Gay Men Find Love and Marry Ch. 02

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John finally meets his true love in church, of all places.

Author’s note: Being that chapter one was so badly received, I decided to make fixes to chapter 2 to all that my readers thought were wrong with chapter one, but then I decided that I’d be doing a disservice to my characters. Instead, now holding nothing back, I wanted to be true to my characters and tell their truth about gay men instead of spreading the lies that those who have commented on chapter one tell themselves and espouse to everyone else.

First of all, gay men do marry and many gay men do consider one the wife and the other the husband. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it’s true. For all of you whackos who bashed the first chapter of this story, I really don’t care if you homos want to scratch out my eyes because I referred to some of you as effeminate but, truth be told, you are. Yes, many gay men are effeminate. Moreover, there are just as many effeminate straight men as there are effeminate gay men. I’m sorry if that truism offends you but facts don’t lie.

Now as far as my comments about Jewish American Princesses, I stand by all that I wrote. Forget about love and forget about sex, I only have three words to further prove my opinion about Jewish American Princesses, “Money, money, money.” When it comes to Jewish American Princesses, it’s all about the money isn’t it honey?

Have a nice day and don’t forget to vote and/or write a mean and nasty comment to my story. I could use the laugh.

* * * * *

Chasing after him and even looking to see if he could recognize him by his tight, round butt, John caught up with the stranger who surely felt that he wasn’t a stranger to him at all. The only thing that John wanted to find more than the perfect man, his husband, was to have his screenplay published, Gay Men Find Love and Marry. Unfortunately, bashed by Hollywood critics, his screenplay was not well received. Being that he was a gay man and a Jewish man, the perfect combination for Hollywood success, he truly thought that his screenplay would shoot him to stardom.

“Excuse, me,” said John said in a polite voice while sashaying his tight, little ass over to his mystery man. “I know it’s so cliché,” he said waving down a gay hand, “but have we met before?”

The mystery man stopped and turned to face John. He looked so familiar to John that he just knew he had met him somewhere before. Ready to brave the embarrassment of asking his name, he wished he knew his name. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait very long to find out his name.

“Oh, we’ve definitely met before. Presently, my name is Robert,” he said offering his hand for John to shake, “but you’ll need to tell me what your name is now please.”

Presently his name is Robert? Huh? What the Hell does that mean? Is his dream man a weirdo? As if my name had changed from what it was before, such an odd way to put that, instead of just asking me for my name. What my name is now is the same name that it’s always been.

“It’s John,” said John looking at him with curiosity.

Robert, his name is Robert. John tried to remember all the Roberts he ever met. Even his name didn’t jog a memory of when and where they met.

“I don’t mean to frighten you John but your name used to be Charles and my name was Edward,” he said with that fabulous, bright, white smile again.

‘Oh, oh, he thought to himself. He is a weirdo. Maybe that’s why he didn’t remember him; he wanted to forget him. Yet, the weirdoes were always the ones that stuck out in his mind, even years later.

“I don’t understand,” he said persevering in his quest to uncover his identity. “What do you mean your name used to be Edward and my name used to be Charles? I don’t understand. My name has always been John,” he said.

Not wanting passing parishioners to eavesdrop on their conversation, John pulled him aside by his elbow while stammering in a quiet voice that was almost inaudible. Hoping not to ruin things by making this man think that he believed that this man was crazy, he gave him a chance to explain. The man gave him an understanding smile as if telling him that none of what he knows as his reality is true.

“I know that this is shocking, but if you’ll trust me enough to accompany me to a coffee shop nearby, I can explain in private where we’re not surrounded by so many people trying to leave church,” said Robert in a low, albeit hauntingly familiar voice. His voice had a particular strength to it that John noticed, recognized, and liked.

“I’ll go with you on one condition,” John replied.

“What’s that?”

“Tell me who you were waiting for inside the church?” John didn’t even wait for the man to reply before asking him a second question. “Did whoever you were waiting for stand you up?”

