From Alex to Lexi Ch. 02

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Lexi drifted back into wakefulness, opening his eyes slowly. At first he was disoriented, not remembering where he was or how he had come to be here. Then he became aware of the man lying next to him. He could feel his hairy chest and feel his stomach rise and fall against Lexi’s back with each breath he took. He could feel the man’s large hand resting on his hip. Lexi’s ass was sore from the fucking the sleeping man had administered to him. This had gone too far! Lexi had received more than he had ever bargained for. Feelings of shame and self-loathing mixed with remembrances of pleasure and surrender to Daddy brought tears to Lexi’s eyes. Lexi knew he had to leave quietly and quickly. He had to dress and flee this place. He had to recover his car, drive home, and reclaim his life. To stay meant to fall farther into the abyss of lust and possession.

Lexi slowly removed the covers and started to slide out of the bed. But before he could get both feet on the floor, he felt hands pulling him back against Daddy.

“Where are you going, sweetie?” Max asked groggily while wrapping his arms around Lexi and holding him tight.

“I was going to get up and dress, Daddy.” Lexi answered.

“Why?” Max asked and licked Lexi’s neck from shoulder to ear.

“I have to get home.” Lexi replied.

“I’m not finished with you, baby.” Max said and gently bit Lexi’s earlobe and then licked all around and inside his ear.

“I have to go to work tomorrow.” Lexi pleaded as he felt his cock beginning to grow from Max’s attentions.

“You’ll call in sick tomorrow. We’re going clubbing tomorrow night; which means we’ll have to shop tomorrow for clothes for you. I doubt that you have anything appropriate to wear to the clubs.” Max murmured as he rolled Lexi’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“But, Daddy. . .” Lexi began to protest but was cut off by Max’s mouth covering his.

Max hungrily explored Lexi’s mouth as he wrapped his hand around Lexi’s hardening cock, squeezing and stroking it erect.

“Please, Daddy, let me go.” Lexi pleaded when Max removed his mouth.

“Why do you want to go, baby?” Max asked.

“Because if I stay here, you’ll change me.” Lexi whined.

“Change you into what, baby?”

“Into a queer.” Lexi sobbed.

“You already are queer.” Max chuckled as he continued to stroke Lexi’s cock.

“No, I’m not.” Lexi protested. ” I can’t be.”

“Did you kiss me passionately before?” Max asked.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“And did you like it, sweetie?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“And did you let Daddy fuck you – twice?” Max demanded.

“Yes, Daddy.” Lexi whimpered and ground her ass against Max’s growing hard-on.

“And do you like Daddy squeezing and stroking your little clit now, honey?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Lexi conceded.

“You know what that makes you, baby. It makes you a faggot.” Max said.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Say it, slut. Tell Daddy what you are.”

“I . . . I am a faggot.”

“Tell Daddy that you hate pussy.”

” I hate pussy, Daddy.”

“Tell Daddy that you love cock.”

“I love cock, Daddy.”

“Yes, you do, you little bitch.” Max whispered in Lexi’s ear as he pulled her foreskin back and ran his thumb over the tip of her cock spreading the oozing pre-cum.

“Tell Daddy that you want to worship his cock.” Max ordered.

“Please, Daddy, let me worship your cock.”

“Yes, it’s time for you to learn to suck Daddy’s cock. C’mon slut.” And Max half-dragged Lexi out of the bed to the easy chair in the bedroom.

Max sat in the chair and spread his legs. “Kneel down, bitch.” He pointed to the floor in front of him. Lexi knelt between his legs. Max’s cock was growing, but not yet fully erect.

“Okay, honey, explore Daddy’s cock with your hands and your mouth.”

“I . . . I’ve never done this before, Daddy.” Lexi pleaded.

“There’s a first time for everything, slut. And this certainly won’t be your last time.” Max chuckled. “Just play. Do what comes naturally.”

Lexi stared at the now-throbbing monster that was before him. He felt Max shudder as he tentatively reached out his hand and stroked Max’s cock with his fingers. Then Lexi wrapped his hand around the stiff rod and began to slowly stroke it from the base to the head. He squeezed harder as he felt it pulse in his grip.

