Fun on South Beach Ch. 05

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As mentioned before, this is a work of fiction. None of the characters are real, living people. Some of the descriptions of the locales are authentic, some are not.

Hope you enjoy it.


Angel drove on as Emi rested her head on her shoulder. Angel had put her right arm around Emi’s shoulders and was holding her. She let her fingers run up and down the teenager’s arm as she drove through the balmy nighttime air. She felt goosebumps on Emi’s skin as the girl would would occasionally feel a chill.

“Are you cold baby?” Angel asked her.

“No, just feeling a little excited, that’s all,” she replied.

“Well, it’s not much further, ” Angel said.

Angel steered the car around a turn and up a ramp for the bridge over to South Beach. The car cruised easily up the bridge and down the other side where Angel turned to head for her friends condo. As she drove, she felt Emi’s hand playing in her lap. The teenager was lightly massaging Angel’s tummy, testing herself in a way for the night ahead. Angel new this would be a very new part of their relationship and she wanted the girl to be very comfortable.

The car made it’s way through the usual nighttime traffic. Eventually Angel turned down a side road and stopped at a security gate a few blocks later. The guard took her pass card and used it to open the gate. Once the gate opened, he handed the card back to Angel and wished her a good evening. Emi lifted her head as they drove through the entrance and read the name on the sign.

“Ocean’s Reef? We’re going into the Ocean’s Reef? Angel, that is the most exclusive condo on the beach!” Emi said.

“Yup, my friend is kind of a bigwig. Don’t ask names though. Just enjoy it.”

The car made it’s way up the long driveway and entered a parking garage. Angel found the correct parking place and pulled in. The 2 lovely girls jumped out and collected all their things. The elevator was close by and 14 floors later, it opened right in front of Angel’s friend’s unit. She opened the door with a pass card and they went in. Angel picked up a remote control from a table just inside and began pointing around the room and pressing buttons. Softly glowing lamps began to pop on all around a huge and beautifully decorated room.

Emi stared with amazement as she took in the priceless furnishings, the walls covered with modern artwork, and the enormous set of glass doors on the far side that looked out over the Atlantic Ocean.

“Omigod Angel, this is the coolest place I have ever seen!” she said excitedly.

Angel smiled at her, “I know, and the best thing is, the owner is hardly ever here. I hang out here all the time.”

Angel took Emi by the hand and led her across the main room to a hallway. Still clicking the remote, more lights came on in front of them as they made their way. Emi noticed that even a cd player came on and soft music started to play. Angel stopped at a doorway as the lights came on to let Emi look inside. The teenager almost gasped as she peeked in at the most incredible bedroom she had ever seen. The room was immense, easily as large as 10 or 11average bedrooms combined. At the center sat a large 4 poster bed that had a canopy made from silk. Surrounding the bed were seating areas with couches and chairs, a small bar, and a sunken jacuzzi on the far wall that had an ocean view.

Angel pointed to the Jacuzzi, “That’s where we are headed. But lets go dump our stuff first.”

Angel continued down the hallway to a door at the end. She opened it, turning on the lights remotely, and let Emi pass inside. It was another bedroom and Emi realized it was decorated just for Angel. She recognized Angel’s style in everything she could see. Little touristy trinkets about South Beach, pictures of the beach, pictures of the art deco hotels, and a big beautiful bed covered with a deep purple silk quilt. The 2 girls dropped all their stuff on a chair in the corner.

“This is my home away from home. I’ve never brought anyone up here before. You’re the casino siteleri first,” Angel told her darling friend.

Still holding the girl’s hand, she pulled her up close and hugged her. Emi let her face nuzzle against the sweet softness of Angel’s neck. The two girls shared a moment of closeness as they stood there. After a minute or so, Angel let go of of Emi and turned for the door.

“Come on, let’s hit the jacuzzi,” Angel said as she began pulling her shirt over her head.

Both girls headed quickly back down the hall as their clothes were left in a trail behind them. Angel made it their first, but then stopped at the bar as Emi sat down on the edge of the jacuzzi. Angel set to work making a pitcher of daiquiris as Emi lowered herself into the warm water. She looked out the window at the moonlight glittering off the ocean water 14 floors below.

“Angel, thank you for bringing me here. This is fantastic. You’re a really good friend to share this with me.”

Angel smiled at the girl as she brought the pitcher of daiquiris and two glasses. Emi rose out of the water and the 2 girls sat on the edge of the bubbling water. Angel poured out their drinks and they lifted their glasses.

“To a long and wonderful and special friendship. A friendship that grows and grows and never dies. A friendship built from love,” Angel said.