“No my friend didn’t stand me up,” said Robert with a smile. “Matter of fact, my friend is here with casino oyna me now.”

John looked all around the man.

“Oh? Where is your friend?”

“My friend is right here silly. I was waiting for you John, of course. Only, at the time, I didn’t know it was you who I was waiting for until you walked in, smiled at me, and said hello. It was then that I knew that you were the one I’ve been waiting for all this time, a very long time.”

“Okay, you’re losing me again Robert with all of this talk of reincarnation, if that’s what you mean. Yet, nonetheless, now that you have my interest, so let’s go and talk. Oh, hold on, I have to tell my sister that I’m not going home with her.” After a slight pause and with a twinkle in his eye, John said, “By the way, if you start any funny business, you should probably know that I’m a martial arts expert.”

“I know a little martial arts myself,” said Robert laughing before making a Karate chop at John. They both laughed. “Besides, I’m the one who taught you everything you know.”

“You did?” John looked at him cross-eyed. “When?”

“A very long time ago, before either of us were born…again,” he said with a laugh.

They entered the coffee shop, ordered two coffees, and Robert began his story.

“I’ve been celibate for six years while asking God to send me the love of my life,” said Robert.

Suspecting that he was gay and unable to wait another second to discover if Robert was his special someone, John wanted to ask if he was gay, but he controlled himself until Robert completed his story. Moreover, he didn’t need to ask if he was gay. His gay radar had been flashing since Robert smiled and said hello in church.

“Six years is a long time to go without sex,” said John trying to compute how long it’s been since he had sex.

Robert answered his unasked question in the next sentence.

“I’ve been with many partners over the years but haven’t found the right man to settle down with,” he said with sadness. “Somehow knowing he’d find me one day, I patiently yearned for my true and perfect lover to reappear.”

Thinking himself to be certifiably insane, John’s heart stopped for an instant when he felt overwhelmed with love for a man he only met a couple of minutes ago.

“Wow,” said John. “You just made my heart stopped. I’ve been looking for my Mr. Right too.”

Robert looked at John in the way of old lovers looking at one another while sitting and talking over a cup of coffee.

“This may sound crazy John but I really need to explain something to you. It may sound odd, it may sound bizarre, you may think me nuts but, having lived through it over and again, this is what I truly believe.”

“Okay,” said John more than willing to listen. “I’m listening.”

“I went to a psychic three years ago. Here comes the crazy part,” he said taking his hand in his while looking in his eyes. “She told me that you and I have met many times before in different lifetimes but would lose one another for long periods of time before finding one another again.”

“I don’t know if I believe in psychics, the supernatural, and in reincarnation but you have my interest,” said John.

“She said that it had been 200 years since we’ve been together but would find one another again soon. That was last week and, lo and behold, here you are now,” said Robert. “If I didn’t witness you with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. I still can’t believe it. Somehow, someway, we found one another again. Call it kismet, reincarnation, or a physic phenomenon, whatever you want to deem it, this works for me,” he said with a broad smile.

“It’s hard to believe but at this point in my life, I’m willing to believe anything for the sake of living happily ever after with one special man in my life,” said John to make it known to Robert that he was gay also. He wondered what Robert did for a living.

Just knowing that he had to be one of those gay professions, he wondered if he was a hairdresser, interior designer, or a fashion photographer.

“She told me that my name was Edward and my lover’s name was Charles. She told me that Charles’ name would be John,” he said with a broad smile.

“No way,” said John. “That’s just weird,” he said taking possession of his gay, little hand again to drink his coffee. “How could she know that?”

Wanting to believe, John looked at him with a face full of disbelief.

“She also said that when we found one another again that this would be our last relationship and when we parted this time, it would be for good,” he said with a warm smile. “But she said that our love relationship would last for the rest of our lives and after seeing you in church today and after learning your name is John, call me nuts, but I believe her.”

