Fun on Cape Cod

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Each summer my wife, kids and I visit with her brother Joe, on the cape. He has a really nice summer home about 1 block from the beach. We usually have a great time relaxing, going for walks and swimming in the ocean.

This year when we arrived I was surprised to see his 20-year-old niece Margo was there. Margo had some difficulty landing a summer job, so my wife’s brother and his sister-in-law agreed to have her help with their kids in exchange for some back to school money.

Now Margo is completely unrelated to me, she is my wife’s brother’s wife’s niece. I figured I would mention this so you don’t think I submitted this story to the wrong section in error.

Margo plays lacrosse for a university in New Jersey. She is about 5’9″ and athletic. She is cute with short brown hair and is really tan with freckles on her nose, shoulders and chest from spending her summers at the beach. Now I don’t want to mislead you- Margo is not perfect, she has about 15 extra pounds mainly on her hips and legs. But there is something very sexy and intriguing about her.

About myself, I am nearing forty, with brown hair and blue eyes , 5″11. Earlier in the year I took a hard look at myself and decided I better get in shape- lose the 15 or so winter pounds that are so easy to gain during the long winters here in New England.

I began a pretty rigorous workout regime alternating between running and lifting weights 5 days a week. When I began just a mile and a half run would wear me out- but with 3 months of dedication I am now running 5-7 miles 2 to 3 times/week, I also work out with dumb bells 2-3 times a week. Now I am not ready to be in the front row for MTV’s Spring Break but at 39 who is?

With summer vacation the one thing you can never plan on is the weather. The first two days we were there it rained all day- clearing a little in the evening so we could enjoy a barbecue. On the third morning I got up around 9 and ran about 6 miles in the rain. When I returned at about 10:00 I was surprised to see the cars gone from the driveway.

There was a note from my wife saying that they took the kids to an indoor amusement mini-golf place and that they would be back after lunch. I hade a drink of water, took off my shirt and was startled by footsteps in the kitchen.

I turned and saw a sleepy Margo, dressed only in a t-shirt. “You scared me, I thought I was the only one here.” I said.

“Sorry, I’m just waking up. Where is everyone?”, she asked.

“Looks like they went to the indoor mini-golf place in Dennisport,” I said.

“Is there any coffee?” She asked.

“No, but I’ll make some.” I got the coffee from the freezer, spooned it into the filter, filled the coffee maker with some water and turned it on. “Margo, can I get you the paper?”

“Thanks.” She said.

I ran to the mailbox and retrieved the Boston Globe and glanced at the headlines on the way back to the house. Margo had poured two cups of coffee and was sitting at the counter in the kitchen when I returned. We made small talk and I think she caught me a few times peeking up her t-shirt to see if she was wearing any underwear as we sat drinking our coffee.

I told Margo I was canlı bahis going to take a shower. One great thing about the cape is the outdoor showers and my wife’s brother’s house has a great one. It is made of pressure treated wood and decking material it is attached to the back corner of the house. It feels really cool showering outdoors with a view of the yard and the neighbors, but still with a little privacy.

I stepped in and peeled off my shorts and sneakers and placed them beneath the wooden built-in bench next to shower. I turned it on it was cold at first and I changed it to warm. I lathered up my hair with shampoo and I heard the shower door open. I rinsed my face to see Margo smiling at me, “Mind if I join you?” She asked, lifting her T-shirt over her head to reveal her naked body. Her dark tan arms and legs contrasted with a white V at her curvy hips and white bikini top lines on her perky breasts.

“That would be great.” I said.

It was pretty weird. At first, we took turns under the shower nozzle and just washed with soap and shampoo. In no time my soldier was swollen thick, 7 inches pointing upwards. She stepped towards me and kissed me on the lips, she parted her lips and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

“Oh, it looks like someone is waking up,” she said as se grabbed my dick and started lathering it with her hands and shampoo. She turned me to the water and rinsed it off, then she sat down on the bench and pulled me towards her. She started to suck my dick, slowly at first kissing the head then she grabbed my hips and pulled me towards her- I placed my hands on her head and ran my fingers through her light brown hair.

“That feels good, wow,” I said.

She looked up at me and smiled and said “Let’s go inside where we have more room.” There was only one towel, so being a gentleman I let her wrap it around herself and I held my shorts and my sneakers in front of my hard on as we darted between the raindrops into the house.

She ran to the stairs and yelled “Catch me!” as she dropped the towel and took off up the stairs. Retrieving the towel (evidence) I chased her up and into the master bedroom.

I grabbed her from behind and squeezed her in a big bear hug, her bathing suit tan lines crisscrossed her shoulders and made an X on her back.

“Let me go.” She said and I playfully threw her on the bed, she scooted herself up and I got a great view of her body. She must have worn a high cut bathing suit because her hips were all tan, with a nice white v and a small patch of light brown hair over her pussy.

She laughed and said “So do you want to fuck me in my aunt and uncle’s bed?”

She looked great, her dark tan and her light blue eyes. I have been married over 10 years and I have never cheated on my wife- but this was an opportunity that I could not resist, I climbed on the bed next to her and kissed her, I worked my way down to her pert tits, a generous B- cup, I guess, and I tongued and bit her nipples, she arched her back and squeezed my shoulders and moaned.

After a few minutes, I slipped my hand down and cupped her pussy, it was warm and smooth below her pubic hair. I slipped my finger inside and bahis siteleri was amazed at how tight her pussy was- just 20 and no kids, I forgot how good it felt.

