Fresh Batteries, Ripe Tomatoes

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“…and the Stratham’s cancelled. Well, actually I do have an idea. I found something while I was cleaning…stop guessing, it’s a surprise. No, I’m not telling you.” BEEP. “Darn, the battery’s low. Oh, any preferences for dinner. You’re hopeless…I love you anyway, bye.”

Virginia set the phone down in its charger and looked at the old shoebox with an anxious smile. She turned the box over dumping its contents on the bed: Velcro handcuffs, nipple clamps, vibrating dildo, ben-wa balls, and an old crinkled tube of KY lubricant, which she immediately tossed into the trash.

Had it really been so many years? Ginny and her husband Mark stopped using these sex toys when the kids got old enough to be curious. Well their youngest was fresh off to college and she and Mark had the house to themselves now. She wondered if Mark would want to resume their use. Even though he was a terrific lover, he seemed to be – no, he was definitely slowing down. Maybe this was a way to jump-start their sex life? She decided she would check things out just to make sure nothing was broken.

Ginny took one of the nipple clamps and squeezed it a couple of times. She watched closely as the bars separated and closed again and again – seemed okay. She pulled her shirt over her head and un-hooked her bra. Her breasts were no longer those of the young woman Mark had married. They were certainly larger, definitely drooped more, and after nursing two children, the nipples were both larger and more sensitive; something that she and Mark both enjoyed.

She squeezed the clamp apart, positioned it over her nipple and released it.


She gasped as she struggled to push the clamp apart. Removing the clamp from her nipple she flung it across the room. Her hand pressed against her enflamed skin. Well one thing was still true. Intense stimulation to her nipples still translated directly into throbbing anticipation in her clitoris. A warm heat began to build and spread from the empty center between her legs.

Ginny’s eyes were drawn immediately to her battery-operated, variable speed vibrator; ol’ Reliable. She had gone through many varieties of vibrator before settling on this one. Its shape, cylindrical with a slightly bulbous head, and length were perfect for her. It allowed her hands free access to her breasts and clitoris while the vibrating head stimulated her G-spot; she’d ridden to many an orgasm with this toy (with and without Mark’s participation.) She picked it up. It seemed lighter then she remembered. She pushed the button – nothing happened. She pushed it again – still nothing.

Ginny unscrewed the bottom and looked inside the cylinder. Well that explained the lightness and the lack of vibration – no batteries; it was empty. She rolled off the bed and walked topless to the kitchen. She looked in the junk drawer – no batteries there. She checked the hall closet – ditto; no batteries. She was heading for the garage when she saw the TV remote. Ha – that’ll have a couple of batteries – perfect.

Ginny practically skipped back to her bedroom. Batteries installed, she pushed the button again and was rewarded with a barely perceptible buzz. She shook the dildo a couple of times – still barely buzzing. She rapped it on the nightstand, and the buzzing stopped completely. Well damn, so much for those good vibrations, she thought.

Setting the dormant dildo aside she picked up the Velcro handcuffs. Mark had always enjoyed playing with these. She remembered the last time they’d played with them. It was the screaming and commotion from that session that had resulted in the toys being stored away. Ginny recalled that evening:

Mark had looped the handcuffs, with her securely in them, over their bathroom door. He had this thing for forcing Ginny to present herself to be eaten. Cuffed, in this position, she could stand flat-footed with her legs together. To spread her legs required her up on tiptoe. The effort demanded to receive her reward resulted in some excruciatingly intense orgasms. That night Mark had been particularly persistent eating her through a series of delicious orgasms until her legs gave out.

He then turned her towards the door and entered her cunt fucking her with excruciating slowness, stopping every time she came close to coming. That was when Mark took the vibrator and inserted into her until her cunt held it in place. He lubed her ass and his cock then slowly pushed up until he was buried deep within her rectum. Then he turned the vibrator on and didn’t move. Except for that damn finger of his circling her clit – the Bastard.

Mark had used the spasms of her ass to trigger his own orgasm. Their mutual orgasms had been so intensely over the top that canlı bahis şirketleri they were both screaming loudly. It was only when Mark managed to turn the vibrator off that they heard their kids crying out in fear. The toys were put away and forgotten – until now.