“I want to believe but it’s difficult for me to suspend my disbelief to think that my life was all preplanned canlı casino and predetermined, especially when based upon the vision of a psychic,” said John.

“She said,” continued Robert, “that our unions didn’t work before because we were too young, too gay, and too impetuous. She said we weren’t ready for love then in the way that we are now. Now we’re ready, that is if you’re willing to trust me and come for the ride,” he said.

“I don’t know. I feel as if I know you but I don’t know you. I just met you,” said John. “Somehow I can’t feel as if I’m manipulated by your, based upon your bizarre story, to fall in love with you,” said John.

“What I’m going to say next may sound even more bizarre,” he said. “After visiting the psychic, I asked God for help in finding you. Within a few minutes of praying to God, I read about the Christmas concert at the church. Then when I heard a voice in my head that said, ‘He will be there tonight,’ I felt compelled to attend.

“Unbelievable,” said John. “That’s so shockingly unbelievable that I’m willing to believe it,” he said with a laugh. “Maybe because I’m so desperate to find love.”

“That’s why I appeared as if I was waiting for someone at the church. I was. I was waiting for you,” said Robert.

“It’s funny and I must admit, when I saw you, I felt something too. I felt as if I met you before but more than that. I felt feelings for you,” said John.

Both men fell quiet while looking at one another and digesting all that had been said.

John was in shock. Wanting to believe the unbelievable, he didn’t know what to say. He had recognized Robert immediately, but wasn’t privy to why he did. John silently prayed for help. Filled with excitement that he had finally found his special someone, he felt light-headed and then it happened. His memory was magically opened and he saw himself with Robert in brilliant flashes of light. It was exactly what people had described when they were almost dying and saw flashes of their lives like a story unfolding. Well, that’s exactly what happened to John and he got visuals of all his past relationships with Robert.

There had been several meetings throughout the ages in what seemed like a time span of about 600 years. Some ended in tragedy, one ended happily, and a couple of times one of them just vanished. Each was left with the unspeakable agony of wondering what had happened. He also saw that each time they were separated from one another they didn’t have any other relationships that were even close to the ones they had shared together. That made sense to John. He always felt incomplete in other relationships because he belonged with Robert. Finally, there was a reason and answer to the aching loneliness in his heart that was always there. Amazingly, his heart instantly swelled with the boundless love he had for his one and perfect love, his Robert.

It seemed to Robert that he had been waiting for an hour for John’s reply, but it had only been a couple of minutes. He waited for him to speak because he didn’t want to influence what he would say about all he had told them. For Robert, the long wait was already over. He had re-connected with the love of his life, his perfect love, and it was all he could do to keep himself from hugging and kissing John right then. He wanted to talk to him for hours, hold him, tell how he had missed him and how blessed he felt for having found him again. He also wanted to express his deep love and then make love to him in the way two lovers join with each other for the first time. He loved the man sitting across the table from him like no other and didn’t want to lose him again.

John gathered himself up and began to speak. He told Robert all he had seen and that he was overwhelmed by the fact they had re-connected. He started to express his love, stood, and rushed to Robert. Robert met him and they held one another and cried together. Thankfully, there were only three other customers in the café who stared at the scene of two men embracing and crying together.

Robert and John decided to go to John’s home as it was nearby. John opened the front door and Robert followed closely behind. They had only stepped a couple of feet into the living room when they began to embrace one another. It was impossible to know who reached for whom first, they just fell into one another’s arms and kissed passionately. It was a kiss that was filled with 600 years of history, passion, and love. It would be impossible to describe their feelings in human terms because what transpired was about spirit, connection, and soul.

They went to bed and spent hours talking about all that had transpired and what they remember about the past. Neither felt tired as dawn came and the sunlight shone through a part in the bedroom curtains.