“That’s it, baby. Use your mouth.” Max instructed.

Lexi stuck his tongue out and began to lick the pulsating cock from base to head. casino siteleri Pre-cum was oozing from the slit and Lexi lapped some of it into his mouth. It was a nice taste! Lexi licked more of the pre-cum, then placed his lips over the throbbing cock-head.

“Oh, yes, baby, that’s good.” Max encouraged as Lexi began to suck on the head of his cock as if it were a woman’s tit. “Take more of it.” Max commanded.

Lexi knew that he could never get all of this monster into his mouth, but he began to suck more of it in. When he was able to devour about half of its length, he began to bob his head up and down on the hard, throbbing organ.

“That’s it, slut, relax your throat and swallow more of it.” Max encouraged.

Lexi tried to draw more of the cock in, but started to gag as it reached his throat. He backed off a bit, then tried again. This time, the cock slid further down. Lexi started breathing through his nose and found that he could go even further. Before he knew it, he had swallowed the whole thing! He was in possession of this big, throbbing, monster of a cock! He backed off again; then back down again. Soon his head was bobbing in a constant rhythm. He could feel the organ pulsating against his tongue and in his throat. He could smell Max’s sweaty man-scent and sense the tension building in his body. And Lexi could feel his own cock, wet and hard and throbbing.

“Daddy’s going to cum soon, baby.” Max breathed as he placed his hands on Lexi’s head to prevent him from abandoning his cock. “Yes. I’m cumming now. Yes! Yes! Yes!’

Lexi felt Max’s cock stop its throbbing and tense up. Then the explosion of cum came; explosion after explosion of warm semen thrown at the back of Lexi’s throat. He thought he would definitely gag now, but Max’s hands held him down. The cum filled him and still there was more. Then Lexi’s own body betrayed him. His own cock stiffened, then began shooting its cum onto the floor. Lexi was now lost in lust. Animal noises escaped from his throat as he swallowed Max’s cum while his own body shook with the spasms of his own orgasm.

“Lick Daddy clean, slut.” Max ordered.

And Lexi obeyed. He swallowed all of Max’s cum that he could and then began to lick his cock and balls and thighs, lapping up all of Max’s juices.

“You came while you were sucking, Daddy, didn’t you, you little whore?” Max chuckled.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You know what that makes you, bitch?” Max asked.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Tell me!” Max ordered.

“I am a faggot.” Lexi sighed.

“Yes, you are, you slut.” Max said triumphantly, pushing Lexi to the floor.

“Let’s go get cleaned up.” Max ordered and led the boy to the bathroom.

Time for a change

Max had a huge master bathroom with mirrored walls. There was a huge spa-like tub and a walk-in shower with glass doors. Lexi walked in and Max guided him to the double-sinked vanity. There was a device on the vanity that looked like an electric hair clipper without any visible blades. Max picked it up and held it out to Lexi.

“This is a new-fangled hair remover that I just recently got. It operates with some kind of laser and does an absolutely fantastic job of getting rid of all your hair. And the hair doesn’t grow back as fast as it used to.”

Max took a towel off the rack and spread it on the floor.

“Step onto the towel, honey, and shave all of that hair off your body. Then you can look like the sissy you are.” Max commanded.

“Please, Daddy, I’m not a sissy.” Lexi protested.

“Look at us in the mirror, honey.” Max said as he turned Lexi around. Lexi was dwarfed by Max. At 55, Max was still a good looking guy. He was still mostly muscle, though he was sporting a bit of a beer belly; and he still had most of the hair on his head in addition to copious amounts of hair on his chest, arms and legs. Lexi, on the other hand, looked like a little boy next to Max – or worse yet, a little girl! Lexi had long, thin legs, arms with no real muscle definition and a petite little bubble-ass. Lexi had very little body hair to begin with.

“Look at us, honey.” Max repeated. “You already look like the sissy you are. Taking off your hair will only add to your sex appeal. Max likes his boys hairless. And you are Daddy’s boy now.”