The 2 girls looked into each other’s eyes for a second and then took a sip. They lowered themselves down into the water and got comfortable. Emi had settled into one of the seats and had shut her eyes. Angel was directly across from her and was staring at the beautiful teenager. It had been a long time since she had felt this close to another person. For awhile, Angel had thought that Emi would be the little sister she never had, but now, her feelings were different. She wanted to touch this girl, she wanted to kiss her, she wanted to love her.

With Emi’s eyes still closed and the water bubbling, Angel eased across the jacuzzi and took Emi’s feet into her lap.

“Whatcha doing?” Emi asked her.

“Just thought you might like a little foot massage,” she said as she began to knead Emi’s feet.

Emi made a little purr of satisfaction and closed her eyes again. A small smile lay on her lips. Angel smiled at the girl simply because she was happy to be here with her.

Angel, using her soft hands, pressed and rubbed the girl’s feet for a few minutes, but then began to massage the girl’s lower legs. Emi kept her eyes closed and was enjoying the pampering. Soon she felt Angel’s magical hands move further up her legs until her thighs were now Angel’s target. As Angel’s hands moved over and between her legs, Emi was feeling the spark of arousal she had felt earlier at the fashion show, an arousal that had gone unfulfilled.

“Angel, that feels so good, but it’s getting me hot again.”

Angel smiled at the girl and slid right alongside her. She put her hands up on each side of the girl’s face as she leaned to her and kissed her tenderly. Emi was surprised for a second, but then kissed the beautiful Angel in return. She wrapped her arms around her friend and the 2 lovely girls shared a long and deep kiss.

When they broke, Angel told the younger girl to sit up on the side of the jacuzzi. Emi rose up and perched on the marble rim as Angel retrieved a small pillow that was nearby. She placed it at the edge and patted it so that Emi would lay her head down. Emi layed down flat on her back and Angel guided her so that she was fully stretched out and relaxed.

“Sweet girl, I want to make you feel good. I know that you have never been with a woman before, so I want your first time to be very special,” Angel told her.

“Angel, I want that too. I want to be with you.”

Angel leaned over and began to plant small kisses over the girl’s face. She nibbled softly on the girl’s full lips and let her tongue trace the outline of each. Emi was trying to lay still but the tender touch from Angel was so exciting to her.

Angel, who was still half in the jacuzzi, canlı casino settled into a spot alongside the girl’s arm. She let her chin rest on the girl’s shoulder as she brought a hand up from the water. With just the tip of her fingernail, she began to trace the outline of the younger girl’s nipple. Emi let a little gasp escape her lips as she felt this new attention. Her nipple quickly rose and hardened.

Angel smiled to herself as she moved her hand to Emi’s other breast to repeat her little trick on the other nipple. Emi squirmed as the touch of her nipple seemed to make her pussy throb. She wanted to touch herself in the worst way, but she stayed still because she knew that Angel was going to do it — eventually.

Angel could see the girl beginning to squirm from just the touch of her fingernail, so she let her whole hand settle onto a breast and began to fondle the girl. She would move her hand from one to the other as she held each breast and softly massaged the swollen flesh. Emi had her eyes closed as she felt the wonderful touch and warmthof Angel’s hand on her breasts.

Emi turned her head in Angel’s direction to say something, but just as she opened her mouth, Angel’s lips covered her own and she felt Angel’s tongue intertwine with hers. Angel kissed the girl passionately as her hand continued to fondle the teenager’s breasts. Emi was almost out of breath when Angel lifted her mouth momentarily. She sucked a quick breath of air just as Angel covered her mouth again.

Emi was feeling intensely aroused now and was squirming and responding to every movement of Angel’s hand on her breasts. Angel could see and feel the girl’s arousal and could hear the little moans of pleasure that Emi was making.

She continued to kiss Emi deeply as her hand moved down Emi’s taut stomach. Angel moved the palm of her hand in circles over the smooth tanned skin as Emi grew even more responsive. The younger girl, almost without thinking, would push her hips up as Angel’s hand would pass just above her pussy. She wanted Angel to touch her, to pleasure her, to love her.

Emi rolled slightly and moved her hands to hold each side of Angel’s face.

“Angel, please, I want you to take me. I want to love you. Please. Right now.”

Angel put her hand to Emi’s face and smiled.

“Sweet baby girl, I want you to. I’ve wanted you for a long time. But I wanted to be sure that you were okay.”

The two girls shared a look of passion and then a small hug. Angel pulled away and rose out of the water. She helped Emi to her feet and led her to the large bed. She yanked the quilt down and the 2 girls, despite being soaking wet, slid under the covers.

Without any word and without hesitation, the two joined in a full embrace. Their arms held each other tightly as their legs intertwined. Feeling a small chill from getting out the warm water, Angel simply drew Emi to her that much harder.