John looked over at Robert and was mesmerized by his beauty. His fair coloring and deep, blue eyes kaçak casino were a compliment to John’s dark coloring and eyes. He was beautiful inside and out and deep passion began to well inside John. He rolled over and took Robert into his arms and held him close. Robert responded by embracing him as well, then his hands started to touch John everywhere they could reach. It was a strong, yet gentle touch and John was totally turned on.

They had undressed several hours before and were so comfortable in their nudity. They both laughed when John said that he guessed once you’ve spent 600 years or so with someone, it would make sense to be open and comfortable with them.

The time for talking had ended and joining with one another was the focus now. Robert hadn’t been touched in six years and for John it had been ten. They were totally overwhelmed from how wonderful it felt to be embraced and touched with love, not any love, but pure love. It was the touch of perfect love.

John was normally the more aggressive lover of the two and began to touch Robert’s genitals. He stroked his penis while he kissed him. Robert was as hard as he could ever remember and afraid that he would spill before they had time to enjoy one another. John seemed to sense that, probably because he was afraid the same thing would happen to him, so he slowed the pace and let Robert recover a little.

Just a moment later, Robert decided that he needed John right now and couldn’t wait another minute. He remembered that they had engaged in oral and anal sex in previous relationships with Robert, but didn’t know which to attempt first. He lowered his head to John’s penis and began to lick, suck and stroke it in a firm, yet loving way. He massaged his balls with one hand, while the other worked John’s cock. His mouth was doing the rest of the work and he could feel John’s balls tighten in his hand. He didn’t want John to explode yet. He wanted to penetrate him and have him cum during anal sex, so he relaxed his hand and removed his tongue.

John was groaning and panting and readied himself for anal intercourse. It was interesting to him that he was normally the more aggressive partner and Robert had taken over after just a few minutes of foreplay. He guess that Robert had changed as well since their last encounter a couple of hundred years ago. That thought made John laugh out loud and Robert joined him without even knowing why he was laughing. Even though many religious fanatics believed that homosexuality was a sin against the church and against God, John and Robert believed in God. They believed that their God embraced everyone.

‘Oh God, thank you for sending this man to me,’ John thought to himself. ‘Robert is the most wonderful gift you could have ever given.’

Robert lubricated John’s anus while John was fingering Robert’s. It felt so good to making love again that neither of them thought about the pain there would be after such a long abstinence. Robert mounted John doggy style and spread his ass cheeks with his hands. He entered using his hand on his cock to guide him into John slowly so as not to hurt him. All the while he stroked John’s balls and cock with his free hand to give him a better orgasm. John began to move back into the cock of Robert as a way of encouraging him to move further inside. Robert decided to give him what he wanted and drove his cock home.

John gasped because it hurt. It had been a really long time and he needed time to adjust to the penetration. Robert started to stroke at a little faster pace while massaging John’s cock and balls. He also leaned over and kissed his back, sides, and ass. He wanted to love this man as he had never been loved before. John was his perfect love and he wanted to give him all he could handle plus a little more.

John was so filled with passion and love that he couldn’t stop from reaching orgasm. Robert had brought him to release and it felt wonderful. While Robert was pumping his ass, John took over and was pumping his own cock. He shot cum like he never had before and he felt great. When he was done, Robert stayed inside his ass and held him for the longest time. Robert finally said to John that it was so wonderful to be home. John began to cry tears of joy for he felt like he had finally come home after a long, arduous journey to find heaven with his love.

After John had recovered, he brought Robert to orgasm by oral sex. Robert said he wanted to wait a while before having anal sex again and John respected his choice. Robert screamed John’s name when he came and thanked God in Heaven for this chance to have his one and only perfect love back again. He vowed to respect and love John and when he was done with his vow, John repeated the same.

John and Robert don’t know how long they have to spend together, but they cherish and enjoy every day. They never gave up and settled for less than their perfect love and they were rewarded for the long and painful wait by winding up having it all. Their happiness is respected by others and their love is envied by everyone they know.


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