Girlfriend’s First Anal

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I am a 42 year old man who ran into his old neighbor’s daughter. Freshly graduated from college, and with no man in her life, she invited me to her bed. We had been fucking together for a few days, and we were both enjoying every minute of it. Tammy was an eager student, and I wanted to teach her all I knew.

One night I dropped over to her apartment and we went directly to her bed. I started by working my mouth all over her pussy.

She was pretty juicy already, when my tongue dove deep into her love tunnel. She had her legs spread wide and pulled back, as I was lapping at her slit and pushing my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh God Dan, you are sending me over the edge,” she was practically screaming! When I got that area good and wet, I had her get on all fours.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Something new tonight,” was my reply.

I was rubbing my mushroom head up and down her slicked up area, she thought I was going to bury my cock in the usual place. Instead, I pushed the head past her ass muscles.

“No, not there, please,” she canlı bahis was begging for me to stop.

But I had my hands on her hips, controlling her, and my cock was pushing further down her brown tunnel. She stiffened, as if to fight me off, but I was sinking deeper into that tight ass of hers.

“Don’t fight me, Tammy, this will only hurt a bit.”

I pushed as hard as I could, and my cock was inside now, to the hilt.

“Aaaahhhh, no!”

Tammy was fighting to get away, but I started to ram her ass as deeply as I could. I could hear my balls slapping those beautiful asscheeks as I pummeled her behind.

“I am not pulling out Tammy”. I kept this up and she finally realized she would have to submit to me.

“You want ass fucked, say it!”

I was a man possessed. She was still wimpering, but she said it. “Dan, I want you to fuck my ass”.

“Tammy, where do you want my cum”?

“Please Dan, shoot your cum in my ass.”

I reached underneath her, and started to squeeze her small titties. This made her very hot and she really got vocal then.

“Rape bahis siteleri me with your big shaft, squirt your cum in me!”

This girl was getting into it now. She pushed back against my rod and I gave her all I had. That tight ass of hers was making my seed boil up. I slammed one more time into her tight butt and then shot all my seed, like a raging volcano. It felt like I blew a gallon of cum into her tummy!

I could feel her ass muscles gulping, taking my hot love brew. It was a few minutes before I finally squirted my last bit of cum into her. I slowly pulled out and she turned around to me, looking at my dick.

All our love juices were coated onto my cock. She wrapped her mouth around my shaft and licked me clean of all our love spunk.

After she finished cleaning me with her mouth she said, “Dan I didn’t like it at first, but I want anal again.”

We then went and showered together. The hot water was pouring off both of us. I stood behind Tammy, reaching my arm around her. I pulled her tightly to me. My still hard member was up against bahis şirketleri her ass crack. I was sliding it up and down. This was making Tammy very excited.

I told her to put her hands on the shower wall and bend at the waist. The tip of my cock was able to easily slip into her ass again. This was so much smoother than the first time.

We both got into a rocking motion. Tammy was pushing back against me and I was thrusting my pole into her. My wet balls were making that slapping noise, as we were both lost in the fucking.

Tammy’s ass muscles were wrapped tightly around me. I could tell she wanted my load again, she craved my seed. We were so close now. I jammed my cock into her hard.

“Cum with me Tammy, let it go!”

I gave her my eight inch cock, burying it in her, holding there, while I shot my hot love froth.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me, Dan!”

Those were the only words she spoke. We fucked like two demons until we were both drained. I finally pulled out and we finished showering together.

Tammy and I still have anal sex, but not as much as I would care for. It still hurts her, she says. We have normal sex nearly every day.

I just found out Tammy’s sister is going to pay a visit soon, They both look like identical twins. This should be interesting!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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