Their bodies rolled back and forth in the bed as both girls became more and more passionate. Angel could feel her breasts pressed against Emi’s and thought she could feel the younger girl’s heart pounding. She could feel Emi’s arms around her, one around the middle of her back, the other lower so that Emi’s hand was caressing Angel’s sweet rear end. Angel felt goose-bumps rise as Emi’s fingernails passed lightly over her ass.

Angel pushed Emi over so that she was laying on top of the teenager. She began to ease herself down the girl’s body letting her tongue trail down her neck, over her breasts, and down her stomach. Angel pushed Emi’s legs apart as she settled at the end of the bed.

“Please Angel. Take me now. I want you to take me.”

Angel let her hands wrap underneath Emi’s ass and lifted her gently as she lowered her mouth to the young girl’s pussy. She drew her tongue slowly over the girl’s swollen lips which made Emi gasp as her back arched off the bed. Angel paused for a moment to let her relax, then drew her tongue over the girl’s sex once again. Again, Emi responded intensely.

Angel took kaçak casino a firmer hold of her sweet girlfriend and then pushed her tongue into the girl’s steaming wet pussy. Emi let out a long low moan as she felt herself being penetrated. She felt Angel’s tongue pass between her lips and reach deep into her. She felt it move slowly in and then slightly retract, only to press back in.

Angel felt a warm sense of pleasure as she knew that Emi was feeling pleasure too. She had deep feelings for this sweet young girl and wanted her to feel all the pleasure that Angel could give.

Angel’s touch was magic to the teenager. She felt Angel’s gentle caress on her ass as Angel held her. She felt Angel’s hair as it brushed the inside of her thighs. But most of all, she felt Angel’s tongue as it slowly fucked her. She felt the wet pressure as it moved in and out of her steaming sex. Already so aroused from her earlier encounters with the rich old ladies, it did not take long for Emi to build up.

“Angel…Angel….I’m…..I’m…..,” the girl moaned just before her body spasmed, hit hard by a huge orgasm.

Angel held on tightly as she felt sweet Emi ride the crest of her orgasm. The darling girl was gasping and moaning as her body shook and spasmed. Angel eased back slightly so she could look up to Emi’s face. The girl’s beautiful face, was now even more so because of the pleasure her body had just felt.

Angel climbed back up to lay alongside Emi. She reached up and brushed a few strands of hair out of the spent girl’s face and then leaned over to kiss her. Angel cuddled down close to the girl so that her face was nuzzling Emi’s neck. One arm reached out across Emi’s breasts simply to hold her, as if she was a child’s teddy bear.

Several minutes passed as Emi regained her senses. She was thinking about what had happened to her tonight. How she had been with Angel at the fashion show, how the guests had turned out to be lesbians, how they had touched her, fondled her, and teased her but did not make her cum. She thought of how Angel had brought her to this special place, how her friend had made her feel so warm and special and loved. She thought about how Angel had touched her so much differently from the way her previous boyfriends ever did. She knew that this was so much better.

Emi opened her eyes as she turned her head towards Angel.

“Angel, what you did to me, it was so wonderful. I’ve never felt like that before. It felt like every inch of my skin was tingling. The way you kissed me, for so long and holding me so tight. I’ve just never felt like that before.”

Angel laughed softly as she stroked the girl’s face.

“Sweet babygirl, I have to tell you something. When I first saw you back last May — remember that? when I came up to you on the street? — anyways, I did it because I thought you were so beautiful and could be a great model. But right away, as I started to get to know you, I found myself attracted to you. I wasn’t sure what to do about it though. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship in case you were totally not into being with other girls.”

The two girls were looking into each other’s eyes with soft passion as Angel continued.

“I guess the fashion show tonight was a kind of a blessing. I found out that you were open to being touched by another woman and that you liked it very much. You were so sweet when we got back into the car and you told me that you hadn’t cum, I just knew that I had to bring you here so we could be together.”

Emi’s eyes welled up as she listened to Angel admit that she had had feelings for her all along. She buried her face against Angel’s neck and cried softly. She just couldn’t believe her good fortune, that this wonderful girl, this beautiful and smart and loving girl, had feelings for her. Emi let herself become very relaxed as she enjoyed the comfort of Angel’s body.

Angel held Emi close as she found the remote on the bedside table. She clicked a button to turn off the jacuzzi and two more to turn off the lights. Then she pulled the quilt over their naked bodies. Emi lifted her head to kiss Angel and wished her sweet dreams and then the two girls settled in and drifted off to sleep.

The End of Part 5

Coming up next: Bad luck in the Everglades

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