Glory Dayz

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Oh What a day it’s going to be, my cock is throbbing and rock hard. Veins are bulging and my balls aching to release a load of hot sticky cum. Feels so good as I grab my cock stroking it long and hard. Yes that feels so good oh baby, I need a cock to suck right now. I need it so bad my tight ass hasn’t had a good reaming in ages. Damn why can’t it be 8:00 pm already it sucks being single and oh so horny.

Better get ready for work, I walk bare assed to the shower as my cock bounces around as I walk. The shower felt good and so hot, yes the heat feels so good on my hard body

“Oh baby yes oh yes.” I whispered as my cock is rock hard and throbbing with each pulsating stroke.

Running my hands over my body feeling so good, lathering myself up. ” Yes it feels so good! Oh yes!” I whisper a little louder.

The water running down my back over my tight ass. I Keep rubbing myself getting my cock harder and harder faster and faster

“Oh yes! Oh damn it feels so good!” I tell my large cock as I Slowly stroke it long and hard slow strokes’.

Feels so good oh yes between the heat of the shower and my stroking of my cock I am steaming up more than the shower door and mirrors.

“Getting closer, mmm oh yes! Baby damn I am going to explode! oh it’s building up. Oh so much closer mmm yes! Here it cums! Fuck I’m cuming! Mmm yes! Oh gawd yes!Oh yes ah feels so good! yes baby feels so good shooting such a load of cum a real gusher yes mmm.” I moaned so loud the whole neighborhood could hear me.

I wish I had someone to share it with. Hell I Wish I could suck my own cock. After all it’s so cute. I love sucking a cock wish I had one right now. Damn it won’t stop spurting, too bad it wasn’t for distance I am sure I could be the Winner.

The drive to work wasn’t too easy I was always grabbing the wrong shift. I just can’t sit still I have been waiting weeks for this day to come ever since I first saw the ad in the local paper. This club in town is having some kind of contest which involves glory holes. I am not sure if you ever heard of one or not but someone sits inside a little room or bathroom stall wherever you can find to do it. There will be little holes drilled into the wall’s sometimes big holes depending on the size of the cock. Forgive me I am drooling a little bit just thinking about it. Someone will be inside the room as other guys will stick their cocks through the holes and I think you can guess the rest. I have been on both sides a few times myself and it’s so much fun. The difference with this contest is the room is bigger there will be lots of guys involved sucker’s and suckee’s. The object will be to suck as many cocks as you can in thirty minutes. You casino oyna can swallow their loads of cum or wear it which ever you prefer, myself I never like to waste any. I always bring a napkin just Incase, you never know when you may need it. I just made it to work, I need to do something about this hard on. I get too many looks sometimes and it can be a little embarrassing to try to explain having a hard on. You can only have so many bananas in your pocket if you know what I mean.

Five pm man this day has lasted forever! I thought that it would never end. There goes my cock again it’s a good thing I am almost to my car. There are so many hot looking guys’ at work so it was hard to keep my mind on work. It will take me about twenty minutes to get home and a couple of hour’s to get ready for tonight. Lucky for me I live so close to the club I can take my time to get ready and go. My cock has not gone down the whole day you would think I would be one of the suckee’s, but lucky for me I will be the number one sucker. The prize will be a romantic evening on the town with the winners choice of dates. I know there will be a great selection of hot studs to choose from, oh damn I need to cum but, I want to save the load for my mystery lover tonight.

Eight pm I am inside just waiting my turn at bat. Once we got here they announced about the rules and the prizes and who will be in the competition tonight. If all things go well they will do this more often and then have a championship between all of the winners. The only thing with this there will not be any losers only winners because there will be lots of cock sucking and cum swallowing as well as cum baths. There have been 4 contestants so far I am up next, I just hope they don’t run out of willing participants. I heard that the line goes around to the next three blocks so I think we will be ok.

My turn mmm okay they show me to my room. I scope things out and see 10 different holes, my mouth starts watering in anticipation of what’s to come. The first wave of men starts putting their cocks through the holes. Gawd so many color’s shapes and sizes I wish I had more time so I could take my time and savor ever bit of it, but I have to go as fast as I can too win. Later on my date I will be able to take my time and enjoy every second and make sure he does as well.

I move up to one cock licking my lips, as I grab hold of the cocks on either side. I quickly begin stroking each cock as I run my tongue along those beautiful balls working my way up along the shaft. This cock must be 14″ Mmm and I will take the entire thing down my waiting throat. Yes. Oh yes. The cocks grow in my hands as I speed up my stroking they feel so good. The cock in front of canlı casino my face jumps as my tongue runs up and down the shaft sucking the balls in my mouth. Then in one quick motion I put my lips around the head and just thrust it down my throat. It felt and tasted so good I quickly would go up and down faster and taking it deeper until it got ready to shoot its sweet load. I could feel his balls tighten and the cock move, he starts to moan saying he is going to cum when I feel loads of hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat.