Lexi’s eyes began to tear as he took the hair remover from Max and began to denude his body of all its hair. When he had finished, he did look more like a girl than a boy. Max took the appliance from him canlı casino and bent him over and removed all of the hair in his ass crack. Now, except for the hair on the top of his head, Lexi was completely smooth and hairless.

“C’mon, baby, let’s clean up before dinner.” Max said. He wrapped his hand around Lexi’s cock and led him into the shower stall.

Max soaped Lexi up, rubbing his hands possessively over his body. After washing himself, he grabbed the tube of lubricant he kept in the shower and coated his finger with it.

“Bend over, baby.” Max commanded. Lexi did as ordered and Max slowly inserted his finger in Lexi’s ass, coating it with the lube.

Max then copiously applied the lube to his cock and slid it into Lexi in one slow, continuous motion.

“Ahhhhh!” Lexi exhaled as Max’s cock slid into him with absolutely no resistance. It didn’t hurt nearly as much this time. In fact, it felt nice going in.

“You have such a nice, tight pussy.” Max said as he began to slowly fuck his new boy. Max wrapped his hand around Lexi’s hard little cock and began to stroke it in time to the rhythm of his fucking.

“Oh noooo!” Lexi gasped. He couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying being fucked.

“Do you want Daddy to stop, baby?” Max asked.

“No, Daddy. Please don’t stop.”

“Tell Daddy what you want, baby.”

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me faster! Please fuck me!” Lexi pleaded.

Max increased the tempo of his movements. He could feel the cum rising inside of him. His orgasm violently shook him as he filled Lexi’s ass with his semen. Lexi was now making those little animal sounds in his throat as his orgasm shook him.

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Make Lexi cum!”

Then Max slumped against Lexi, holding the boy’s cock as it emptied its load onto the shower floor.

“What are you, Lexi?” Max whispered in the boy’s ear.

“I’m a fag, Daddy.” Lexi responded as his body shook in Max’s embrace.

“Yes, bitch, you are a fag! My fag! Now, let’s go clean up. We should get your car before dinner.”

Max toweled Lexi dry; then toweled himself off. He grabbed Lexi’s cock and led the boy into the bedroom, to the dresser and opened a dresser drawer. The drawer was filled with panties and lingerie. Max picked a pair of pink panties and held it out to Lexi.

“Here, honey, wear these. I’ll order a pizza while you get dressed. It should be delivered about the time we put your car in my garage.”

Max ordered the pizza, then put his clothes on. Lexi was already dressed and already thinking that this might be his chance to finally escape and reclaim his identity. Max would drive them to the shopping center and Lexi would get into his car and drive away. But Max had other ideas. Instead of leading Lexi to his truck, Max took him by the hand and began to lead him down the block.

“Your truck is over there, Daddy.” Lexi said in a panic.

“Yes, baby, it is. We’ll walk to your car. It’s only five blocks away.” Max smiled knowingly and led Lexi by the hand.

It was a beautiful May night and it seemed that everybody was out on the street enjoying it. Lexi was extremely self-conscious. He felt that everyone was staring at him as Daddy led him by the hand. That five block walk was the longest of Lexi’s life. Of course, the boy had no idea of the humiliation that was to come.

“Give me your keys, baby.” Daddy demanded as they reached the car. Lexi did and Daddy opened the passenger door for the boy, then got behind the wheel and drove them to Max’s house. Max parked in the garage and they entered the house through the kitchen. Max did not give Lexi his keys back. The pizza arrived shortly after their return. As they sat and ate, Max began to mentally assess where they were in the process of enslaving Lexi.

Max had taken many boys over the years. The sub-bottom, gay twinks were the easiest to acquire. It seemed like there were ten of them for every dominant top out there. But the twinks were fickle. They stayed with you awhile and then found another Daddy to take care of them. It seemed they were always looking for someone new. The straight boys were more fulfilling. You had to work harder to turn them; they had all this heterosexual guilt to deal with. But once turned, they were totally bonded to their Master. The trick was knowing when they were fully turned.

