Fun at Work

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John was sat at home with nothing to do, watching TV and drinking his fourth cup of coffee. He had took the week off work to spend some time with Harvey, but yet again Harvey had been called into work, because there was some paper work that needed to be done.

Harvey was the boss of his own company, and John was always pissed off with the fact that he never took time off. This had been his one free week and John and Harvey had planned to go somewhere out of the country for a change. Those plans had been damaged as soon as Harvey told him the news.

“Oh Harvey, not again.” John had complained that morning, whilst still in bed. He wanted to spend the day having sex and…well…having sex.

“Just today and tomorrow baby I promise.” Harvey had replied back, giving him a kiss before he got out of bed to get dressed.

That was earlier on, and it was now 1.30pm and John was stuck for something to do. ‘Maybe I could give him a ring’ he thought to himself. So he did. Harvey was pleased to hear from him and said he would be home soon, just that he had a bit more to do. John was still unhappy, so he thought he would go there and surprise him with a visit instead.

So, John jumped up, had a shower and got himself dressed. He couldn’t help but stroke himself to a climax thinking about what he wanted to do to Harvey as soon as he saw him. After John got himself ready, he jumped in his car and drove to Harvey’s office with a grin on his face and an erection in his pants, stopping on the way to get a bottle of wine.

John parked up in the staff parking area in front of the glass building. He smiled to himself as he thought of his boyfriend, the love of his life. Harvey Spencer was the man he had fallen for, the guy who he had known most of his life, well since he started high school. He blushed as he thought of the moment when they both decided to confess their feelings at the same time, and how they managed to keep it a secret for nearly 20 years of friendship. He was so glad he did open up, and now he couldn’t imagine his life without Harvey in it. He knew Harvey felt the same.

He also knew what Harvey was doing in his office. They had discussed him being a partner in the business a few years back, and now had come to a decision that they would be partners in every way possible, they just had to go through all the legalities and formalities before they could start renaming the business. That was something they hadn’t yet thought of, a name. John, being an interior designer, was glad to finally see it happening. They had often talked about setting up together, along with Harvey’s architectural business, and found that if people wanted one of their businesses, they could easily have access to the other.

John walked into the reception area of the building and said hello to all the staff members he saw on the way up. He went to the lift and pressed the button for the fourth floor. Walking out, he rounded the corner and caught sight of Harvey’s new secretary. He stood watching her for a few minutes. Harvey was forever employing new ones, often saying that they annoyed him with their flirting after a while. John laughed to himself when he remembered Harvey coming home saying he’d sacked another one for coming in to work wearing little to hide their breasts and bums, no matter how many times he told them he wasn’t interested. He thought about it again, and knew that this one was going to be the same. Sometimes they often became complete bitches when they found out he was gay and had a boyfriend.

Well you couldn’t blame them for trying, after all Harvey was perfect in everyway. With dark Italian looks and a gorgeous face, body, ass, to match, you really couldn’t blame them. He stood at 5ft 11 and was an Adonis. Well, John thought so, and half his co-workers. He didn’t let it bother him in the slightest. Harvey came home to John every night and they woke up together every morning. John felt he had been the lucky one to end up with someone like Harvey, and after two official years together, they were still going strong. John wasn’t ugly himself, at an even 6ft, blond hair, blue eyes, firmly built and a nice smooth tight chest, he had a few offers from men and women alike, but they were nothing compared to what Harvey meant to him. Harvey was John’s life.

So, he stood watching this new secretary and looked at her while she was speaking on the phone. She looked like a tart, with a short black mini skirt, black high heels and big breasts that were half way out of her top. She looked like she was more dressed up for a night on the pull, rather than work. He sighed. ‘Do they ever learn?’ He thought to himself. Whilst he was watching, he saw Harvey come out of his office behind her desk. John felt a stirring in his jeans as he looked at his muscle-bound love. His secretary immediately put the phone down and stood up to chat to Harvey. She was obviously flirting, touching him gently on the arm, flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder and aiming her breasts towards his own chest trying casino siteleri to get some sort of reaction from him. John laughed again to himself, feeling his erection growing, knowing that Harvey just oozed sex to anyone, and could attract so much attention. Yet he was his, and this female tart hadn’t a clue he wasn’t interested.