It just runs down as I keep sucking every drop yes it taste so good finger licking good yummy. Just then one of the other guys says he is going to cum so I quickly switch to his cock and start sucking on it like a straw. Yes the pre cum taste so good, I know the main course will be delicious! I began stroking faster and he starts to spurt my second load. Gawd I love this nothing beats hot cum from a hot stud except maybe many loads from many studs. Next load came even faster, as I swallowed one load a new supply of cocks would be ready to be sucked. By the time I was finished I had sucked 15 cocks. I was very fast, but like I said it wasn’t as enjoyable as taking my time and really enjoying giving pleasure as well as receiving it. I was resting up after my turn, there were still many more people that had to take their turn. There were oh so many smiling faces in the room, I know I was.

I looked at the standings I seemed to be doing pretty well there were a few that had sucked 14 cocks. My 15 was still standing, I didn’t know how many people were involved in this thing. It was huge, but I had to wait with everyone else. The time finally had come for the announcement and I was all excited and waiting with anticipation. They announced the winner and it was me! I couldn’t believe it I finally won something!

They called me up on stage to award me with my prize which was a certificate for a romantic night out at the fanciest restaurant with the date of my choice. There was this one guy I sucked in the booth he had a cock I could suck on for days on end. I got his name and I went down to talk to him and he accepted my invitation and we left for a hot and wonderful night.

We decided to stop by his place so he could pick up some clothes for our date. Then we would stop by my place and get ready, The competition made me hot and bothered and oh so sweaty and horny. I needed a nice hot shower so I excused myself and slipped out of my clothes, my cock standing at attention looking forward to this date. It has been along time since I have been with anyone so I am very nervous about tonight. The water feels So good as it runs down my body. My cock is throbbing and standing at kaçak casino attention. The sensations I feel. Oh I really need this night so much. I am slowly stroking my cock when I feel a soft hand caressing my ass.

“Oh Todd, mmm mmm why don’t you come in and join me? Yes baby oh gawd yes.” I told him as he grabs my cock firmly and starts to jerk it.

Slowly he begins than goes a little faster and harder.

“Damn that feels so good, Todd you do that so well don’t stop.” I moaned breathing heavy.

He gets down on his knees and kisses the head of my cock. He slowly runs his tongue over the head, flicking it underneath the edge and over the slit.

“Yes baby that feels so good” I moan even louder and trying not explode from my growing excitement

He puts his lips over my cock and slowly lowers his head down taking me deeper into his mouth and down his throat. I have never had head this good in my life, he took me all the way down, his lips touching my balls as he massages them and sticks a finger in my ass.

“Oh that feels so good..Oh yes! Damn mmmmmm yes.” I moan wanting to explode my load.

Faster and faster he sucks and takes me deep inside. I am going to cum and cum hard. “Here I cum oh yeah baby.” I moan from the pit of my stomach.

“Mmmm.. .oh…yeah…mmmmm I definitely liked that. Ok Todd it’s your turn baby.” I tell him dropping to my knees and get ready to suck him like he has never been sucked before.

I grab his cock squeezing it tightly and stroking it. First slowly speeding up turning the head a bright purple. I run my tongue along the shaft from his balls too just underneath the back of the head. That mushroom head so sweet, so sexy, so purple. Flicking it with my tongue kissing and tasting his precum.

Slowly I wrap my lips around the shiny head, the water running over my back and face as I take his now throbbing cock down my throat. He likes it I am glad I want him to feel things he has never felt before. I stand up and bend over soaping up my ass getting ready to take his cock deep inside. It is so big, but I know I can take it all the way.

I feel his cock just touching my puckered ass. He slowly presses it against my hole going deeper and ever so deeper. He is half way in and it feels so good. Mmm yes it feels so good. Now he is all the way in and his balls are smacking my ass as he fucks me.

“Yes baby fuck me yes please don’t stop. Yes! Oh yes..fuck me fuck me harder faster harder baby faster.” I tell him.

I feel him getting ready to cum. His balls tightening and his cock throbbing. Yes he is cumming, he screams and I feel his cum filling my hot ass. He grunts and grabs me hard as he keeps filling me with his hot cum. Damn, things went so well that we never did make it for our date. I guess we will have to make that for another night. After the shower we passed out falling asleep in each other arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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