Ginny looked at the handcuffs and the dildo. She wondered if she could recreate the scene from that night. Wouldn’t that put a smile on Mark’s face when he got home? She looked at the cuffs and the bathroom door. Surely she could figure out how to do this.

Looping the cuffs over the door first was not the answer; there was no one to insert the vibrator into her. She slowly slid the handcuffs off the door. She gave the vibrator one last switch off and switch on. Nothing. She eased the vibrator deeply within her until her cunt muscles gripped it. Stretching up on tiptoe Ginny was just able to loop the handcuffs over the door.

Perfect, Mark was going to love this. Actually, Ginny was already loving it. She practiced writhing slowly in her restraints.

buzzbuzZbuZZbUZZBUZZBZZZ. The buzzing of the vibrator caught Ginny completely unprepared. Her legs spasmed and she pushed forward causing the bathroom door to slam shut.

“Oh SHIT!” Ginny wiggled her legs and shook her ass trying to dislodge the vibrator.

“OHHHHHHHHH! GOD!” Ginny struggled to expel the machine run amuck. She didn’t recall it ever vibrating with this much intensity.


Ginny sagged towards the floor, her sensitive nipples rubbing across the door; as yet another intense spasm gripped her. Once the spasm passed she hopped and stretched her foot toward the phone beside the bed. At the absolute limit of her stretch she just managed to push the redial button with her big toe. Thank God she had called Mark on his cell phone earlier in the day.

Ginny heard the fumbling sounds of the cell phone being retrieved. A disembodied voice answered, “Hello?”

“Oh Mark, you have to come home right now, it’s an emergency! I’m stuck in the handcuffs!” Ginny’s moment of relief at reaching her husband seemed to increase the intensity of the next orgasm. “GAWWWWWWWWWWW!” Ginny’s knees buckled and she hung suspended from the handcuffs looped over the door.

“Mark! Hurry! I put batteries – OOOOOHHHHHHH – batteries in my old vibra – AAAAAHHHHHAAAA – vibrator. I thought it was broken, and now it won’t turn off and I can’t get it OOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTT!”

Scores of orgasms later and barely conscious, Ginny heard the front door open and close. She sobbed with grateful relief once the now dormant (thankfully the damn thing broke or the batteries finally ran down) vibrator was pulled slowly from her overwhelmed cunt.

Ginny felt an arm encircle her waist and she was lifted gently up. The bathroom door was opened and the loop of her shackled wrists was pulled back off the top of the door. She was laid face-down on her bed. She moaned appreciatively as her sore wrists were released and massaged. She was so exhausted from her ordeal she couldn’t even turn her head to thank her husband.

“Arms…shoulders…sore…please.” Ginny mumbled into her pillow.

She felt the massage move down her arms to her neck and shoulders; she felt his hard cock pushing against her bare bottom. She wanted to protest, to delay her husband until later but she couldn’t muster the mental focus needed.

She felt her hips being lifted as he moved behind her. His cock teased along her cunt. “Oh-oh… sen-si-tive…there.” She was surprised at how easily his cock slid into her and moaned with appreciation at how good it felt.

Ginny sighed contentedly as her husband gently took his pleasure. She smiled as she felt him tremble and spasm his orgasm into her. She almost protested his pulling his cock from her. She forgave him as the comforter was placed over her. Ginny sank into a warm, contented sleep.

“Gin? Wake up sweetie.” Ginny woke to her husband’s voice and opened her eyes. Mark was sitting on their bed with a big smirk on his face. “I brought the batteries you asked for.”

Ginny looked at the package Mark waved back and forth. “Batteries?”

Mark set the package down and picked up Ginny’s vibrator and gave it a sniff, “Yes, you naughty girl.”

He pushed the on/off switch a couple of times. Mark opened the battery package and put the fresh ones in. He switched the on/off button a couple of times with no success.

Ginny struggled to bring her afternoon onto focus. “I told you I needed fresh batteries?”

