Going Bald

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Do the other girls out there really shave their pussies clean? I couldn’t understand how all of my girlfriends could take a razor to their beards every morning. OMG it makes absolutely no friggin’ sense to me!

Some of the baldies I know have gone permanent like Amilia, who is lasered; others, like Taryn, prefer the cue bald look without the commitment and waxes the puss; while Courtney the perfectionist prefers the freedom change brings and sprouting a few honey-flavored whiskers once in a great while plus the hands-on personal touch of shaving herself clean. All of them masturbate after they get their pussies done, don’t ask me how I no!

Until recently I had always just waited for the boy I had been fucking for a few weeks to decide what style of hairdo he wanted me to roll with.

But as I’ve taken stock that not only do all of my girlfriends buff their beavies bald, they have been teasing me behind my back about the fact that I don’t. And what’s more, they’ve been deflecting guys from me by telling them, too.

To make matters worse, I came to realize that the last half dozen guys I have been with, had all desired a cunny hair change at some point–to make it disappear. Bushy on the head and bald on the bottom. Lol. If only they had been more assertive about it, there would have been no communication gaps.

But as it happened, some of my friends were bitchy and told the guys that I had told them I was never going to shave the pussy bald. And that is total bullshit. First of all I spent all of high school and my college years hairless in that I had a few men with real pairs of balls that were man enough to tell me that they wanted me bald.

My girlfriends insisted that guys go boffo over bald cunnie and that the guys had even told them that they were they baffled; they had never come across a problem such as this (every girl they had been with had a hair-free clam) and that I was a perfect cunt, ripe for a fucking otherwise. They always told me that nothing gets you in the mood to squirt more than hearing a guy comment on, “what a handsome twat you have.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rockin’ a ratty cunt or fluffy bushy beaver or anything. Lol. I’m trim. I just call it a patch, really. I guess I’ve always just felt that pussy without any hair lacked personality. But I’m learning that in today’s world, it’s all or none. And if all that weren’t confusing enough, they were now trying to tell me that “LA hairless” was different than rest of the world’s “standard hairless” and that a “hollywood” offered a different style still! I had no idea what that means! Lol.. I just wanted everything to go smoothly.

But maybe it was time to shave the pussy bald. I went into the bathroom with the intention of plucking my chicken, when I heard the doorbell ring. Who the fuck could it be??

I had wanted some company tonight, but hadn’t really planned on any. Sure enough, it was three of my alleged “best” friends, Courtney Amilia and Taryn of course.

I was wearing a bath towel and all of the girls were scantily dressed. Taryn, jumped out at me immediately, in a bright white racerback tank top with her fat pair popping up out of her top while Courtney my bestie, had her water buffaloes out too, and put her hand on my shoulder and told me tenderly she was going to shave my cunny-hole smooth and bare.

“We’re gonna lube up those labes up nice ‘n good!” Amilia assured me.

And Taryn, not to be outdone, added, “Yep then when your all bald and horny we’re gonna catch your lady grease on our tongues and swap it until our tonsils stink like shave cream and hairless pussy.”

It was hard to argue with the girls’ logic at this point; especially Taryn.

After the girls apologized for being mean to me on top of telling guys about my hairy situation, we were once again getting along better than we have for months, having broken open a bottle of wine. And before long, it was hard to hide what I was really thinking.

“Let’s get it on!” I cried out, quivering with my need. Turned out the girls planned to do me a few naughty and one nasty favor for all the girl-stabbing cock-blocking they had done to me. And I was about to let them too–because lets face it–I was horny as an entire Navy on leave from all the cock-sabotage I had been through.

Before I knew it we were all panty-free and in my whirlpool tub and splashing on the floor. Taryn had somewhere found an old straw cowboy hat I got in Cancun a few years back and was wearing it. Courtney was shooting me filthy dirty snarling looks since the second I opened the front door and that’s not yet counting Amilia, who, lets face it: Amilia has been a horny piggy in heat the second I met her years ago and was always ready to go. I can’t talk, because I was on all fours like a dog with my ass and pussy tilted up and my back arched so the gals could get a really good look of both of my holes.

