintly smell the scent of sex at this point. Sliding one finger inside my panties, you start rubbing my clit as I stroke your cock. I run my thumb over your head, feeling the pre-cum as I rub it around your head and gently stroking the slit, wanting more of your juices. I rub my thumb under the rim and back around the head. Your fingers teasingly run up and down my lips, parting them slightly.

My clit is swollen now and as you insert a finger in my pussy, you can feel how wet and hot I am. My pussy is so tight, can you feel it? Imagine your cock in there, hot and throbbing. You slide one finger in and out, feeling the wetness.
I moan softly, wanting more, gyrating my hips and clit against your hand. You slide two fingers into me, really feeling how tight and small I am as your thumb rubs my clit. As you finger fuck me, you can hear the juices flowing and smell that wonderful scent of a woman in ecstasy. Your fingers are wet and sticky with my juices and I moan as you slide in and out. Thats it baby, finger fuck me.

I want you in me, I want to feel you deep and penetrating in me. I want to feel you slide in and out in long rythmnic strokes. I grasp your cock in my hand and pull you towards me. You feel the heat and I arch towards you, beckoning you to enter me. You bring the head close to my pussy. It is throbbing and purple now. Pre cum oozes from your slit and glistens the head. You bring it close and rub it up and down in between my lips, watching them güvenilir bahis şirketleri swell. You push in, just slightly, enough to separate the lips and feel the entrance, tight and beckoning. My pussy grasps around your head and you pull out. I groan and pull you back towards me. You do this several more times, teasing me mercifully.

You are so hard now, the vein on the underside of your cock is pulsating and your balls ache as you feel the cum build in them and they grow tight. A sensation builds from your balls that goes into the base of your cock and runs upwards to the head until you feel as if it will explode. Ohh baby, youre so hard. The head visibly throbs now, aching for my pussy.

I lay on my back and lift my legs up over your shoulders with my hips high in the air to take you in. You plunge into me, going deep, so deep you feel you balls hit against my ass and you are fully buried in me. You completely fill me, my walls grasping you and forming a velvelty glove around your shaft. We grind and move against each other, totally out of control now as our rythmn gets faster and more intense with every thrust. My pussy grasps you tight and caresses you with each thrust. My hips move off the bed as I meet every thrust, pulling you deeper inside of me. I want you, I want you bad. I whisper in your ear “Fuck me, fuck me hard”

My words send us both over the edge as we both yell out and come together, your cum bursting through me. My contractions grasp you inside me as my juices flow and mingle with yours in total ecstasy. Our movements slow as we enjoy the last pulsations of pleasure that are coursing though our bodies. Our juices are sticky on our stomachs and our legs as we both catch our breaths. There is no need for words. We just look at each other and smile. We share a knowing look and enjoy the afterglow of the experience we have just shared.

Erotically, Sensually and Virtually Yours,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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