The first few straight boys that Max had taken managed to get away from him. They weren’t fully turned and they fled kaçak casino before he could complete their transformation. Max had finally learned how to complete the process with Paula, his last boy. Max had broken Paula totally with constant mental and physical domination over a period of five days. He did not allow Paula out of his sight or control during that period. It was a continuous process of sucking and fucking and mental conditioning. Paul had started as a curious straight man and ended as Paula, a cock-worshipping slut totally committed to his Master. Paula was the perfect sub-boy and would still be with Max had it not been for the car accident. Max was devastated by Paula’s untimely death and it had taken him almost a year to decide to acquire a new boy. Now he was determined that Lexi would be his, totally and completely. It was fortunate that this was the Memorial Day weekend. Lexi had responded well in the chat room, on the phone, and now in Max’s bed. Max would keep him home from work tomorrow, Friday. That would give him four straight days after today to totally destroy the boy’s defenses and build his dependency on Max. Yes, Lexi would belong to Max.

“I don’t think I can eat anymore, Daddy.” Lexi said, pushing his plate away.

“You did good, baby.” Max smiled. “Let’s watch some TV. Take your clothes off and fold them over the chair.”

“Can’t I leave them on to watch TV?” Lexi asked.

“You must learn to obey Daddy without questioning.” Max said sternly. “If you don’t obey, Daddy will have to punish you. Now take your clothes off.”

Lexi stood and quickly stripped. Max did the same and then walked over to Lexi. Max wrapped his hand around Lexi’s flaccid cock and used it to lead the boy into the living room. They sat on the couch facing Max’s large screen, hi-def television. Max turned the set on and grabbed the Apple TV controller. Max had a large collection of gay porn, most of it featuring young boys servicing older men. Max selected his favorite and turned it on. He wrapped his arm around Lexi and drew him close. The scene on the screen was of an older, gray-haired bear of a man kissing and fondling a much smaller young boy. Max smiled as he noticed Lexi’s cock begin to grow as he watched the scene play out. Max reached down and wrapped his hand around the boy’s growing manhood and began to stroke and fondle it. Lexi sighed and leaned his head against Max’s shoulder, surrendering to his attentions.

They sat watching gay porn for the next three hours. Max’s hand never left Lexi’s cock. The boy had already cum six or seven times. He would cum; his cock would go flaccid; Max would ease up and just pet and stroke. Then, when Lexi’s cock would begin to grow again, Max would more vigorously stroke and pull on the throbbing rod till it yielded its cum. Lexi was entering a world of total depravity and physical feeling. He was no longer thinking. He was just being; just feeling; just letting his body respond. Max’s cock was almost continuously hard. He needed relief, but this was about Lexi. This was about breaking the boy down to an elemental level of feeling and needing and wanting. Then it happened.

Lexi had just cum again. It was a violent, delicious orgasm. He had been making incoherent growling and mewling sounds in his throat as he shot his cum all over, his hips violently writhing and a look of uncontrollable lust on his face. Then Lexi did exactly what Max had been hoping for. Lexi brought his legs under him on the couch. He looked down at Max’s semi-hard cock as if he were mesmerized by it and then wrapped his hand around the base, stroking up to the head, then back down; up – down, up-down. Then Lexi bent his head down to Max’s lap and imprisoned Max’s cock-head in his lips. He licked Max’s slit then greedily sucked on the head of Max’s now hard and throbbing rod. Then Lexi began to draw Max’s cock into his mouth. He remembered his earlier lesson and managed to get all of Max inside of him. Then his head began to bob frantically on Max’s hard cock. Max muted the TV sound and all that could be heard was the sound of Lexi growling and sucking.

“Yes, baby, that’s it, honey.” Max smiled as he ran his fingers through Lexi’s hair. “Now you are truly Daddy’s little cocksucker.”

Max caressed Lexi’s ass with his other hand and slowly inserted his fuck-finger into the boy’s tight pussy. It had the desired effect of pushing Lexi over the brink. The boy desperately sucked and sucked until Max tensed and began to shoot his cum into the boy’s sweet mouth. Lexi came too, spewing his cum onto his thigh and the couch. The boy swallowed all of Daddy’s cum, then began to lovingly lick Daddy clean.

“Yes, now you are truly Daddy’s cocksucker.” Max smiled down at his pet.

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