And just to be clear, even though I’ve never shaved a full-on hollywood, I don’t have a ratty or mangy beaver and I do take great casino siteleri pride in keeping a tidy cunt and and the process of trimming, plucking and coiffing it into a nice little square patch. The girls even may have hinted at a spell of mind-changing to this end; perhaps entranced by seeing a nice meaty cunt such as mine with just a wisp of groomed cute, long wiry dark hairs above it but otherwise unobscured, they may have decided to keep it.

Milia was adorable all over, dark straight hair cut into this trendy bob style with a big smile and adorable dimples and pretty, straight teeth made for splashing.

Big tits, her left banger always seemed slightly plumper in my opinion, but either way she was pushing around a real pair of pontoons. Flotation devices on her chest. Pontoons, hell they were more like cartoons. I always wanted to nurse from her milk juggs and chew the nubs of her big fat udders. Wait what was I talking about?

“What’s going on back there?” I squealed out over my shoulder, repositioning myself to aim my slippery beave and oily goose-holes at a spraying tub jet, “Ohhhh that’s the friggin’ spot!!!” I could barely contain my need anymore.

Courtney and the girls were quietly deliberating, barely audible really, and Court being the main miner of my ruffled cunt and chief expediter of the project was getting cold feet?? Errrr…

“Baby girl I’m in love with the twat,” she purred, “I can’t wait so shave your cunt,” she cooed, “lousy with hair, I will say” while I wagged my invisible tail, both of my sticky grimy holes not an inch from her face. It was then she started to think it was horny.

“So good ‘n slimy” she half-giggled, noting my slicked-up cunt hole and deliciously, I’m told, inviting pucker of an asshole as a package.

“Well you might have to cum over them, then,” I said patiently and calmly.

This time I looked fully over my shoulder and asked politely, “Well why don’t you just give me a little lick instead?” I was completely playing dirty now, and just ruthlessly bumping my splayed and displayed holes up and down for the girls to gaze at. Court, speechless in the situation, could only watch with her tongue now in full wag as her own bestie Taryn reached in, took both over and a skillfully slow tongueful of my naughty, fur-framed holes, forcing out a bellow from my diaphragm I had never heard myself. The following chirps were just yelps as she continued to tongue-fuck my juicing cunt and upturned asshole which was stretching to meet her fevered lickings. She would finish an up-swipe lave and start another one seemingly simultaneously.

Suddenly and without warning, I felt the relief of two tongues jabbing in my greedy selfish fishy places, and I now fully longed for a hard fucking toy, or, the ability to reach down and scrabble away at my clit.

I wasn’t sure who was laving the length of my cunt-area in such possessive chunks and who was poking my asshole with an all-too-intentionally pointed tongue, but I was in no mood to have them stop, this much I was certain of. It was an absolute slop fest. I’ve been addicted to having my pussy licked for years, but it was only recently that I stopped caring if it was a man or woman. And at this point I didn’t care who was doing what to me, it felt fucking great, and it was making me forget the six months I lived starved for spunk. Hell that reminded me for the first time–the only thing I was missing now was a steamy hard prick ready to fire and paste me in its gunk!

Conventional wisdom says that Taryn was resuming clit-chowing duties but I didn’t want to be presumptuous; Courtney’s chowing down meant nothing now if hers was the rough and fat tongue I was experiencing swishing side to side, as it clobbered carefully over the opening of my girly-bleached pucker.

This just meant that Amilia was gonna get my meaty angry thumb-sized clitty button to fidget with, and from what I was told, ‘Milia was quite the clitty-eater. One thing was certain she had a magnificent pair of springy balloons, and it almost seemed like the girls were trying to one-up each other in that department this evening.

Secretly I hoped she would read my mind and dive right in, but to my surprise she reached under me and toyed with my boiling twat, pinching and playfully tugging at the pussy-hair the team of pussy-miners had arrived at my home not an hour ago to do away with.

“So do you want this off?” she soulfully whispered into my ear, pawing at my little patch, so that only I could hear the request. “You want a full-Brazilian? You’ll never go back..” And even if she whispered her filth at full volume my confidence was as far in the gutter as my racing mind at this moment.

“How many tongues do you have in the cunt right now?” she asked me unhurriedly, keeping her composure like she’d done this a million times before. “How many do you need? Do you want mine to join them? Two can jab at your holes and one can lick up and down over top of the action. K?”