He carried on watching until Harvey went back into his room, then he started walking to the secretary’s desk, who had picked up the phone again to start dialing. He thought he would have a bit of fun with her, like he always did with the new secretaries that he hadn’t been introduced to yet. She couldn’t see him from where he was stood, but he heard her quite clearly. She was talking on the phone to someone about Harvey, and how hot he was and how she would like to get him into bed. He heard her giggle, and then say something about him being wrapped around her little finger. ‘Yeah right. He won’t be wrapped around anything but me’ John thought. He was wondering about her taking personal phone calls, and he wasn’t sure whether Harvey had allowed that. But what he didn’t like was her talking about her boss to her friends. He was sure that Harvey wouldn’t approve of that and he wouldn’t when he would be in charge as well.

John walked in front of the desk and coughed out loud to let her know he was there. She said goodbye to whoever was on the phone down and looked up

“Hello, what can I do for you sir?” She asked with a smile.

“Well, I would like to see Mr. Harvey Spencer please.” John said in a casual manner.

“Do you have an appointment Mr…?”

“Thornley, Mr. Thornley. Sorry I don’t but it is important that I see him today.” John answered in a calm and confident manner.

She looked him up and down, noticing that John was in casual wear not looking professional at all.

“Well Mr. Thornley, can I ask what it is about? You see, I will need to go and ask him if he is available without appointment. He isn’t actually supposed to be due in this week. I think you may need to make an appointment with me to come in next week.”

“Well, I think if you ask him over the intercom that should be enough. I need to see him.” He told her.

“Well Sir, Mr Spencer is a very busy man and he doesn’t like to be disturbed.” She answered in a determined manner.

“Yes well, I really don’t think you have any right talking about Mr Spencer with your friends like that Miss. Anyway, I’m sure YOU would like to disturb him anytime you wish don’t you, Miss?” John smirked.

“It’s Miss Finch Sir and I really don’t know what you are talking about, but I would suggest you mind what you say in future.” Miss Finch commanded.

“Well I must say that I find it very unprofessional the way you go about your job. Tell me, how long have you worked here Miss Finch?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business Mr. Thornley.” She answered

“Well, I heard your phone call, and the things you said about Mr Spencer, and don’t think I won’t remember that in future.” He paused and waited for an answer but she said nothing, so he carried on. “So I think you had better get Mr Willis on the phone now and ask him if he has time to see me, otherwise you won’t have a job to come back to.” He demanded.

Now she was busted. She pressed a button on the machine, and Harvey’s voice answered.

“What now?” Harvey asked. The paperwork was getting worse and he really wasn’t in the mood.

“Mr. Spencer, a Mr. Thornley is here and he wishes to see you right away, he says it’s important.” She answered.

John heard Harvey let out a small laugh and he could tell there was a smile behind it.

“Tell him to come in Jane, and I don’t want disturbing until he leaves do you here?” Harvey answered with a serious tone.

“Yes…yes Sir.” Jane answered a little scared.

She looked at John with pure evil and sighed. John looked back at her with a grin on his face and walked right passed her and opened the door to Harvey’s office, then slammed it shut behind him.

Harvey was sat at his desk, and looked a little stressed. He moved everything off onto the chair and John put the bottle of wine down in front of him when he smiled.

“Hey baby, what brings you here?” Harvey asked leaning forward to kiss John on the lips. John returned the kiss lovingly.

“Well I was bored sat at home, so I thought I would pay you a visit, and I am glad I did. You know that secretary has the hots for you, and I heard her making a personal phone call to her friend bragging about her new boss and how she was gonna fuck you by the end of the month.” John answered then laughed out loud and Harvey laughed with him.

“Well, you know she can try, but I got all I need right here.” Harvey said.

With that, he stood back up and walked over to John and pulled them tight together and they kissed. The kiss was hard and long, and felt with so much love and passion. Both men were hard almost straight away; their erections were straining to be set free from canlı casino their pants. They moaned together, ripping each others clothes off with frenzy, aching to see one another naked, to feel each other. They kissed like they had not seen each other for weeks; tongues were dancing together in their mouths, hands were roaming, touching, grabbing.

