Game of Chess – Layla Ch. 02

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Sometimes…I hate men.

A man can go do as he please and not tell his woman anything. She is supposed to cry…forget…accept. But when a woman does as she pleases and does not tell her man, suddenly it’s the biggest betrayal of mankind, blah, blah, blah. A part of me thought it was cute how Maddix was pretending to be so upset, but the bigger part of me just wanted him to just shut the fuck up so I could think.

Last night I completed my third encounter. I had moved up to the next level in the games. A game where you could explore you were sexually, live your fantasies, or enjoy a simple fuck, all for a chance to win money and power. I can remember when I received my invitation…like it was yesterday:

You are cordially invited
To take part in this year’s
Game of Chess

There are five levels in the game: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen. You begin as a Pawn. In order to move up in the game, one must complete three encounters on each of the five levels. Upon completion of each encounter, the participant will be given a glass chess piece that corresponds with the level are on. Eact set of encounters will increase in intensity as a participant moves up. Encounters can happen anywhere, anytime.

Once you reach Queen level, you will have to complete not only three encounters but you will have to seduce the King from the current Queen, Ava Martinez, the you will be crowned the new Queen. Ladies be warned for Ava has been the Queen for the last five years.

Funny thing about that last bit was my best friend, Yani, was dating the current King. “Tricky times are a-coming,” I thought to myself. I put my hand in my jacket pocket to feel the chess piece that rested inside.

“Are you even fucking listening to me? God damn it Layla!” yelled Maddix as he slammed an envelope on the counter. I jumped a little.

“Maddix I’m tired and I have a long day tomorrow.” I stood up and walked toward the bedroom.

“No, we casino oyna need to talk about this. You come home all times of the night. You tell me you’re working late. Then I find this invitation in your nightstand. What the hell is this? You’re whoring yourself out now?”

That comment alone stopped me in my tracks. I turned to look at him before giving him my best smile. “You didn’t consider it whoring when I met you through the games did you Maddix?” I asked. He stood there just looking at me . I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. I pulled my jogging shorts off as I walked toward him until I was standing in front of him completely naked.

I grabbed his tie and pulled him down to me. “What’s wrong Maddix?? Scared someone else will convince me to stay??” His eyes narrowed as I pulled off his tie. Next, I unbuttoned his crisp blue shirt and slowly pushed it off. “Afraid someone else can make me…cum harder than you?” I said as I walked around him, trailing my hand across his chest until I was standing behind him. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head against his back. I pressed a kiss there sliding my hands down his stomach until I reached what I craved.

I stroked him through his pants and I heard him make a hissing sound before asking, “Afraid I found a replacement for my favorite toy?” Suddenly I dropped my hands and turned to walk away. “Maybe I did,” I said over my shoulder.

Before I took two steps he was there, turning me around and crushing his mouth to mine. I knew Maddix was the possessive and jealous type, it was what drew me to him. Lately he’s been more the whiny type but the sex has never lost its intensity. I could never tire of the sex, but the man it was coming from.

I could feel his hands grab my waist hard as his kiss became more hungry, more desperate. He pushed me against the wall, still devouring my mouth while stripping out of his pants. I could feel the weight of his dick brush against my leg when canlı casino he kissed the side of neck. One hand found its way between my thighs and the other held my wrists about me head.

I arched into him when he brushed his fingers lightly over my pussy…once,..twice…three times…before he inserted to fingers in my wet, throbbing pussy. I moaned slipped free, his tongue flicked over my nipple that had harden to the point painful pleasure. The combination of his hand playing with my pussy and his mouth on my nipple was recking havoc on my senses but it wasn’t enough. I wanted…I needed more.

He slid in a third finger, stretching me and pressed his thumb against my clit sending shivers throughout my body. And yet it still was not enough.

“More…I need more,” I said.

“Ahhh…does my pussycat want to cum?” asked Maddix with a laughed as he continued his assault with is hand, brushing, flicking his fingers. Stoking a fire deep within me.

“Nooo…you will cum for me when I let you. And I will let you cum when you beg for it.”

Maddix knelt down in front of me and place my leg over his shoulder. He replaced his fingers with his mouth. I could feel the heat of his breath flow over my very core. “I do not beg, I do not beg for anyone,” I told myself. I could feel his tongue gliding into me and it was heaven. I held his head there and moved my hips against his tongue. I was so close. He pulled back, and pulled my clit with his teeth. Oh God, he had no idea what that did to me. I was so close. I could feel my breath coming out in pants.

I was so close but i refused to beg…I don’t beg. Just when I thought I was going to teeter on the brink of an orgasim, it happened. He swirled his tongue around my clit before pushing it deep inside me and I was lost.

He set my leg down and caught me around the waist before I slide down the wall. I could feel how hard he was for me as he turned me so that I was pressed against the wall. He kaçak casino rubbed his dick slowly between my thighs.

“This is what you do to me,” he whisper to me. “I going to fuck you so hard, you will not have to the energy to continue this game you play. When I am done with you, you will want no other for it will be what you feel between your thighs that you will crave.” He slid his in front of me to wrap around my throat. I leaned my head back on his shoulder. He hooked his arm under my other leg and anchored his hand to the wall. I could feel how open I was and angled my body so he was able to push right into me.

“Yessssss,” I whispered. I felt so full before he slowly pulled out again inch by inch.

“Tell me who’s inside you?” he asked in my ear. I bit my lip, not giving him an answer, knowing it would push him toward the brink. “Tell me who’s dick it is that makes you moan?” He squeezed my throat as he slammed into me hard…in and out…harder and harder. I could feel my honey run down my leg I was so wet for him.

This is what I needed, this is what I wanted. He continued to pump into me harder, faster, pressing me against the wall. He moved his hand from my throat and brought it back to my pussy. He rubbed my pussy as he continued fucking me. And fuck me he did. “Who’s pussy is this? Tell me!”…

He turned me around and pushed me to the table. He opened my legs wide for him. My pussy throbbed so much and I felt so empty. I looked at him and licked me lips as he positioned himself to fill me again. He put a hand on each thigh and pressed them apart until they lay flat on the table.

He pushed into me and i gasped. I could feel him pushing to I felt he hit the depth of my soul. There was not time for me to adjust as he went back into his previous rhythm. Harder, deeper, faster. “Tell me who you belong to? Tell me you want me. Tell me you want this dick.” I arched my back on the table, reaching for that place we all go when we take that leap. I felt his hand around my throat again and he squeeze at the same time he rammed into to so hard I felt myself rip. “Say it! Who’s pussy is this?!”

And right before we both jumped I whispered…”His”.

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