I was practically squirting already, with Amilia canlı casino spitting filth at me and two other girls literally spitting in me, I couldn’t think of any cause to pry their wrestling tongues from my raunchy depths.

Simultaneously ignoring her questions and voicing my own guttural thoughts I commanded that she “get her lips around my clit!”

You see, Taryn is just fit to eat some pussy, nay, she was born to suck a cunt. I’ve never had her licker in my pucker before, but what I’m told is that her frisky and angelic tongue is essentially a mix between Courtney and Amilia’s. Long and nimble for those hard to reach spots, but rough and stubbly with fine hairs of taste buds to make your labia stand up and shout. And to boot, she could tune a radio dial with her tongue and could fold it into a bow if you simply asked her to. So yeah, she could chomp on a clit, stretching and snapping it as though it was gonna break right off.

And although I loved, loved, loved the idea of the girls skillfully and tag-teaming my cunny hair down the drain before they let me drain my bottomless twat and squirt my goose grease across their faces while hunched on all fours, my clit had other ideas and wasn’t going to wait–she was standing up like a proud pole of a cock and needed a flicking.

I didn’t care if she latched her lips around it and sucked or if she just adjusted my dial for a better signal, the feed was going to sound the same: me screeching in the tiny echoing bathroom punctuated with the background slurping of two tongues fighting over a cunny stretched around fingers and a matching freshly finger-banged asshole.

My cuntsuckers still hadn’t revealed themselves as who was getting jab/lave duty but my hat was off as nearly as was my twat, as they really kept up the momentum and didn’t lose any steam. The steam, it felt, had to be coming out of my ears as I finally felt some relief as Taryn reached down finally and snagged my clitty bud, first inspecting then tugging and chewing on it using the same fingers she had just been using to frig away at her own bristling little cubby.

“Damn, she said, I’ll need a shave again too if we keep this going!” amid the sounds of licking and sucking and moaning.

Courtney pulled her tongue out of my ass to laugh, but only for a moment, and even still my emotions took over and I chirped that if someone didn’t get their tongue back in my ass I was going to flip the fuck out.

I never would have dreamed I’d say something so dirty even an hour before, but this was now. So it was Courtney who was plugging my rump all along, very interesting. Amilia was really just going to town, fighting for the high score licking twat, and trying to carefully tickle Taryn’s two fingers as they danced over my clit on each up-stroke.

Court, my personal pussy polisher, was back to her old tricks and spit-shining my holes as I yodeled like an indian chief. I could no longer resist and arched my head and back to my left and used my left hand to grab my asshole-sucker to entice her to bury her impossibly long tongue even deeper into my tailpipe.

The other two girls had added their hands or fingers and tongues respectively to the mix and now everyone had a big chunk of my flesh to play with or suck on.

It was difficult to balance on only my right arm still bent over on and and all four stance, I am not going to lie, especially with the situation considered. With Courtney’s mouth and fingers drilling my asshole; if pussy cream had calories Amilia would be 400 pounds already; and Taryn was jacking my thumb-sized clit bud with the enthusiasm that it was her boyfriend’s dick that she was expecting to blow her a hot load. The question lingered: Did I want to cream their pretty little faces without a spotless hair-free cunny? Part of me worried my desire to shave clean would disappear after having creamed their grills. I was nervous!!!

Don’t get me wrong; the thought of soaking the faces of my would-be pussy shavers was going to put an extra jolt in the squirts that I shot, but at this point all I cared about was unloading my full ready-to-boil-over cunt.

Just then I felt Amilia rake her rubbery balloons through my spread-open labia, nipple leading the way, in fact, she had pinched her juggs together for a moment and tried to stuff both of them into my cunt at the same time. But it was like trying to shove two beach balls through a hole in a fence and it was of no use. I shuddered and squealed as she tried to fuck my cunt with her titties and it became too much for my fragile body to comprehend.

Amilia moved her flapping floppers away from my fuckholes, “What are those frigid’ things, DD’s anyway? My goodness!” I squealed and no sooner did I finish my question and I found another tongue in my cunt. I have no idea who was plugging what anymore and ya no what? I didn’t care either.

All my girls were in position and everyone was horny as all fucking hell at the moment. “Errrmagawd” – another wave of pleasure crashed between my dirt box so kaçak casino hard my ears were ringing, and my clit was in overdrive as the girls ramped up their jamming of my syrupy holes.