Mark smacked the vibrator in the palm of his hand – nothing. He set it down on canlı kaçak iddaa the nightstand. Mark pulled the comforter down across Ginny’s breasts. He noted the double red marks of nipple clamps. He smiled and nodded his head. “John mentioned it. I hope you didn’t tell him what you needed them for. You might scar the poor kid for life.”

“John? I don’t remember talking to…” Ginny snapped into crystal clear lucidity as Mark slowly pulled the comforter to her hips. John! She had been talking to John? John had, OH MY GOD! It was John who had…Virginia became suddenly aware of the stickiness between her legs and grabbed the comforter as it crested her hip. “No, I like it warm and comfy. What was it you said about John?”

“His cell phone crapped out on him this morning. I let him borrow mine while he was running a couple of errands for me. He said you called.” Mark stood and began to undress. “Good kid, very attentive to details. Phew, I need a shower.”

Mark had just removed his pants when his cell phone rang. “Hello? Oh hi John, this Saturday? Wait a second; I was a little distracted when I got home. Let me check with Ginny.” Mark pressed the mute button.

“I invited John to dinner to discuss life after college. He’s available this Saturday.” Mark poked at the handcuffs lying next to the vibrator. “If I’d known before hand that you were planning to get a little wild and kinky this weekend. Maybe I’ll just tell John another time.”

Ginny shook her head as the activities of the afternoon came into complete and lurid focus. John had come to her rescue? John had fucked her in her own bed? It couldn’t be, he couldn’t have, he…he…he had a lot to answer to. “No. No, Saturday will be fine.”

As her husband finished conveying the information to John, Ginny pushed Mark’s boxers to his feet and took his cock into her mouth. She groaned as her last hope was dashed. She couldn’t taste herself on him. Ginny thought quickly as she sucked and licked her husband: somewhat absent-mindedly. His erection began to falter.

Gripping his cock, Ginny realized she could not allow John to cuckold her husband. She would have to tell Mark what had happened in a way to deflect his anger away from John; not to mention herself. If she could somehow convince mark that it was accidental and “just happened, an accident” maybe she could minimize the damage. Ginny stroked Mark as she told him an erotic story; something he usually got a big kick out of.

“This woman, a wonderful wife and devoted mother had a real thing for fresh, ripe tomatoes.” – Ginny sucked Mark’s glans into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

“She was always climbing over the fence into her neighbor’s garden and picking some. One day she was climbing back over the fence with her hands full of tomatoes and she got stuck.” Ginny took his cock deep into her mouth to the entry of her throat.

“She called out to her husband for help. Now her husband was always warning her about taking what wasn’t hers, but she loved fresh, ripe tomatoes. He heard her call out but decided to take his time rescuing her. He thought she needed to be taught an important lesson.

But the neighbor’s son happened to be home that particular day and hearing her he came out to see what the commotion was all about. He saw his neighbor’s wife in her predicament,” Ginny rotated her hand along the swollen shaft of Mark’s cock until her writhed to her touch.

“Stuck – halfway over the fence, her little sundress flapping up over her bottom,” Ginny licked at the underside of Mark’s glans.

“Her little white panties pulled tight across her ass and cunt.” She nibbled softly as Mark moaned.

“The young man knew better, he knew he shouldn’t but he just couldn’t resist. Could you resist honey? If you could just say so and I’ll stop.” Mark’s answer was to place his hand on the back of his wife’s head and push his cock deep into her mouth.

“I thought so, can any man resist something so tantalizingly offered? The young man pushed her dress the rest of the way up and pulled her panties all the way down.” Ginny licked and sucked as she fondled Mark’s balls.

“His young cock seemed to spring out of his shorts and he moved behind her, took hold of her hips and pushed into her. He fucked her. He fucked until she came. Then he came, he pulled his cock out of her cunt and sprayed his cum across her ass.” Ginny took Mark’s cock into her mouth again and sucked vigorously up and down. Mark cautioned her he was getting close.

“When he was finished he simply walked away after giving her just enough of a push to finish climbing over. When her husband finally came outside the wife didn’t tell him anything. Although once back in the house she canlı kaçak bahis pushed him to the floor, straddled him, and fucked him. In fact she fucked him so good that he couldn’t get it up that night.” Ginny used both hands now. Stroking up and down while wringing the entire length of his cock.

