Friday Night is For Lovers

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I hum “Who Are You Waiting For?” by Melissa Etheridge as I lace my black rubber corset tightly. This is the last touch in my Domme outfit for the evening. My latex hose and shoulder length gloves are smooth and shiny. My favorite ankle strap sandals look fabulous over my hosiery and I’m quite comfortable wearing four inch heels. My makeup is sultry. I take a last look at myself in the full length mirror on the bedroom closet door, brush my long blond hair one final time. My wife is already restrained in the basement.

It’s Friday night. This is always delightful. Every night I leash her to make love but weekends I will devote a lot of effort to make sure we have the most intense deviant sex I can devise.

I’m already wet just descending the stairs to the basement. Janet is beautiful in bondage and I pause at the door to admire her. She’s bent far over at the waist in a strappado position, her leather cuffs pulled high up behind her back by a rope tossed over a rafter and tied to some exposed plumbing on the wall. A four foot spreader is attached to her ankle cuffs. That’s actually a kindness on my part since without the bondage she’d have difficulty standing in her six inch heels. The bed ball gag jammed in her mouth drips with her saliva. She’s naked except for her bondage and heels. She’s adorable quivering slightly since she’s already been this way for the hour it took me to dress.

“Hello darling,” I coo sweetly. “Did you miss me?”

She tries to raise her head a little and gurgles something through her gag that might be, “I love you Mistress and would wait for you forever,” but of course it’s gibberish. That’s OK. I know what she means.

“I’m going to give you a great evening sweetheart. You’re going to love this,” I say as I side my fingertips lightly along her slit. She’s so cute as she trembles and moans. She’s dripping wet already.

I circle her clit with my index fingertip for casino oyna a minute and see it’s almost enough to get her off. I stop of course. I slide my finger into her gaping cunt, then two, and pump twice, only twice. She grunts in frustration. I love this.

But my latex covered fingers are nicely lubricated now so I circle her asshole slowly for a few seconds, then plunge a finger in. She squeals which only excites me more. I wiggle and pump my finger for some time enjoying her cute noises.

I use my other hand to caress her vulva while still playing with her ass. She seems to like this as I hear her panting through her nose and around her gag. I quickly pump two fingers in her cunt but only four times, then stop everything suddenly.

She frantically squirms and strains in her bonds, trying to shout something despite being gagged. I grin. I love playing her like a musical instrument. However I hope she’s not cursing me. I can’t understand what she’s saying but I’d have to punish her if she is not properly respectful.

“Are you trying to express your love and devotion honey? I did not quite understand,” I ask trying to keep a straight face. “Nod ‘yes’ if you beg to be my toy forever.”

She sighs but nods her head up and down.

“Very good sweety,” I coo. “Then you have earned much much more play.”

To the side is a table where I had placed a few interesting toys earlier. I pick up a dual penetration vibrator and although my love is gagged, I swear I see her grin. The shaft for her cunt is veined and like a realistic penis. The shaft for the anus is like a stack of balls. She loves this one, I know.

It’s easy to lubricate the toy with her sopping wet pussy. She moans sweetly as I start to probe her with the setting on a medium speed. I watch her try to hump the toy even though she is tightly restrained. Every time her breathing quickens, I pull out. I do this for twenty minutes. canlı casino She is not happy and I hear “Mmmm! Mmmm” which undoubtedly means “More! More!” I set the toy back on the table.

I casually pick up three wicked looking metal alligator clips with serrated teeth, each has a shiny silver bell an inch in diameter attached by a small ring. The bells are interesting. I found them at a garage sale. The seller claimed they were antique parts of a horse’s harness for pulling a sleigh in the snow more than a hundred years ago and wanted $50 for each one. I told her I had seem similar ones online, $3.99 for four, made in China as Christmas ornaments. I paid $10 for ten of them. But I don’t ornament a tree with them.

She sees what I have in my hands. Her eyes widen. She shakes her head side to side screeching “O! O!” through her gag. I start humming “Jingle bells.”

“Excited already dear? I’m glad that you are encouraging me to continue,” I say with mock glee.

She moans.

I finger her cunt nicely but she knows what’s coming. I tug on her clit with my finger and thumb trying to pull it out slightly. She panting like crazy and has closed her eyes. I snap the clip on her clitty.

She screams and struggles in her bonds with startling strength. I wonder if the leather cuffs are strong enough. I shrug. They’ve always held her before.

I lightly twist and tease her left nipple, then snap on a clip. I do the same to her right nipple. She’s thrashing around insanely but that only makes the bells jingle in such a jolly fashion. I pause to watch my lovely slave-wife pain-slut enjoy herself… I hope.

I pick up the dual vibrator again. I’m not surprised how easy it is to slide into her. She’s still sopping wet and wide open. I change the speed to full and slowly fuck both of her holes.

She’s gasping, grunting, thrashing around making her bells jangle. I do not stop. I slowly kaçak casino increase the speed of my thrusts.

I hear “Uff! Ufff!” from my darling and know she means “Yes! Yes!” With my other hand I unclip the bell from her clit which I know is even more painful than attaching it. I pump the toy in her furiously now as I remove the bells from her nipples. She jumps a bit from the pain as each clip is removed. It is obvious she is deep in subspace as she cums. She gushes all over my hand as I continue to thrust in her cunt and ass.

I hear “Ah Ooff Ooo! Ah Ooff Ooo!” repeatedly as she shudders and squirms enraptured in powerful long orgasms. I know she is shouting, “I love you! I love you!” My eyes get a bit teary but I continue to thrust until she falls limp in her bondage. She’s passed out!

I casually wipe my hands with moist towelettes smiling down at my unconscious lover. I untie the rope from the pipes and gently lower her to the floor. I regret that the floor is cold concrete with a drain in the center but that’s practical with all the fluids that just sort of happen here. I remove her gooey gag and toss it on the table. She’ll clean it later. I remove the spreader bar but leave her wrists cuffed behind her back. I lovingly wipe her face with a moist towelette. Her eyes flutter, she comes back to consciousness.

“I love You my Mistress! I love You! I love You!” she babbles repeatedly while kissing any part of me she can reach.

I get a bottle of water from the table and bring it to her lips. She drinks greedily still half reclining, half sprawled on the concrete.

“I love you too my slave. I hope you enjoyed my gift to you,” I say while stroking her sweat soaked hair.

I stand and turn toward the ornate wooden chair in the room. Another flea market find. It looks like a throne with plush upholstery and intricate carvings. I recline comfortably, then slide to the edge of the seat and spread my legs widely. I crook my finger and make a “come hither” motion.

“Now get your lips and tongue over here slave,” I command trying to sound serious but can’t help smiling. “The night is still young.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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