Fingers, tongues, chins, noses, were all pistoning away at my pink veiny and stretched-open flesh. It was extremely difficult to imagine a world where I could last too much longer. In fact I was speechless I had come this far, and I starting to wonder how far I would come!

I bellowed in agony at even at the thought of the girls releasing me from their grimy grasp before I had the privileged prize of spraying off.

With my tiny stuffed holes packed full with ladyfingers, I needed to dump chud and I needed to do it now. I had surrendered all my filthy holes and now I wanted to surrender my swamp of dressing in their pretty little faces. I warned my little cunt suckers and they backed their faces out of both of my holes. If you want to discuss dedication, I could hear them whimpering to each other like starving kittens as they wished they could keep eating me, commentating on all the hot action. I craned my neck and could see Courtnees (a nickname she got in college because she handed out blow jobs as though they were candy) quivering lower lip out of the corner of my eye, downright distraught even though I knew for a fact that her nose mouth and chin were caked in pussy cream.

Amilia, the svelte medium-tall buxom brunette, said nothing but sat on her feet and waited patiently on the side of the tub, the water splashing onto the floor as I rocked back and forth on my knees and palms. Taryn was still twisting away on my fleshy knob as though she were waiting for it to pop in her mouth like a cherry. I left out a final, pleading moan and reached around to slap Taryn’s head toward the back of my ass, in favor of where she was, crouched by my side.

Taryn the tart (we called her Tar sometimes because her dick boyfriend always tells her he’s going to “tar her tonight”) sure as hell knew how to suck a cunt and I don’t care what she says, it WAS NOT her first cunny meal.

Her cunt-eatery was lavish, dipping her beak in me to whet her appetite. OMGawwwd she could be the queen of cunnilingus because she was rough and slapped on my clit one last time as though she were swatting away a bug and still had time to sneak up behind me as the three little pigs lined up for their cunt-bath.

I had once been told that if it doesn’t bead in the girls’ eyelashes you’ve done something wrong. Just then, like a porno spunk-hunk jerking his hose in the faces of three little thirsty girls, I reached behind myself and pulled my asshole and my puss apart so that as much juice as possible would spray into the horny grills of my filthy little beavers. With all this prize pussy at my personal disposal desperate to be my receptacle and taking long turns at jabbing their middle digit in my ass and chunny, I officially surrendered in the faces of adversity–literally!

The first squirt from my soon-to-be-bald cunt was a long sustained blast and I could feel it connect between the face it splashed and the hole from which it shot. My cunny slime was always a nice syrupy sugary salty stream that could shoot a foot or two; but the girls and I were in luck because none of them was anything more than 2 inches from my gushing holes.

They feasted on my second and third shots of grimy gruel, this time I could hear audible splats as the girls were careful to not say a peep all along. The jets in the tub were turned off before–once again these honeyeaters had done this once or twice before– and wanted to make sure I could hear my own splashing.

Watery rapids of flavored squirts that were 3, 4, and 5 somehow managed to meet 3 different faces and the girls finally broke their silence with a cheerful giggle as they watched in marvel as my ass and pussy spurted off my load and gave them a three-way honey-hole facial.

Down on all fours just like I imagined and panting and barking like a fucking dog, my cunny geyser splashing across the faces of three of the dearest and most dedicated pussy suckers I ever had–I was in fucking Heaven.

Once again I tried to crane my neck, this time to the right, because I tired of imagining, I desperately wanted the real thing–to see my girls with their little slimy noses and faces playing in my fresh greasy pussy slop.

“Ohhhggghh it’s fucking hot!!!” Amilia piped in a filthy half-snarl, half-groan, still catching lassos of clam sauce right in the kisser and wolfing them down, each one individually, feasting on my honey.

I was alternating squirts with moans while still pinching my pink fluffy flaps wide open like some kind of well-tested lesbian. When my pumping and squirting started to flag a little, someone buried their face in my ass–and yet another pussy-whore in the pussy and licked me until I came again–this time just juicing over her chin as she slurped my goop straight from the source for once not firing my girly dashes of spatter across the room. Spraying like your typical water pistol is always fun but ya no what? I swear for my money absolutely nothing is better than the feeling of your stretched-open holes creaming over a nose chin and tongue. Especially while you are on all fours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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