It always turned them both on to do this in Harvey’s office, knowing that people were only outside his room and could hear everything if they were close by. A few times they did hear, and Harvey would get snide comments and knowing smiles whenever he was around. He just laughed it off and nobody bothered. It was all in good fun, and after all, it was Harvey’s company and most knew Harvey was gay and taken. He figured that if they didn’t like it, then they knew where to go.

A minute later, after undressing, Harvey and John stood in the middle of his office butt naked and rock hard and they looked each other up and down like it was the first time.

“Mmmmmm you look delicious, good enough to eat.” John said licking his lips.

“Come here then sugar and taste some of my cream.” Harvey replied smiling.

“Oh baby, you know anything you command, I will deliver.” John said as he dropped to his knees in front of his lover.

He looked at his meal, stroking and teasing it at first, while Harvey pushed it towards his mouth. He licked and sucked on his balls for a while and John moaned as he saw some pre cum come out of the tip. He moved his mouth up and stuck out his tongue and lapped it up, tasting every drop that flowed out of Harvey’s cock. Harvey moaned and pushed more, so John opened his mouth wide and took him in whole deep into his mouth, trying not to gag as he took all 9 inches down his throat at first try. Oh how he loved to suck this gorgeous piece of meat. He sucked like it was the last cock on earth, milking it from all its juice, rolling his tongue up and down and around the shaft. Harvey moaned more and more as he held John’s head, thrusting his hips forward, fucking John’s mouth harder and faster. John now moaned, vibrating Harvey’s cock, wanting his cum to shoot down his throat.

“Oh yeah John, suck it…that’s it suck my big cock. Milk my cum out my balls, yeahhh…FUCK you’re so good baby…suck it harder…faster…oohh baby I’m nearly there…OH SHIT.”

John loved it when he was vocal, it just turned him on more, and he was now fisting his own cock, nearly ready to cum himself. Feeling Harvey’s cock expand in his mouth, he heard John shout as he felt the rush of hot, salty fluid enter his throat

Just then, John shot his load on his own chest and hand. He carried on stroking himself, as he milked Harvey’s cock dry until they were both too sensitive to carry on. John pulled himself up from the floor, and looked at Harvey. Harvey bent down to lick John’s cum from his chest and hand, and the dribble that was still on his cock. Harvey licked his lips and they pulled in for another kiss.. They pulled away and John looked down at his cock, and saw it was again, rock hard.

John smiled. “So what plans have you got for me then today?” Harvey asked.

“Lie down on that desk and I’ll show you.” John replied.

Harvey grinned and went over to the desk, glad that he had got rid of everything. His cock soon shot back up thinking of what was to come. He just loved this. The best thing about being your own boss is that you can do what the fuck you want, where you want, and nobody can say anything. He grabbed the cushion from his chair and placed it under his head as he led down on his back. John walked to him, gave him a long kiss on the lips, and kissed and licked his way down to his nipples where he paid lots of attention. Harvey moaned as John sucked on them hard, and it only encouraged him more. He kissed and licked his rippled abs, and lathered up his inny belly button with saliva, driving Harvey wild with desire. He lifted his knees up and opened his legs slightly; and Harvey’s cock was sticking straight up flat against his abs. His hands moved to hold his legs in place, waiting for John to deliver the goods. John looked at Harvey’s lovely puckered pink hole, waiting to get some attention. His own cock was rock hard and throbbing as well, already leaking with pre cum, knowing what was about to happen. He moved his face forward and put his nose and mouth to Harvey’s hole, sniffing in the manly aroma that turned him on so much. He licked all around it, teasing him, until he himself couldn’t wait. He darted his tongue out and into Harvey’s pink hole.

“MMMMMMM” Harvey moaned. “Lick me…taste my ass baby yeah. Fuck don’t stop.”

He lapped it up and stuck his tongue deep inside his ass, making Harvey groan, getting him all lubed up ready for his cock. He licked for a while longer, until they could both take no more and Harvey was begging to be fucked.

John grunted and stood up; he pulled Harvey closer to the edge of the desk and smothered Harvey’s hole with his own dripping lube, teasing him.

“You kaçak casino ready baby?” John asked. He was always considerate like that and wouldn’t go any further until Harvey said so. He wondered about lube, but knew that as long as they were both wet enough, that’s all Harvey was bothered about

“Yeah I’m ready…just put it in… Fuck me. NOW.” came the reply.