I kissed my way down her stomach and stopped for a bit and played with her belly button ring with my teeth, “Careful now, that tickles,” she said.

I finally arrived at her pussy, it looked great already wet with her juices. I pulled her pink pouty cunt lips aside and starting licking her with long strokes, my tongue working slowly up and down. She must have liked this because she put her hands on my head, pulled me tighter and played with my hair.

In a few minutes she was arching her back and pulling at my hair grinding my face into her pussy. She came and yelled “Yes, yes!” as she pulled my head away from her sensitive clit. “Whew that was great,” she said with a smile.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said as she sat up and pushed me back on the bed, She took my dick into her mouth- her wet hair was cold against my crotch but her mouth was warm and she worked her tongue up and down the underside of my dick.

She cupped my balls in her hand and sucked my dick in and out of her mouth. I was in heaven, a few years ago my wife had basically stopped blowing me so the feeling of someone sucking my dick was so great I just laid back on the bed and enjoyed it.

“What’s the matter aren’t you going to come?” she asked. I had been holding on and wanted to enjoy her as long as I could.

“I want to come- but I want to fuck you first.”, I said. I didn’t have to ask twice, she swung her leg across me straddled my dick and eased her wet cunt slowly down. I held her hips from moving as I thought I would blow my load her pussy was so tight, it felt delicious. When I got used to the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around my dick I started moving my hips and she did the same.

Now my wife is petite about 110 pounds and Margo was just an inch or two shorter than me and built solid. So this was a new experience from me. She was solid about 140 or 150 I guessed. I grabbed her ass and pulled apart her cheeks and played with her asshole. In no time she was slamming her hips into me and grabbing my shoulders for leverage.I really like dthe way her legs felt and the way she moved her hips.

I rolled her over onto her back, linked her knees behind my arms and pounded deep into her cunt. “This feels really good ,” she said and I felt her squeeze her cunt muscles on my dick.

“Please don’t do that, I want to enjoy this, I said, you grab me like that and I will come in no time.”

“Okay,” she said and laughed as she contracted her cunt muscles again. I pulled out and gained composure.

“So you know how to make a guy come,” I said.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her mouth hard, I told her to get on all fours and I mounted her from behind. I eased my dick into her pussy and began to fuck her gently, I reached my hand around and ran it past her soft pussy hair onto her wet cunt lips- I eased them apart and pulled back until the tip of my finger was rubbing her clit She groaned and lowered her pussy towards my hand, I flicked her little clit and fucked her from behind.

I kept this bahis şirketleri up for about 15 minutes, until she started to buck and said she was coming

“Come inside my pussy please.” She begged. I couldn’t control myself any longer I felt my orgasm begin at the back of my neck run throughout my body. I emptied my self inside Margo’s tight twenty year old pussy. I am sure that I sounded something like a moose groaning as I came pumping my dick inside her wet cunt. I left my twitching dick inside her sloppy pussy as we both collapsed onto the bed.

She rolled over and said that I must not have had sex in a while because I came a lot. She reached down with her fingers and pulled some come out of her pussy and put it into her mouth and spread it on her stomach and tits.

“Look you’re still hard.” She said as she playfully tugged my dick. She inserted two fingers into her pussy and scooped my come into her mouth and she sat up and spit it onto my dick. She licked her and lubed my dick up pretty nicely with her saliva and my come.

She laid back and pulled my towards her arching her back up and guiding my dick to her ass. “You want to fuck me in the ass?”, she asked. Not wanting her to change her mind I positioned my dick at her tight rear end and slid the head in.

“Go slow until I get used to it.” She said.

I pumped it in and out slowly- leaving the head in, moving back and forth slowly pushing further and deeper. In no time I was fully in her ass. I rested for a few moments and she put her hands behind her knees and brought her legs up giving me full access. I pumped her tight ass with a steady tempo and she played with her clit.

I can hold on pretty good after my first orgasm so I was feeling pretty good when she brought herself to another orgasm with her hand as I fucked her tight ass.

“Are you going to get off or fuck me all day?” She asked. “Is there something else you want to do?

“I would really like to shoot it inside your pussy again,” I said.

“That’s fine with me,” she said “just take one of those baby wipes and clean it off first.”

I got up went to the changing table and used a few baby wipes to clean my dick. Margo looked great her legs spread and her pussy lips swollen and wet. I got back on the bed and slid easily inside her and I kissed her mouth.

She kissed me back and said that she was pretty impressed with how long I could hold on. Her cunt felt great filled with our juices and she asked me if there was anything else she could do.

“I’m kind of embarrassed to ask- but could you talk dirty to me?” I said.

She giggled and started “Oh you like this pussy don’t you. I bet you would like to fuck my wet pussy again”

“You like fucking with my pussy filled with come don’t you. How about after someone else fucks me-would you like that? You want some sloppy seconds? I love cock and especially love it when a guy shoots his come inside me.” She said.

Well, it didn’t take long with her tight wet cunt and dirty talk. I held her by her ankles spread her legs and pounded her pussy filling it a second time as I collapsed on top of her.

“That was great, it’s almost lunch time we better get cleaned off, ” she said. We took turns in the outdoor shower and I got one last look at those tan lines.

Thanks” I Said.

“I should be thanking you,” she said and smiled at me as the sun came out of the clouds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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