“And you know what the funny thing was? Her husband, who was always warning her about stealing from the neighbor’s garden, well he never said another word about tomatoes after that.” Ginny clamped her mouth over her husband’s swelling cock as he roared his orgasm.

Swallowing, Ginny looked up at her husband. “Oh, and Mark, just for your information, some women find scars on a young man very sexy.”

Mark lay back on the bed breathing deeply. Ginny cuddled close and rested her head on his chest, listening to his beating heart.

“Phew, damn woman. I’m going to be like the husband in the story.” Mark hugged his wife and kissed the top of her head. “So how was your day sweetie – besides finding your old toy box? Was the vibrator broken or did you just work the poor thing to death?” Mark chuckled softly.

“No. It was already broken. I mean I found our old toys and I thought we might play with them again now that the kids are gone. I did try it. I wanted to surprise you. I used the handcuff and recreated the last time…” Ginny stopped as she realized what she almost confessed.

She was so confused about the events of the day. The initial thrill of her secret tryst with John was being to ebb slowly. She hadn’t actually cheated on Mark today, in a way she was taken advantage of – it wasn’t her fault. And she really couldn’t blame John, what man could resist such a proffered treat? Maybe that was why she didn’t feel guilty?

But why was the thought of being taken by John was so erotically delicious and satisfying. What if there were complications though? What if John fell in love with her? What if he blackmailed her into having more sex with him? What if he told Mark before she did? These thoughts unnerved Ginny and she slowly came to an understanding.

Virginia realized she had to tell her husband. There really was no other alternative she decided. He decision gave her resolve and she began to mentally rehearse her explanation. “Mark, while I was checking things out I got into some trouble – that’s when I called you and John answered; only I didn’t realize it was John because I was in such distress. He came here to help me. I’m sure he thought I was in danger. Well, he found me in a rather exposed predicament and…well I though it was you. I was barely conscious and completely spent. I might have asked for, and…and…well, it just happened, it wasn’t intentional. Nobody’s really at fault.” Ginny was satisfied with her explanation and smiled to herself. She couldn’t help but think that it was probably something they might even laugh about…”

bzzz….bzzzzz…BZZZZZZZZZ. The vibrator returned to life and rattled across the nightstand.

Ginny screamed, her intention to confess forgotten.

After quiet dinner and a shared bottle of wine Mark took his wife to bed and made slow, sweet love to her. She fell quickly asleep.

Mark lay on his back staring up into the ceiling. He couldn’t sleep. There was something about the events of the day that bothered him. Things he had expected had occurred. And things completely unexpected, like that story. What was that crazy story of Ginny’s about? And why didn’t she mention his rescuing her?

Mark replayed the timeline of events until two things stood out. It all fell into place. Ginny never realized she was talking to John when she had called for help, mark smiled at what she might have said to the young man thinking he was Mark. It certainly explained the strange call mark had gotten from John about Ginny’s emergency at home.

Ginny had been so out of it when Mark had rescued her and claimed his reward. Mark juggled the pieces of the puzzle and smiled. Was it possible that Ginny thought that John had rescued her and fucked her?

Mark noticed that he was hard again. He felt his wife move beside him as she turned onto her side and moaned. Well, well, well my sweet little wife, keeping a sexy secret all to yourself? Mark smiled, as he recalled her almost desperate declarations of love not twenty minutes earlier. There was a part of him that was tempted to leave things as is and watch what happened this Saturday, But that was filled with too many variables and could be potentially disastrous. Why not have a little fun tonight?

Mark moved and positioned his cock at entrance to Ginny’s wet and open cunt. A devilish thought occurred to him and he simply couldn’t resist. He leaned forward and pushed his cock slowly into her. “Mrs. Barlow, Virginia. It’s me John. I couldn’t stay away. I had to have you.”

As good as this hard cock felt, Ginny knew this simply would not do. “Oh John we can’t – not again.”

Virginia Barlow was suddenly very awake!

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