With that, John slammed his 7 inch cock deep inside Harvey’s waiting ass.

He screamed loud, so loud that it would have been impossible for Jane not to hear, or anyone on that floor for that matter.

“OH GOD!” They both cried together.

John waited a few seconds then started pumping in and out of Harvey with long, slow strokes. He leaned forward for a kiss, and Harvey accepted it greatly. He put up with it for a minute or so, before he wanted it a little bit rough.

“Fuck me harder and faster baby…I need this…I need your cock, it’s been so long baby, we should do this more often. I need your cum deep inside my ass…shoot it…cum in my ass baby…fuck this is good.”

John fucked him harder and faster, slamming himself deeper inside, feeling Harvey pushing back onto him. His balls were banging so hard, he could feel his cock getting bigger with every stroke. He wished this could happen more. He was more the bottom in their relationship, and wondered if Harvey would agree to swap more often. Not that he didn’t like the way it was, he loved being the submissive one. Just once more often would be nice. John kept up with his hard thrusting, making sure he hit Harvey’s prostate, head on at every other stroke. Harvey’s moans became stronger and heavier. He knew he wouldn’t last so long now. Harvey was fisting his own rock hard cock, with the same timing of thrusts that John was giving his ass.

“Oh Harvey, I’m cumming baby, I can’t hold it. Your ass is so tight.” John shouted.

“Give it to me baby, shoot it in my ass, I’m gonna shoot. FUCK!”

“Cum with me…” John said breathless, as he fucked him senseless. “Oh shit here it comes.” John moaned, as he thrust once more and unloaded himself inside his boyfriend.

At the feel of John’s love juice inside him, Harvey shot load after load on his own chest as John finished emptying his juice inside Harvey’s well used ass. Harvey could feel John’s cum dripping back out of his ass, as John was still thrusting his cock, pumping out every drop of cum he had. John leaned over onto Harvey chest, both breathless and exhausted awaiting their orgasms to end. John couldn’t resist, and licked up Harvey’s cum that had landed on his chest. He moved up slightly to kiss Harvey, and give him a taste.

“Mmmmmm.” They both moaned.

“I love you babe.” John said to Harvey.

“I love you too.” Harvey replied.

“If you love me that much, you think you can return the favour?” John asked.

“Geeeeez John, I’m knackered, you think you can give me a few minutes to recover, let alone load my balls up again?”

“Awwww come on, I’m sure you can manage after we’ve had a drink or two.”

“Hey, I could if you hadn’t worn me out last night AND this morning.”

They both laughed and got up. They opened the wine and Harvey got two glasses out of his bottom drawer which they kept there for occasions such as this one. They sat chatting about the new secretary and work while still naked.

“So what are you gonna do about Jane out there? She’s after you, better watch out for that one.” John told him

“Leave her to me John. She’ll know whose boss by the time I’m finished, and if she doesn’t, then she knows what she can do.” He smiled back.

Then after a minute or so, Harvey looked at John with a sly grin.

“What you smirking at?” John asked.

“Well, I think I’m ready for another go if you are?” Harvey said as he got up to moved closer to John. His erection was just starting to reveal itself again, and John looked at it with nothing but lust.

“How could I possibly say no with an offer like that?”

Both their cocks began to grow again and they kissed. This time it was slower, and gentle. They touched and fondled, kissed and licked everywhere they could possibly go. Nipples were touched and squeezed, cocks and balls were stroked and played with, nothing and nowhere was missed out. They both knew exactly where each others hot spots were, and both knew how to turn each other on. Sometimes they both felt as though they were one person. They kept this up until they both needed more. Harvey went over to his desk and sat on his big leather chair and John straddled him. They still hadn’t moved their mouths from each others lips. Harvey put his finger towards their kissing mouths, and they both sucked, wetting it and getting loads of saliva on it. He moved it down to John’s ass and pushed it in slowly.

John gasped, and then sighed with pleasure and satisfaction. Harvey fingered John’s ass, then entered two fingers, then three, until John moaned that he was ready. John lifted up a little, and Harvey leaned forward to grab the lube out of his top drawer. He put some on his erection, and aimed it up so it was at the entrance of John’s hole. John moved himself over Harvey’s cock and suddenly pushed down until he was full to the hilt with Harvey’s cock.

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